Survey Says Catholics Don’t Trust Their Bishops

Complicit Clergy recently invited people to respond to a simple survey asking two questions:

  1. How much do you trust your bishop?
  2. What is your personal opinion of your bishop’s orthodoxy (consistency with the teachings of the Catholic Church)?

On the question of trust, people could respond with one of the following options (each response assigned a point value):

  • Completely Distrust (0 points)
  • Mostly Distrust (1 point)
  • Tend to Distrust (2 points)
  • Tend to Trust (3 points)
  • Mostly Trust (4 points)
  • Completely Trust (5 points)

On the question of orthodoxy, individuals were likewise invited to rate their opinion of their orthodoxy (each response assigned a point value):

  • Completely Unorthodox (0 points)
  • Mostly Unorthodox (1 point)
  • Somewhat Unorthodox (2 points)
  • Somewhat Orthodox (3 points)
  • Mostly Orthodox (4 points)
  • Completely Orthodox (5 points)

A composite score was then calculated by summing the trust and orthodoxy scores (the possible composite score thus ranging from 0 to 10). Individuals were also invited to optionally provide comments related to their ratings.

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Overall Results

A total of 5,782 survey responses were received for 180 bishops (13 bishops had no responses). Responses were limited to one survey per IP address to eliminate the possibility of multiple submissions.

Overall, the bishops scored a 1.97 in terms of trust and 2.50 in terms of orthodoxy.

nearly 65% of respondents do not trust their bishop (score of 2 or lower in the Trust and Orthodoxy Distribution Charts below). A total of 46% of respondents believe their bishops hold unorthodox views (score of 2 or lower).

It is also noteworthy that the higher a bishop rises in the hierarchy, the lower their scores (see Results by Title Chart below).

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The Best and the Worst

The best and worst ratings of bishops with at least 20 survey responses is summarized in the illustration below.

Data Visualization

We employed a data visualization tool in order to gain additional insights into the survey data. The results are presented in the exhibit below. You can view individual detailed charts by selecting a tab at the top of the exhibit (click here to view results on tool site.)

Results by Bishop

Surveys were received for 180 bishops (13 bishops did not receive any surveys*).

Survey results by bishop are provided in the table below. The best possible for trust and orthodoxy is 5. The best possible composite score is 10.

Survey Results by Bishop

BishopTrustOrthodoxyCompositeTotal Surveys
Aleksiychuk, Bishop Benedict5.05.010.01
Aquila, Archbishop Samuel3.33.66.959
Aymond, Archbishop Gregory2.53.45.940
Baldacchino, Bishop Peter2.32.64.97
Bambera, Bishop Joseph1.21.83.039
Barbarito, Bishop Gerald2.73.25.933
Barber, Bishop Michael3.03.36.313
Barres, Bishop John2.73.15.837
Barron, Bishop Robert2.62.95.521
Bartchak, Bishop Mark1.72.44.116
Bellisario, Archbishop Andrew1.01.82.817
Berg, Bishop Stephen1.92.64.513
Biegler, Bishop Steven1.11.72.832
Blair, Archbishop Leonard2.23.05.228
Bonnar, Bishop David1.72.34.115
Boyea, Bishop Earl2.93.66.468
Brennan, Bishop Joseph2.22.74.918
Brennan, Bishop Mark2.02.95.031
Brennan, Bishop Robert3.03.26.29
Broglio, Archbishop Timothy3.44.07.45
Burbidge, Bishop Michael2.83.36.1115
Burnette, Bishop Kurt3.04.07.05
Burns, Bishop Edward1.62.44.049
Byrne, Bishop William3.03.36.312
Caggiano, Bishop Frank2.12.95.016
Cahill, Bishop Brendan2.73.66.315
Callahan, Bishop William1.21.93.1106
Cantu, Bishop Oscar1.72.13.915
Cary, Bishop Liam1.62.44.05
Checchio, Bishop James1.92.54.422
Christensen, Bishop Peter1.92.84.729
Coakley, Archbishop Paul3.33.56.821
Coerver, Bishop Robert0.80.81.76
Conley, Bishop James3.74.07.720
Cordileone, Archbishop Salvatore4.34.58.822
Cote, Bishop Michael1.82.64.39
Cotta, Bishop Myron2.42.95.314
Coyne, Bishop Christopher1.51.32.88
Cozzens, Bishop Andrew3.73.37.06
Cupich, Cardinal Blase0.40.71.1211
da Cunha, Bishop Edgar1.82.03.824
Daly, Bishop Thomas3.13.66.727
Deeley, Bishop Robert2.22.85.024
DeGrood, Bishop Donald2.63.86.513
Deshotel, Bishop J.
Dewane, Bishop Frank2.42.95.345
DiNardo, Cardinal Daniel1.92.44.375
Doerfler, Bishop John1.83.25.014
Doherty, Bishop Timothy0.81.62.457
Dolan, Bishop John1.21.52.7138
Dolan, Cardinal Timothy1.42.03.463
Dorsonville-Rodriguez, Bishop Mario0.30.30.73
Duca, Bishop Michael3.03.56.513
Etienne, Archbishop Paul1.31.83.071
Fabre, Archbishop Shelton1.82.44.328
Fabre-Jeune, Bishop Jacques2.62.95.638
Fenton, Bishop Daniel2.03.05.05
Fernandes, Bishop Earl3.73.97.535
Feudjio, Bishop Jerome0.01.01.02
Fisher, Bishop Michael1.31.83.135
Flores, Bishop Daniel2.02.54.56
Folda, Bishop John2.22.85.012
Garcia, Bishop Daniel2.22.64.89
Garcia-Siller, Archbishop Gustavo1.01.42.5109
Golka, Bishop James3.73.87.518
Gomez, Archbishop Jose1.72.44.198
Gregory, Cardinal Wilton0.51.01.563
Gruss, Bishop Robert2.02.74.716
Gudziak, Bishop Borys1.71.73.33
Hanefeldt, Bishop Joseph2.83.46.25
Hartmayer, Archbishop Gregory1.62.13.763
Hebda, Archbishop Bernard2.12.64.7145
Henning, Bishop Richard2.23.05.211
Hicks, Bishop Ronald2.62.95.531
Hying, Bishop Donald3.03.76.742
Iffert, Bishop John1.72.34.115
Joenesen, Bishop William2.82.65.316
Johnston, Bishop James2.83.46.219
Jugis, Bishop Peter3.43.77.048
Kagan, Bishop David3.34.07.39
Kemme, Bishop Carl2.52.85.330
Kihneman, Bishop Louis2.73.76.39
Knestout, Bishop Barry1.22.23.470
Koenig, Bishop William2.22.95.125
Konderla, Bishop David2.83.46.210
Kopacz, Bishop Joseph1.62.03.614
Kulick, Bishop Larry3.13.46.67
LaValley, Bishop Terry2.32.34.73
Libasci, Bishop Peter2.43.15.537
Listecki, Archbishop Jerome2.83.05.867
Lohse, Bishop Edward2.02.24.25
Lopes, Bishop Steven4.34.68.9103
Lori, Archbishop William1.21.83.071
Lucas, Archbishop George1.62.44.041
Lucia, Bishop Douglas3.13.36.423
Malesic, Bishop Edward2.73.15.856
Malloy, Bishop David1.01.92.9122
Malone, Bishop Francis0.51.82.313
Mansour, Bishop Gregory3.05.08.03
Marshall, Bishop Robert1.32.74.07
Matano, Bishop Salvatore2.63.15.715
McClory, Bishop Robert2.53.05.520
McElroy, Bishop Robert0.30.50.880
McGovern, Bishop Michael3.13.46.67
McKnight, Bishop W.
McManus, Bishop Robert2.93.76.619
Medley, Bishop William0.71.11.732
Monforton, Bishop Jeffrey1.02.93.916
Mueggenborg, Bishop Daniel3.03.26.29
Muhich, Bishop Peter3.63.97.513
Mulvey, Bishop Michael0.61.31.915
Naumann, Archbishop Joseph3.63.47.037
Neary, Bishop Patrick2.83.15.818
Nickless, Bishop R.
Noonan, Bishop John1.72.54.275
O'Connell, Bishop David2.62.65.129
Olson, Bishop Michael2.02.54.574
O'Malley, Cardinal Sean1.72.54.252
Paprocki, Bishop Thomas2.94.06.921
Parkes, Bishop Gregory2.43.05.457
Parkes, Bishop Stephen3.23.36.522
Pates, Bishop Richard1.42.53.910
Perez, Archbishop Nelson2.22.85.068
Persico, Bishop Lawrence1.72.34.019
Pierre, Archbishop Christopher0.01.01.02
Pohlmeier, Bishop Erik2.72.95.624
Powers, Bishop James1.52.13.613
Provost, Bishop Glen3.84.27.912
Raica, Bishop Steven2.42.65.118
Rhoades, Bishop Kevin2.83.56.323
Rice, Bishop Edward2.03.15.221
Ricken, Bishop David3.53.77.233
Rodi, Archbishop Thomas1.51.93.429
Rojas, Bishop Alberto2.12.24.329
Rozanski, Archbishop Mitchell1.22.03.285
Sample, Archbishop Alexander3.84.28.141
Scharfenberger, Bishop Edward1.92.94.728
Schlert, Bishop Alfred3.64.17.727
Schnurr, Archbishop Dennis2.12.84.967
Seitz, Bishop Mark0.81.92.68
Senior, Bishop Timothy2.02.44.427
Shaleta, Bishop Emanuel1.03.04.01
Siegel, Bishop Joseph3.63.97.47
Silva, Bishop Larry3.23.36.412
Sis, Bishop Michael3.33.36.79
Solis, Bishop Oscar1.41.93.322
Soto, Bishop Jaime1.72.13.837
Spalding, Bishop J.
Stowe, Bishop John0.80.81.666
Strickland, Bishop Joseph4.54.69.167
Sullivan, Bishop Dennis1.72.03.735
Sweeney, Bishop Kevin2.63.15.714
Talley, Bishop David2.42.54.811
Tamayo, Bishop James0.52.02.52
Taylor, Bishop Anthony1.52.13.632
Thomas, Bishop Daniel2.83.46.225
Thomas, Bishop George2.62.85.412
Thompson, Archbishop Charles2.32.95.131
Tobin, Cardinal Joseph0.70.91.736
Toups, Bishop David2.83.26.06
Tylka, Bishop Louis1.42.33.726
Tyson, Bishop Joseph0.91.92.810
Vann, Bishop Kevin2.02.64.645
Vasa, Bishop Robert3.53.46.98
Vasquez, Bishop Joe1.82.64.453
Vetter, Bishop Austin1.82.84.613
Vigneron, Archbishop Allen1.62.44.0143
Vincke, Bishop Gerald3.02.65.611
Wack, Bishop William2.22.74.916
Walkowiak, Bishop David2.23.05.147
Wall, Bishop James4.34.58.84
Walsh, Bishop Jeffrey2.32.64.914
Warfel, Bishop Michael2.03.05.01
Weisenburger, Bishop Edward1.41.93.438
Wenski, Archbishop Thomas1.62.44.136
Wester, Archbishop John0.71.21.943
Zarama, Bishop Luis1.31.73.087
Zinkula, Bishop Thomas1.51.53.015
Zubik, Bishop David1.92.44.367
Zurek, Bishop Patrick0.00.30.33

* – bishops who did not received any surveys:

  • Bishop Jacob Angadiath, St. Thomas Syro Malabar Diocese of Chicago
  • Bishop Francois Beyrouti, Eparchy of Newton
  • Bishop John Botean, St. George in Canton for the Romanians
  • Bishop John Brungardt, Dodge City
  • Bishop Paul Chomnycky, Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Stamford
  • Bishop Bohdan Danylo, Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of St. Josaphatof Parma
  • Bishop Yousif Habash, Our Lady of Deliverance of Syriac Catholic Diocese in the US
  • Bishop Francis Kalabat, Chaldean Eparchy of Saint Thomas the Apostle
  • Bishop Mikael Mouradian, Eparch of the Armenian Catholic Eparchy of Our Lady of Nareg
  • Archbishop William Skurla, Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh
  • Bishop Philipo Stephanos Thottathil, Syro-Malankara Eparchy
  • Bishop Abdallah Zaidan, Maronite Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon
  • Bishop Chad Zielinski, New Ulm



This section contains the comments submitted by individuals completing the survey. Please be aware these comments have not be been vetted.

Albany – Bishop Edward Scharfenberger

  • A good and holy man who has done much good for a diocese that has been “in trouble” for decades.
  • A good man. He inherited a lot when he arrived 10 years ago. Just turned 75. Submitted resignation last year. I have always found him supportive. I was pastor of 2 churches. Accessible and caring. Always had time for his priests and personnel!
  • Bad survey Synod is a joke Should be cancelled
  • Bishop Ed does not listen to the concerns of any of the parishioners within the Albany diocese. He refuses to address or respond to phone calls, emails, and letters concerning the disturbing behavior of the current Rector of our mother church.
  • Bishop Scharfenberger has done a few good things: a Eucharistic Congress where Diocesan priests renewed their vows, leading the faithful in Marian Consecration, and supporting pro-life ministry. However he has given interviews that support LGBTQ, has shut down nearly all TLM. Need more space!
  • Bishop Scharfenberger inherited the disastrous legacy of Bishop Howard J. Hubbard. Compared to Bishop Hubbard, he has been a breath of fresh air for the orthodox Catholics in this diocese. However, he has never taken a stand against politicians who promote abortion and claim they are Catholic.
  • Democrat bishop.
  • He’s bought by the culture. Doesn’t seem to discern things for himself.  Not dependable to stand up for the faith and for the faithful.  Not a leader after God’s own heart.  He needs a lot of prayers.
  • I believe he is generally a good man and cares but like most Bishops is weak and does not speak out about the evils in the Church and society in general.
  • I do believe that he is a Holy Bishop, but needs to be strong such as bringing the tabernacles back on the high altars, to install holy sacred music back into all the parishes and of course allow the TLM once again.. He is very pro-life and for that I am thankful.
  • I felt that he was too compassionate to Bishop Howard Hubbard and really didn’t ‘GET’ the pain of survivors.
  • I tried to find info about his stands on affairs about the doctrines of our faith, and what he is doing about the investigation of bad priest
  • In his attempts to please everyone, he pleases no one.
  • Seems personally mostly orthodox, but has permitted too much heterodoxy to persist after taking over for the last bishop who was an outright heretic.
  • The manner in which the diocesan bankruptcy is being handled along with sex abuse payouts and the St Clare’s Hospital pensioners is very disheartening.
  • This Bishop seems to be silent on important issues and has declared bankruptcy with millions of dollars possessed in assets (real estate). He also is not transparent on abuse, has left abusers in positions and not released records of abuse. Additionally the TLM was banned by him.
  • We have a very bad diocese and it has improved greatly under our current bishop.
  • weak


Alexandria – Bishop Robert Marshall

  • I do not trust this man to further the cause of Jesus Christ and defend Catholic orthodoxy. I do not trust any bishop at this point. The Catholic Church has been taken over by a cabal of socialist pedophiles and none of the bishops are speaking out and ministering to the faithful.
  • I don’t really know my bishop, with Covid lock down! I was sad that the Bishop went alone with the Liberal agenda & stopped us from being feed as Christ sheep! Also stopping the Latin Mass, I think the Basilica in Natchitoches should have the Latin mass Available for those that wish to go!
  • Initial stance to eliminate TLM Then backed off of the directive. Still don’t trust him due to this.
  • Two years bishop, former Lawyer, then priest then rain diocese like lawyer…he suspended me, while being for sick leave…still I don’t know why…then he changed his mind asked me to celebrate mass and Sacraments locally…over 1 year I am waiting for his letter of his permission…or any letter .


Allentown – Bishop Alfred Schlert

  • A kind man. On the Conservative side. Not overly bold. 5x better than many though.
  • Bishop Schlert is a good shepherd, holds to Catholic orthodoxy, is highly charitable and has been very generous and accommodating toward the TLM community.
  • Bishop Schlert is a true pastor, who actually wants to know the members of his flock.
  • Bishop Schlert permits Latin Mass in the Diocese under the Apostolate of the FSSP. He is a good man but is probably lacks the ability to lead in the fight against moral relativism, progressivism, and radical secularism.
  • During COVID lockdowns, he did not do his job and administer the Sacrament of Confirmation. He had the parish priest at St. Ambrose Church do it. The Chrism was applied by cotton balls, ashes on Ash Wednesday by Q-tips, hand sanitizers but no holy water fonts. Now we have self-dispensing holy water
  • He is strongly pro-life, often participating in pro-life marches.
  • He mostly supports my traditional Latin rite mass church which I’m grateful. Since he became Bishop he has reintroduced more old traditions.
  • His Eminence allows the Traditional Catholics Mass! Guessing the rest of the diocese is sadly propagating the Pope Francis woke ideology. However, His Eminence deserves credit where it is due.  God bless Bishop Schlert
  • I don’t think he’s a bad bishop as much as a weak bishop. If Strickland is a 10 and Cupich is a 0 Bishop Schlert is a 6.
  • I have known our bishop for 45 years and he is a holy and faithful priest. He is a great friend to the pro-life movement.
  • I live in the border of Allentown and Philadelphia diocese. I left the church over 20 years ago and am discerning if I want to return. The prior bishop in Allentown (died recently) was a country club bishop with no concern for his flock. The current one is better; opposite is true for Philly
  • I personally emailed Bishop Schlert respectfully to ask where he stood on various issues such as the lockdown and communion on the tongue, which I was refused, and a few other concerns. His staffer emailed back, my questions were not worthy of an answer.
  • I wish he would speak up more to defend church teaching on difficult and controversial subjects when things happen in society at large, but I do trust his orthodoxy.
  • In an FSSP parish as of 2 yrs. ago. This Church we outgrew & despite Francis’s crackdown on the TLM, Schlert gave to us an old Church-twice the size that would have been sold off! Prior to my move–Bp. Checchio, 22 yrs.–would give him a “complete distrust & unorthodox.” He is why hubby & I moved!
  • It is very difficult to know. I have never seen him and know very little about him. We wish the church would speak against what is happening and they do not. Too many left wing Catholics who vote for the democrats.
  • Said after much prayer that he gave permission for Father Jimmy Martin to speak in diocese. I think the decision merits more prayer!


Altoona-Johnston – Bishop Mark Bartchak

  • Anytime I HAVE
  • Bishop Bartchak, Is an intellectual who never has had a Parish.  He leans left. He has aspirations for higher positions so he obeys everything Pope Francis says, like stopping the Latin Mass.  He is very quiet and does not like to be out and about.  There are times we forget we have a Bishop.
  • Bishop did not treat Father Dennis who was living at the Cathedral Rectory when the Bishop’s house was sold and moved into the Rectory. He was not very nice to Monsignor Mazur, our beloved Parochial Vicar for many years.  He has also snubbed some of the other Altoona priests from other parishes.
  • He does not speak out regarding the serious problems facing the church. We need guidance concerning the apostasy among the clergy.  His silence indicates he sees no problems or refuses to speak concerning them.  We need a good shepherd.
  • He shut down the churches during Covid. He said you either have to take the vaccine or wear a mask to go to Mass. He downplayed the abortion connection to the vaccines. He cancelled one Latin Mass in his diocese, although he left three alone. He doesn’t take risks in what he speaks out on.
  • He’s not a radical modernist, but he is certainly not a traditionalist. He is thoroughly a product of the 70s and 80s in which it was taboo to be “too Catholic”. In the next few years, we will be facing a huge Priest shortage crisis.  He seems to have no long-range plan for solving this.
  • Our Bishop is very meek. He doesn’t look you in the eye when you talk to him. He listens but doesn’t comment.  He has gotten rid of priest he has problems with and kept priest that are his friend and done wrong. Parishes have no direction, many Priest do not do their job!!!!
  • Silent / marches in lock step. Put in place to handle the pedophilia law suits.   Typical soft man.
  • This bishop is “milk toast” Provides no guidance for today’s issues. Mainly business / vague declarations that makes NO sense. Hides behind his staff. Put in reign to handle the pedophilia issue.  He himself is a sheep.  Tells one everything they need to know – he studied in Rome.
  • Typical liberal who hates the Latin mass, holds values that line up with the DNC, abuses the priests, is entirely limp wristed and uninspiring, takes zero initiative, blames everyone for his failures except himself, and is seemingly entirely unaware of the moral and social collapse of the culture.
  • When my Bishop needs to take a stand on issues he is silent. He does not acknowledge pro-life issues. He removes good priests & keeps others.


Amarillo – Bishop Patrick Zurek

  • He has a boyfriend Father Haider.
  • Scandals have been pushed under the rug!


Anchorage – Archbishop Andrew Bellisario

  • Attempting to take over only Orthodox school in Anchorage. Refuses to speak up on:- pro-abort politicians – Catholic hosp. giving puberty blockers to kids – Drag queen story times- LGBTQ That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Pray for us.
  • Catholicism is a cult from the pit of Hell. It needs to be destroyed.  It’s run by a Marxist, evil dope of a pope.  Catholicism is EVIL!
  • Good but quiet man, rising to meet many challenges in the Diocese.
  • He is just another left leaning bishop supporting the PF agenda….all of it…..VAXX and kill them all…..unorthodox and so much more…..supports all the trans and homo agendas…..even private meetings at 10pm in the library in Anchorage to accommodate the sinful wickedness with the elites…..
  • Met him once in Thorne Bay. Didn’t like him from the start. Then I heard about some of his actions and now I really dislike him.
  • The Archbishop of Anchorage-Juneau is one of “Uncle Ted” McCarrick’s “boys.” Bergoglio is empowering this faction of the hierarchy to lay waste to communities of orthodox Catholics, because his ego is so big, he can’t stand to be critiqued or corrected.  Pray for the Church!
  • Weak, immature, slimy and stays hidden in the darkness behind others. A slithering coward who never does his own dirty work, protects perverts and homosexual clergy, cancels clergy and laity for pointing out Gods Truth, and lives luxuriously!!  Always traveling!!


