WATCH: Is Pope Francis Really the Pope?

On this week’s special episode of Faith & Reason, guest hosts Father Charles Murr and LifeSiteNews senior editor Dorothy Cummings McLean join John-Henry Westen to react to Father James Altman’s video on the pontificate of Pope Francis, discussing the possibility that Francis is not Pope.

Fr. Murr, recounting conversations he has had privately with fellow priests, acknowledged his own confusion and the fear surrounding the question. “People are afraid,” he says. “Laypeople that I know… many of them, and priests, are afraid even to approach the subject. A lot of priests… fear retribution for any opinion that they would have. And we’re sort of seeing that that’s the way this particular pontificate is.” 

McLean recalls how she felt during the Extraordinary Synod on the Family in 2014, when media reports claimed that the bishops discussed the “gifts” homosexuals bring to the Church and Holy Communion for those in “irregular” unions. Recalling her initial shock and eventual relief that the media reports turned out to be false, she states, “I’ve known something has been wrong with this papacy since the [Synod].”

Discussing the three possibilities surrounding the invalidity of the current pontificate, Murr begins by mentioning the issue of Benedict XVI’s resignation, and addresses agreements made for papal elections, recalling that St. John XXIII ascended to the papacy because he agreed to have Cardinal Domenico Tardini act as his Secretary of State.

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