St. Gallen Mafia Prelates Were All Named By Suspected Freemason Cardinal Baggio

Father Charles Murr drew a link between Cardinal Sebastiano Baggio, who is accused of being a freemason, and the formation of the Saint Gallen group. Speaking on LifeSite’s October 6 Faith & Reason show, Murr claimed that all of the bishops and cardinals that originally formed the Saint Gallen group were named by Baggio. Murr is a book author, close friend of Pope Pius XII’s housekeeper Mother Pascalina, and an insider to the 1978 Vatican investigation into ecclesial freemasonry.

Cardinal Sebastiano Baggio

This comment, which was not further explained, makes more sense in light of Murr’s own 2022 book Murder in the 33rd Degree: the Vatican Investigation into Vatican Freemasonry. Murr was a close friend of Cardinal Edouard Gagnon, who had been tasked by the Pope to investigate the problem of freemasonry within the Vatican hierarchy and thus is privy to some of these internal findings and debates. He describes in his book how in 1974 two cardinals – Dino Staffa and Silvio Oddi – presented Pope Paul VI with documentation about two Vatican prelates. These two men, Cardinal Sebastiano Baggio and Archbishop Annibale Bugnini, were “accused” by Oddi and Staffa “with proof in hand,” for being “active Freemasons.”

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