Arlington – Bishop Michael Burbidge

  • +Burbidge endorsed/enforced +Cordileone’s Canon 915 in re Pelosi, but will not publicly condemn or apply Canon 915 to 100% pro-abortion Catholics Tim Kaine (D-VA) of Richmond or Gerry Connolly (D-VA).He has published a solid doc on Gender Ideology. KEY: HE LEAVES HIS GOOD PRIESTS ALONE!
  • Ambitious in a careful way and ducks the pro-abortion “Catholic” politicians’ scandal. He assumes that getting ahead ecclesial means avoiding controversy and following the USCCB lead.
  • Ambitious in a fawning but cautious way. Neglects the abortion issue and avoids controversy€”- basically a wimp.
  • Bent over backwards to preserve TLM access, and got little credit for it. Has Fr. Paul Scalia as his Vicar for Clergy. Recently extended paid medical and family leave, per CST, to diocesan employees.
  • Bishop Burbidge cancels (restricts) the Traditional Latin Mass even after receiving overwhelmingly supportive responses from the faithful, simply citing the reason of “unity”.
  • Bishop Burbidge is a great person. He did his best to allow the TLM to continue while trying to stay within the Pope’s restrictions. If he openly rebelled against the Pope the Bishop might have been replaced with someone like Cupich and we’d much worse off. Things I don’t like are a matter of style.
  • Bishop Burbidge is a kindly man who sincerely loves the Church. However, he lacks moral courage to take strong stands on the moral issues of the day. He has become too political and thus the most we can hope for is another “strong statement” from his office. We need another Bishop Strickland here in
  • Bishop Burbidge is a prolife champion! Unfortunately, in all else he is a follower and doesn’t stand up for the orthodox faith, although I do think he believes it, has a good faith.
  • Bishop Burbidge is excellent.
  • Bishop Burbidge is extremely prolife. Has been in complete support of the TLM but unfortunately Pope Francis cut back drastically on the number of Traditional Latin Masses in our diocese. I would rate our Bishop with an A plus. In my opinion, I live in one of the best dioceses in the country.
  • Bishop Burbidge seems to be a good bishop, but he’s not as outspoken as we would like him to be at the rot in the church. Why didn’t more bishops speak up about the disgusting filth that the LA Dodgers invited to their stadium a couple of weeks ago? And where on earth was Archbishop Gomez?
  • Bishop Burbidge’s moves to greatly restrict the TLM have all but destroyed my trust in his leadership. I have no confidence that he is more concerned about the spiritual health of his flock than in currying favor with Pope Francis.
  • Burbidge’s response to Anti-Pope Bergoglio’s vendetta on the TLM has caused a lot of grief and a sense of betrayal among the faithful. Whatever he personally believes, he doesn’t seem to have the spine or strength of character to do the right thing. I do not trust him.
  • Completely caved by canceling most of the thriving TLMs in the diocese, leaving the few remaining ones in makeshift, tiny locations. This is unjust and not shepherding the faithful. Sadly, he shows that he is more in support of the pope’s cruel punishments to traditional Catholics than saving souls.
  • Conciliar bishop. Was pretty quick to send Latin Mass Catholics to their ghettos. Celebrated an “ecumenical service” in the spring with 2 heretics. Totally vanilla. Tweets in his name never comment on Church problems, Bergoglian apostasies, and fellow bishops’ nonsense. Keeps his nose clean.
  • COVID shut down!
  • Covid was bad. He has tackled some difficult issues in letters, but has never “taken on” another Bishop’s errors.  A good administrator bishop, but I do not believe he understands he has a responsibility to the apostles that is his own, underived from Rome.  He sees himself as the Pope’s man.
  • Dealt a very hard deck of cards, cares about Our Lord and His Blessed Mother, but is too interested in “unity” with the Holy Father.
  • From what I have seen of Bishop Burbidge, he seems like a good man. Doesn’t seem to a man of confrontation when need either.
  • Had the Bishops from the onset of COVID believed their faith, “do not fear”, left the churches open, kept the holy water, distribution of the Eucharist in nursing homes and homebound fought for religious rights, these rights would not be threatened today. Jesus asks for trust and belief – they didn’t
  • Hard to trust Bishop Burbidge when he has ruthlessly cracked down on the flourishing Traditional Latin Mass in his diocese. The day he released his restrictions is now known as the beginning of the “Arlington Massacre.”
  • He has removed the TLM from many parish churches forcing many who are devoted to that Mass to drive long distances or to compromise by attending a NO Mass. He has, in essence, driven many of my fellow parishioners and my family, out of a beautiful, spacious church into a crowded, stuffy attic.
  • He is a disciple of wilt on Gregory. Burbidge continues the dismantling of the faith in Arlington diocese, started by his predecessor.
  • He is one of the good ones and has been bullied by Rome
  • He is very smooth and most people and clergy really like him. No one seems to care about his past in the Archdiocese of Philly, but he was undoubtedly involved in cover-up. Now in Arlington he is implementing TC in the way that will get him a promotion, while trying not to alienate many TLM priests.
  • He persecutes the SSPX in the diocese while at the same time holding “ecumenical” prayer services with Protestants including female “pastors.” He’s conservative on moral issues like abortion and the trans stuff but theologically he’s very much a modernist.
  • He seems respectable and doesn’t pander to the ultra-orthodox, “holier than thou” crowd. However, I would like him to follow Pope Francis and get rid of the Latin mass which is torture to those forced to attend and more about love and longing for Ancient Rome than about Christ.
  • He should have opposed the Popes removal of the Latin Mass from our church. Now we go to Mass in a remodeled gym. Canon Law says that Mass is to be held in a church. How do they get around that?
  • He shut the Churches. He needs to speak more about true doctrine and sin. Do what Canon 915 says. Be brave. Be faithful. Do the right thing. Fight to uncancel our faithful priests. Fight against Cupich. Be a man.
  • He’s a SJW, supports everything Democrat except abort and the classic example of a “palace priest” with only 2 years as a parochial vicar right out of seminary. Never been a parish pastor. He reflects his own “white privilege” on us and brings Gregory over from DC to lecture us on our closet racism.
  • He’s done some good things but he severely restricted the TLM in the diocese so he’s a company man who will go along with what the Vatican wants.
  • my viral Facebook post/made Bishop Burbidge keep some of the traditional Latin masses in the diocese. For my criticism, I was fired from my job at the Cathedral as trumpet player. 6178723961
  • I believe Bishop Burbidge has a more challenging job, and more critical, because he is next door to Bishop Gregory in DC. Seems to me it’s time. Time to stand for the Church and Her teachings, defending her from the wolves dressed as sheep, or worse those wolves dressed as shepherds. Lord have mercy
  • I believe him to be conservative
  • I have no personal knowledge of how hard Bishop Burbidge has pushed back against the Vatican suppression of the TLM, I could wish that he was being hammered for not fully complying with the edicts. Not aware of anything unorthodox in the diocese. Our priests – who I trust – say he is a good bishop.
  • I pray for him and our priests.
  • I think he is a very good man and a good bishop. He cares about orthodoxy and the family. I know many who work with him closely and have nothing but the utmost respect
  • I think he is good man, but today calls for heroic men as bishop with what is going on in the world and Church. I think he may trust his superior the Pope without questioning his motives and just obeys. Maybe he is too busy to realize the evil around, but I pray he protects us in the future.
  • I thought he was better than many. Until he clamped down on the TLM.
  • I wish he would be more courageous in defending with force the truths of our faith. We need more courageous bishops to lead us to defend the Church that Jesus established for us.
  • I would like Bishop Burbidge to speak out loud & clear denouncing abortion, same sex marriage, trans stuff€¦.. Not engaging w Archbishop Gregory in DC!!!
  • I’m not sure bishops in this country even know what Orthodox means.
  • In this day bishops have to have a backbone to maintain the faith and not follow those papal orders which are contrary to the faith (e.g. Traditions Custodes). Burbige has not done that.  I feel like he’s just another political spineless bishop
  • Like most bishops these days, Bishop Burbidge does not speak out forcefully or with conviction on issues. As an example, his response to the LA Dodgers honoring drag queens was very mild, but you knew without a doubt that he likes baseball.  Sadly, I am not sure where he stands on issues.
  • Limiting the Latin Masses is shameful. Why?  They were packed with young families, so is this a means to further destroy the Church?
  • My bishop is McCarrick made. He doesn’t even believe in God.  He thinks money is most important. He uses catch phrases like money for the poor. Well he’s poor in spirit so he keeps it for himself. Or climate change or (No Suggestions) so he can stay afloat in the pyramid scheme. The CC is the media
  • My impression of Bishop Burbidge is that he is a gentle and loving shepherd who means to do well by his flock, but is too preoccupied with trying to please everyone. In addition, I think he worries too much about bringing Vatican scrutiny upon us and it sometimes causes him to make cowardly decision
  • Other than being forced by The Vatican to go from 26 Latin Masses to 3(none of which is in a Church), Bishop Burbidge seems alright.
  • Our bishop begins each day with a holy hour at 5 a.m. I think he is probably far better than most.
  • Our Bishop is tremendously pro-life and active in that regard. He is thoughtful and has proven courageous at times such as his release of a letter addressing the plague of gender ideology.  I would be more enthusiastic if he would speak out about the scandalous writings of Fr. Martin.
  • Our Bishop shut the churches during Covid. Not one Bishop stood up and said this is wrong.
  • Outstanding in all aspects! If only all Bishops could be like Bishop Burbidge!
  • Runs a fairly tight diocese, but his attacks on the Latin mass were unnecessary.
  • Shut down the TLM in the diocese. Attacking the only SSPX chapel in Front Royal.  He’s a Francis man.
  • So very disappointed that he removed so many Traditional Latin Masses from our diocese and they will cease to be allowed in the future. Catholicism and the Deposit of Faith is all about passing on tradition. I pray for him every day that he will reconsider his decision.
  • Stopping suppressing the Latin Mass & Latin Rite sacraments
  • Strong supporter of human life from conception to natural death.
  • The Curia is corrupt and the bishop like most other bishops do not stand up about the corruption. I don’t have to tell you how corrupt things are you already know, and no one has been defrocked.
  • This bishop tends to go whichever way the wind blows. He may have fought for Orthodoxy on the Roman side of things, but at the expense of pleasing seniority in Rome, he will play the middle game to not upset the status quo as much as possible.
  • Though he has stood by Bishop Cordileone regarding giving Communion to those politicians who are not acting in a Catholic manner he still sides with the other 2 bishops in the area. There is nothing outright that he has done for me to distrust him, but hasn’t done anything to gain trust either.
  • True and faithful to the Holy Catholic Church
  • Two faced. Appears to be doing what’s best for ‘unity’ but caves to unjust repression of the TLM. Career minded, a good old boy but fails in Christ’s mission to spread the good news and shepherd the flock to safety. A gag worthy complicit fellow.
  • Very strong pro-life Bishop! Thank you Jesus!!
  • Was disappointed of his handling of the TLM in our diocese.
  • While Bishop Burbidge has written a letter to the faithful about gender confusion, he has not availed himself of the opportunity to enter what has become national news to proclaim Catholic teaching. When the issue is so public, I feel the defense of natural law and our Church’s teaching should be as
  • While maintaining orthodoxy is a good thing, it is possible to go too far to the right, not just the left. Arlington is the poster child of the latter problem. Much of the diocese, including many masses, are only welcoming to the traditionalist-and-already-devout, which leaves many unserved.


Atlanta – Archbishop Gregory Hartmayer

  • A liberal disciple of Wilton Gregory.
  • As Father Altman states and my wife and have said since the pandemic silence is complicity. Our Church needs strength from the pulpit, not tolerance for social debauchery being inflicted on us today. We the flock need to know that our Church stands firmly against homosexuality, gay marriage.
  • Bishop Hartmeyer and the bishops of Metro Atlanta, Savannah, Raleigh, Richmond, Charlotte, etc. just wrote a letter condemning violence from guns. Why did they choose this particularly whereas they could have chosen violence in all forms_ abortion, domestic violence, trafficking in all forms rape, etc?
  • He doesn’t appear to care about ALL of his flock & their diverse needs 🙁
  • He is better than the previous one!
  • He is fairly new to the Diocese following Arch Bishop Wilton Gregory. Hard to believe Pope Francis would appoint a conservative, orthodox Bishop. I think he is still “trying to stay under the radar”.
  • He is mostly a bureaucrat and gives little or no genuine spiritual direction. In addition, I wrote to him, asking him to disallow the use of archdiocesan facilities for a group, that promotes transgenderism, homosexuality, and supports the active participation in sin regarding these issues
  • He took a knee with BLM in Savanah GA in 2020. He closed churches. He is very liberal.  We never hear from him unless he is afor only. money.
  • He was hand-picked by Wilton Gregory to succeed him and birds of a feather, flock together. Gregory is rotten, therefore how can I trust Hartmeyer. Also, he never condemned the group of priests wanting women priests, married priests, etc. Synod questionnaire was absurd. Baptist type liturgies.
  • I am unhappy with his handling of the pandemic, and ongoing vaccination requirement. I’m also disappointed in his handling of the offering of the Latin Mass….ALL priests should have the freedom to say mass in Latin
  • I attended Confirmation for one of my grandchildren, our Archbishop of Atlanta was the celebrant. His homily was longer than the liturgy. He spoke mostly about himself and how he loves the pre-teen age group his favorite! He paced up and down the center aisle proudly extolling his virtue signaling
  • I don’t really know where he stands on anything because he doesn’t say anything about anything.
  • I don’t trust any bishops.
  • I expected more from our Bishop during COVID. Closing the churches showed little compassion for his flock. His flock consisted of ‘frightened people.” By closing the churches, they were deprived of Eucharist. Does he believe that Jesus is truly present in Eucharist? I see him as a frightened bishop
  • I form my opinion on certain “issues” he supports.
  • I have a couple time sent emails to Archbishop Hartmeyer about my concerns about the masks mandated during Covid and another time about certain monthly collections that goes towards funding abortions etc. and I never got a response. This tells me he doesn’t give 2 cents about his flock!
  • I would have to say I don’t really know our bishop’s orthodoxy. He is silent on so many issues.  His social justice agendas mirror Marxist leftist agendas€¦these things he speaks very often and decisively about€¦.white people are racist, gun violence, open border migration, ending the death penalty..
  • I would like to see an effort in safeguarding the Mass and taking action against liturgical abuses. If we can’t get the basics of worshiping God right, how can we ever grow the Church?
  • I’m glad that Archbishop Hartmayer allowed the Latin Mass to continue, and allowed communion rails in Novus ordo churches.
  • I’m not as involved as I use to be due to my age…but we strongly disagree with 1) shutting Church down during “Covid”, a seminarian having to leave seminary because he didn’t want the dhot and lately putting out a cooperative press release on gun control legislation suggestions
  • Lost my support during Covid – disgusting how he pushed the vaccine! Was hostile to religious exemptions, no respect for individuals’ right to freely choose what they place into their body.  I’m also upset how the church acts in partnership with the US government in the human trafficking at border!
  • Modernist apologist for immorality
  • My orthodox pastor is barely flying under the bishop’s radar. Hartmeyer is a silent, feel good bishop. What a-sham!
  • Not really sure. He replaced Wilton Gregory so he is an enormous improvement over that terrible bishop! We still have the Latin Mass, our churches are open, and he is opening up to apparitions in Conyers. All of this is positive to me.
  • Poster Boy for secular liberalism in the clothing of a Catholic bishop
  • Proponent of BLM, pro-immigration and pointing out racism support for CRS and Catholic charities. Many Collections for questionable “pet “charities and annual appeal promoting an agenda. No word spoken about sin of politicians and clergy, LGBTQ+ (the shrine in ATL is a huge supporter of LGBTQ).
  • Pushed the Covid vaccine. Followed closing all the churches.
  • Sad to see that we did not have more Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament on Corpus Christi Sunday. I would like to see voting records.
  • Shame on him for closing the churches during the plandemic! If he thought people would come back in droves and continue to put money in the baskets, he was wrong!  He’s a hireling, not a Shepherd.  Could ignore collection for Catholic Charities (which promotes child trafficking) but he doesn’t.
  • The Archbishop of Atlanta marched his staffers on foot down to a BLM rally back in 2020. He also provides the use of office space to the disordered Fortunate and Faithful Families but not to Courage and Encourage. One of his auxiliaries and the dean of the deacons are reportedly gay.
  • The churches should not have been closed due to Covid and the “rules” that were required during that time where directed from outside the church.
  • To be honest I don’t know. But he is against the death penalty and probably for gun control.
  • Very sad he would not allow religious exemptions for the COVID 19 vaccine. People lost their jobs because they would not take the vaccine due to the unborn babies used to produce or test the vaccine. Just horrible!
  • When I hear the words “inclusive”, “welcoming”, and other woke claptrap, I get ill.


Austin – Bishop Joe Vasquez

  • Allows a few Latin Masses to remain open weekly. Allows priests to have children’s masses and generally bad Novus Ordo liturgies with some exceptions.
  • As a new member of the diocese, I am not completely familiar with the bishop. Therefore, I can’t give a wholehearted affirmation of his ability as our shepherd.  However, I am glad to be away from Joseph Tobin in Newark who is a complete hypocrite.
  • Because of his support of open borders, the TADA laws, and silence on so many issues plaguing his flock today and commitment the group think of the USCCB, he is not a shepherd after the heart of Jesus. We need faithful bishops to lead.
  • Bishop Vasquez is liberal! Strong supporter of Catholic Charities and illegal immigrants!
  • Bishop Vasquez leans liberal and he supports Biden Administration’s position on our southern border. He believes it is being “compassionate” to allow any migrant into our country who wants to come in, IN SPITE OF our open borders causing death from drugs and sex trafficking of women and children.
  • Chancery employs former CCHD employees, socialist immigrant activists, radical Paulist Priests very active in spiritual coordination of diocesan conferences & parish missions. Yet, leads Eucharistic Processions; cnxld JamesMartin@retreat ctr; has not changed the TLM schedule anywhere in the Diocese.
  • He does not back his good priests. He believes in woke ideology and gives in to modernist laity.
  • He does participate in the prolife marches and events; his preaching is orthodox. Disappointed that places much effort on aiding illegal immigration. He focuses on positives- helping your neighbor; ignores attendant evils- human trafficking, drugs, emboldened cartels, loss of US citizen property.
  • He is back bencher. He takes no stand regarding Democrat politicians defiling the Eucharist. He is a go along person with the USCCB in all things. I would not be at all surprised if he is a registered Democrat.
  • He is not much into administration. He allows his staff to be pretty much unfettered and for the most part unsupervised. He does not have the courage to confront the satanic actions of the secular administration nor does he give his people guidance in that regard. Pretty much a vassal of the USCCB.
  • He plays it safe. Doesn’t stick his neck on controversial topics; however, he has allowed tradition to stay within the diocese.
  • He’s helping the invasion on the southern border. Catholic Charities is on both sides helping people cross illegally. These children are being trafficked and the bishops, CC and other NGO’s are helping. The rest are fighting age men. It’s disgusting. He told me they come back for INS hearings! BS
  • He’s mostly unapproachable. He has an air of self-importance rather than humility; which I find unappealing.
  • He’s quiet and goes on like nothing is happening.
  • I believe he has the faith, but lacks the courage to stand up for what is right. I wish he was more like Bishop Strickland.
  • I have never heard Bishop Vasquez speak out against the modernist in the Church.
  • I returned to the Austin Diocese in April 2020 and was horrified that the Bishop and his complicit clergy were screaming from the pulpit “get the vaccine and be sure to vaccinate your children”, “wear your masks”, “stay home”, etc. This was despite abundant evidence available to dispute the CDC.
  • I write to the bishop occasionally about areas of concern, hoping he will speak out, (Bishops collections, communion for pro-abortion politicians, attacks on Churches, gay and trans issues). Either I am brushed off or told the bishops are dialoguing about the issue. His silence answers a lot.
  • I wrote B. Vasquez to put him on notice that our pastor is allowing heresy to be promoted in our parish. I got a letter back from the Vicar who said I was the one with the problem and to take it up without pastor.  I have zero confidence in Vasquez at this point. Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux.
  • Joe has no backbone and goes the way the wind from the Pope blows.
  • Leads from behind and is a follower. Stays silent during the most turbulent times in Church history. No statement made about Pachamama. No statement on illegal immigration and Catholic Charities being complicit in child sex trafficking. Not a good shepherd.
  • My bishop tends towards staying quiet and does not put himself on the line to stand FOR Catholic orthodoxy or stand UP for traditional Catholic beliefs. Bishop Strickland is the standard by which I now judge other bishops. This is definitely not the time to stand silently on the sidelines.
  • Need to hear more about staying true to catholic faith.
  • Overall, our bishop seems like a good guy. However I can’t be sure, he never says anything. He never speaks against abortion, the LBGTWXY Z culture, transgender surgeries, gay ‘marriage’, so who is he? I think he’s Catholic – not sure…
  • Please fight true evil and the persecution of Catholics! Stay true to the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. Everything else is just background noise.
  • Seems to be more interested in money. He does a good job of keeping a low profile.
  • To be fair this is mostly because he closed the churches during Covid and wouldn’t look at alternatives, like holding Mass or Communion Services in church parking lots.
  • To his credit, he still allows the Latin Mass. To his discredit, he has yet to denounce the USCCB for allowing the State to characterize the Church as ‘non-essential.’
  • Very silent about all the immoral issues of the day. Homosexual lifestyle, immigration, wokeness, transgender issues. God taken out of society, abortion.
  • We call him Bishop Joe MIA. He goes to events but sends the vicar general to many of the confirmations.  We rarely see him.  Priests tell me he doesn’t have much to do with them, MIA, and doesn’t really support them as the previous bishops did (McCarthy and Almond).  He is a do nothing bishop.
  • We completely stop all diocesan support during Covid when churches were locked down, masks required, proper communion denied. We went to church in neighboring diocese finding a brave pastor, no masking, and communion on the tongue at communion rail. Unfortunately he was cancelled by the Victoria bishop
  • We need more Bishops to speak up and protect the Catholic faith like Texas Bishop Joseph Strickland. The clergy and the laity are lukewarm. Bishop Vasquez needs to take a stand/shepherd – protecting the faith and speaking against the sloppy, careless atrocities within our parishes. Cristo Rey!


Baker – Bishop Liam Cary

  • He doesn’t teach the faith. He goes to parishes for confirmations. His silence is deafening except when he sends a taped message asking for money.
  • He got rid of the traditional Latin Masses!!! We had one service in Bend Oregon. So it makes me believe that he is a bishop who is interested in the unholy trend of the Catholic Church.
  • He is one of the “silent” ones on teaching the tenants of the faith. When he does speak to us it is only to ask for money for the annual bishop’s appeal or by a brief article in a bi-weekly 4 page DIOCESAN CHRONICAL titled “Thoughts along the Way”.
  • Rides the line. Does not speak boldly.


Baltimore – Archbishop William Lori

  • ‘+Lori presents as the most milquetoast Catholic, chock full of bland, banal platitudes exhorting no one to anything, but beneath that surface he perpetuates and covers for all manner of moral and theological corruption, including abusive and homosexual clergy.
  • Archbishop Lori did not stand up and was completely silent went they closed churches during COVID! Hasn’t said a word about open borders, doesn’t speak out against transgenderism or about anything going wrong in the church today…..crickets!!!
  • Archbishop Lori is what I would describe as a typical go-along to get-along bishop for a silent and complicit cadre of priests in MD. He appears to be pro-life but he is silent on all the LGBT ideology, sexualization and mutilation of children, Communion in a state of grace, etc.  Complete silence.
  • Archbishop Lori. The day he insisted on having a parochial school’s staff call a 3rd grade girl by a boy’s name, we ended our support of the Church (yet still faithfully attend on Sundays). Since, we have become even more disillusioned with the archdiocese and especially the USCCB.
  • asked my bishop if he would stop his work with illegal immigration & that this country wasn’t his or even mine to give away, but rather it belongs to the coming generations, this bishop didn’t answer but rather asked (knowing my chide went to Catholic school),”where does your [child] go to school?”
  • Avoids confrontation and lacks courage to be a true shepherd.
  • Bishop Lori has not supported parishioners that support the core values of catholic faith. He does not support pro-life events, pro-family events, and in general has alienated many Catholics with his desire to go along with radical politics that are creating a culture of abomination.
  • Bishop Lori supports our Latin mass community. He confirmed our kids in the Latin rite and participated in Pontifical Vespers and will sit in choir and preach at mass this coming weekend.
  • Bishop Lori. Has betrayed us parishioner’s & gone for worldly values especially alphabet soup variety. WE Are. Roman Catholics Not Protestants !! We love Christ & our Holy Roman Catholic Church First & Only. !!! Bishop W.  Gregory is long Gone from Roman Catholic Church & our Lord & Blessed Mother
  • Bishop Lori’s reputation has been tainted by the media in unrolling the idea that he has been part of the cover-ups of priests in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. I do not know what is true or not true but now I have doubt in the darkness surrounding him.
  • Bottom line – I believe Archbishop Lori cares more about money than defending the Faith. The parishes sent out email blasts asking parishioners to vote against extending the stature of limitations on sex abuse by clergy, but he never took such action to defend life. It’s all about the money.
  • Doesn’t talk with conviction about modern issues. Tepid
  • Due to the many clergy abuse cases in Maryland, including the extensive cover up of those involved in The Keepers abuse, and especially the continuing denial and lack of transparency in this archdiocese, I will give NOTHING to the church other than my local parish. I do not trust the hierarchy.
  • Even though played a role in the USCCB Prolife , I do not feel he is proactive enough in the state of MD again the huge abortion industry here
  • Fits in with the complicit bishops. Archdiocesan staff pro-gay.
  • Has no supernatural faith. In a city that bleeds every day, he refuses to use his authority over demons, as a successor to the apostles, to pray over the city via Eucharistic processions, or use sacramentals such as holy water and exorcised salt over the most crime-ridden areas.
  • He closed the church during COVID. Other states had ride by confessions n communion. He did nothing.  We were deprived of the presence of the Blessed Sacrament when we really needed it.  Never do this again.
  • He condemns others of what he does himself. He does not speak the Truth of JESUS CHRIST.  He supports abortion and euthanasia programs.  He hires those who support BLM, ANTIFA, and those that rob the laity to pay off the alphabet soup groups, rather than oppose the sin of active participation.
  • He has given in to alphabet Soup Agenda. I no pray for is return to Christ’s Roman Catholic Church. & for all dissenting priests & Bishops to repent & return to Christ. ˜‡™. Virginia Lamb. Edgewater , Maryland
  • He is NOT a good man. He is a hypocrite. He does not call out transgenderism and supports equity campaign. He supports the vaccine mandate for priests joining priesthood and buried sex crimes and scandals FOR YEARS and makes excuses for it. I want him OUT.
  • He is political, small minded, manipulative, dishonest, vain, and he does not demonstrate Faith in Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ i his actions! He should resign!
  • He jumped all over the BLM movement despite its anti-religious philosophy. This demonstrates to me his worldliness and fear of speaking Truth in difficult and controversial times.
  • He offers nice words in the CR newsletter that skirt the real issues Afraid to spk on abortion Forced the clot-shot on our priests. Kneeling for BLM radical anarchists offered a “politely correct” mass for Baltimore, separating people by ethnicity/color, lighting candles-where is the UNITY?!
  • He supported Catholic Churches to be closed during Covid but didn’t condemn or speak loudly enough against casinos, liquor stores etc. to be able to stay open. He should have been doing everything he could to get us to celebrate mass instead of watching it on tv.
  • He Supports the Globalist secularism which is undermining the Catechism and Magisterium of our Church. He has silently watched as Churches are having special Masses catering to the parishioners w/ deviant sexual behaviors plaguing our society. He has reprimanded good priests who have spoken out.
  • He was too soon to retire Fr Joe Barr from ministry after the parental complaint came in from a nonmember of the school Re discipline during a school church service. Fr Joe had a deliverance ministry. I question his orthodoxy during the church militant / James Griner event. His closing of parishes
  • He’s taken a strong stand against abuse by the clergy and the Archdiocese has recently reopened the case of a nun who was murdered back in the 60’s. He’s also promoted the Eucharistic Renewal.
  • His position of equity and inclusion, diverting funds from successful parishes into city parishes is wrong. Removing good priests that draw crowds speak the truth is against the catechism. Accepting government funding for catholic charities, St. Vincent de Paul and other missions is inappropriate.
  • I can only speak for myself I had some very bad experiences in the church to the point of losing myself and my faith. I am attending another church but my faith has never been the same. I don’t trust the bishop, priest and other people in the church.
  • I don’t think he has outwardly backed anything heterodox. He just isn’t vocal on what I’d consider important, which changes over time.   I’m not sure he’s ever impressed me or made me proud by some action of his.
  • I love my Roman Catholic faith but I’m beginning to question our Pope’s decisions and wonder why he is doing these things.
  • I no longer send money to archdiocese. He allowed: churches closed, pushed abortion tainted vax, not speaking out against Biden, Pelosi & other abortion advocates that claim to be catholic, allowing evil LGBT “pride” foolishness to be welcome in some parishes, secretly funding left wing evil.
  • I think he’s fake
  • I went to a prayer service for Baltimore city. Lori is in charge of the group and spoke. Sounded nice initially. But when a woman spoke about DEI & LGBTQ+ I walk out. All choirs were segregated – one black, one Latino & one Asian. Why not sing together & no whites?
  • I wish he would speak TRUTH and defend the faith. We need strong shepherds!
  • I wish Truth and saving souls was the main focus of our Church’s hierarchy. Sure doesn’t feel that way at all.
  • I wrote to Archbishop Lori many times during the planned demic and whenever saw fit to write me back. Because he was hiding in his rectory and encouraging all his priest to do the same. Shame on him and on the hierarchy for doing that to people while collecting lots of money from the government.
  • Lori ignores priests promoting gay pride, punishes orthodox priests if they get too outspoken or too popular, ignores MD legislature promoting abortion and trans issues, fails to challenge local and national Catholic pro-abortion politicians, favors gun control, favors open borders.
  • Lori is complicit in letting our parishes fail. He   Has no interest in the life at the parish.  He has failed as a leader and manipulates priests.  He is not a unifier of priests or parishes.  He is a disappointment.  As a Catholic from Baltimore there is grand potential€” impossible with him.
  • Lori is political. More interested in his promotions to the next level. He likes to appear as if he cares about the parishioners but he cares about his power.
  • Lori pushed the poison jab made from the cells of murdered children, claiming to receive the jab for c-19 was an act of “compassion and mercy” and to not receive it will help to spread the cold virus. He shutdown churches, told people to via “zoom” (the zoom creator funds pp) I have more to say …
  • Lori won’t speak out on any controversial Catholic issues. He was silent on the disgraceful display at Dodger Stadium when Our Lady was mocked, and now on The Sound of Freedom. Fr. Altman perfectly described him. Lori is complicit and weak. He is lesser known Cupich. A disgrace to the RC faith.
  • Weak. A sucker to the woke liberal globalist crowd. Naïve Confused.
  • My bishop did not stand up for his flock during the “pandemic” and gave in to demands of the wicked government to close the churches on Palm Sunday in 2020(?) I think that is the year. He also is aware of gay friendly masses at some parishes in our archdiocese.
  • My feelings on most of the American bishops: Spoiled cowards that have lived lives of extreme luxury for so long that they are now too weak and unwilling to sacrifice their comfort to fulfill their responsibilities as church “leaders”.
  • One of the food good shepherd’s trying to lead his flock in the midst of the storm. He openly acknowledges that the world is becoming entirely hostile to religion and is actively taking steps to stand for what is good, true, and beautiful.
  • Refused to limit communion on the tongue during Covid. He credits 24/7 adoration with an increase in vocations. Attempts to play politics with area politicians who ignore him. Is prolife and does not hide it. Some staff are liberal but let’s conservative priests function too. Conservative seminarian.
  • Says things to placate;, has no intention of doing it; i.e.: arriving in Balt, had a Homily about the importance of the Mass–fantastic!!— requested to put the holy days of obligation back on the actual day; he was in agreement(but made excuses when reminded; needed consent of other Bishops) FALSE
  • Should resign in disgrace after covering up so many sexual predators.
  • There are just a handful of Bishops/priests I trust anymore and it appears they are being attacked and “put in the closet” by the “Church.” “My Bishop” rated mostly unorthodox/distrust only because in Jesus there is always hope and miracles, otherwise it would have been completely.
  • Too many great priests have been “cancelled” by him. I think the child sexual abuse cases could have been handled better and with more transparency.  He is always contrite when some big news story is about to be published, but I feel his primary concern is getting the faithful to donate.
  • Too willing to remain silent and not call out the madness around him. Puts vocal priests in the country so they won’t offend those that need offended. Woke.
  • I have little faith in very few Bishops in the United States. Until every bishop who knowingly moved Priests around From Parish to Parish knowing of sex abuse charges/accusations against that priest, steps down, repents and has no further say in decisions€¦..I will not support them.
  • Very quiet on the pressing issues of our time. His silence is taken as approval by sinners
  • Why did it take so many years to get Courage/Encourage into our Archdiocese? Then when we did get it.. Did anyone know? Why did he let Fr.Muth from St. Matthew’s continue to March in gay parades?  Why did he not report substantial Christmas checks from a Bishop who has been De-frocked?
  • Would not recommend to parishes to say the prayer to St. Michael “after” the last blessing at Mass. The prayer is needed in these days of confusion and increasing abandonment of the faith.


