Modernism: The Lethal Weapon

Modernism is a term that refers to a movement that continually tries to reconcile the Catholic Church with the modern world, especially in terms of biblical interpretation, philosophy, and politics. It was condemned by the popes in the early 20th century as a dangerous and heretical error that threatened the faith and authority of the Church. Pope Pius X, in his encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis, called Modernism the “synthesis of all heresies” because it is a way of thinking that does not respect the Church’s authority or teaching, which comes from God and does not change.

Modernism is playing a central role in how the contemporary Church is operating!

Peter Kwasniewski calls Modernism “a radical rejection of the supernatural order” in his book Resurgent In The Midst of Crisis and “a form of secularization or naturalization of Christianity” in his book Noble Beauty, Transcendent Holiness.

Modernism does not believe in miracles, heaven, hell, and the authority of the pope. It treats religion as a human invention in which everyone can have his version of it. It is a way of thinking that tries to make the Church more like the world, instead of making the world more like the Church. It changes or rejects the Church’s traditions, liturgy, and doctrines to fit modern culture and values.

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