Synod Voter Claims ‘Large Number of Bishops are Ready to Take Steps’ to Women’s Ordination

Synod on Synodality voting lay member shared in a recent interview that “a large number of bishops” are now “ready to take clear steps” to women’s ordination via a discussion on women deacons.

Helena Jeppesen-Spuhler, a member of the Swiss delegation to the Synod’s European Assembly, gave an interview earlier this month with the German Catholic news outlet Forum, in which Jeppesen suggested the Synod on Synodality will bring about changes to Catholic Church teaching on key doctrinal issues, including women’s ordination.

Jeppesen, who admitted that she herself is “in favor of the ordination of women,” acknowledged that there is “tension” among the synod participants on the issue but expressed hope that the synod delegates would make “progress” nevertheless.

She clarified that while she doesn’t think women priests are now possible, she sees that the possibility of women’s ordination to the diaconate is on the table.

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