Baton Rouge – Bishop Michael Duca

  • Church closures, mask arm-twisting & promotion of COVID vaccines as love of neighbor were all abuses of authority. Gov’t never required church closures. The medical literature shows no statistical benefit to masks against viruses. We now know COVID vaccines are far deadlier than COVID.
  • Do not encounter the Bishops much as I have homes in different States and have only even seen a bishop at a Mass twice in many years past. I would make a judgment only after hearing him in person and checking out his body language as well as the messages themselves.
  • He was openly encouraging and supportive of the TLM at a time it was under sustained attack. He remains so.
  • I heard him say at a speech he gave “I don’t know why people don’t like Pope Francis. I love Pope Francis, I think his writings are beautiful! “
  • I like him. He is a good liturgist, his theology is correct (I am Jesuit educated, olden days, Loyola of New Orleans, class of ’57), he is a good person. Mary Healy Rettig, 70808
  • I really don’t know how Orthodox he is, or what exactly is meant by that. I do not think we should go back to Pre Vatican II.  I am opposed to the Latin Mass or even Latin prayers or chants in our Mass.  I think our Church should end its archaic ban on women priest or married priest.
  • I think all of us would like our Bishop to be out spoken and on fire with the faith like Bishop Strickland is. With that said, Bishop Duca did keep out Latin Mass at St. Agnes.  He met with the Latin Mass community after Pope Francis put restrictions on the Latin Mass. Pax Christi
  • Weak and not aware of God’s work in the world today. Not strong in leadership of his flock. People are lost and searching so need their shepherds. Dear sweet Jesus awaken your clergy so that they may lead your people to you. Praise be to our good God. Amen ™ ™


Beaumont – Bishop David Toups

  • He had the Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Washington DC come to talk in Beaumont TX. I figured him in the cabal with the head of the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception. EWTN has all their celebrations. How did you like what Gregory did to President Trump and Melania at the Knights of Columbus Shrine.
  • He is silent on all issues facing the church today.


Belleville – Bishop Michael McGovern

  • Bishop McGovern is a new Bishop. I really don’t know enough to judge at this point.
  • Does little to speak out and support traditional Catholic teachings.
  • I know he signed the letter to allow Biden, Pelosi etc. to receive communion even though they promote abortion.


Biloxi – Bishop Louis Kihneman

  • He is completely silent on issues that matter to me most. He encouraged the vax which I did not participate in and most of his priest took it except for my parish priest whom I completely trust. He is silent on abortion and political parties. Silence as well on the pride issues.
  • I don’t like how Christian music is played during the Mass.
  • I have no reason not to trust Bishop Kihneman and what I do know of him is that he tends to his sheep very well and really cares about them all. Sincerely, Marie Huggitt
  • I tend to distrust my Bishop for the reasons the he supports Catholic Charities and, to the best of my knowledge he has unmercifully failed, like most Bishops, to publicly raise objection to the heresies and apostasy of Pope Francis.
  • Mostly see him socializing. Seems well satisfied w/our pastor who is more interested in spending hundreds of thousands of $s to redo a lovely church. He’s closed our school, bookstore, removed Monstrance fr Adoration Ch. Made church as bright as stadium, and got rid of a beloved Deacon. All under Kihneman


Birmingham – Bishop Steven Raica

  • Bishop Raica, a gentle bishop, seems silent about controversies: Life issues, human trafficking, persecutions of Catholics/Christians at home or abroad. I am used to more dynamic approaches, parochial school visits, and involvement of the bishop in another diocese. More connection, please!
  • He appears to be doing the right thongs.  I haven’t heard of any problems about how he has been handling things here in the Birmingham Alabama diocese.
  • I don’t know much about him, but the stuff in the diocesan newspaper is fairly empty.
  • I don’t really know much about him, but have read that at his previous diocese, he covered up some misdeeds.
  • It’s hard to know what he stands for.  I can’t stay awake through any of his sermons.  A perfect bishop for the Church of NICE. He poses well with graduation classes & church events.  He promoted the Vax & was on record as not allowing any religious exemptions. He is SILENT on real world issues.
  • I’ve only met him once, but he is allowing the TLM.
  • Please stand up for all of Jesus’s teachings.   Don’t cave to the woke agenda as other Bishops have.
  • Reduced and diminished the TLM’s offering and impact…has one of two pro-LBGT parishes in AL (Decatur, AL, the other in Montgomery), has one school involved with and using a pro-LBGT student evaluation company (NWEA)…all this in just two-plus years of arriving in AL from MI…
  • Why we got a Bishop from the north is suspect.


Bismarck – Bishop David Kagan

  • I like Bishop Kagan, but I’m disappointed that he’s, essentially, all but eliminated the Tridentine Mass. I’m dismayed that he is not speaking boldly against the heresies being perpetuated by the “Synod on Synodality”, and by the German Bishops’ Conference. I hope he strengthens his spine soon. ™»
  • I wish he wouldn’t have given in so easily and closed our churches during COVID. It was very hard to not be able to have access to the sacraments. This was especially difficult during Easter and Divine Mercy. I cried watching Mass on TV and not being able receive my Lord.
  • With so much going on in our country: turning over of Roe V Wade, the lack of a southern border, the Catholic church involvement with spreading illegal aliens, the take-over of schools with LGBT indoctrination and CRT… I have no idea where my bishop stands because he doesn’t publicly say anything


Boise – Bishop Peter Christensen

  • Bishop Christensen is known for avoiding conflict. Like most other dioceses, the liturgy is nothing more than a variety show – applause for this one and that one, a Sacrament turned into a snack administered by the non-ordained – the usual new-church nothingness.
  • Bishop Christensen is known to avoid conflict but the liturgy is the same variety show that it is everywhere. As can be seen from the Diocese’s website, many of the priests are from other countries. He never says anything heretical but he is certainly not out front publicly in defending orthodoxy.
  • -Bishop has recently banned the wearing of cassocks by priests in the Cathedral.-He has banned all use of Latin in the Cathedral.-Banned ad orientem.-He fired the long time organist/music director and replaced him with a guitarist. He’s requested a “pop” music Mass. The list is too long
  • Closed our Church for Covid during Holy Week & Easter, & Divine Mercy Sunday. Closed all Latin Masses, couple of months before Pope Francis made it public!  Silent & non supportive of Bishops & Priests being ostracized or cancelled because they preach/teach true Catholic dogma.
  • Excellent Character.
  • Forbidding parishes to install altar rails and use prieu dieux to receive Holy Communion doesn’t score well with traditional Catholics. However, he has allowed a monthly TLM to continue at St. Paul’s in Nampa (our former parish) and did show up at the March for Life in Boise to give the invocation.
  • He has listened to the liberals of Boise, destroying what our good and honorable shepherds at the Cathedral in Boise built over the last 4 years! Apparently, he was not given his choice to get to a liberal bastion, to finish out his days, so he doubled down and is hurting the faithful of Idaho.
  • He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing just like all the rest of them with the exception of Bishop Strickland and a precious few others!
  • He keeps us with a continuing supply of priests and they are orthodox, some are outstanding. He likes to be in total control.
  • He’s no friend of tradition, but tolerates the FSSP + Carmelites flourishing in N. Idaho as a way to break down the SSPX who also serve Carmelite and Dominican convents affiliated with them…probably to recapture the revenue lost in the NO parishes. We’re far from Boise so he just leave us alone.
  • I asked about a particular topic, he said he never said anything about but proceeded to say the exact words he claimed to have not said. I wanted to meet with him about his decisions, he got aggressive and refused. He removed the Confiteor completely. I have witnessed a handful of lies from him.
  • I can’t understand why Bishop Christensen has assigned three African priests to Holy Apostles Parish, the largest parish in Idaho. All three priests have accents that make them hard for most of us parishioners to understand.
  • In my opinion, many of the bishop’s decisions and actions are inexplicable at best and at worst, counter-productive and demoralizing to the laity.
  • It concerns me that you are taking the documents of Vatican II out of context. How can you place a ban on Apostolic tradition, that no one has the authority to do so? Our Lord gave us clear instructions, giving the Apostle on how to celebrate the Mass.
  • .. He certainly isn’t very outspoken on LGBTQ issues and banned ad orientum mass,. He asks people to report Latin masses ˜
  • Never addresses moral issues. Prior to the last presidential election he toured all the parishes in the diocese with a prayer/healing service.  Never addressed the important issue of abortion.  Actively settling illegals in Boise. For upcoming synod input listening held in liberal areas or small church.
  • Perhaps afraid of Rome and the Bergoglian.
  • Our grandson is a seminarian who is completely orthodox. And we trust our bishop not only because our grandson completely trusts him, but because we have heard homilies from him that are completely orthodox, on topics such as abortion and “transitioning” children.
  • Really stays under the radar. Would not expect him to make a public stand against Cupich, Dolan, Gregory, et al. Closed the churches during Covid. Would never speak against the local medical community, mayor or governor on behalf of devout Catholics.
  • This bishop ordered all churches with altar rails to take them down and then he wanted anyone who knew of a church that did not comply should contact his office. In other words, he was looking for spies and tattle tales.  I distrust him very much and lack of Roman Catholic leadership is appalling.
  • Very sensitive, takes criticism personally, but deals out strong criticism sometimes painting with too broad a brush of his flock. Gives in to pressure from liberals to change his mind, but will not even acknowledge or respond to polite requests from conservative/traditional parishioners.
  • Was told by this bishop that there would be no dedicated TLM because “we need to focus on Christ, not the liturgy.” He removed the St Michael statue at the cathedral in Boise because someone said it was too scary. He added altar girls, discouraged kneeling for communion and removed all Latin phrases
  • When Bergoglio limited Latin mass our bishop also limited Latin mass to a parish one and a half hours away from us. Also be sure we are so rural we only get a mass on Saturday…of course Novus ordo at restricted times with confession at a time I’m always working. Unacceptable for a good Catholic!


Boston – Cardinal Sean O’Malley

  • Belongs to the inner circle of ANTIPOPE Bergoglio, and he has not been traditional but otherwise.
  • Capitulated to the Plandemic, and does NOT speak out against all the disgraceful “Catholic” politicians in MA…Talks against abortion, but fails to appear at sidewalk vigils or other places that he could…such as at the MCFL Banquet, as the Catholic Mayor of Quincy does!
  • Cardinal O’Malley has remained silent on many issues where bishops should speak truth to power. He pays lip service in opposing issues that need to be addressed. As a bishop, he is a cipher. His words ring hollow.
  • Cardinal O’Malley often produces orthodox-sounding words, but his actions tell the truer story – in his promotion of Democratic Party politicians (with no mention of the evils they promote and perpetrate); and in his ignoring heterodoxy in his parishes, seminaries, and so-called Catholic colleges.
  • Cardinal O’Malley, as part of the “inner circle” of confidantes and trusted friends of Pope Francis, is eo ipso complicit in his agendum to destroy the Catholic Faith through radical Ecumenism, Modernism, Protestantization, and nothing less than pantheism.
  • Cardinal Sean O’Malley is a kind, God loving man. He came to Boston and helped us heal.
  • covers up, negligent on the case of Arlington high school, does not have a firm stance on anything.
  • Don’t trust the vermin pope either
  • Ever since he did the funeral MASS for Ted Kennedy he has been off the rails. He is friends with Tobin(NJ) and McElroy and I feel he cannot be trusted at all.
  • Forcing nuns and priests to take an experimental “vaccine” was dictatorial and not pastoral.
  • He is a horrible bishop! He is a sidekick of Francis! That tells it all!
  • He is just like all the others who have been in the take from us I e., – millions from the US Govt. & using it to bring more & more ILLEGAL aliens into our country via Catholic Charities & other traitorous groups!!!!!!
  • He needs to take a stand and help us. We need him to speak up about the Evils in the Church.
  • He often travels first class to Rome. He enjoys a good life in Boston and when he is seen on TV or in the newspaper, he wears a Franciscan tunic and sandals. What a hypocrite!
  • He refrains from proclaiming that marriage is between one man and one woman. He also won’t comment on the church’s teachings on sexual relations between persons of the same biological sex
  • His next pronouncement defending the faith will be his first. Have never seen him at my parish. Doubt he knows where it is.
  • His skill set seems primarily closing parishes and schools and squeezing the last pennies out of the senior citizens who still fall for the coerced ‘partners in charity’ scam.
  • I look for him to stand against the tide of wokeness, to lay down his life for his flock, but I don’t see much of it.
  • I really do not see Cardinal O’Malley being a true shepherd.
  • No man is perfect. But as far as I know, our Archdiocese is headed by a true servant of Jesus Christ, a holy and humble bishop. Thank God for Cardinal Sean.
  • One of Francis elite now 6. Also selected for ‘synod on Synodality’ archdiocesan full of lavender clerics
  • Personally I believe +O’Malley is fairly orthodox but for 20 yrs. in Boston he has surrounded himself with advisors who are anything but. AND he allows them to make some very serious decisions while he remains untouchable and conflict averse. In the public eye he is well liked but he is duplicitous.
  • Prolife but lacked the courage to deny publicly pro-choice and pro-homosexual “marriage” Ted Kennedy a Catholic funeral.
  • Re: O’Malley I think he is more orthodox than he may let on. I think, politically, he feels more at home with liberals, so is quiet about his faith. But at heart, I think he is orthodox, but you wouldn’t know it. He could take more of stand for orthodoxy and traditional Catholic values.
  • Rooting for Irish priests is a very likely possibility.
  • Sean Cardinal O’Malley, Archbishop of Boston
  • Sean has surrounded himself with “bad guys.” One is J. Bryan Hehir, a former Harvard professor, who is way out on the Marxist Left. He is charming, as an old style academic, but he could not care less about the Faith. Sean has increased Hehir’s presence in seminary formation over the last few years.
  • Some priests in Boston have been threatened and silenced for preaching the Truth. The Cardinal is not a father to these priests. He is lockstep with PF. He seems to fear reprisals and favor human respect. We need stronger, holy bishops who risk all for their priests and the salvation of souls.
  • When he first came on- there was hope. Since then he has had one blunder after another including the funeral of Ted Kennedy- an abortion supporter, and public sinner, and Ted Kennedy publicly defended his sins to Benedict XVI himself. He is a modernist and cares about politics more than souls.


Bridgeport – Bishop Frank Caggiano

  • Any Bishop who kept their Dioceses closed during Covid, should not be trusted. They were obedient to the Pope, whether he was right, wrong or indifferent. They were all privy to the same research I was; therefore, they could have left their parishes open. They were afraid.
  • Handpicked by Bergoglio, am I to say more?
  • Has done very little to promote Eucharistic devotion despite the fact that there will soon be a Eucharistic convention in the United States next year and despite the fact that most Catholics were never taught about and do not believe in the “Real Presence” of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament.
  • He could be on fire, but his obedience (and probably fear) far surpasses. May the Holy Family bless and guide him.
  • He is silent on the abuses going on in the Church. It is known he is a careerist, wanting to move up. He does cozy up those with great wealth and is attracted to money and his coffers being full. Speaks well, but does not act according to his words. I would estimate more of a clever politician
  • I pray for him. I think he is a modernist but he is supportive of our traditional school and our tom at our diocesan church. So praying he stands up for us in the end.
  • Just not sure of him.
  • My bishop is a chameleon. He speaks to the TLM faithful with a more traditional syntax and the progressive Novus Ordo ilk with a syntax that is rife with politically correct jargon.
  • Seems to be serious about the faith (much more so post Covid19 than before). Seems to care about his office and his responsibility for souls.
  • Until now Bishop Caggiano has shown a strong support for the Latin mass and the classical education schools. He opened an oratory in hopes that the Latin mass will continue in case Francis stops the mass at our home parish. He is very supportive of the priest who say the Latin mass as far as I see.
  • Useless careerist who would sell out his mother
  • While Bp. Caggiano clearly wants to stay in the good graces of the Vatican, I believe he wants to encourage the faith to grow in our diocese. He seems to bless anything that bears fruit, strongly supporting the Neocats but also showing his commitment to the TLM communities despite not being a trad.


Brooklyn – Bishop Robert Brennan

  • Bishop Brennan has not been bishop of the Brooklyn Diocese for very long so time will tell if his actions are just in leading his flock. May God be with him.
  • Catering to illegal aliens is the same as catering to thieves. P.S. I am a CATHOLIC.
  • He is newly appointed so we don’t know him thoroughly yet but are very grateful that he is in agreement with and has come up with ideas of how to preserve our TLM. He came to our parish to celebrate NO Mass (bc he’s not allowed to say TLM) and was very impressed with the massive turnout to meet him.
  • I do not know much about Bishop Brennan, but his predecessor Bishop DiMarzio abandoned us during the lockdowns. He disallowed any priest to provide a letter of support for an individual’s religious right to choose against taking the vaccine including for myself. He also stopped us from Sacraments.
  • Our parish has his support for the TLM!


Brownsville – Bishop Daniel Flores

  • Bishop Flores or “amigo de Frodo” (his twitter name) seems more concerned with conservation of humpback whales, supporting illegal immigration, protection of mother earth than salvation of souls.
  • Do not like his way of encouraging illegal immigration. Also he does not speaks out against abortion.
  • Fair bishop.
  • I have heard him at prolife rallies, he is for the vaccines. Have not heard him speak out against ideologies- maybe I just have not heard him when he has.
  • Not too sure of what to make of Bishop Flores. He is definitely soft on ILLEGAL immigration and he is heavily involved in the synodal process.  That’s two strikes right there.  His politics tend towards the Democratic Party and so, I don’t much trust him.


Buffalo – Bishop Michael Fisher

  • Allows pride Masses while not allowing Latin Rite Masses. Doesn’t stand up for truth, doubt that he would deny Communion to a pro-abortion politician who is Catholic in name only; we need our Bishops to stand up against the evil in our world- and right down the street!
  • Another one of the “good old boys”.
  • Approves of Pride Masses, prayer services, and same sex blessings. Did not speak out against the Drag Show at Canisius College.
  • Bishop Fisher fits into the category of Bishops as a whole. Has not spoken out publicly, re politicians who support abortion. I am waiting for him to publicly support the faith. His main goal is to institute the Diocese into Families of Parishes. I want to give him a chance.
  • Bishop Fisher is not a man of God, but of the evil one. He lies, cheats, covers up, is unholy, and caters to his homosexual clergy.
  • Bishop Fisher stays very low profile so I have trouble classifying him. However, he did not push back on the Covid restrictions whatsoever, nor did most of the USCCB.  So he seems to be a typical US Bishop that preaches the “church of nice” I suppose.  Very disappointing.
  • Fisher has permitted the ‘First Annual Pride Mass’ at St. Joseph University Parish. Any objections and concerns are met with silence, accusations of being uncharitable, or references to the Dioceses’ newly adopted DEI policy, created with the LGBT Taskforce. This, after the 2017 summer of Shame.
  • God Help Us!
  • He is a man, trying to restore the Church in Buffalo after many scandals, and is trying to bridge the gap between our many communities and our Lord. The greatest complement I can give is that he is a good shepherd!
  • He is new. Don’t really know him.  Not aware of his taking strong stands, either orthodox or unorthodox.  But he has continued to permit the TLM and has not restricted it.
  • He’s been a pretty good bishop but he’s very weak. He’s been very supportive of prolife work but too afraid to really speak out about it.
  • He’s suppressing all traditional sacraments in the Diocese, in favor of the weaker Novus Ordo sacraments. This removes a critical layer of protection from the starving, injured flock
  • His silence on important issues is complacency with the woke crowd in my opinion. Unfortunately, I almost never hear of him taking a stand for church doctrine.   I hoped that he would stand up for the cancelled priests, but silence. Does he stand up against priests like Fr Martin who promote LGBT?
  • I am a diocesan priest and the vast majority of priests are greatly disillusioned with Bishop Fisher. He has permitted and encouraged two “Pride” Masses at 2 different parishes. In response to backlash about these pride Masses, he released a letter to the faithful saying these Masses were fine.
  • I am in the Diocese of Buffalo. We have not had a trustworthy Bishop in decades.
  • I do not know my bishop. I do not know my parish priests either. My Parrish priest does not even know my name. I go to mass to honor and love  Jesus and receive him in communion
  • Most US and worldwide bishops are cowards. They hid the sexual exploitation committed by clergy.  They went along with and did not challenge Covid closures of churches.  They did not profess the evil connection of the Covid vaccine with abortion.
  • Needs to be more involved in all parishes even if it’s a quarterly newsletter in the bulletins
  • Not a strong leader
  • Not sure he what he’s doing but it seems like he’s taking the church down (it’s chaos at the local level). Priests are being moved around with little notice and parishes are left with no priests on the schedule. Seminarians are being driven away too. Next up – Massive church closings soon.
  • Our Bishop in the Buffalo, western New York area tends to lean liberal. I believe our Bishops need to grow a spine get some intestinal fortitude and stand up for our church and the sacred Doctrine of our church. Stop being afraid, politically correct and be true Shepherds and Men of the church.
  • Our bishop is weak/spineless. I wrote a lengthy comment in this section and then deleted it only because I had to go to confession after sending a blazing email to our bishop expressing my concerns about his handling of the diocese.
  • Renewal will eventually be a bust. He is hiding and not transparent. Would rather pay 12 million to attorneys instead of people who were violated
  • Under his watch he has not given every parish priest in the area an authorization to speak out from the pulpit on major liberal issues of the day. No doctrine of our Catholic Church has been enforced from the pulpit. Such topics as abortion, gay and transgender issues and more.
  • When a Bishop will not support the teachings of God, but cowers to culture & society, he’s not of God. His job is shepherding souls for Eternity, not making them feel accepted & comfortable here on Earth. God loves all His children but points out their sin & admonishes them to sin no more.


Burlington – Bishop Christopher Coyne

  • Before the 2020 election, someone texted the bishop for voting guidance. The bishop danced around the subject like he was petrified of losing a parishioner if he dared advise anyone to vote for an anti-abortion candidate!  I lost all respect for Coyne and never supported the Bishops Fund thereafter
  • He did not have a good response to the Covid situation; has said questionable things in interviews regarding Church teaching on hot button topics. I’m glad he allowed our TLM to exist but I feel we are not really supported or valued as members of the diocesan church.
  • I am not always sure of his action, but who I am to judge. God bless.
  • I don’t know that I trust this bishop, though he has left the TLM going in the Burlington area of Vermont however, during Covid, he shut all the churches down and lock the doors, heart wrenching. I do know that he’s more on the liberal side so I don’t know that I give him a lot of my trust


Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Passaic – Bishop Kurt Burnette

  • Bishop Kurt is an amazing and wonderful shepherd. There is no one like him! He is a father and a teacher to our entire eparchy.


Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Phoenix – Bishop Kurt Burnette

  • I would trust my bishop more if he spoke about controversial topics and reinforced Church teaching.


Byzantine Eparchy of Parma – Bishop Kurt Burnette

  • I am Byzantine Catholic and I embrace Gods Word. I am not for the evil ones invasion in the Catholic Church or any church. How could anyone want to change the Catholic Church?

