Fr. Perricone: Is Opposition to Illegal Immigration a Sin?

To quickly answer the question asked by the title of this article: Of course not.

But listening to most Church leaders today, a Catholic would think that it is one of those sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance (pardon that terribly antediluvian reference.)

In fact, opposition to it is a mandate of both the virtue of Justice and holy Charity. Before arguing that seemingly counterintuitive statement (considered so only against the noise of current nostrums), some background is in order.

It used to be that nothing was a sin. Today, almost everything is. The new catalogue of sins has not descended from Mt. Sinai but from Mt. Woke. Sinai’s censures were of things like theft, lying, worship of idols, extra-marital sex, and murder. Today they are passe. For the properly illumined, it is Mt. Woke’s new list: white privilege, heteronormativity, lookism, speciesism, intersectionality, pronoun insensitivity, and (dare I even mention it in this respected journal?) Green Indifference.

If the new proscriptions seem too erudite to comprehend, don’t fret. They depend on obfuscation as their cachet. Part of the Gnostic playbook is entrée to a “privileged knowledge” that only a select few possess. The rest are, how shall we put it, “restorationists.”

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