And Now We Have a Pro-Euthanasia Bishop

Bishop of Antwerp, Bishop Johan Bonny, expresses himself thus in La Libre Belgique (via the FC ):

Could the Church therefore adopt different positions on the question of euthanasia? Would this mean that in the eyes of the Church, the value of life varies depending on the region of the world?

Philosophy has taught me to never be satisfied with generic black and white answers. All questions deserve answers adapted to a situation: a moral judgment must always be pronounced according to the concrete situation, the culture, the circumstances, the context. […]

No, [euthanasia is] not necessarily as such. […] We constantly advocate respect for life, but I regret that, from the Vatican, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith affirms that euthanasia is always an intrinsic evil, whatever the circumstance. This is too simple an answer that leaves no room for discernment. We will always oppose the wish of some to end a life too prematurely, but we must recognize that a request for euthanasia from a young man of 40 is not equivalent to that of a person of 90 who faces an incurable illness. We must learn to better define concepts and better distinguish situations. […]

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