Camden – Bishop Dennis Sullivan

  • A man of deep faith and conviction. Very visible in his parishes and among his flock.  Started the “Man up” conference in the Camden Diocese recognizing the need to bring men back to the faith and specifically the Catholic Church.
  • Bishop chosen to “visit” Bishop Strickland! Need I say more?
  • Bishop Sullivan NEVER spoke up about the abuses taking place in the Catholic Church. He never voiced a Catholic opinion on anything. Then I found that he was one of the “leaders” of the “apostolic visitation” targeting Bishop Strickland. I immediately lost ALL respect for him as a true shepherd.
  • Don’t like him after going after Bishop Strickland
  • He has left the TLM alone, but was one of the 2 bishops sent by the Vatican to visit Bishop Strickland.
  • He is awful. Rather than allowing us to have Mass during the COVID era he was out demonstrating with BLM. Also he pushed the abortion-tainted jab and sanctioned those of us (teachers) and our students who refused the jab.
  • He is too prejudiced!
  • He just doesn’t seem to care about or love his people. His homilies all sound cranky, he complains about the problems in the diocese as if he weren’t the one in charge. Mostly concerned with lawyers and Covering his a$$. Not pleasant. Let’s crazy stuff go on, IDK if he agrees but he doesn’t stop it.
  • He put in his resignation when turned 75 but still there to deal with the BANKRUPTCIES as well as apparently stooging for the frankenpope since he went after dear Bishop Strickland. He’ll never get another birthday card
  • He was just sent to Tyler Texas to investigate Bishop Strickland.
  • He was supposed to leave years ago. Francis kept him here because it’s ungodly what is happening. We are a third world diocese after the closures of parishes and the cultural terrorism being brought against good God loving parishioners. We had a Priest ( good friend) who passed & all he could say was…
  • I thought it was great when he ordered all churches to put up a crucifix in the front over the altar. I wrote him a letter last year about his cancellations of Masses in each parish. Completely disgusted and don’t trust him at all since his involvement with his investigation of Bishop Strickland
  • I want to know WHY Bishop Sullivan who we don’t hear a peep from went to see Our Bishop Strickland?? It just doesn’t add up…. heavenly Father they’ve turned their backs on us and everything the church stands for….¸™
  • I was very disappointed he had the Catholic Churches in our diocese close during COVID. I also felt it was not right to force people to take communion in the hand. I was very surprised he would not give anyone an exemption letter for work or school.
  • Naturally suspicious because he’s a Bishop. I hate to say that. He’s also on the Apostolic Visit to Bishop Strickland, so I’m concerned. That said, he’s been accommodating towards the TLM. He’s also past 75, so we’re likely getting a new Bishop this year. I’m concerned about whom we’ll get.
  • Our Bishop is about to retire. He postponed due to law suits regarding priest misconduct. I think k he just doesn’t want to rock the boat at this point.
  • Our Bishops all need to speak out about the evils (which are very easy to see) in our society. For the most part the Bishops are SILENT. It’s not enough to just be told that we should pray for this person or pray for that person. Our Catholic church needs to be CATHOLIC again.
  • Rampant violations of Church mandates as evidenced in multiple parishes… esp during Mass. No teachings from the pulpit re proper Mass participation.. Flagrant disregard for talking, inappropriate affection of those in attendance. poor Catechesis across the board. Knowledge of faith not evident
  • We were locked out of our churches Catholic schools naked children for over year when school reopened diocese collects money for things that secretly funnel money for abortion etc. Priests never ever speak sin. Catholic schools are glorified public schools


Chaldean Eparchy of St. Peter the Apostle of San Diego – Bishop Emanuel Shaleta

  • When a bishop does not give money to right to life org and give money to plan parenthood. Under the table and promote illegal immigrant and catholic charities then there are major problems in their faithfulness. They support evil.

Charleston – Bishop Jacques Fabre-Jeune

  • Bishop Fabre is fairly new to the diocese. He is from a religious order of missionaries and he has not interfered with our TLM as yet He has said he loves people and loves to hug them. He may be Catholic or maybe not. Who can tell?
  • Bishop Fabre-Jeune is relatively new to his post. He has not had sufficient time in my view to indicate his trustworthiness or his orthodoxy.  He appears to be fully orthodox.  I have not seen or heard him speak out against the evil enveloping our world which is typical of our cowardly bishops.
  • Bishop is relatively new .However, churches in our diocese are increasingly becoming more orthodox, mass more reverent, and church decor is changing to emphasize beauty and tradition. Only problem- new deacons are SJWs and preaching the Sunday sermons.  Funny, I haven’t heard any mention Jesus yet.
  • Definitely not liturgically orthodox, takes liberty with the rubrics, though thankfully allows the beautiful, ad orientum orthodox (small o on purpose) liturgies to thrive in the Upstate.
  • Demanded that a priest he was visiting and was celebrating Mass ad orientem to reverse his position. No comment on the Dodgers controversy.  Wilton Gregory’s protégé.
  • He does not take the liturgy seriously, and has shown this every single time I have been to a Mass where he is the celebrant.
  • He is a relatively new Bishop (at least here) and I just became a Catholic at this past Easter Vigil. I dint have much knowledge of this Bishop.
  • He is new … from what I have seen so far I feel comfortable but I wish he as well as all Bishops would speak up regarding the truth on social issues in this day. (Transgenderism/homosexual acts, sin in general) We need faithful leaders!!! We do not need unfaithful priests, Bishops or Cardinals.
  • He shocked me and many other Catechists at the 2022 Catechists conference when he said “the true religion is the sum of all religions”.
  • He was appointed in an almost secret manner. Not having any significant parish experience or history with South Carolina sent up a red flag, and finding out that super liberal Wilton Gregory was his mentor was almost scary. Since then, we have not been surprised based on his actions.
  • He was ordained by Cardinal Wilton Gregory and also consecrated by him. Guilt by association.
  • I want the Church to bring back the beauty of receiving the Holy Eucharist with alter rails, on the tongue (not in the hand), transubstantiation of the host with the Priest facing God, not the parish. Preaching the Gospels with conviction and clarity. Confessions should be heard more than 1 day.
  • I would like to hear him speak out about important issues. I would like to see leadership.  I haven’t really heard anything at all about anything.  Please lead us!  Be the shepherd you were called to be!
  • In a matter of a 13-year-old *just entering puberty boy* , the diocese of Charleston mismanaged a case wildly. The case was sent to the bishop but I think it was referred back to the dean. It’s horrific what they did to this child. As shepherds they drove one of their lambs off.  Scandalous
  • I’ve heard about him twice. Positive was his Corpus Christi procession after 11am Sunday mass. Negative when he had the Mass set up changed mid mass to accommodate a typical Novus Ordo mass.  Our priest says both forms ad orientem.  The bishop was having none of that.
  • Jacque flies under the radar which tells me he is a closet lefty like the pope that appointed him, and will not stand up for Catholic theology. I have read that this pope was a 60’s radical in Argentina, a so called Liberation Theologist. So sad that such an ignorant man wears the mantle of Peter.
  • Our bishop has newly joined us. He seems a holy man, and he has done nothing to alert me to heterodoxy, but Archbishop Gregory is a mentor.  That alone has me waiting for the other shoe to drop.
  • Our Bishop is relatively new and I can only speak to his liturgical actions. I cannot speak to his orthodoxy with respect to Church teaching. He celebrates the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in a way that has caused me to stop attending diocesan events (like the Chrism Mass and ordinations).
  • Overall, he is new to his office, but like our previous Bishop, is pretty quiet.
  • The entire state of SC is one diocese and that is a big burden because it’s not easy for the Bishop to visit this scattered flock. SC needs another diocese.
  • This Bishop is fairly new, so I don’t know much about him. Recently he blessed our Sisters’ new convent and said a Mass at our Church which was more reverent than our regular Masses. I have not heard him speak to today’s issues-Church or political.
  • Typical of the Bishops proffered for appointment by Wilton Cardinal Gregory when Archbishop of Atlanta, which is the Metropolitan See for the Diocese of Charleston. Fully invested in the Conciliar version of the Church and a supporter of the Synod on Synodality.
  • We had a recent change of bishops in South Carolina. I haven’t really had the chance to hear anything from him or about his orthodoxy.
  • We have a newly installed Bishop in the diocese of Charleston, SC. He has been around for 1.5 years. And to be fair I don’t know his orthodoxy. My review is simply on the trend, there are few brave bishops in the world that will stand up and fight this culture.


Charlotte – Bishop Peter Jugis

  • Grateful to God for him and our holy priests!
  • Although he is a godly, orthodox, and prayerful man, Bp. Jugis remains publicly silent on all matters where he could speak up to further clarify for the faithful the Church’s stance on doctrine and orthopraxis.
  • Annual Eucharistic Congress in Charlotte. St. Joseph seminary. Holy priests. Latin mass in some parishes.
  • Bishop Jugis has frustrated many in the diocese with his generally quiet approach, but I have also observed that he has done a good job of staying off the radar while doing the yeoman’s work necessary to right the ship he inherited, and in God’s time, not ours. Joseph’s Seminary and priestly formation.
  • Bishop Jugis is a good bishop. Our diocese is flourishing. So many holy priests are coming from our diocese.
  • But he doesn’t speak up. 🙁
  • Doesn’t take a stand or act as a voice against the left wing agenda. Good man but silent and complicit.
  • Great bishop, faithful, prayerful and willing to do what is right despite the cost.
  • He flies under the radar. Never really get to see him.  On the other hand, he hasn’t shut some of the TLM and is still having his seminarians taught Latin.  Wish he was more like Bishop Strickland but that isn’t his style.
  • He has been mostly silent on major happenings in church (Francis)
  • He has never spoken up about any of the huge issues against the Catholic Church. I have no confidence in him for our future.
  • He is a good man and Holy but needs courage.
  • He is a nice guy, but He’s been quiet as a mouse through all this Bergoglio turmoil. In my opinion he is a coward like the rest of them. I say he’s unorthodox because he is Novus Ordo.
  • He is not well (health-wise) and has not been doing the duties of a bishop (Confirmation, Ordination, Installation of new Pastor at a parish, etc.) He also has decided to get rid of the Latin Mass in the diocese (not yet, but it is in the works, with no date announced).
  • He is quietly trying to build a strong, faithful diocese in Charlotte. Mostly Novus Ordo, but open to Latin Mass followers. Has built a safe seminary and coming from Buffalo, NY, I know what a bad one looks like!
  • He seems to support Latin Mass and orthodoxy but is very quiet about it, tries to stay under the radar, does not speak out.
  • He stays quiet on anything controversial. I believe it is the only way he thinks he can continue to serve the people and has decided to keep his head down and forge on with the business at hand.  He is turning out seminarians, which is very commendable. God bless all of our cancelled priests!!
  • He’s playing an elusive chess Mass to protect our beautiful seminary.
  • I feel the bishop of my diocese does very little for the priests. We have priests whose beliefs are all over the place. One priest actually said and I quote. You can’t be prolife if you aren’t vaccinated. There is no leadership.
  • I love my diocese and my bishop. We have a somewhat thriving diocese and he’s got a lot of seminarians. We do have to battle against the liberals in our diocese because they tell on our bishop. Please pray for him!!!
  • I wish the Bishops would encourage the priests more to offer Mass Ad Orientum (to Christ our Lord in the Tabernacle) instead of to the people, also to encourage greater respect for the Holy Eucharist by requesting priests only provide Holy Communion on the tongue. We are sinners in need of prayers.
  • Let’s protect the right to continue to celebrate the Latin Mass.
  • Seminarians are all wonderful. Great increase in vocations.
  • The NO masses here are very reverend. I have just moved back and have been very happy with St Lawrence in downtown Asheville and in my small parish, St Margaret Mary in Grovont which overflows every Sunday!
  • The right Bishop for the right time. He believes in the commandments, the teachings, and the Catholic Church. I am thankful we have Him.
  • Very sad that the Latin Mass is dying out and diocesan priests have released statements against the SSPX, which is where we have started to go now.
  • Vocations are growing in our diocese. Wonderful seminary and formators are a reflection of our holy bishop.
  • We of Charlotte Diocese LOVE our Bishop and pray for him regularly!
  • Why can’t ALL bishops support Bishop Strickland who sticks his neck supporting Christs teaching?


Cheyenne – Bishop Steven Biegler

  • Biegler is the less clever version of Cupich–in fact he is Cupich’s protégé. Need I say more?
  • Bishop Biegler does not seem to truly care about his flock in the diocese, in my opinion. He very seldom comes to the parish and we get asked to send the diocese money every year. He puts on a pious image but it seems fake when we do get to see him at the parish. We want him to be a bold leader.
  • Bishop Biegler supports illegal immigration (which promotes child trafficking) and LGBTQ+. I am unchurched as my priest supports the bishop and the pope.  I cannot contribute to this evil.  Please pray for this diocese to be cleansed.
  • Continually takes up second collections that are not aligned with true Catholic charity according to research available and information from the Lapanto institute. He bad mouths faithful Catholics who question him and punish young priest who faithfully feed the sheep and practice orthodoxy.
  • Doc not trust this bishop
  • His obfuscation re: homosexuality is heretical.
  • I do have some comments, but you don’t give me enough characters!! Here’s one: The meetings regarding the ‘synod’ – Anything that was perceived as ‘negative’ was not allowed to be asked and several of us who had legitimate questions were brushed off and our comments edited.   So much for dialogue!!
  • In an open meeting, he declared that he knew some good homosexual priests, also stating that he didn’t care if the people in this diocese didn’t trust him. He is completely against communicants kneeling to receive on the tongue.  He doesn’t allow any TLMs in “his” diocese & agrees with  Cupich
  • No to any Latin mass, no to alter rails or kneelers for receiving the Holy Eucharist, no to processing with the Blessed Sacrament. Never a homily about 4 last things, fewness of the saved or really anything except  “love” “inclusive” and “accepting”.
  • Not Catholic too liberal
  • One of the brightest and most grounded bishops in the U.S. I’m grateful to be a priest in the Diocese of Cheyenne.
  • Our bishop is an aggressive progressive. He actively suppresses orthodoxy in our diocese.  He never misses a chance to insert leftist politics in his published articles and intimidates into silence any priest who is orthodox. He is utterly uninspiring and has caused damage here.
  • Sad to see that you have not taken a stand against the current ” trans” dysfunction. Sad that you have not spoken out against politicians that are Catholic that have heretical positions. Silence means you support them. Abortion, same sex marriage, euthanasia, are intrinsic evils never to be supported
  • Shutting down the access to the Mist Blessed Sacrament THE EUCHARIST upon the decree of the government?? Combining Sacraments to “simplify” the process (get it over with) Closing access to food and water to the homeless community to abide by NOT RULE OF JESUS but the evil of our current gov’t etc.
  • Somewhat reclusive, hard to talk to, fairly woke, believed everything about the CV19 virus, masks, closed the church for just under a year. To be fair, he received the same bad medical advice as everyone else. Supports migrant invasion, a registered Democrat. I’ve heard he’s soft on LGBT issues.
  • This Bishop has described former archbishop Mario Bergoglio as a prophet. He (bishop) was complicit in closing of the churches during the plandemic and the government had not even required it. During so-called ‘pride month’ he chose to remain silent and advised priests do the same. Nuff said.
  • Very liberal most likely to follow Francis and his false teachings.
  • Would love to completely trust and state completely Orthodox but we do not get a whole of visits from our Bishop and I just don’t know him well enough. Sorry that our priests that did not want to get the “shot” had to in order to continue practicing. Unethical and unjust.


Chicago – Cardinal Blase Cupich

  • A hypocrite, populist and heretic person. A traitor to Christ.
  • A man led by Satan and set on destroying the True Catholic Church of Jesus Christ.
  • Abortion gained a stronghold in IL: Cupich disallows priest participation in abortion protests or prayer vigils. C-I-N-O politicians are not criticized, enact extreme abortion laws, allowed Communion. Unsolvable, morally debatable political issues (Climate Change, Immigration) are pushed.
  • As a returning now devout Catholic I’m terribly concerned that he is straying from Christ’s Word and teaching. My parish has been mum on providing information or having open discussions on the more liberal movement that’s taking place. I fear!
  • Bishop Cupich is unavailable we only hear from him to defend himself or for a fundraiser. We may as well not have a bishop. He certainly doesn’t feed the sheep and has locked us out of church.
  • Blase Cardinal Cupich – heretic – part of the Lavender Mafia, sad. He has no seminarians in the pipeline in 2 years.  2 million Catholics in his Archdiocese.  -He does not care, he will sell off every and all churches / property when the attendance dwindles and live off the wealth.
  • Blase Cupich appears to have an adversarial relationship with traditional Catholics.
  • Blase J. Cupich is not a Catholic.
  • Brood Of vipers, dick in the head, pure evil, that will make Judas and Satan even vomit from utterly disgust…..guaranteed!
  • Canceling the TLM but overseeing the service of a gay parish .No support for catholic schools. Closing many parishes taking all the funds raised by the parish to help it remain open .No support for faithful orthodox priest. Undermining Catholic doctrine not really caring about peoples souls
  • Cancelled holy priests. Cancelled Latin mass. Closed churches. Celebrates LGBTQ with a mass. A disgrace.
  • Cardinal Cupich has never acted as a shepherd during his entire tenure in Chicago. He has closed parishes, suppressed the Latin Mass and has even refused to attend the funerals of deceased priests.
  • Cardinal Cupich is a disgrace for Chicago Catholics who adhere to catholic teaching and traditions.
  • Cardinal Cupich is highly political and very “social justice” oriented. He is not very pro-life, always butting a “but” in his statements.  Does not specifically address condemning sinful behavior or encouraging confession.
  • Cardinal Cupich promotes the LBGTQ+ agenda and does not act/teach according to the Magisterium of the Church.
  • Cdl Cupich is a complete company man who lacks any sort of supernatural faith and cruelly punishes his faithful sheep with the complete shutdown of Churches and access to the sacraments during the hoax pandemic. His allegiance is with Fr Martin and his sin of preference.
  • Cupich clearly does not esteem the Holy Eucharist, forbidding the procession for the year of the Eucharist in the archdiocese. He promotes homosexual relationships. He suppresses the traditional liturgy. I do not trust him.
  • Cupich tolerates wild, outlandish celebrations of Mass and restricts The Latin Mass. He allows LBGT advocates to even preach at Mass. He is an abomination. He is closing church after church yet fails us by not reminding the people of ALL our Church has to offer; the Doctors, Martyrs, the Holy
  • Cupich has done nothing to enhance by spiritual life. Just as Pope Francis has done nothing to enhance the spiritual life of Catholics.
  • Cupich hates authentic Catholicism and appears to lack supernatural faith. He makes an idol of Vatican 2, promotes sodomy, restricts the mass of the saints, profanes the Blessed Sacrament, participates in pagan rituals, and shamelessly grubs for money. Practicing Catholics dread him.
  • Cupich is a puppet of Bergoglio. They both spread confusion on matters of faith, destroying the reputation of the Catholic Church. Their views are Marxist and heretical.
  • Cupich is in dire need of our Lord’s grace to save his own soul and those who are complicit with him in this corrupt diocese of Chicago. From his advocacy of homosexuality to his cowardly clarion call to compel the faithful to be injected with the gene therapy shot, Cupich has crucified our Lord.
  • Cupich: Pro-heretic, pro-homosexual and anti-Traditional Latin Mass. He ignores the woke un-Catholic mess that passes for Mass at St. Sabina’s, yet works diligently to make it as difficult as he can for faithful Catholics to attend TLM.  Utterly trustworthy.
  • Disappointed but not surprised.
  • Evil with a lying smile!
  • Good homilies but he is way too liberal. We cannot trust him.
  • Has gay masses!
  • He confuses people in the diocese by inviting people like James Martin, SJ to speak. You can’t have a Priest who endorses sin speak & think people will not think the sin he endorses is not sin. He reprimands Priests who preach orthodox Catholic teaching while he permits other to flaunt evil.
  • He doesn’t pay all the immigrant Priests their due, and doesn’t help them get their papers in order. Also, he tells close to 100 priests he has no church for them, but makes the people believe we have a priest shortage and combines churches!
  • He doesn’t speak out against abortion enough, especially when Catholic politicians support abortion. It seems cowardly on his part. He should have kept the churches open during Covid and let the faithful make their own decisions. He appears to be an administrator and not a shepherd.
  • He has been extremely restrictive of the extraordinary form. He shows great insensitivity to those who love the mass of the ages. He seems much more like a politician than a bishop. We were blessed with cardinal, George, but now, we have the other kind of bishop.
  • He is a deep state, pro homosexual modernist. He is what is wrong with the Catholic Church.
  • He is a scourge upon the Archdiocese of Chicago and I’m not surprised Francis sent him here.
  • He is all in on the woke culture and does not teach true doctrine He appears to be pro-abortion pro-gay pro illegal immigration and anti-family. We need to pray for him.
  • He is an apostate destroyer who abhors devout Catholics. By his disgusting actions he clearly shows himself to be favorable to everything satanic, including loving sodomy and all things scandalous to God fearing Christians.  He is a total disgrace.
  • He is best friends with the POPE so what do you expect from him? Closing churches and making parishioners cry…not a shepherd to the flock!
  • He is demonically controlled
  • He is disingenuous re: Catholic doctrine and its relationship to pastoral practice. The practice cannot contradict or ignore the doctrine it derives from. Better for him (and all heretical hierarchy) to leave the Church than highjack it for their own ends and so interrupt the authentic Magisterium.
  • He is on a crusade against TLM but let’s churches who are completely blaspheme to run as nothing bad is happening. If his intention is to unify the church by going against tom he should at least start with the blaspheme churches
  • He is working against Catholics, true Catholicism
  • He needs to resign. Don’t trust him, especially with the handling of pushing the “abortion” tainted vaccines for the all Catholic schools during the Covid pandemic.  Way too soft on standing up to cultural/political/ethical issues.
  • He needs to speak up against abortion, child trafficking and puberty blockers for children. “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, pray, seek my face && turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land.” 2Chronicles 7:14 Lead us!
  • He or his successor MUST immediately remove the Ban upon the TLM, and go after the blatant Liturgical Abuses plaguing our diocese instead.
  • He represents the very epitome of hypocrisy. He shut the churches, removed faculties, sent priests to St. Lukes, and celebrated a Mass at end of Gay Pride parade endorsing the mayhem that took place one block away.  He encourages sacrilege, gives communion to known abortion, gender mutilating, etc.
  • He seems more concerned with Pope Francis/ woke Church politics than being a shepherd of souls. He does not uphold the catechism of the Catholic Church.
  • He seems to be a bad Cardinal, in the sense he is not orthodox and wants to punish priests and parishes who are orthodox.
  • He should be more concerned about all the bad issues that are going against our Catholic faith. He is suppose be are be are advocate to our leads by God’s teachings
  • He should have never closed our churches and Adoration chapels during COVID-19. He should have encouraged faith, hope and trust in Our Lord to guide us through the man made pandemic. He should have NEVER required mRNA jabs containing aborted fetal tissue. Why doesn’t he speak out against abortion?
  • He shut down the Latin Mass but ignored homosexual men speaking during what should have been the Homily at old St Pats. He has “renewed Christ’s parish” by closing half of them. He punished Fr. Paul Kalchik when his parishioners burnt the rainbow flag. He is vicious and petty.
  • HELP!!! ; ) Trying to fight his agenda at every level; praying for his conversion; trying to protect our good priests from him too! (The Canons Regular of St. John Cantius)
  • He’s a heretic!
  • He’s a not a shepherd! From day one of his episcopacy, he’s focused on dismantling the Archdiocese of Chicago. He doesn’t care about the needs of his people or his priests. He’s a bully, a careerist, and a modernist, who is subverting the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • He’s afraid to speak truth to power, one example his handling of Covid, shutting down the sacraments, his silence was disappointing!!
  • He’s been hanging with Democrat politicians and he must want to blend in. He has no spine!
  • Him and Francis are bums
  • His actions during Covid, BLM riots, and his support for sodomy and (No Suggestions) agenda and lack of support for the unborn and the prolife community clearly demonstrate that he is servant of anti- Catholic left wing democratic leaders; and not a servant of Christ.
  • His history goes way back.
  • His job is to teach the faith and zealously guard the dogma of the church, free from errors. He lets the sick culture influence him, he collaborates with woke garbage and leads people to perdition in the name of acceptance and tolerance. He also makes deals for money such as immigration funding.
  • Hostility towards tradition is unacceptable. To pander to biased agendas with regards to an attack to the identity of our Holy Mother Church is the sense that I get from this bishop, who was supposedly chosen to uphold the teachings of the church as well as guide his flock, united.
  • I am in the Archdiocese of Chicago, that pretty much says it all.
  • I am praying that he will return to the true teachings of the authentic Roman Catholic Church
  • I B pray for his conversion.
  • I couldn’t even verify, by his actions if the man has even one Catholic bone in his body.
  • I don’t like the way he goes along with Martin and McElroy and allows Communion to non-Catholics. Also don’t like that he wasn’t going to allow the Eucharistic procession through our Diocese but supposedly will allow it now but only if the monstrance is covered – which may have changed by now.
  • I don’t like to say it may be hopeless for this ordained man to be reoriented towards the truth but in the meantime he seems more invested in church politics than in being what wayward sinners need – a true father with all the attributes of real fatherhood.
  • I don’t think Cardinal Cupich believes in the True Catholic Faith. Or the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist.  To me he operates like a Corporate Executive with a one world religion mentality   and promotes hatred towards the traditional Family Values. Mother Father and children family unit
  • I have been a Roman Catholic all my life. I managed to hold on to my faith IN SPITE of the bishops (cardinals) that have led the Archdiocese of Chicago.  I perceived even Cardinal George as weak, since he did not ever correct or remove heterodox priests.  But Cupich… oh my….
  • I have lost faith in this Bishop and the Vatican. I don’t want to be lied to or gaslighted.  You need to go to confession and repent of the lies and gaslighting you have done.  You have lost one of the flock and probably many more.
  • I pray for him every day to return to the church and enforce Gods will and teachings. I am so very displeased that he has continued the practice of removing the sacredness of all sacraments. Does not promote the importance of confession often and NOT to receive communion in the state of grave sin.
  • I pray for his conversion of heart and mind, and my conversion of heart and mind for my opinion of him.
  • I pray for his conversion to Catholicism. He is not feeding the sheep who feel betrayed by him. He is not listening to his people. Instead, we watch as he applauds sin and parishes who defy doctrine.
  • I pray for his conversion.
  • I refuse to attend any Archdiocesan church run by Cardinal SEWAGE! I attend the SSPX, FSSP, or ICKSP.  If I can’t get to any of those, I watch the SSPX Mass on the Internet and pray my Rosary and St. Michael chaplet.
  • I truly believe he is heretical in his beliefs
  • I try to pray for him daily. He allowed known non-Catholics to receive Holy Communion in his presence (Mayors Emmanuel & Lightfoot) He punishes faithful Catholic priests for their Catholicism by canceling them.
  • I wish he would resign. I sent a message one year ago saying this.
  • I would like to hear more from him regarding matters that are important to Catholics today. I don’t think he spends much time reaching out to the Catholics in his diocese and connecting with them, especially our young Catholics.  I feel that we rarely hear from him except when asking for money.
  • Is he even Catholic?
  • It is apparent that his personal views concerning the management of his flock are of a secular and social nature, whereby our current society is entirely malleable according to the dictates of a select few. Every missive andessage from his desk is conspicuous in its absence of any reference to God.
  • It would be helpful if Cdl. Cupich followed the true teachings of Catholicism, and exhibited enthusiasm about those teachings.  In appearance, he sides with the Pope in creating a new orthodoxy.
  • It’s our responsibility to pray for him.
  • It’s painfully obvious that Cupich isn’t interested in being a Shepherd, saving souls or teaching God’s Word. He’s interested in making money, gaining power and getting promoted. He has a noticeable disdain for people and if he can stick it to you, he will delightfully do so.
  • Left wing
  • More concerned about money than saving souls.
  • More of a politician than an inspiration to my faith.
  • Not a Christian leader….maybe not even a Christian??
  • Not my shepherd nor of his flock. He has bought into big business, money and woke government rather than leading God’s people.
  • Not one more cent
  • Only hear from him when he’s asking for money or defending himself
  • Our “bishop” embraces secularism and “pride” month, but forbids and turns his back on the faithful that wish to worship in a traditional manner with the Latin mass. There’s more concern with promoting LGBTQ in schools than teaching religion.
  • Our Bishop or Cardinal in Chicago, follow the order of the local and Federal government mostly on his church operation, like the imposition of the COVID 19 vaccines and simply shutdown the church until the government order to lift the ban on the use of face masks. The power of God is not applied.
  • Part of sodomist group of hierarchy led by Vatican
  • Persecution of the Tridentine Latin Mass is completely uncatholic
  • Please pray for him.
  • Praise be Jesus and Mary! The restrictions on Latin Mass goes against human reason and faith especially with how many attend Latin Mass. Why would any diocese put restrictions on attending Mass when there is a crisis of Mass attendance? It appears that Truth has no home in this diocese.
  • Remove him from office immediately.
  • Seems to promote heretical ideas and to bash dogmas and doctrine taught to us by Our Lord Jesus.
  • So disappointed in the direction my church is going˜¥˜¥ It feels like the most important agenda is money! By closing our churches they are breaking the bond parishioners had and pushing people away from their church family.
  • Squeezes TLM; prohibits celebration of NOVUS ORDO ad orientam; hosts apostate Fr. James Martin; a toady for lesbian Lightfoot who claims to have married a woman & for Gov. Pritzker who shut down IL wrongly! Focuses on body (not soul) except for aborted baby bodies who are same as illegal aliens!
  • The Cardinal has done his best to suppress those who are love the Norvus Order and the Latin Mass while not disciplining priests who desecrate the Mass. The gay community can be celebrated while the solemn Novus Ordo is being crushed.
  • The church has robed us of our birthright to Latin orthodox churches and teaching. As a conservative person of faith, I see how our Bishop will every single time do the opposite of what I think is right and just.  Why does our Bishop destroy the Latin mass and sell off our beautiful churches?
  • The doors of the church should never have been locked due to his collusion with the governor.
  • The man is, and seemingly always has been, a demon in Church clothing. Joseph, Terror of Demons, pray for us.
  • The worst bishop we could imagine. Period.
  • There isn’t room to list all of his attacks against faithful priests. He bullies parishes and any laity. He invites James Martin and does LGTB “MASSES” and the list goes on.
  • This man is a sad excuse for a Catholic and a disgrace to his office. I don’t think he has the faith. I feel very sorry for him. I pray for the spiritually poor man. Dear St Anthony, patron of lost things, help Cardinal Cupich find his faith in our Lord Christ Jesus so that his soul might be saved.
  • Very non masculine and favors heresy.
  • Way too liberal on his teachings. He goes against our faith!!!!!
  • We have a bishop who is a prime example of leading his sheep astray. I do not trust him to do or to support the right thing which is the Truth of God.  Heaven help those he has deceived into believing his false narrative.
  • We just have to pray for him cause he s not going along with God s .Bishops like him have been destroying Catholic s Church and we just hope God will have mercy on their souls
  • Why does Cardinal Cupich condone the active homosexual lifestyle? Why did Cardinal Cupich remain silent when a gay male couple told their love story and fatherhood journey on Father’s Day last year during Sunday Mass on Father’s Day last year?
  • Why does he not condemn/report the bishops who were pedophiles?? (McCarrick & Bernardin) Why cover it up??Why remove the Latin masses??   What harm does having Latin masses do??
  • Worst in the USA
  • Zero concern for the common person in Chicago. Distracted by hob knobbing with others in Rome.


