Francis Praises Another LGBTIQA+ Group

Pope Francis has written another letter of support to a pro-LGBT Catholic group, which he sent via a dissident nun with a history of being silenced by the Vatican for her heterodox advocacy.

Based in Australia, the Acceptance group is a “a fully inclusive and affirming group comprising of LGBTIQA+ Catholics, their families, and their friends.” With centers in Perth, Canberra, and Melbourne, the group seeks to be a place where “LGBTIQA+ people of faith can be their true selves and live out their faith with full flourishing of their humanity.”

While no mention is made of promoting or adhering to Catholic teaching on morality or chastity, the group encourages members in “embracing the truth about ourselves, and celebrating God’s love – we seek to point towards the full inclusivity to which God is calling us.”

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