What is a Bishop?

A couple of months ago, I watched the Daily Wire What Is a Woman? documentary on Twitter while it was available for free. I wasn’t going to at first; I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not a huge Matt Walsh fan. But he did a really good job with this piece; he was respectful and not inflammatory, and the production was top-notch. Walsh was mostly just asking fundamental questions (i.e., the title of the documentary) that people seem to have trouble answering today.

Like Pilate, it comes back to the issue: What is truth? What is reality? Is there an objective reality? Objective truth? The title of the documentary was plain and fundamental, and that’s because for people of reason and common sense, the issue of “what is a man/woman” should be equally plain and fundamental as well. Should being the key word, given the culture we find ourselves living in today.

A couple of weeks after I had watched this documentary, Bishop Strickland of Tyler, Texas, was in the news leading a protest at Dodgers’ stadium with the support of the local faithful. Los Angeles was not his diocese, though. Why was he there? Where was Archbishop Gomez?

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