Cincinnati – Archbishop Dennis Schnurr

  • ABS is focused on pleasing his fellow bishops & Pope Francis, rather than pleasing God by his actions, particularly with his assault on the Latin Mass parishes & attendees, his complicit silence on the LGBTQ-AI overtake of the church & society, & his failure to take the moral high ground
  • Archbishop Schnurr does speak out about abortion here and there but that’s about it. A couple years ago he started the “family of parishes” which has hurt the diocese badly and is really putting pressure on the priests. He also stopped many of the Latin masses.
  • Archbishop Schnurr has cleaned up the local seminary, and increased vocations. He has a tendency to wait until his back is to the wall to weigh in on controversial matters. However, he immediately complied with the cancellation of most of the Traditional Latin Masses in our archdiocese.
  • Cancelled the TLM the very day the edict was promulgated.
  • Congratulated Biden Sent out memo against offering Mass ad Orientum
  • Does not speak out about the 5 nonnegotiable for Catholics Abortion, Embryonic stem cell research, Euthanasia, Same-sex marriage, and cloning. I am a catechized catholic and the watering down of the faith and sacred Liturgy and Music is abysmal. There are few Catholics that know the Faith
  • Emails to the archdiocese about the heresies of Bergoglio are ignored or receive a tepid response. My prior pastor, Fr Geoff Drew, is in jail for repeatedly raping a boy. While Drew was under suspicion Archbishop Schnurr moved him to another parish in the Archdiocese. To his credit good pastor now.
  • He allows the Traditional Latin Mass to continue which is great! I was very ashamed and hurt that he closed our churches during Covid. (Never should happen!) I have no idea where he stands on what is going on at the Vatican and this continued move to change the Traditional Church.
  • He behind the Beacons of Light that is aiming to CLOSE our churches Eliminated masses & transferred good and holy priests out of more traditional parishes into woke parishes He seems to not be caring for priests or the people in this regard Only in favor of the priests that w him shut down w C19 too.
  • He has allowed TLM Masses in his Archdiocese …both the FSSP in Dayton and those of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri in Cincinnati.
  • He has left the TLM run by the Cincinnati Oratory alone. I’m guessing bc of the amount of money it pulls into the Archdiocese.
  • He is a Democrat.
  • He is an administrator and afraid of being censored. He lacks courage. He lacks leadership. He lacks faith. It’s sad. His posture is one of fear and intimidation.
  • He is pushing to close churches but still wants our money! Why doesn’t he speak out against all the moral issues and corruption in our church??
  • He moved our TLM father out of our parish in favor of a NO father who may have other professional ambitions
  • He tends to punish our good and holy priests while propping up one’s that are unorthodox. He also issued a letter banning ad Orientum to parishes that we’re trying to make the liturgy more reverent.
  • He was more orthodox than his predecessor, but I am VERY concerned about the “Beacons of Light” thing which is consolidating the archdiocese into 51 parishes even though it was pitched as an evangelization process.
  • He wasted no time in removing Tridentine masses after Pope Francis published Traditionis Custodes.
  • He will not listen. Pointless to discuss much less question anything.
  • His Excellency has preserved our Traditional parish. That goes a very long way toward orthodoxy, too. May God bless him abundantly.
  • His Beacons of Light DEBACLE, is a plan designed to fail….and it has done its’ damage in the first year…closing viable parishes. Dividing people. Moving Traditional Holy Spiritual Priests, especially the young VERY CATHOLIC Priests, very FAR AWAY from their flocks .it’s sick and twisted.
  • His Excellency has disappointed on some matters like Catholic education, wherein he (like so many other bishops) adopted Common Core in archdiocesan schools. He has generally been friendly to the TLM (even establishing a new rural parish for it) but did impose restrictions on ‘ad Orientum’ worship.
  • I am new to Cincinnati, I do not hear from him too often. But overall, I have lost faith in the Catholic Hierarchy because of the sex scandal, I will not forget their lack of leadership during this crisis.
  • I want him to speak out publicly against heresies being perpetrated by other bishops and the pope as Bishop Strickland is doing. I believe he is pro-life, but I wish he would be more bold in his pronouncements such as forthrightly telling Catholics to vote “YES” in the special election of 8/8/23.
  • I wish he’d speak out and be brave!
  • In 2018, Bishop Schnurr did at least make clear that an event occurring in his diocese at which Sr. Jeannine Gramick and Fr. James Martin were to speak did not have his approval to represent itself as “Catholic”.
  • It’s the silence on many issues that speaks volumes: our parish schools use materials from anti-Catholic organization (MAPs testing & Houghton Mifflin Harcourt texts; the sodomy/dysphoria parade took place steps away from the Cathedral; Julienne Chamanade and the AOC promote a CRT racial program.
  • My concern stems from his caving to the woke culture and shutting down the churches during the “Covid pandemic.”
  • Never speaks out about issues in politics especially in regards to our so called Catholic president. Agreed to get rid of Latin Mass. Lives in huge home probably worth $500k or more.
  • Not sure where our bishop stands. I never hear him speak out against the woke, liberal agenda.
  • Orthodox but fails to enforce much in his Archdiocese. “Catholic” schools like UD and XU are allowed to openly contradict Church teaching, especially in regard to gender ideology. Publicly heterodox priests (e.g. @Fr Satish Joseph) also overlooked. Very disappointing response to Traditions Custodes.
  • Remains silent and goes with the majority. Does not want to ruffle feathers.
  • Slow to speak out
  • The Archbishop has surrounded himself with young clergy and does not take counsel with experienced senior priests.
  • the folks in my store (Innervisions) often ask…Do You Think they’ve read ‘The Book’ lately – do you think they will ever preach on it?/given his position( USCCB) all these years/ not looking forward to any movement any time soon /- there seems to be no ‘official’ WILL to lead us
  • The priests being ordained at the Cincinnati Seminary are conservative, follow the rubrics of the Liturgy and we are blessed to have them as our Pastors and Parochial vicars. Although he has spoken out about the upcoming special election and our priests have even preached about it from the pulpit!
  • Typical modern bishop who uses a lot of words to say very little, and avoids taking much of a public stand on anything. Liturgically, Archbishop Schnurr shut down ad Orientum masses across the entire archdiocese, and placed strong limits on the Latin mass.
  • We have Beacons of Life here. It has hurt our archdiocese.
  • While Archbishop Schnurr’s Orthodoxy is mostly good, the problem is his unfailing obedience to Francis and his Evangelli Gaudium to destroy the Church when he should be resisting, impeding this heretical unorthodoxy, as should all of the Bishops, Archbishops, Cardinals – ostracizing unorthodoxy.


Cleveland – Bishop Edward Malesic

  • A nice, jolly man and priest…kind….but not strong. We are sad that he will not support a major ballot issue in our state which helps defeat planned parenthood’s plans to take away parental rights. He’s usually too little too late. Dio. Legal dept runs the bishops…Malesic included.  Shame!
  • Appears to be on top of what is going on in our diocese. I wish more of our priests and bishops would speak out against abortion and the issues that our government is promoting against our religion.
  • As I am a revert (convert actually) and only back to the faith late in life for less than 3 years now, I don’t know anything about my Bishop. He hides; my parish rarely mentions him other than a twice a year in the weekly bulletin.   We hear rumors our Latin mass is going away end of August.
  • Belongs to the Church of nice & afraid to ruffle feathers.
  • Bishop Edward Malesic is Pro-Life and participates in Pro-Life events. Unfortunately, Bishop Malesic will not make a stand against sin like Bishop Strickland.
  • Bishop Malesic has a focus on parishes and priests. I am in a unique position that I grew up in the diocese that he left. Friends and family had a good opinion of him. I wish he would be more vocal and protect the faith when it is attacked.
  • Bishop Malesic has shown some wisdom and courage in his support of life from conception to natural death (an Ohio constitution amendment issue). He is gradually addressing a lot of “history” of staff (and some clergy) not being aligned with the church’s teachings. He needs to speak out even more.
  • Bishop Malesic seems to be a nice person and priest, but not a strong leader in guiding the diocese away from the culture of sin and death.
  • Don’t know Bp M well. He’s quite “pastoral”, wants to be with people. Attends different Fish Frys in Lent AND leads Stations of the Cross in that parish. Wish he would reverse Abp Perez decision to stand from the Great Amen & after everyone has received Communion. I find this very distracting
  • Established Courage International in the Diocese of Cleveland!
  • Great
  • Has not put severe restrictions or all out ban on Latin mass but could do so much more to allow it and promote it. Return to kneeling for communion and on the tongue. Have not sent one cent to my diocese since the lockdown. Only donate to special fund at my Parrish that doesn’t go to diocese.
  • He does next to nothing and is too woke
  • He has not been here that long and seems to naturally be a quiet sort of person. I have heard that he is fairly Orthodox. Time will tell.
  • He is fairly new to the Diocese so not much info but seems old school about Church. Nothing to judge on.
  • He seems to want to do be a faithful bishop, but lacks the courage to be truly strong. He hasn’t “cleaned up” the diocese from heterodox priests, nuns, Catholic school teachers and administrators. He has tried to support traditional Catholics and has done some pro-life work. We could do worse.
  • He stays out of the public conscience mostly. Appears to be non-confrontational
  • He tweets and speaks about many unimportant things. But on the issues that matter, he’s as silent as a mouse.
  • Hoping fasting praying he allows TLM MASSES to continue on our diocese.
  • I don’t know a whole lot about him, but he has spoken out on pro-life issues and has supported our priests to also talk about similar important topics. To my knowledge he is orthodox.
  • I met Bishop Malesic and attended a few masses celebrated by him. His message seems to be in line with Catholic teachings. I haven’t been aware of anything he’s said or done that I would criticize him for. He hasn’t been in the Cleveland diocese for very long.
  • I think we are lucky to have Bishop Malesic in Cleveland. Honestly, I think MOST bishops in the US are OK, but it’s the “few bad apples” that make all of the bishops seems suspect!
  • I wish he would speak out more boldly in public forums to proclaim Catholic orthodox truths in the face of confusion coming from the Vatican and scandalous actions and statements from professed Catholic public figures! I would like to see public support of Bishop Strickland. Please be bold for us!
  • I’m not totally sure of him as I really do not know much of him. I have the impression that he does not want to rock the boat & may be afraid that he will be sanctioned if he does not follow everything that the Pope is promoting.  I just do not think he is a STRONG BISHOP
  • Needs to speak up more on Life issues!
  • Not sure about him but not impressed with diocesan letter about how to approach the vote for issue one, not one word for the defense of life, or the lies of transgender ideology!
  • Only Lefebvrist and sedevacantist bishops, all lacking any jurisdiction, can be regarded as mostly to completely orthodox. Yet, even these are not wholly trustworthy.
  • Says nothing and does nothing to inspire any commitment to the true practices of worship and has not been a shepherd with any vigor to lead.
  • Seems middle of the road on some issues I care about. Solid on life issues, however. Gives impression of not wanting to rock the boat. Would like to see more stalwart, public leadership like showing up at a Planned Parenthood prayer service occasionally or leading a Eucharistic procession.
  • Since Bishop Malesic came in Sept 2020, the churches were already ordered to close in March 2020. Not sure he did much to reopen them.  Would have to double check.   Otherwise he seems to be a good man and enjoy the homilies I’ve heard. Hoping he stays strong if future crimes against our church occur
  • Still prohibiting the Precious Blood at Mass; All are accepted themes at parishes; At least one local high school (Walsh Jesuit) is involved in Fr. Martin’s lgbtq “Outreach” program; Real reasons for concerns re: Covid closures expressed at “synod” were NOT included in the report. Come Lord Jesus! +
  • The reverence in many churches are lacking in this diocese. The Tabernacle pushed off to the side or not in the church at all, kneelers taken out, where is the reverence?? Jesus should be front and center, not the priest.
  • We need the Latin Mass in more areas, like Lorain County! Thank you!
  • We still have the Latin mass here but€¦â€¦
  • Weak or silent in speaking out on important issues of our times!! Not a very strong shepherd in leading our diocese’s in matters of morals & the truths of our Catholic faith!


Colorado Springs – Bishop James Golka

  • Answers questions like a politician and/or psychologist
  • Bishop Golka gives wonderful homilies.
  • Bishop Golka is young & fairly new to our Colorado Springs Diocese. He is completing his visits too all his flock at the end of the month. He seems to be supporting his clergy, their parishes, and his flock.  I like his intention to visit && meet his priests and people. I think he still needs time.
  • He does not talk about the issues facing the church under Francis
  • He is new to our diocese, I think he might be trying to play it safe, because he didn’t take a stand when Cardinal McElroy was called out for his heretical issues, he didn’t sign the letter other bishops signed, I wonder if he is pro LGBTQ? Does he favor same sex blessings or not?
  • He is such a loving man of God. We are so blessed to have him.
  • I don’t know if he’d stand out with the courage of Christ like Bishop Strickland
  • I feel Bishop Golka is a deeply godly man.
  • I feel blessed with Bishop Golka. He’s been Bishop 3 to 4 years and is the fourth child in a family of 10. I live in a small mountain town outside of Colorado Springs and in the last three years he’s been to our church 4 times. His masses are always reverent and his homily pertinent!
  • I have only met him a few times but the overall sense I get is that he is faithful. I believe he is also a newer bishop so I am not 100% sure about his orthodoxy. I am also suspicious if other parishes in the diocese are 100% faithful to the Church’s teachings.
  • Is near the top of the good list. “They” say he was an exorcist priest in Nebraska. A woman in his office named Veronica told me the Bishop was trying to take back Catholic Hospitals. That alone would put him up for sainthood! We are seeing the beginning of the cleaning of our beloved Church!  SA
  • We are blessed to have him. Supports TLM at a parish in our diocese.  Very approachable.
  • When he speaks it seems like he wants to please everyone, instead of coming out and really supporting the Magisterium of the Church. He has been our Bishop for a short time, 2 years, but with our former Bishop Sheridan, there was no question about how he taught his sheep. I’ll give  Golka more time
  • Why the military bishops are NEVER listed?


Columbus – Bishop Earl Fernandes

  • Bishop Earl Fernandes was recently Consecrated and appointed Bishop for Columbus, Ohio. I knew God was smiling on Columbus when He gave us Bishop Fernandes, knowing him as a faithful and holy Priest, serving Cincinnati, Ohio!  Love Him and grateful for him!
  • Bishop Fernandes appears to be tradition-friendly. He has participated in two Solemn High Masses with Pontifical Assistance at the Throne this year. He is a former TLM chaplain from Cincinnati. We are hopeful that he may one day soon offer the TLM – preferably in the Cathedral.
  • Bishop Fernandes is new to our diocese. To date, he has demonstrated a deep desire to shepherd his flock and to keep Christ’s truth at the center of his pastoral ministry. I believe he is a traditional Bishop but is still finding his way in his new role.  Praying for all good shepherds!!
  • Closing churches too many all at once. Strict on trad priests
  • Friend of TLM. Has brought many priests to the TLM, and has supported the ICKSP in the diocese. Has presided over many Eucharistic processions.
  • He has only been our bishop for a little more than a year. When he first arrived he threw out the completely unorthodox group of priests at the Newman Center at OSU. We still have Latin Masses at St. Leo Oratory by the Institute of Christ the King. He said he doesn’t like guitar music at masses.
  • He has Traditional Values.
  • He is a brand new bishop by just over a year, straight from being a parish pastor. At almost 51 years old, he has set many things in motion to awaken our diocese to evangelize and follow Jesus more fervently. My daily prayer for him is to remain fervent and energetic in the Faith.
  • He is fairly new. We will pray and see. Praise God!!!
  • He is new to us, but from what I can see, he seems like he is a man of action. I have heard he plans to address the use of music in the masses. At our church now, there are many Protestant song sing-a-longs during mass with only a few of our sacred Catholic hymns. I hope he can change this.
  • He is new, so I’m trying to give him benefit of the doubt.
  • He is relatively new jury is still out. He is making public stand against Ohio abortion amendment
  • He is very busy traveling to the various parishes, prisons and revitalized the Neuman center at OSU ,focusing on evangelization and vocations. He inspires both priests and laity with his example and love of God! HIs smile and energy are contagious!
  • He’s a new Bishop so I’m not sure what to think. He seems to be walking a tight rope not weighing in on hot button issues but he is active in participating with the parishes(most of which are being closed or merged) I hope young men will want to be priests because He is a young Bishop. prayers him
  • He’s new to our diocese so I have not had a chance to really evaluate his leadership yet. I am looking forward to meeting him in September for the celebration of anniversaries at our parish where I’ll have up close and personal interaction with him.
  • I think he is Orthodox especially since he got rid of the Paulists at Ohio State BUT I am afraid he will be influenced TOO much by the other Ohio bishops and cave on things like the Synod. As far as I could tell he said nothing about the “sisters of perpetual indulgence” either.
  • Our Bishop is new to our diocese. So far, I have not heard or seen anything that is cause for distrust.
  • The bishop has allowed a new young priest to completely destroy a Catholic elementary school by turning it into a Montessori school. Many faithful parishioners have let the church and some even the faith.  There were 321 students in 2022-2023 and the upcoming school year will have less than 100.
  • The bishops two participations in St Leo Oratory in Columbus, Ohio lends hope in support of the Traditional Latin Mass .that is offered at St Leo seven days. The conduct of Mass at Holy Family Church in Columbus also is an encouragement that not all is lost in the Mass as we once knew it.
  • When Bishop Fernandes introduced himself to the Diocese he praised the synods. But since then he has been very acceptable of the Latin Mass.


Corpus Christi – Bishop Michael Mulvey

  • Bishop Mulvey choose to lie formally in a letter to Catholics of Diocese of Corpus Christi regarding the cancelation of the TLM rather than choosing honesty. He does not answer questions formally brought to him asked by his catholic laity. Political talking points are endlessly promoted.
  • He is destroying our diocese and our good, faithful priests.
  • He keeps asking for money while not supporting our priests, or parishes. Our schools and churches are closing. He has gotten rid of nuns and good priests for example Monsignor Heras. I often think he must be sick or evil. I pray he leaves our diocese before he destroys it completely.
  • He’s a local who was selected not because of his holiness, deep spirituality, and faithful adherence to the true One, Holy, Catholics, and Apostolic Faith but because of his political connections and being a game player. He’s certainly no Living Icon of the Most Blessed Trinity for the diocese.
  • He’s a tyrant. He has a terrible relationship with his priests. The leaders among the laity do not like him and have stopped giving money.
  • MINE IS NOT LISTED.MY ANSWERS DO NOT CORRESPOND TO BISHOP MULVEY. I HAD TO CHOOSE ONE SO I CHOSE MULVEY. My answers apply to Metropolitan Arbishop Roberto Octavio Gonzalez-Nieves. Who came into the Archdiocese of San Juan, Puerto Rico, from Corpus Christi, Texas; where he was the Bishop?
  • Mulvey is pure evil. He is homosexual and protects his bodies. He is full of hate towards lay people as well as priests. He has huge lavish life style and is in disregard of God and good of people of the diocese of Corpus Christi. He is evil. He needs to be remove.
  • Proven fact he lied about why he ended the Traditional Latin Mass.


Covington – Bishop John Iffert

  • An unbelievable disappointment of a Catholic bishop, not praying for an to abortion, confirming homosexual’s in their sin and actually sued our family for what my mom had left our young kids for their Catholic ed the mistake of 44% when it was clear to everyone it was supposed to be 10%
  • Bishop Iffert has been gracious and loving since coming being appointed over the Diocese. He has left the TLM parish unbothered and has even lovingly visited and embraced the community. No issues thus far with any questionable beliefs. Seems like a genuine man.
  • He is newly appointed, so I can’t honestly say too much about him. I pray that he stays close to the laws of the church, and will stand up, with courage, and call out hearsay and evil, when he sees it.
  • He’s mostly quiet about major issues. I think he’s allowing himself to be too influenced by lay staff of the diocese & not taking real leadership, though the few homilies I’ve heard were good, so I’m not entirely sure where he stands on many things. Concerned about his prior connection to Cupich.
  • He’s new and mostly untested. However, he seems to be more of the same. He thinks “programs” will fix what’s wrong and doesn’t respond to correspondence even with a form letter acknowledgment. So I conclude he has no zeal for the faith and no respect for the laity.
  • He’s obsessed with the gay agenda and refuses to sign off on sound guidelines for handling the transgender phenomenon in our Catholic schools. Despite being a younger bishop, he’s keen on reprogramming the younger clergy who he clearly thinks are too “conservative.”
  • His With One Heart is an extension of Synod on Sodality
  • My Bishop allows a TLM parish in his diocese, but I’m betting if he gets told by Rome to close it down, he would do so in a heartbeat. Where I live is full of Catholics. My little TLM parish is packed at 2/3 Masses on Sunday and the SSPX priory is overflowing 3/3 Masses on Sunday.
  • Ordained bishop by Wilton Gregory. Cardinal Cupich attended the ordination. He withdrew support of Cincinnati Catholic men’s conference because of the “significant baggage” Jim Cavizel and Raymond Arroyo. He wants to “train the priests on Francis”
  • Too new to know for sure yet, going by where he use to preach.


