Cardinal Müller: ‘False Prophets’ will use Synod to Push UN Agenda

The final phase of the Synod of Synodality is approaching and will begin this October. Among the 400 participants (cardinals, bishops, lay people and religious) will be the former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Gerhard Müller.

Since the Vatican has announced that journalists will only have access to the information that they themselves provide, we wanted to talk to the German cardinal about this upcoming ecclesial event that has a large part of the Church on tenterhooks.

As you will see throughout the interview (done in writing as the Cardinal is in Poland this week), Müller tackles the questions raised without shying away from them and gets to the heart of the matter.

Interview with Cardinal Müller

Q-This coming October, the final phase of the Synod on Synodality will begin. How are you approaching it?

Cardinal Müller: I pray that all this will be a blessing and not a harm to the Church. I am also committed to theological clarity so that a Church gathered around Christ doesn’t become a political dance around the golden calf of the agnostic spirit of the age.

Q- Pope Francis included you in the list of participants who will have a say and a vote in the Synod. How did you receive the news?

A-I want to do the best I can for the good of the Church, for which I have dedicated all my life, thought and work until now.

Q-Have you thought about the message you are going to deliver during the Assembly?

A- Above all I would like to say, in view of the many disappointments of the young people in Lisbon: a Church that does not believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, is no longer the Church of Jesus Christ. Each participant should first study the first chapter of Lumen Gentium, which deals with the mystery of the Church in the Triune God’s plan of salvation. The Church is not the playground of the ideologues of “godless humanism”, nor of lobbyists for a blocked agenda.

God’s universal will to save, which we encounter in Christ, the only Mediator between God and man, and which is realized historically and eschatologically, is the future program of His Church and not the Great Reset of the atheist-globalist “elite” of billionaire bankers who hide their ruthless personal enrichment behind the mask of philanthropy.

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