Pope Tells ‘Mad’ U.S. Conservatives to ‘Move On’

ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE – Pope Francis has told infuriated conservative American Catholics to “move on” after he accused them of putting ideology before their faith.

His comments came aboard the flight to Mongolia where he is undertaking a four-day official visit.

Asked by a member of the press corps if he found diplomacy difficult, the Pope replied, “Yes, you don’t know how difficult it is. Sometimes you need a sense of humour.”

He was then asked about comments he made about American Catholics during a conversation with Jesuits in Portugal, during which he accused them of having a “reactionary attitude” and of fostering a “climate of closure” by replacing their faith with ideology.

Francis seemed unbothered by the backlash his comments generated among American Catholics, saying, “Yes, they got mad, but move on, move on.”

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