Crookston – Bishop Andrew Cozzens

  • He is too new to judge him but my brother knows him and they really like him and they are strong catholic members.
  • Listened to him speak on Eucharistic Congress. First thirty minutes was a pointed effort to be Pope Francis apologist. Very blatant Pope splaining propaganda. Insulting. Ridiculous total ignoring of all the Pope Francis anti magisterial decisions on sexual ethics, denying denial of the deposit etc
  • Strong teachings on Eucharist and does great


Dallas – Bishop Edward Burns

  • Appears to lack the faith expected from a Bishop. Bows to political pressure instead of staying strong with faith.  Has good intentions but also needs faithful leaders.
  • Bishop Burns hides behind his office personal. The Dallas Diocese gaslights lay people even though the Novus Ordo priest is wrong. Bishop Burns sent a bull dog priest to my old parish that had the Traditional Latin Mass cancelled. Meanwhile the parishioners suffer.
  • Bishop Burns supports all prolife activities and fundraisers that I have been involved with. However, he is liberal with the liturgy and has obeyed the pope’s moto proprio on limiting the Latin mass. Also, he requires video screens in all new sanctuaries which is totally inappropriate.
  • Cannot trust him due to his focus on less important matters (immigration vs life) and his handling of Covid 19 and church closures and regulations. I don’t think he’s the worst but he’s definitely not among the best.
  • Doesn’t make any statements defending the faith, the world promotes all manner of “lifestyles” and we hear crickets from our bishop. Children are sold into slavery with the open borders, priests help them get across.  We hear crickets from bishop. The faithful wonder if he cares an iota.
  • Has a very weak spine. A politician but a Shepherd.
  • He allowed Fr. Jeremy Myers who was credibly accused of abuse of a minor to run St. Mary’s School where my children attended. He celebrated Mass on the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder for racial reparation but did not care that abortion had murdered mostly black and Hispanic babies.
  • He doesn’t speak up the truth he is silent and that’s how many souls will be lost
  • He pushed the vaccine and masking which was bad but he is allowing the FSSP Latin Mass (at least for now).
  • He said last Assumption in 2022 when he visited us after Benediction that there was no way he was going to shut us down! We had 1500 souls in Sunday best under the outdoor pavilion and at 7pm it was 104• F with NOBREEZE, he said as entering the rectory with our priests “I’ve never seen such devotion
  • He seems to be all about – Money.
  • He surrendered to the COVID Communists. He closed our churches and allowed parishioners to be arrested for not wearing masks during mass.  It is not July 2023 and we just reinstated the Blood of Christ.
  • He wasn’t supportive of TLM and he has shunned a strong orthodox priest from ending able to serve who was pulled from a parish in an unwarranted manner.
  • I do not trust him.
  • I feel like he really just a corporate CEO. I really don’t see him as a shepherd.
  • I highly distrust Bishop Edward Burns in the decisions he made in 2022 over the Covid crisis.
  • I respect him very much, our church is vibrant and full almost every day!
  • I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt in my response. I’m very disturbed over our previous bishop Farrell in whom I have lost all respect for since he’s been in Rome.
  • My Bishop has the heart, but doesn’t have the brain to govern I believe Dallas hasn’t had a good bishop in 40yrs. I truly believe we need a Joseph Strickland type in Dallas.
  • Never speaks out about those who support  Planned Parenthood, abortion, sodomy and sex changing.
  • Not Catholic!
  • Not sure I would trust him, as I have not seen or heard him standing up against all the evils that are around us today.
  • Our bishop did not fully comply with Dallas Police in abuse investigations. This is highly offensive to me, as the Catholic Church should be most interested in ensuring the safety of the flock.  My husband lost complete trust in our bishop, and if we could move to Tyler, we would.
  • Seems nice but is mostly silent. Wish he would speak out more.
  • Silence on issues facing the Church. Emphasis on immigration.
  • Totally went along with the Covid nonsense, closing down, parishes in his diocese, while parishes around Dallas were still open. He forced kids to wear masks at Catholic schools in the diocese and is a friend of the Democrat politician, Judge, Clay Jenkins. He’s a politician, not a shepherd.
  • Waiting for more covered-up abuse under this bishop to be unveiled. God Bless.
  • We had an incident at All Saints Catholic School where the pastor (Fr Jovita) tried to fire a teacher, then blamed the diocese when parents demanded the teacher’s reinstatement. The parents petitioned Bishop Burns for assistance during this and received no response.
  • When we first moved to Texas two years ago, we heard the bishop was having a mass for George Floyd this send inappropriate we also attend Latin mass in the Parish needs to expand, and the bishop has not allowed an expansion to take place, although the funds are readily available from the parishioner
  • Yearly masses for George Floyd at the Cathedral.


Davenport – Bishop Thomas Zinkula

  • “It is important to search for what is at the root of the current tragic state of affairs in the Church. Some people want to scapegoat obligatory celibacy, a male-only priesthood or homosexuality… I agree with Pope Francis that the root cause of the problem is clericalism. “Catholic Messenger
  • Donated over $60,000 of the annual appeal to a local group that supports PRIDE.
  • Generally weak, quotes USCCB when asked about crucial issues, escapes genuine answers by asserting he is just a Jr. Bishop, etc. Projects to me a mid-level corporate executive never showing true opinion or going against secular party lines. When asked to support Pro-Life issues, he just quotes USCCB
  • He doesn’t allow Latin Mass time and place to be published in bulletin at Saint Patrick’s in Iowa City. He hasn’t allowed, provided for Latin Mass to be said on Holy Days of obligation, only Sundays.  I am thankful there is a Latin Mass at Saint Patrick’s in Iowa City, I pray for our Bishop.
  • I cannot longer communicate with my Bishop or the Social Action office because of my very conservative beliefs. I try and forward Lepanto’s information and I am told to stop. I am praying every week during Adoration for the Diocese’s conversion,
  • I have nothing against our bishop. I feel as if our priests are lukewarm, never giving us good and solid teaching. So much fluff.  I’m not sure if this lukewarm attitude filters down from the bishop or not.  Bishop Strickland, I admire and want to follow what he gives us.
  • In over five years as a bishop here has not visited the Latin Mass Community a mile from his home. Spends his time riding bicycles, talking about Alphabet people ministry, and planning for closing parishes.  We have 1 seminarian while the neighboring diocese (Peoria) has around 20. Help us Lord!
  • Seems nice but doesn’t seem to stand up for anything. Also signed the letter against the concerns for communion for catholic politicians that support abortion.
  • We just received a new Bishop, I did a quick search and found his teaching’s to not follow, what I believe to be Catholic. I will pray for him and must figure out how to proceed from here.  I cannot remain silent.


Denver – Archbishop Samuel Aquila

  • 2 of my kids weren’t confirmed by the bishop, rather his representative. That’s so sad. Many churches here are not traditional, nor do they lend themselves 2 celebrating the Mass. One parish had no Confessional while we were there! The mandatory sports class 4 parents has some questionable content!
  • AB Aquila was less vocal in the early years of his episcopacy, but in these later years he has been more vocal about those things that impact his diocese. My one disappointment in recent years is that he fell for the government line during the plague and closed our churches.
  • Allows the TLM and FSSP in our Archdiocese. Would like to have Latin Masses more easily approved in parish churches, driving to TLM is often a long journey, there’s only a handful of them around Denver. I’d like to attend daily.
  • Archbishop Aquila has demonstrated a willingness to stand up for Catholic orthodoxy at least with respect to some of the most important issues such as abortion and defense of the Holy Eucharist. He is weaker in orthodoxy when it comes to liturgical issues and the Traditional Latin Mass.
  • Archbishop Aquila has supported our wonderful FSSP parish his entire reign. He has supported our building plans, officiated at Confirmations, did not burden us with COVID hysteria, and has been quoted in the MSM for standing up for Catholic values. He should be a Prince of the Church.
  • As far as Bishops go, Aquila is better than most (not better than Strickland). We are allowed to attend the Latin Mass. Our Novus Ordo Mass is very reverent. We have kneelers, receive on the tongue and have only altar Boys! Our priests are faithful and not modernists. Thanks God. Fort Collins, CO.
  • Does not prioritize accessibility of Catholic high school education rooted in traditional Catholic values and principles for all students. Catholic school values are for the wealthy, not necessarily the faithful.
  • He allowed a priest who is one of the first and continuing supporters of the AUSCP flourish in our diocese. When that priest retired, he moved to a retired priests’ residence on our seminary grounds. I assume he has access to seminarians.
  • He is a prolife bishop, but a coward regarding standing up for conservative Catholic doctrines
  • He is a wonderful and faithful Shepherd. My concern is when he retires, I pray we get another faithful servant like him and NOT a liberal bishop who is afraid to speak the truth.
  • He is mostly good and strong, but seems to like nice things a bit too much.
  • He is our shield against the wickedness in the church these days.
  • He says good things, and I generally believe his heart is in the right place, but he lacks a certain level of fortitude to push him over the top. I think he (and much of the diocese’s “upper echelon”) are also a bit prone to be “clique-y” and can appear aloof and unconcerned with lessers’ concerns.
  • He seems like a good guy, but I can’t fully trust him because of his support of the Neocatechumenal Way, which I believe is a cult. And there’s a priest, a neocat, who has a sexual abuse past that is currently leading a parish.  How can he allow that????
  • He seems to care about his popularity more than he should. Other than that I don’t have many complaints about him.
  • He’s mostly quiet! I don’t watch the regular news so I don’t know if they are tearing him apart for his comments, I don’t wish for that to happen, but then you know he is leading us in the right direction. I will continue to pray for him to be strong in the faith and help him where ever he needs me
  • He’s not expressed his opinion of anything of late. Makes me so sad
  • His greatest mistake was closing churches during the Covid-mania in 2020-21. For instance, there was NO Easter Mass in my parish in Denver.  The mask-mania is another colossal error.  That said, he teaches orthodoxy and sometimes speaks out against the spirit of the age.
  • His letters and speeches indicate his faithful adherence to Catholic traditional teaching.
  • His preaching and leadership is orthodox, firm, and charitable. I feel confident he is a successor to the apostles.
  • I appreciate Archbishop Aquila’s pro-life stance and in general am very grateful for his orthodoxy. He has also provided some nice guidance for praying, however he is too much dependent on the lackluster “corporate branding” approach to evangelism so characteristic of the USCCB.
  • I have only ever seen good things from His Excellency Archbishop Aquila. The archdiocese of Denver is blessed to have him
  • I have written to my Bishop twice in the past few years. He always writes back a personal letter but never has really addressed my concerns. Most of the priests in this diocese are Modernist, Vatican 2 adherents. Nobody knows tradition or the Tridentine Mass in this diocese.
  • I never hear our see him stand up for anything.
  • I pray that Archbishop Aquila will remain in Denver for many years to come.
  • I put mostly because he took the jab which was shown on the news. Disappointed with all the covid-19 regulations! I think next time hopefully he will defy our governor who is awful.
  • I think he has a good heart and tries to do the right thing. He has gotten national attention for rebuking public figures and I appreciate that! However, he needs to be stronger in protecting life, and he should get rid of the Neocats – they are dangerous and destructive to the Church!
  • I think he’s a good bishop.
  • In Colorado it’s never ending hiding and fibs about abusive predators. Ab Aquila chose to kick out a competent shepherd who is in good standing and chose to not endorse known abusers.  Nix was kicked out to live on the street and is met with refusal to enact legal action.
  • Seems to pick and choose what to publicly support of true catholic practices and doctrines.
  • The Latin Rite Mt. Carmel priest Fr. Daniel Nolan told Catholics “do not obey the bishop, do not obey the governor.” Nolan was proven correct by the mountain of evidence that the bishop obeying government restrictions on the mass was incoherent with 2000 years of Catholic teaching history.
  • Very into diversity and woke culture.
  • We hear words. We see very little action. He left the Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts in Catholic Parishes/Churches. He’s too busy supporting illegal aliens. When a member of a parish in the diocese needs help, the diocese doesn’t care. But they have plenty of money for Hispanics. Thousands of reasons why…


Des Moines – Bishop William Joenesen

  • Bishop Joenson is silent on anything to do with Catholic teaching on morality. We are losing our children to the culture. He showed poor judgment when he withheld sacraments from the faithful during Covid. Didn’t seem to understand that by “slowing the spread” he was doing damage to souls.
  • Bishop William Joensen is an excellent bishop in Iowa.
  • Have personally met him in both church meetings at parish basis and personal discussions 1 on 1. He was open to meeting me to discuss my own personal issues and took time to meet with me.
  • He has never been to our parish that I know of. I have tried to call the diocesan office to speak with our Bishop but he is never available.
  • He has taken a stand again gender ideology in diocesan parishes and schools, is friendly toward the tradition communities, and has made a great effort to outreach a growing Hispanic population in the area. I wish he would have called out pro-abortion politicians in the diocese however
  • He voted against the Pachamama being removed, I saw his vote.
  • I don’t know if my Bishop is orthodox- my answer was a guess.
  • I have emailed him on certain occasions and he responded quickly to my emails with sincerity and it felt genuine. He does allow TLM IN Des Moines.  And preaches against the democratic agenda.
  • Many Catholics DO NOT TRUST THIS POPE! We think he is corrupting the church A LOT!
  • The closings of churches during the scamdemic was the biggest mistake of all these Bishops. When the world was in fear & uncertainty, Bishops closed the doors to the Living God. They kept Jesus truly present, Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity a hostage from His people. They will have much to answer to God.
  • We are in America and we speak English here, stop allowing separate masses of Spanish. This creates separation in our parishes. One Catholic apostolic church not one Spanish and one English.  Encourage priests to Speak church truths – give us the facts of church teachings not personal beliefs.


Detroit – Archbishop Allen Vigneron

  • A total disgrace that punished an innocent priest and covered up homosexual abuses.
  • Vigneron is a quiet man who avoids unnecessary attention; kind of a fly under the radar type. He has always been, and remains, a strong supporter of the TLM. I haven’t seen any changes since Traditionis Custodes. My parish still offers the TLM and advertises it in the parish bulletin.
  • Absolute adherence/alliance with Pope Francis. Diocese shrinks with every elderly death. Still, Archbishop Vigneron is committed to papal orders limiting Latin Mass, the one Mass young married families with children attend.
  • After seeing what this person did to Father Michael Suhy I no longer trust him making decisions for AOD.
  • AHV is playing just enough to keep the Orthodox off his back, but in reality he’s aligned with Francis. It’s a total shame so many see him as Orthodox. He’s now less than 3 months away from his 75th birthday.
  • Allen Vigneron’s silence during Covid and allowing the state to force masks upon his students was uncalled for. I don’t really hear much from him on controversial topics. Not to mention allowing churches to divide vax/unvax.
  • An invisible bishop who stays in the chancery. Does everything by letters to the flock. Never directly confronts those in charge of the church or of the government. Basically a moral and spiritual coward.
  • Archbishop Allen Vigneron is the epitome of a “company man”. In a highly unusual move, he was named Archbishop of Detroit, his diocese of origin.  The one thing that unites the presbyterate of the Archdiocese is their distrust and feelings of mistreatment by their Superior.
  • Archbishop Vigneron has been fairly pastoral as a bishop with respect to Traditiones Custodes – so far. He would rank higher if he had not encouraged the vaccines in 2021, as well as the masks and social distancing at the diocesan parishes. I wish he would more bravely speak out against the heresy.
  • Bishop Allen has invites traditional societies to Detroit. We have Latin Mass offered still at Shrine of St Joseph. And he tries to keep the churches open. When I look at America- it could be worse. I attend SSPX so we do not participate in Diocese but we have respect for Bishop Allen.
  • Bishop is a little woke. Wrote a public letter against Trumps “Muslim immigration ban” that was nonsense. But my local parish in Detroit offers a daily TLM and I’m thankful for that.
  • Bishop Vigneron is mostly/more likely completely silent. Sad to say, many in the Archdiocesan of Detroit have found more guidance, leadership in Bishop Boyea – Archdiocesan of Lansing than in AOD.  If you look at what Bishop Boyea is doing for his flock, you will see a good, holy, Godly man.
  • Cancelling many good priests in this archdiocese is a reflection of his “way”. It speaks for itself.
  • Continues to skirt opportunities to grow our trust in him. Implemented the combining of parishes as if we were a business and not the Catholic Church meant to evangelize and bring more souls to heaven.
  • Covid did complete damage to everyone and everything. We should not have feared but should have been attending church for. Where was our Faith by example led? We should have had churches unlocked and if you were not sick attend. Stay at home church needs to end …only used by sick and elderly!
  • Disappointed that he is following restriction of TLM effective next year July 2024 and need to request permission€¦
  • Doesn’t support orthodox (small “o”) priests, covers-up wrongdoing.
  • Don’t know much about him But he seems to go along with the others
  • Full disclosure on the application of donated funds is not transparent. The sweeping under the rug of financial terms of separation for certain music ministers discovered to be in same-sex unions along with the associated legal fees does not exemplify a good steward of the faithful’s contributions
  • Given the way Vigneron has completely FAILED to address the homosexual issue in the clergy in the AOD, and how he has treated Father Eduard Perrone, and that he has completely ignored every attempt by Michael Voris to speak with him personally and privately, I have ZERO trust and respect for the man
  • Good Bishop- Very Pro-Life! Has had some trouble with his unconservative stance.
  • He does not support the Council of Catholic Women.
  • He doesn’t speak up or out publicly about the atrocities happening in our church but he doesn’t stymie our priests from doing so. He is very focused on Eucharistic awareness in our archdiocese. I want him to be a loud vocal disciple of Jesus Christ! Too many people aren’t aware of the truth!
  • He has presided over a collapse of Catholicism throughout Detroit. Churches closed, homosexual scandals swept under the rug, good priests persecuted for standing for Orthodoxy. He has capitulated to the heresies of Francis I (Bergoglio) and persecuted those who love the Tridentine Mass.
  • He is a supportive to the TLM and other movements of the Holy Spirit and evangelization. He has allowed just about any group to form in the diocese. He has been quick to handle cases of abuse and transparent. His priests HATE family of parishes, which will be his legacy sadly.
  • He is a teacher, academic, and pastor. He truly cares for his flock.  But, it is a large and diverse flock!  I have no doubt he does his very best.
  • He is anti-Catholic. Evil
  • He is on a canceled priest mission… not the holy man he makes our to be.. He made another bishop read a letter… on the alter which was a letter of lies as to why he canceled our pastor. I had to walk out of church during this reading…
  • He is outwardly orthodox. He is not bold in speaking out on LGBTQ issues. He does not support faithful priests–Fr. Perrone and Fr. Michael Suhy-among others. He allowed a known gay man, living with his partner to serve as the AOD Director of Music. He has others do his dirty work for him. He lost m
  • He is prolife which I love, but he has permitted sexual scandals and grooming in our diocese, as well as the unjust persecution the holy priests who tried to stop it. Meanwhile Mgr. Bugarin who falsified testimony and was convicted of slander in civil court remains in his position unchecked.
  • He is sadly gutless! God have mercy on us!
  • He is sympathetic with a predator agenda
  • He oversaw a seminary where he ignored the homosexual problem. I know of a man who left the seminary because that was not the life he wanted.
  • He says good things but in practice he protects his friends even if they’re in the wrong, and if you get on his bad side, watch out. Our auxiliary bishops are a mixed bag.
  • He talks when he should be silent. He’s silent when he should talk. Doesn’t sound like a successor to the apostles to me. What he done to Father Parrone was pure evil.
  • He tends to be wishy-washy in his decision making and tries to please everyone instead of leading and shepherding his flock toward heaven and away from hell.
  • He’s kept the few Latin mass parishes in Detroit around and they’re doing great. My view on him will be favorable unless he tries to restrict them.
  • He’s weak; no leadership.
  • His statement usually sound like political statements where both sides can agree with something. The Archdiocese under his leadership has tried to unleash the Gospel campaign and now family of parishes.
  • I am hurt and upset that the bishop has restricted the Traditional Latin Mass. It is a shining light of hope and goodness in this dark world.
  • I believe he lacks the courage to do what is right and holy. To clean house.
  • I do not agree with the way the churches were shut down so quickly during Covid€¦ how the faithful were without the Sacraments. Our loved ones died without last Rites, etc. Very disappointed that our bishop doesn’t speak out against all of the LBGT push. He’s also cancelled one of our priests˜¡
  • I don’t trust him after he took away the faculties of Fr Perrone and kept him away from his flock
  • I just don’t trust him at all. Anytime a bishop is unreachable, I question that. Archbishop Fulton Sheen was approachable, there are only a few like him these days
  • I think the bishop himself is a good man. I think the archdiocese itself is very unorthodox/liberal and these unpopular policies have led to the dramatic decline in attendance and the church coffers/CSA.
  • I use to think he was a good bishop, but not anymore. He is fake and the way he kept us from the Mass & sacraments was unChrist like. Money and power is all they care about. Brood of vipers.
  • I was not happy with the treatment of Fr. Eduard Perrone who was removed from his parish by the archbishop based on false charges from a 40-yr old “repressed memory.”
  • It is time for not only the Bishops but all of the parish priests to start condemning, from the pulpit, what is truly going on in the Church and tell the whole truth. It is constantly being avoided so what do you think is going to happen to the followers of Christ?
  • It’s all about the money. He throws good priests “under the bus” for being true pastors of their flock, yet lets irreverent Masses be celebrated. (Pride vestments, etc.) All show (false humility, cover-ups and he himself disrespects both priests and laity if it is to his advantage). Untrustworthy.
  • Listens to his Curia, not his priests.
  • Money is his god.
  • Most Bishops in the U. S. In my opinion are not men. Most are wimpy, I would have preferred to use a different adjective but that would be inappropriate.  I haven’t seen Bishop Vigneron stand up for or against much publicly.  The church needs fearless men in leadership.  Jesu Ufam Tobie.
  • My bishop cancels good priests, while at the same time, seemingly protects the Latin mass. So confusing!!!! The chancery is also corrupt.  Bugarin, Halfpenny, Fisher, Hanchon all evil men; Enemies of the Church.
  • My Bishop does stand strong against abortion otherwise he remains silent on transgenderism, appears to dislike conservative Priests, Bishops or people. He closed down our churches during Covid and that was not necessary. Most churches are large enough to keep people socially distant.
  • Not in touch with the faithful. Seems out of touch and not willing to promote the Catholic position.
  • Punishes holy and traditional whistleblower priests (2) by removing them from their parishes and trying to shame them. Can’t wait till he’s forced out in October. Only hope who we get next isn’t worse.
  • Putting an end to the Latin mass has upset me, very much. I think the hierarchy of the church is evil!!
  • So sorry but Archbishop has not treated our orthodox priests fairly…..Fr Suhy and Fr Pavalone to name a few…..they have been pulled out of their parishes and accused of misconduct but even when this has not been proven….the priests have not been reinstated… he mistreated Matchan Nutr. Center
  • Somewhat supports the prolife issues in our diocese. But gave approval for the Abortion tainted Covid jab. Late to the game in speaking out against Michigan’s pro-death amendment to the constitution. Hardly Silent on the LGBTQ€¦. Lifestyle and agenda. Praying for Conviction and Courage.
  • The abuse and lies about Fr. Perrone by Msgr. Bugarin and the handling of this case by Archbishop Vigneron were disgusting and deeply harms any trust I have in the spiritual leadership in the AOD. I am also disappointed in the lack of commentary on what pope Francis is doing with the Synodality Syno
  • The Archdiocese of Detroit has a very difficult past in that it handed some very holy priests some very unfair decisions including the awful handling that was given to Father Edourd Perrone and Father Suhi along with the horrible rift between Church Militant/St. Michael’s Catholic Media to name a few
  • The fact that Archbishop Vigneron removed Father Michael Suhy from his parish Our Lady of Good Counsel in Plymouth, MI it sickens me. He’s a very good/holy Priest. God bless Father. Also concerned about what will happen a year from now with the Latin Mass and Detroit.
  • Time for new leadership
  • Too silent on items of faith!!
  • Unhappy with his treatment of Fr. Pavone and Fr. Suhy. Upset that he makes no comments on the anti-religious pursuits of Gretchen Whitmer’s Administration.
  • Very disappointed in how he has handled Fr. Michael Suhy’s and Fr. Perrone’s cases in our Archdiocese. Seems that fancy pamphlets, events, and media campaigns are more important than anything else. It often seems his media/PR team is more in control than he is actually.
  • Vigneron is a pedophile protector who welcomed perverts on the seminary staff. He also lets his molester pal John Clayton Neinstedt hang out in the AOD and say Mass in the seminary. All while he and his hatchet man Bugs Bugarin persecute holy men like Father Perrone and Father Suhy. Shameful!
  • We need to hear more from the archbishop, not just when looking for funds for various international “needs”. We NEVER hear of the evil of abortion, child trafficking, and other evils from the pulpit. We wonder if the hierarchy is unduly worried about the political aspects in condemning these.
  • We really do not hear much from Archbishop Vigneron about current events going on all around us, so I am not really sure about his orthodoxy€¦.I wish he would stand up and be a true shepherd. And I really wish he would stand with Bishop Strickland, and not let him standalone against the wolves.
  • We still have Latin masses€¦Who knows for how long.
  • Weak leader. Knows the problem with infidelity among priests but will do nothing.
  • Weak man presents as orthodox on some issues. Actions are otherwise.
  • While our Archbishop has never preached or promoted heresy, he allows others in the diocese and especially in the chancery to seemingly do as they please. There’s so much rot in our Archdiocese, and the responsibility ultimately is his. I pray for him, but I don’t see him as a shepherd.
  • Why did Archbishop allow a homosexual organist to continue working, yet fired Michael Suhy, who informed the Archdiocese that this man was asking a teenager (in his parish) for sexual favors? Vigernon has stood up for LIFE but should reinstate cancelled priests now since there’s a shortage.
  • Why not more Latin masses?
  • With all that’s happening with our culture around us, I have never heard or read anything that our Bishop has said whether it’s according to Catholic teaching or against it. I guess he’s more concerned on retiring.


