WATCH: Canadian Priest Courageously Rebukes Bishops Endorsing ‘Blessings’ of Sinful Relationships

Canadian priest Father Mark Goring delivered a warning to Catholic bishops promoting “blessings” for “sinful partnership situations,” urging them to repent so that they do not “perish eternally.”

“There’s a handful of bishops out there, and you guys seem to be authorizing or allowing the blessing of sinful partnership situations,” Father Goring noted in a September 10 video that has gone viral.

“You need to repent. You need to repent so that you can save your soul and not perish eternally,” insisted the priest, who has become known for defending Catholic teaching.

He further accused the heterodox bishops of fomenting schism.

“You’re causing schism in the Church,” Goring charged. “You’re supposed to be accompanying people into conversion” and “calling people to repentance, not blessing sinful partnership situations.”

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