Of Trojan Horses and Sexual Compassion

In the discussion among its citizens just outside the walls of Troy, there were various opinions as to what to do with the strange “gift” that had been left by the departing Greeks.  “I don’t trust Greeks,” said some, “even when bearing gifts.”  But others, and they proved to be the majority, said, “What harm can it do?  After all, it’s only a wooden horse.  Let’s bring it into the city.  It’ll serve as a trophy of our great victory.”

And when the little Dutch boy had his finger in the dike, some passing adults, amused by his efforts, said to him, “Son, there’s no need to do that.  It’s only a small leak.  It will do no harm.  Go home and clean your father’s wooden shoes.”

And when, more than a half-century ago, college boys and girls started going to bed with one another, many Americans, especially younger ones, said, “So what?  It’s only a minor sin.  It’s not as if it will lead to truly dreadful things like abortion and same-sex marriage.”

And today, when the question arises as to whether Catholic priests should give a blessing to homosexual unions, many Catholics, including some Catholic bishops, say, “Why not?  It’s only a small thing.  What harm can it do?  It’s not as if we are endorsing same-sex marriage.  We’d never do that.”

People who say this are badly mistaken.  Blessing gay unions will ruin the Church.  Maybe not overnight, as Troy was ruined in a single night by the wooden horse.  But in the long run it is sure to follow.  Rome wasn’t built in a day; nor was it destroyed in a day.  But it was destroyed eventually.  And so may the Roman Church, the Church that has been the ghostly/spiritual descendant of the Empire.

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