Dubuque – Bishop Richard Pates

  • AB Jackels is who I’m commenting on. He just recently retired for health reasons. We pray for a good and holy bishop to replace him. Pates is nothing more than a puppet.
  • If this was for our former bishop Jackels, I would have said, no trust, no orthodoxy. Many of us are so happy he is gone. We are praying for a good one, but to be honest, we don’t have much hope in the future.
  • Interim bishop, we had Jaekles and he was all liberal on some things
  • Jackels retired and I had no faith or trust in him. We have an interim bishop now
  • My Archbishop in the Diocese of Dubuque has recently taken leave due to health reasons. It happened very fast. I distrust the Archbishop and his Bishop friends so much that I am not sure he left due to health reasons. Praying for an orthodox archbishop to be assigned but not going to hold my breath.
  • We’re waiting for a new bishop to be appointed. Not much feedback from our interim bishop who was brought out of retirement to fill in. We’re praying for a good one!


Duluth – Bishop Daniel Fenton

  • Seems to be a cover guy.
  • Seems to be an actor right out of a script
  • Seems to me that he is a student of drama and acts that way as well
  • When he encouraged parishioners to get the “shot” and allowed the churches to be closed …


El Paso – Bishop Mark Seitz

  • Cannot say what I really think of this creature on this platform.
  • He canceled the masses during Covid, he does not speak up about abortion even when our city is a Democratic “Catholic” City. No correction on Beto or other politicians. He promotes immigration without realizing we are also complicit in human trafficking. No pro-life promotion!
  • He took many parishioners with him to publicly (nationwide on TV) to kneel for BLM, it’s demonic. Money raising: $1000 dinners for specific occasions. What about the indigent, outcasts? Demanded ministers get the Covid jab, if not, can’t minister. Covid was a hoax. Did not respect my free-dom.
  • I now attend SSPX in El Paso TX.
  • It’s time for Bishop Mark Seitz to be promoted out-of-El Paso to the rank of Cardinal so that he can join the other ‘red hats’ in the Vatican in the destruction of the Roman Catholic Church as we once knew it.
  • Knelt in support of BLM without doing research.


Erie – Bishop Lawrence Persico

  • Bishop L. Personally inhered lots of problems from Bishop Donald Troutman. He has tried to do his very best to solve those problems – a real challenging situation.  Many Prayers for him in this trying time.  God Bless
  • Bishop Persico told an assembly of people, myself included, that an investigation would be ongoing into the allegations of misconduct against Father William Rice. There is not, nor has there ever been, an investigation. Bishop Persico bald-faced lied! Shameful!
  • Has forgotten his reason for being a bishop, priest -, i.e. saving souls and evangelizing fallen away Catholics and trying to encourage new Catholics into the church – closing Catholic schools and churches is trying to balance the budget ONLY. We know you lose Catholics communities doing this
  • He marched with Black Lives Matter even while he shut down the Mass for many months. He only was forced to report on the cover-up of homosexual abuse by the previous bishop, Trautman, because the government opened an investigation. He is publicly a registered Democrat. He never defends the Faith.
  • I feel he tries to do the right thing, but something holds him back from speaking out strongly against the evil, sinful world we are currently living in. Something has to be done about the LGBTQ agenda, the transsexual agenda, sex trafficking, abducting our precious children for sex slavery.
  • If a priest is a conservative and speaks the truth, he will “demote him to a deacon”. He doesn’t preach the catechism.
  • Tends to transfer more traditional priests out of the diocese silent on the church closing,  teachers that deal with him in the catholic school here have similar views. Not a strong Shepard by any means
  • Saying and doing nothing about mutation of children for transgender ideology, not a word on stopping bills to allow abortion up to birth in Federal government, nothing on illegal immigration and child trafficking, Nada on so many Catholics living together and contracepting and aborting Just SILENT!!
  • The bishop mistreats a priest (Fr Jerry) just because he is outspoken and is conservative. Also, the Benedictine convent church is like a conference room… Blessed Sacrament is in a separate room and NO CANDLE LIT next the Blessed Sacrament.  When I asked then why there is no candle, the super
  • The role of bishop is teacher. Most letters diocese wide from bishop are fund raising. Now they’re about shortage of priests and churches without Mass. No teaching addressing issues in faith resulting in the lack of priests and faithful. Lacking teaching on true marriage, sodomy, gender??, contracept
  • They are doing a reorganization in our church and we recently found they are going to close our church in our small town. With all the evil going on in the world they should be keeping all churches open not closing them. They should bring some foreign priests in to help with the shortage.
  • We never hear from him on a “pastoral” level. It would be nice to think he cares about us, the people he shepherds, and our concerns about the state of the church. He could address Eucharistic Renewal and the Catholic non negotiables since many are confused about Church teachings…Crickets!


Evansville – Bishop Joseph Siegel

  • Allowing the closure of churches and denying the Sacraments during Covid
  • Be bold for Christ and His church outside the church walls. Confidently teaching the truths of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. Be a very strong voice within the media of the truth. We long for strong leadership. Proclaim to the world God’s commandments, even when it is very unpopular to do so.
  • Bishop Siegel is supportive of a Latin Mass in the diocese. He seems to be supportive Catholic doctrine but does not verbalize or demonstrate that. He seems to be more concerned with not upsetting the status quo or making anyone mad. He like most other bishops abandoned us during Covid.
  • He completely supports our TLM program even though his predecessors did not. I don’t get the feeling that he is just pandering to us.
  • He is a shy, retiring man who will NOT be physically present to his parishioners unless it is for Confirmation or Ordinations. He cannot speak without having a double-spaced speech in front of him.  Most of the congregation does not like him.


Fairbanks – Archbishop Andrew Bellisario

  • Bellisario is not visible most of the time. Alaska has great distances and challenges. We need a vigorous, healthy and orthodox Bishop. This state lost it second Bishop due to reduction in the # of Catholics and thanks to Pope Francis’ lack of understanding. Pray for us!


Fall River – Bishop Edgar da Cunha

  • All about money Hates anything traditional Protector of his buddy and fundraiser Father Mark Hession, now indicted for child rape More concerned about looking good for the “voice of the faithful” crowd, than actual Catholic faithful
  • Allows victims of abuse not receive justice.
  • Bishop Cunha seems to be a good bishop. Not sure if he goes along to get along.
  • Bishop DaCunha is a nice man and pleasant to talk with. He is approachable as well. The priests need more guidance as I feel like each church works separately vs utilizing resources more appropriately. No push for traditional Latin Mass. I’m not saying all Churches but few? Chair rail?
  • Did not agree with ha position on Covid and silencing of those priests who disagreed.
  • For the most part, lukewarmness seems to be where our bishops are at. Political correctness, and fear has entered the ministry of bishops, along with some laziness and being content.
  • He doesn’t say much or do much, which I guess is good. But I do know of a very good priest that left our diocese because of him. He left for a higher position in another state. Very traditional and very much loved! I attend very traditional churches. Franciscans and FSSP. M.A, R.I. God Bless!
  • He has contempt for the faith, places homosexual priests in faithful parishes. He moved our good priest with a homosexual priest who started sexual activity almost immediately. Instead of removing him, da Cunha placed him on leave, that was last year nothing has changed.
  • I don’t know enough about my Bishop to have a personal knowledge of his commitment to the truth. Given what I am seeing through websites such as this, Lifesite News, Church Militant and others, I tend to believe that the majority of Bishops don’t have the courage to proclaim the truth.
  • I know of a priest who Bishop da Cunha cancelled unfairly. He is also trying to rid the South Shore of the Latin Mass.
  • I work in the diocese, so I pray this is truly confidential. Regarding our bishop, I sense that he is on the same page, or at least close to it, as Pope Francis. I also worked for the archdiocese of Boston and I saw little courage in Sean O’Malley and felt that he was eager to please Pope Francis.
  • If they follow what the pope is doing to our church and agree with him then they are as evil as he is! pope is the anti-Christ tearing apart our religion
  • I’ll admit as an older person, I am do not accept change easily. Our Bishop, appointed by Pope Francis is Brazilian. He is slowly changing the diocesan landscape to favor mostly the Brazilian people who have come here in mass, filling the service jobs in this ‘tourist’ based economy area.
  • In 12 years I have only been invited by my priest once to attend a special mass, attended by the bishop, that was specifically to address the abuse by clerics. No other mass for any other reason. I don’t see him. The only letter I get from the dioceses asks for money.
  • Our Bishop is not often heard from. We see no public statements by him on any matter.  It seems like we have no Bishop.  There is one Latin Mass in our area of the Diocese at a small chapel, and so far it has been allowed to continue.  Thank God for this.  Our parish has very reverent NO Masses.
  • Please encourage your priests to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Point out evil regardless of the origin… Call out prominent (c)Catholics that thumb their nose to the church. At my church when Roe v Wade was overturned, that following Sunday there was no mention of that land mark decision.
  • Victimized people who were sexually abused by priests and takes 5 years to 10 years to pay out damages. Nobody NOBODY in the diocesan support team not once has reached out to me for grief scars emotionally life was raped and taken soul died and left my body. Bishop is AN


Fargo – Bishop John Folda

  • Avoids all conflicts. Allows Priests to stay active even when they opening support gay agenda and women ordination. Cooperating with Rime in shutting down the TLM mass.  Making if extremely difficult for those who want to attend.  Puts our young orthodox priests in small parishes!
  • He isn’t very outspoken, don’t hear much from him.
  • His Excellency tends to habitually side to the modernist views even while being seemingly devout.
  • I believe Bishop Folda is a good man. I do not see him as a strong person to speak out.  His articles in the monthly diocesan magazine are traditional.  He is obedient to the Pope, which I wish he were more outspoken.   That is my opinion.
  • I wish he would speak out more on the truths is the faith.
  • Mandated jabs for healthcare workers. Sent seminarians to Mt. St. Mary’s, where the death shots were/are mandated. Progressively squeezing out the TLM.
  • Not a friend of the TLM.
  • Seems to recognize there is a great battle going on within the Church and he has surrounded himself with young & very orthodox priests who adhere to Church teachings. However he also shuns controversy as much as possible & does not seem to have much of a backbone when confronted with controversy.
  • True Obedience is to God NOT to man (which includes the Pope) when it comes to the fracturing of Divine teaching/heresy. If you are afraid/uncomfortable to be a Shepherd, you will continue to lose your sheep…. be a Strickland!
  • We never hear from him on issues such as abortion, gay marriage, etc.


Fort Wayne-South Bend – Bishop Kevin Rhoades

  • A holy spiritual leader.
  • Allowed the limitation by some Priests to demand everyone receive communion in the hand, mask up, and close churches during Covid. Has not stood up for us, the flock as a Father should do for their children. I have been disappointed at the silence.
  • He can say the right things, he can put on sheep’s clothing and appear good – especially in a public forum, but he destroys orthodox priests. He lies a lot.
  • He cancelled a fine orthodox priest because he wouldn’t take the Cupich “correction”—6 mo in a mental institution for safeguarding the dignity of Mass and the Real Presence from a Gay Pride Gay several years ago political incorrectness so the homosexual’s feelings were hurt
  • He seems weak but perhaps it’s his demeanor. I was hoping he would take a stronger stance on prolife and not push Catholic Charities. I was disappointed he closed our church during Covid.
  • He was so totally dedicated to Our Lady when became to jr diocese about 12 yrs ago it that enthusiasm waned when Fr. Joe Tobin came into Indy from the Vatican & was immediately elevated to bishop all bishops opposed Right to Work legislation like a bunch of Democrats. Tobin diluted his vigor) .
  • Holy Orthodox Very competent
  • I want to hear him publicly standing strongly, loud and clear, against the heresies being tolerated by the Church Hierarchy. Homosexuality. Trans-sexual deviancy. Perverted, immoral behavior being encouraged within the Church. Cancelled priests. Silence from the Bishops is deafening.
  • I’ve heard him publicly speak a few times and some comments that were made instilled doubt in his ability to stand strong in the face of adversity especially when in times that it may come from above. I pray he stays strong in the faith and is not swayed by woke politics and agendas


Fort Worth – Bishop Michael Olson

  • A humble, holy Bishop who cares deeply for the souls of his flock.
  • Another shepherd who abandoned his flocks during COVID. Cancelled ministerial activities, supported the “jabs” from aborted fetal DNA.  He allowed limited live streaming Mass, but provided no other comforts to assist in maintaining a life of Faith.  Leans Heterodox by silence on social issues/sins.
  • Bishop Michael F Olson has driven priests, laity, and parishioners out of our diocese, and even more from the Catholic faith! He has personally kicked out a Mother Superior! He wields his dictatorial powers against anyone who questions his power, but refuses to listen to his parishioners! Help™™
  • Bishop Michael Olson is destroying the Catholic Community in our Dioceses
  • Bishop Michael’s unjust illegal scheme to take over the Carmel made national news and publicized his Man-centered tyrannical character. A worthy henchman of Francis of Rome. Louis
  • Bishop Olson of Fort Worth Texas. It’s a complete disgrace for the Diócesis. Please take action before he destroy the whole Diócesis. The laity has turned in complaints to the Vatican in writing.  We desperately need apostolic visitation.  This is URGENT
  • Bishop Olson spent most of the money donated to the Annual Diocesan Appeal to teach parishes how to get more money out of us, rather than using it for the intended purposes. Everyone who worked for the diocese had to get the Covid shot. He made a spectacle of the church with the way he handled Nuns.
  • Bishop Olson’s legal hassle with the Carmelite Nuns was inexcusable to put it out in the public. In addition, I had a concern and wrote to Bishop Olson and never received a response.  He touts” I am the shepherd of the flock”–you couldn’t prove that from my experience.
  • Current concern is his treatment of Carmelite sisters in Arlington
  • Has a history of selling Church properties, probably the ulterior motive for his “invasion” of the Carmelite Monastery. He “outed” a nun for her alleged sins instead of sending her to confession, and refused to “name and shame” the priest as well.  He outrageously denied that nun communion as well.
  • He cannot be trusted. He forces good priests out of the Church!
  • He does not feed his sheep. Nothing else needs to be said.
  • He has ruined the Ft. Worth Diocese. Priests and seminarians leaving. He cancels the good priests. Catholic schools are a mess. Tithing is way down and there is one scandal after another with this bishop. There is an active petition to have him removed.
  • He is a bully
  • He is all about his “authority.” No pastoral care, servitude, or any imitation of Christ.  Totally incompetent as an administrator
  • He is not concerned with teaching, governing or sanctifying. He does not care about the great commission. He is only concerned with his own power.
  • He is strong against sexual immorality.
  • He seems to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
  • He’s an authoritarian and bullies people that don’t do exactly what he says. He actively tries to suppress TLM.
  • He’s part of the democratic bishop’s conference of Texas. Never act on anything that might cost a reduction in income.
  • I do not feel that the Bishop supports our catholic schools enough. Administration tells me that he has never visited our school (last year he cancelled his scheduled visit the night before-the kids were very disappointed). Our enrollment is down and our tuition is high.
  • I do not trust any Bishops besides Bishop Strickland and Bishop Vigano
  • I don’t trust this bishop at all. Complete la k of humility, power hungry, petty, spiteful. Not a servant leader, straying from the deposit of faith. Motives are suspect. Where are all the good and faithful leaders?
  • I want to believe the best about him, but with his seeming constant presence in the local headlines, and multiple priests run off from their vocations, it is troublesome. I appreciate his support of the local TLM parish.
  • I wish that he would be more outspoken against ILLEGAL immigration and quit pushing it so much!
  • In the metroplex of DFW so far I am pleased with Bshp. Edward Burns while Bshp. Michael Olson is a bad dude. God Bless and protect the real apostle of Christ Bshp. Joseph Strickland. We are really unhappy with most of USCCB including Bshp. Callehan of LaCrosse who fired our holy priest Fr. James Altman
  • Not sure that the more faithful priests in the diocese are appreciated by the bishop.
  • Our bishop only cares about educating the financially poor, regardless of their religion or lack thereof, while the Catholic Schools under his care are all failing fast. There is zero priority in parish catholic school education. It is a shame, bc those families are the future of our church. :,(
  • Personable, interested in his laity, firm in his actions
  • Praising God for this wonderful man who has the courage to face opposition with grace. He came into this position, not by choice, but by selection to guide this huge diocese into the future and has done a very amazing job cleaning up the prior bishop’s mess.  I love him dearly.
  • Recently he has thrown out a group of Carmelite Nuns from their long-time convent hoping to acquire their valuable property. He has defamed them and told them to leave their property. Cut them off from the sacraments by not allowing them clergy. The Mother Superior who is gravely ill told to leave
  • The monastery in Arlington didn’t deserve his intervention.
  • There have been so many upsetting situations in which people have been treated in an extremely unkind way. If there had only been 2-3 situations I would not question or be concerned but too many unbelievable situations.
  • These bishops are our shepherds and we are their flocks.
  • This man should. It be leading Catholics anywhere. He has no compassion and is focused on some defeating agenda. He is mean and angry and not a Catholic in the spirit of the term
  • We feel Bishop Michael works hard at guiding our diocese in a Godly and moral fashion and keeping the truths of our Catholic faith!
  • You need to be removed!


Fresno – Bishop Joseph Brennan

  • A true warrior and leader for his flock
  • Bishop Joseph Brennan of the Central San Joaquin Valley, CA, does not attend the Confirmation of people receiving this Sacrament. I don’t know why?
  • He forced churches to close during the flu season and bent the knee to the government. I am very dissatisfied with his lack of leadership during the flu scare.
  • He is a good Bishop that truly cares for his flock.
  • He is infamous for his temper tantrums at the Pastoral Center. He has been known to lose his temper and yell and scream at the Chancery staff.  If he is angry, he holds on to his grudge; going so far as to even ignore staff members who attempt to greet him, with a chilling glare and silence.
  • He really plays it safe. Doesn’t comment on anything controversial. Whether on Moral grounds or Church Teaching. Or Catholic (so called) politicians.
  • I want a Bishop that is totally ready to stand-up to the government and preach the truth no matter what. Unfortunately I don’t see that at all.
  • In a world where we don’t know who to trust, I look to the Church. Pls, pls, pls speak & defend the Truth or the faithful will get their truth. We need to hear the Truth from the pulpit. I pray Bishops support priest who bravely speak the Truth. Blessed Mother hear our cry. St Joseph pray for us.
  • Our diocese is so VERY LARGE and diverse. Do not agree with the moving around of pastors for reasons unbeknownst to the parish faithful.  Some pastors do not fit where they are placed, and I do not agree with moving a pastor every 6 years just because.
  • When there was a protest against the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium, no priest or bishop from California stood against the mocking of our Catholic faith. Bishop Strickland & Father Altman were the only ones that joined the faithful & stood in solidarity with the Catholic faithful. This is very sad.


Gallup – Bishop James Wall

  • He needs to practice more administrative oversight. Otherwise, he’s great!


Galveston-Houston – Cardinal Daniel DiNardo

  • After Traditionis Custodes Cardinal DiNardo, essentially eliminated the Extraordinary Form in several diocesan parishes, leaving only one FSSP parish and one diocesan parish downtown that offer that Extraordinary Form. Really unfortunate.
  • Cardinal Daniel Dinardo is no different than any Bishop on the planet save those brave few who are brave enough in their faith to speak out against heterodoxy. He has been silent on almost everything. His silence is where distrust is brewing.
  • Cardinal DiNardo does not seem to be a heavy handed administrator. It seems he prefers that each parish have the freedom to do what is best for a vibrant, active parish life. With regard to Traditiones Custodes, I believe he did what he could to permit the TLM without defying the motu proprio.
  • Cardinal DiNardo has been supportive of the Traditional Latin Mass. The Houston FSSP parish is steadily growing.  The TLM is also at a few other churches in archdioceses.   At a recent ordination, Cardinal DiNardo told new priests to “follow the rubics” when saying mass.
  • Cardinal DiNardo has not spoken out against pro-choice, allegedly Catholic politicians. He has not spoken against teachings of Fr. James Martin. He seems to be counting the days until retirement. He cut out Latin masses except for the “Latin Mass Parish,” & a parish that never stopped offering it.
  • Cardinal DiNardo on two separate occasions on TV never spoke against abortion even though the other guests spoke their piece. Cardinal DiNardo just sat there and never said a word. I was so disappointed that my opinion of him changed and not for the best.
  • Closing the churches over plandemic was just the opposite of what we needed. It played right into the deep state plans.  Control the people and take away church.  And when they did decide to open what a poor attempt at getting people back to church. 1/4 capacity.   I do not like that our bishop. j
  • Covered up pedophile priest and moved him to another parish. Has he forbidden priests to use the word abortion?
  • Didn’t listen to parishioners when trying to report a pastor (no longer, our pastor) of serious problems w/ the pastor. Put prolife emphasis on protesting death sentence w/ very little support of protesting abortion. Kept us away from Our Lord during Covid. Allowed Protestant ordination in cocathed
  • Ever since he closed churches because of Covid and pushed!!! For the vaccination, I have had reservations. He doesn’t speak up the unborn as Bishop Strickland.  He doesn’t put himself out there to say anything supporting other Cardinals and Bishops who are supporting the orthodox church.
  • Good bishop.
  • Has allowed communion in both species, resumed Mass requirement ASAP after initial pandemic dispensation.
  • Has left the catholic schools office full of feminists and should have at least 10 more high schools opened by now after over 20 years in office. Is pretty silent and unheard, especially since having a stroke some years ago and not retiring?
  • He allowed a Methodist woman to be ordained in the Houston Cathedral.
  • He cancelled 3-4 Latin Masses in this huge archdiocese after the Pope clamped down on the Latin Mass. He even joked about it at the Catholic Charismatic Center.  Vocations are at a trickle, since before he arrived and for years under Fiorenza.  He requires 2 years for HS’ers for Confirmation.
  • He completely limits the Traditional Mass in parishes, almost never emphasizes the importance of the Catholic faith, teaches lots of ambiguities, and so many more. Also lack of apostolic zeal and pastoral care for the flock entrusted to him.
  • He has been very disappointing too quick to close the churches. One interested in one ministry.
  • He is not that bad but is too cowardly.
  • He seems to try to appear orthodox in key ways so as to cover many unorthodox activities and decisions.
  • He welcomed the FSSP, but recently took away the diocesan TLM, except at Annunciation downtown. Don’t know about all his views but promotes the invasion of our country by illegal aliens. Could be a lot worse, but not a strong advocate for the Faith.
  • I am disappointed that Cardinal DiNardo has suspended most TLM. Also, I believe he is a huge proponent of open borders. He is completely silent on all horrible cultural atrocities that we are seeing on almost a daily basis in this country. Our priests are silent as well so I think that is at his co
  • I don’t really hear too much from him, one way or the other.
  • I fault Cdl DiNardo for not publicly supporting Bishop Strickland and others who challenge the Pope’s support of heresy. We are years past the time when his actions can be dismissed as “confusing.”  Also past the time when we could expect that quiet diplomacy with Pope could work.
  • I feel like he is absent. Waiting to retire.  Never gives moral teaching.  I will say that we have some very orthodox young priests graduating from our seminary so that is a good thing for this diocese.
  • I have heard masses from him and he talks outstanding…but…I’m not sure if I present to him all of the questions that I have about the false prophet. Is he aware of all the heresies, and just by paying attention to the fruits of this false papacy. Also if he is aware he is not a real deacon…
  • I have lived here for 20 years and I really don’t know Cardinal DeNardo, except through written communication from the Arch- Diocese office usually in the form of monetary need and then a “Thank you” for gift received. I wouldn’t recognize him if I passed right by him!
  • I never heard His Excellency say anything unorthodox, and he appears to be orthodox. He has sent our parish fantastic priest. But he does allow unorthodox teaching to go on in certain places.
  • I read from the Lapanto institute that our diocese uses a LGBTQ friendly curriculum in our dioceses Catholic schools. Also, immigration is terrible in our diocese and its crickets as far as our Bishop speaking up against all the NGO’s who are assisting in this child trafficking, fentanyl etc.
  • I was saddened beyond words when churches and sacraments were shuttered away from faithful because the fear frenzy was greater than the trust in God and access to His house was denied when most needed! Shameful!! The silence is damning.
  • I was very disappointed & scandalized when Cdl. DiNardo allowed the ordination of a female Methodist Bishop in the Co-Cathedral. I called & voiced my concerns.
  • I was very disappointed in Cardinal DiNardo’s response to COVID. I believe that he should have completely denounced the shot due to involvement of aborted babies in developing the shots. Also, our churches should have never shut down.
  • I wish my bishop would publically support his fellow Texas bishop, Bishop Strickland. I wish my bishop were more public in his stance on current affairs within the Church. Unfortunately his silence confuses his flock, especially those looking for help navigating current affairs. Is he lukewarm?
  • I’m still mad about the way the bishop handled the shutdown. Keeping people away from the sacraments – how did he even consider that?
  • My biggest concern is with the Vatican’s tacit (if not overt) alignment with WEF objectives. And I question who is involved in & with the Vatican bank. Our local Bishop doesn’t seem to have opinion on illegal immigration overwhelming the border, nor the anti-Catholic sentiment from Politicos.
  • My hope is that our devoted Cdl will stand up for the orthodox Holy Catholic & Apostolic Faith when it becomes so threatened by the hierarchy’s anti-Catholic decisions that he cannot be silent anymore. My God bless Cardinal DiNardo.
  • Never saw or heard from him during Covid. Except to lock down the churches. Never speaks out on the evils in the church.  When he headed the USCCB he did go to Rome but got silenced by the Pope. Did he try hard enough? I don’t know. I feel he is very political and goes which way the wind blows.
  • Never vocal about the current event that are occurring, today. Deaf hears in support of Bishop Strickland or any other canceled Priests and etc. Like the rest, I believe he does not want to get involved either because of fear of cancellation or because wolves in sheep’s clothing. Not one more cent!
  • Not addressing the cultural issues facing us. No celebration on Roe Versus Wade being overturned or public figures pushing abortion & receiving communion. He has not said anything about the transgender onslaught, indoctrination in our schools, child && women sex trafficking due to open border etc.
  • One of the many who closed churches during COVID and approved the shot knowing there were baby fetus’ involved with the shot.
  • Stays in hiding when it comes to faith and morals. Hard on priest who preach the tenets of the faith.
  • The archdiocese in general has pushed some of the most liberal ideology in their schools and had some of the worst Covid requirements. I pulled my child from the catholic school and we now attend BAPTIST classical school because they don’t teach woke topics like “social emotional learning”
  • The CDL stayed silent while on top of the USCCB while McCarrick ran wild. The CDL is mostly politician and puts up a good front as a trad bishop but things in the back office are conspired.
  • The TLM, curtailed in some parishes, was allowed to continue at others. His Eminence speaks in favor of illegal immigration, ending the death penalty, increasing government income redistribution/welfare programs, and against racism and antisemitism. He is silent on sin & the 4 last things.
  • This archdiocese is far too preoccupied with a) promoting open immigration policies b) accepting the heresy of homosexuality c) insuring that the flock is properly chastised for being too conservative (if they are). To be employed in our parish, Spanish is required thus blocking many from work.
  • Total capitulation by the Church during Covid planned lockdown & vaccine coercion. To close parishes & withhold Sacraments from the faithful is inexcusable. What happened to “Be not afraid” & run towards problems instead of cower in fear. Does not speak out on tough issues – abortion, transgenderism
  • We are lucky to have a good bishop but among the priests there are some very divisive and toxic among them. Particularly Fr. James Altman, Fr. Richard Heilman. I do not understand why they are acting like they want to militarize Catholics, and monetize their internet presence.
  • Where are any Latin Masses beyond downtown? Follows Pope Francis’ liberal open borders, one world order. You can see the lack of support from Catholics with the pitiful amount the DSF raises. We can clap, dance and sing happy birthday in front of the altar but not any Latin Mass. Give us tradition.
  • Won’t speak out about attacks on the faith or support fellow Bishops who are brave enough to publicly defend Church teachings. He cancelled Latin Masses. Really? Actions speak louder than words.


