Pope Francis Says Don’t Worry About Sin – Our Lady Says Otherwise

Catholics are confused and divided over Pope Francis. For years he has been introducing novel changes into the Church that seem to conflict not only with traditional practices but also with established Church teaching.

An increasing number of Catholics have come to the conclusion that Francis (along with others in the hierarchy) is in the process of creating an alternate Church—one which is meant to eventually replace the true Church.

Defenders of Francis say that he is only trying to reform the Church—to renovate an aging structure that is badly in need of repair. By contrast, critics say he is trying to destroy the Church, with the aim of building a new Church based on humanistic principles in its place. They claim that although Francis and his supporters portray the changes as natural developments of Church teaching, they are, in fact, a radical rejection of Church teaching.

According to this view (which I largely share), what we have, in effect, is two Churches sharing the same space. However, although the progressive faction seeks to overthrow the Church of the Ages, it is useful to them to maintain the illusion that it is the same Church—until the transformation is complete.

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