Pope Francis Blames America First

When I was growing up and attending Catholic schools, I was taught that the pope is infallible.

But then I read Pope Francis’ updated encyclical letter last week, and now I can only conclude that at least this pope is fallible. In fact, the declaration is so filled with anti-Christian fallacies that one has to wonder whether we have a pope that is actually Catholic.

Pope Francis was full of doom and gloom as he warned that the Earth is “collapsing and may be nearing the breaking point” because of climate change. He takes a metaphorical ruler and whacks the knuckles of climate “skeptics” who are preventing the draconian/statist actions that are apparently necessary to cool the planet off. What comes next for the “deniers”? A knock on the door from the Spanish Inquisition.

The pope has given a new voice to the “blame America first” globalists and denounces Americans’ “irresponsible lifestyles” for the ruination of the planet.

What about China? Amazingly, the pope pointedly gives the world’s greatest polluter a free pass. He declares that “emissions per individual in the United States are about two times greater than those of individuals living in China, and about seven times greater than the average of the poorest countries.” This is naked appeasement to a country with some of the worst human rights violations on the planet. President Xi Jinping is loving life right now.

It’s also intentionally lying with twisted statistics. Yes, the U.S. has more emissions and uses more energy than many other nations, but that is because we produce far more output per capita than all other nations except China. It’s the reason the United States is the breadbasket of the world. Africa doesn’t use much energy. And that’s why it is a desperately poor continent. The solution isn’t for the U.S. to consume less energy, but for poor nations to have access to much more energy.

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