Gary – Bishop Robert McClory

  • All bishops must stand up – be men for the Lord. If believe in four last things, gentlemen fight for Jesus and Holy Catholic church. Save souls, including yours. I fear many religious are more concerned about political correctness. Advance status in church.
  • As Bishop Mclory is not a very vocal Bishop and stays clear of controversial topics it isn’t easy to form an opinion on. Concerns would be where is the Diocese on RTL , human trafficking (which his diocese is one of the largest areas in the country trafficked from) and other hard topics
  • Bishop McClory is new to our Diocese. So far I have not read or heard anything from our Bishop contrary to our Faith
  • Did not bring back the precious blood until Cupich in Chicago did, which was years after COVID ended. We needed the precious blood of Christ and he kept denying it.
  • He followed the crowd. He was new to his chair. But he still sold-out to his faithful. And even now the sacramental life isn’t secure. Every parish priest should pray his Saturday MORNING Mass! There should be regular Benediction & Adoration. Is the Diocese so stuck to computers over the faithful?
  • I pray that he does the right things this fall. We don’t want what they will be bringing in this fall with the synod.
  • In all fairness I have not seen our Bishop that much since he came to our Diocese. I didn’t like that he went along with shutting down the Parishes for Covid.  I don’t see our priests standing strong in the faith and teaching the faithful to be strong and follow Jesus. So many have left the church.
  • In fell into the woke ideology closing church during Covid instead of trusting in God. He has shied away from getting involved with complaints from people in my Parish. I haven’t heard him speak on the issues of evil going on in the world.


Gaylord – Bishop Jeffrey Walsh

  • After visiting our parish, he ordered our Priest to remove our communion kneelers, according to him, it causes confusion, which is an outright lie.
  • Don’t know him or about him very much, so it’s hard to gauge…Disappointed about the reduction of traditional Latin Mass. Would love for that to be more accessible
  • He is a new bishop. I wrote him about publicly supporting Archbishop Gomez regarding not giving communion to Pelosi. He replied that Gomez did what the Church teaches but Walsh didn`t sign the letter in support of Gomez and didn`t reply to my question. I saw that act as being cowardly.
  • He is a wolf (with rabies) in sheep’s clothing
  • He, Bishop Walsh, is not open to speaking without every group in the diocese. Also, He did graciously answer my letter, but failed to address the issues I brought up by giving a generic answer that did little to answer the burning question/questions. I guess he’s afraid to step on toes.
  • New is new but what I have seen so far is a trustworthy Bishop.
  • Our bishop doesn’t seem to concern himself with holiness, in himself or in the people of the diocese. He removed kneelers that were available to those receiving our Lord during communion throughout the diocese, and thus made it difficult for many, and impossible for some, to receive how we wish.
  • Our Bishop is a brand new baby Bishop and has only been our Bishop for a year so it was hard to do this survey, time will tell but after one year I feel he is trying really hard and he seems like a good Holy man.
  • Our new bishop ordered parishes to remove kneelers for reception of Holy Communion.
  • Our Pope asked him to be Bishop. That worries me.


Grand Island – Bishop Joseph Hanefeldt

  • He is very lax about how the liturgy is performed at Mass by the priests in this diocese. He does not respond to letters about completely unorthodox priests/pastors.


Grand Rapids – Bishop David Walkowiak

  • A pragmatic man, he believes in the Rule of Law, and doesn’t want to stir things up for ideological reasons. That said he is not concerned enough about souls falling into Hell.
  • Any Bishop that regards the pope (Francis the PIG) as a Vicar of Christ is totally off base and I cannot relate to him. Jesus is still KING. Not this anti-pope.
  • Bishop Walkowiak seems somewhat guarded and distant in terms of public announcements or actions but seems to be orthodox and willing to take discrete actions to protect orthodoxy, but he also seems silent on a lot of issues that need addressing.
  • Walkowiak speaks out against abortion but doesn’t touch on all the issues facing our Church and the culture. He still insists that it was a good decision to curtail the mass during the Covid lockdowns. He doesn’t make any waves right or left and is silent on many issues.
  • During ‘Covid’ we refused to wear masks to Mass. Our pastor allowed the police to be called, they escorted a family out. Bishop never addressed the situation. My husband was thrown out of the Deacon program because he wouldn’t wear a mask because it presented a false sense of security.
  • During the lockdown for Covid, my family and I were removed from our Parish by the state police. I’ll because we refused to wear a mask. This didn’t happen until just before Christmas. They had allowed us to worship in the church from March till December. Our bishop did nothing when I contacted him
  • -Has the Paulist Priests living in residence at the Cathedral in Downtown Grand Rapids. This would include the President of the Paulists.-Shut down the Churches & the Sacraments during the Covid scandal-Lacking in leadership
  • He denied the Sacraments to his flock. That is enough to distrust him completely.
  • He has given a few priests dispensation to pray TLM privately with 2 – 3 people. One parish (Sacred Heart) has 1 Sunday TLM and on Thursday AM. Very pro-life. More conservative than Cupich, Gregory, McElroy
  • He is opaque and mostly flies under the radar It’s hard to know what he thinks
  • He mostly complies with the world, especially with Covid. Fairly strong pro-life. Totally does not push back (publicly) against Pope Francis. Have not heard anything from him on gender ideology.
  • He should have stayed firm and but closed churches during COVID. People haven’t come back.  Masks should’ve always been optional never mandatory.  He needs to encourage the priests to talk about the hard topics ex. LGBTQ and abortion and being back the 5 non-negotiables for voting.
  • I am not the Judge. I do not know what being Bishop is like.  What I do know is that doing the Will of God is what needs to lead decisions. I pray for Bishops and all in positions to Shepherd God’s people, that they may do what is right by Jesus, fully human and fully divine, and not by man alone.
  • I believe the bishop is not a good leader as demonstrated by his handling of the Covid shut downs. So many Saints gave their lives serving God. But the so called leaders of our church abandoned us when we needed them most and decided that our souls we not “essential” enough to save. God save them.
  • I distrust any bishop who would willfully close churches and withhold the Sacraments during a pandemic (when they are needed most) and who hinders the growth of the Latin Mass. These are just two of many reasons but we will continue to pray that he becomes the true shepherd he was called to be.
  • I don’t know my bishop much at all. Thus far, he seems to be good, except his pushing for money for CSA and CCHD. He (or rather his ‘mission’ person) did not believe that Lepanto was correct about CSA and CCHD providing abortion help to other nations, so he determine amount each parish is to donate.
  • I don’t trust him because he followed blindly with all the Covid ‘protocols’ and pushed the vaccines. He has also complained to priests that they shouldn’t speak out against LGBTQ sins. He is definitely not on fire and has no business being a bishop since he doesn’t truly lead.
  • I have feeling he is more of an Administrator, similar to an Executive at a large Corporation, Catholic secondary€¦
  • I have heard our Bishop give some good homilies, meaningful ones about being a true Christian and standing up for what’s right, at a couple of Masses. But sometimes when the rubber hits the road, his response to Hierarchal or secular evils need to be stronger and clearer Catholic teaching.
  • I pray for him daily
  • I think overall he’s a good leader and a good shepherd. But we need more during this time don’t we. We need true warriors. We need leaders who cry out a Battle cry for Christ and his Kingdom. To call us all on to live the kingdom of heaven here and now in love truth and beauty.
  • I wish he would be more visible in our diocese as well as better monitor what some of the priests do or believe.
  • In a recent article, you stated you would not change your Covid policies. Perhaps you may reconsider, and apologize for pushing a shot made with the innocent unborn! Also, educate your priest’s that everyone should not be receiving Holy Communion. Read Lifesite News and start speaking up.
  • I’ve been in diocese for a yr. I won’t give to DSA – CCHD and Ed plan uses LGBTQ in schools. I think parish priest is afraid of being x’d. My parish is thriving mostly cuz he used to say Trad Mass – many marriages, baptisms & school tripled in 5 yrs he’s there.  My local church is dead- won’t go.
  • Lack of leadership to his folk! We never hear from him about surviving in today’s world.  Our churches were closed during COVID.  There is only one Traditional Latin Mass (Sundays at 11:30 am) in our Archdiocese (Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, Grand Rapids, MI).
  • Like most Bishops during Covid, Bishop Walkowiak tended to side with the Government etc. about the vaccines, masking etc. In fact I believe our Priest was ordered not to sign any exemption forms concerning the vaccines. It was breathtaking to witness this abandonment from our Bishop and so many other
  • My bishop forbade all diocesan priests from giving / signing religious exemptions for the Covid vaccine. Now that the pandemic has officially been declared over, the diocesan website still strongly advocates for these vaccines.
  • Our churches, schools and communities are closing! We need Traditional Latin Mass in all churches and restore catholic tradition. We need to foster strong faith and encourage growth of our traditional communities.
  • The bishop is a father to his priests. A group of priests requested permission to pray the TLM. The bishop said, “NO”, without any input from these priests. Not very fatherly. When he should have taught his flock re: active homosexuals & reception of Eucharist, he didn’t. Shame.
  • The bishop is silent on controversial church teaching and won’t respond to written communications requesting information.
  • The Bishop should’ve been more courageous during Covid & kept our churches open. We will not go back to Mass at the Cathedral, as during Covid they played loud warnings over the outside speaker to stay masked and social distance. We are built for community not separation.
  • Very disappointed, he seems to want to remain distant. I receive a newsletter from American Decency, not a catholic publication, I have such respect for them, they’re not afraid to communicate the evil that is happening. Our homilies never touch on the Evil! Whatever ever happened to BE NOT AFRAID!
  • We have had meetings with him to bring up our concerns in our diocese and have been warmly greeted pushed vax though
  • While I have concerns about our bishop for the Grand Rapids, MI, diocese, we still have some great priests and the bishop of the Lansing diocese is simply incredible
  • Why my “harsh” rating Masses were cancelled Condoned/Supported/Encouraged the jabs (written letter sent to diocesan Catholics) and coerced his priests to receive them. New Age activities allowed (Centering prayer, labyrinth, etc.)Promotion of CRS and CCHD-provided him with Lepanto Institute proof


Green Bay – Bishop David Ricken

  • Although he did suspend masses during COVID-19…Bishop Ricken has removed at least 1 priest and 1 Deacon who was a parish administrator for pushing the LGBTQ agenda. No one is 100% perfect but I trust him more than I doubt/fact check him.
  • Bishop David Ricken seems to be prayerful. He follows church teachings for the most part. I would like to see Communion rails brought back into our churches and Communion plates required again with Extra Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion used on very rare exceptions. He hasn’t limited their use.
  • Bishop Ricken says all the correct words against abortion and the “woke” culture for high marks. His reaction to Covid and outward actions makes me cautious.
  • Bishop Ricken. He’s a rare duck among the snakes in the USCCB
  • Don’t trust anyone completely anymore.
  • Has provided some orthodox support. I lost trust ever since he didn’t resist the death jab for his flock
  • He doesn’t speak out against the evil things happening and hasn’t taken a leadership role against evil things like Bishop Strickland did with the LA Dodgers. He should stand up for the truth and stand up against the evil. Lead your flock and priests. Don’t stick your head in the sand. Be vocal.
  • He had the vision and message of Adele Brise approved after he became Bishop as one of the earliest things he did. Our Shrine of Our Lady of Champion
  • He is a good Bishop who loves his flock, rated against others He’s better than a lot of them. Yesterday I thought how many Bishops raise the word obedience to god like status in their minds and hide behind it and don’t open their mouths because of it. This is our tragedy among many.
  • He is weak and gives very little guidance whatsoever. He is afraid.
  • His head and heart are in the right place, but he’s not courageous. He’s afraid of offending his priests; afraid they will rebel against him. Hence, he avoids situations that call for bold actions and truly brave words.  He lets the “deep diocese” staff run things, while he seems not to notice.
  • I believe our Bishop is openly pro-life. To my knowledge he has not been outspoken against the more controversial issues like LGBT grooming & trafficking.
  • I don’t know our bishop that well so my information is primarily through orthodox priest I have come to know in the six years we have been in this diocese. Very disappointed when going along with the COVID shut down.  He has apologized, but still seems to concern about upsetting the hierarchy.
  • More emphasis on the traditional mass. Too lenient on special dispensations.
  • Probably better than most but a “mouse” that says very little to nothing about what’s going on in the Church, our country and the shenanigans of the Vatican and Pope and his terrible, heretical “leadership”.
  • Though I trust my bishop and believe him to be completely orthodox, I am disappointed by the people he allows in leadership in our diocese. I would also like him to clean up our lay leadership program – including deaconate prep.  Not sure why he does not recognize the wolves in sheep’s clothing.
  • Very, Very good bishop. He loves that the Traditional Latin Mass is made available to our Diocese.  My only concerns are he allows things like Alpha.  Also, there have been churches in our diocese that take up collections for ministries like Unbound who align themselves with the AUSCP.
  • We in the Green Bay Diocese have a great bishop.
  • We love our Bishop! He supports the National Shrine of Our Lady of Champion and the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. I’d love to see him require Holy Communion rails to be restored in all churches so people can kneel to receive Our Lord. A great goal for the Eucharistic Revival.
  • We love our Bishop! He supports the National Shrine of Our Lady of Champion and the Institute of Christ the Sovereign Priest. I’d love to see him require Holy Communion rails in all our churches so that people can kneel to receive Our Lord. This would be the perfect goal for the Eucharistic Revival.


Greensburg – Bishop Larry Kulick

  • I barely know Bishop Kulik, but he seems like the kind of fellow who has a wet finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing, and it is blowing from Pope Francis in the Vatican. “Bishop Larry” just wants to be cool. “Lawrence” is the name of a saint.  “Larry” is the name of a cable guy.
  • My opinion is based on what I see, read or hear about in the media or weekly bulletin. I like it when the priests/bishops address current issues, topics, etc. in matters of faith because most of us need an update, guidance or refresher.  I like the support given to fostering devotions too.
  • We need to bring back receiving the Precious Blood during Holy Communion in our diocese. Others have done it, even more liberal leaning ones.  So, why not us?
  • We still have a church in the diocese which offers a Latin Mass every Sunday. I can only assume that, because it has not been cancelled, he is a bishop I can trust. I was a little dumbfounded that he went to a meeting of bishops in DC this year rather than confirm our 8th graders. We shall see.


Harrisburg – Bishop Timothy Senior

  • Bishop Senior has been bishop about 10 minutes so I don’t know. But he quoted Cdl Bernardine at his installation a couple weeks ago. I grew to love & greatly respect Bishop Gainer. I will miss him so much.
  • Bishop Senior has recently joined Harrisburg Diocese with the retirement of Bishop Gainer- Bishop Senior stated his intent was to follow in Gainers footsteps in supporting Mater Dei in Harrisburg…. I have no idea of his ability/willingness to withstand Francos’ Heresy and stand up for Christ.
  • Bishop Senior is newly appointed to the Harrisburg Diocese. I do not know his orthodoxy.  I pray he will be a good Shepherd for our diocese.  But I worry that he is from Philadelphia a very liberal city and appointed by this Pope who has embraced modernism.
  • Bishop Senior is newly installed in Harrisburg. However his homily at his installation causes me to be very concerned for our future.  I will pray hard and hope I misread the signs.
  • Bishop Senior is newly-appointed and comes from a Rector position at Saint Charles Borromeo. His predecessor, Bishop Gainer, was mostly trustworthy and mostly orthodox, although he did capitulate to church closures. So far, Bishop Senior has been reasonably friendly to the local FSSP quasi-parish.
  • Bishop Senior was just elected Bishop. It is hard to have an opinion yet.
  • Bishop Senior was only recently installed as the Bishop of Harrisburg on June 21, 2023.
  • Bishop Timothy Senior was only installed as the Bishop of Harrisburg recently, replacing retired Bishop Ronald Gainer. Truthfully I do not know anything about him yet to comment.
  • Timothy Senior is VERY new to the Diocese of Harrisburg. For this reason I will withhold any real opinion. However, we have been hearing questionable things concerning his role Re: USCCB publishing the latest grants list for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD)? Lacks Transparency?
  • He is new to our diocese, but word is from seminarians when they were under him that he was solid and orthodox
  • He is very new and cannot find much info except that he was seminary rector? Guessing he’s part of the liberal Philly diocese establishment of liberal Catholics appointed by Pope Francis.
  • He is very new so we will have to see how he does
  • I cannot make a truly valid assessment because Bishop Senior just took over the Harrisburg Diocese on June 21, 2023 – his statements led me to pick the answers I did. Thanks
  • I had hoped for a holy bishop, akin to Vigano but alas it is not to be.
  • Last Bishop just retired, new bishop as of 2 weeks ago. Do not know yet. Last bishop was orthodox but still acted cowardly to the evil in the world.
  • My dead dog would make a better bishop
  • Our Bishop is brand new but based on his bio, I think he will be good.
  • Our bishop is so new to our diocese that most of us do not yet know him or what he stands for. I need to do research on his background before I can judge.
  • Since he was just recently installed, I do not know him very well and will reserve judgement until a future date. Overall, however, I am very disappointed with the majority of Bishops in our nation. There are only a handful that can be counted on to uphold the Orthodoxy of the faith.
  • The Bishops including the guy in Rome have failed to protect the people from Clergy Sex Abuse. I am a Victim / Survivor so I speak from Experience … Too many, I think, are more comfortable living on the Federal Dole ¤” and not supporting or taking care of the Spiritual Needs of the Faithful!!!
  • The diocese published a special large, glossy edition of the diocese newspaper to glorify his installation, after his predecessor declared bankruptcy. The special addition was full of adverts from each parish. And congrats notes from every famous homosexual bishop, and none of the orthodox ones.
  • This is a new Bishop in Harrisburg, Pa. He comes from Philadelphia, so I’m sure we are in for more of the same.
  • Useless like any democrat politician Lies, Steals, Cheats Can never look you in the eye


Hartford – Archbishop Leonard Blair

  • Another bishop looking to dismantle the Church. He tries to appear Orthodox but is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. His inner circle are homosexual priests. He does nothing to stop liturgical abuses or blasphemy in his archdiocese.
  • Archbishop Blair has been great. We in the traditional Latin Mass community have no serious complaints.  He has been fair & practical.  Sadly, he turns 75 this fall and a co-adjudicator has been named, about whom I have heard mixed things.
  • Archbishop Leonard Blair of Hartford is better than most but he bought into the Covid hysteria in a big way. Other than the Covid fascism /shutdowns he’s a pretty good Bishop. He’s very good on pro-life issues.
  • As an individual I believe he is orthodox, yet he has surrounded himself with middle management that are usually heterodox.
  • Does not speak out against abortion Closed the churches keeping us from the Bread of Life when we needed it the most. Dora’s not speak out concerning identity manipulation. Does not speak out on “LGBTQIA’s” Does not speak out on the LA Dodgers. Does not provide a moral compass. Mostly useless.
  • Gave homosexual priest the 150 year old Dominican home of Saint Mary and Saint Joseph in New Haven, CT. The priest used to be his “driver.”
  • Gave the diocese control to homosexualist priests that are heretical. Checked out.
  • He approves of the CCHD, and Fr James Martin SJ. I know by default because he allowed Martin to be the keynote speaker in the Hartford Archdiocesan Catholic Social Justice conference 2022.
  • He is wasting money to intentionally destroy. He destroyed the historic and beautiful architecture of the seminary building in Bloomfield and made the first floor hideous. The library is no longer open to the public. The historic chapel is no longer open to the public. He closes churches ruthlessly
  • He supports the TLM in our parish, and I am so grateful for that. He also supports various traditional processions, rites, services and other ceremonies. Beyond that I know nothing about him.
  • He’s a political monster but because of his invitation to the Institute into the archdiocese I will always be grateful.
  • He’s retiring in 2024. His replacement has been named already.  More of the same.  Give me Strickland or Cordelione!!
  • How could Archbishop Blair welcome Cardinal Tobin, a truly liberal, during the Mass for Blessed Michael McGivney???
  • I believe Bishop Blair is mostly orthodox; however, he doesn’t speak out against unorthodoxy coming from Rome. He will be 75 y/o (retirement age) next year.
  • I don’t understand why he appointed two archdiocesan priests to St Mary’s Church in New Haven, Ct. resulting in several Dominican Priests having to leave that parish which they have served for 100+ years. It was a terrible blow to the people who have been or are associated with St. Mary’s.
  • I think he tries very hard to navigate these difficult times. On one occasion, I heard him speak at an orthodox mass and I felt that he was more relaxed he spoke from his heart and it truly one his most beautiful homilies.


Helena – Bishop Austin Vetter

  • Besides the cancellation of the TLM, He claims that receiving Eucharist in the hand is more reverent than receiving on the tongue kneeling. Churches are not allowed to install alter rails or have the mass said ad Orientum but it’s ok to not have kneelers and to put the tabernacle off to the side
  • He does permit receiving while kneeling and on the tongue, but he lacks any true backbone and doesn’t want to “offend”. The question/answer sessions he gives are always him talking like a politician and asking for money. His priest placements seem to be very suspicious – always at colleges.
  • He is fairly new and we are very short on priests. His focus has been on the young men at Carroll College and recruiting. His message is good and he gets around the Diocese on parish visitations. Biggest problem is lack of courage is speaking out on important issues.
  • He shut down TLM but most of good priests are happy with him. He’s young.
  • I haven’t heard him address any of the current problems in the universal Church. Or Dodger Stadium. Mostly focuses on our diocese. Has made an effort to visit all of our parishes each year and has had various retreats for our priests since becoming Bishop.
  • My perception of him is that he trusts corrupt people around him. The hospitals, college, high schools, and elementary schools are seriously liberal and the bishop pretends to have no power. He prohibits the Latin Mass. I will not donate although I am sacramentally involved and volunteer often.
  • Needs to be more open to teaching the truths of the faith and what it is to be truly Catholic. Silence on the big sins in our world and how to prayerfully combat them would challenge the priests and the lay people to holiness.
  • Suspended the 1962 Latin mass permanently and allows the Novus Ordus Latin mass (Vatican 2) only once a month in a designated parish. Will not allow kneelers for communion but promotes Eucharist conferences without real changes.


Honolulu – Bishop Larry Silva

  • Bishop Silva has been very supportive of TLM in Hawaii and has written to the Vatican to obtain a disposition to continue having it in a parish church. He is very out-going, friendly, humble, and obviously a deeply spiritual man.  We are blessed!
  • Bishop Silva is a great shepherd. He is a prolife leader and supports the Church’s teachings on same sex marriage. He runs his diocese on relatively short revenues, but provides mostly successful programs.
  • Bishop Silva supports continuation of TLM on all islands¤ï¸ He is Pro-Life/denounces abortion. He needs to be transparent/speak-up for TRUE Catholic teachings – take a firm stance re: denouncing Pope’s non-Catholic teachings/decisions, similar to Bishop Strickland and Arch-Bishop Carlo Maria Vigano.
  • He has worked to keep our TLM but will not allow any Traditional Orders. Only wants those orders who will offer both forms. We would like more than just a few Sunday TLM Masses, but so far that has not happened. We are grateful for the little we do have. Some have no Latin Mass at all.
  • He mostly speaks out against abortion and same sex marriage, but refuses to disassociate with CRS and CCHD etc…
  • I am grateful he has allowed us to continue the Latin mass. Also appreciate he was present and was a speaker at the March for Life event in Honolulu. He encouraged everyone to protect life and lead faithful lives.
  • I have a comment why Fr. Altman is spearheading this? Is he in good standing with the church?  He forgot what the scripture says “let the Lord fight your battles, all you have to do is be SILENT”.  He really needs to ponder on a God’s word so he will understand why he was “cancelled” as a priest!
  • Our bishop does not speak up for prolife. Priests in Hawaii do not speak out against same sex marriage, phonograph, or abortion. They do not want to lose the number of people coming to mass.  They are always asking for money.


Indianapolis – Archbishop Charles Thompson

  • An effeminate-probably gay-Marxist. No backbone to call out evil right under his nose. Mandated dangerous Covid vaccines for seminarians. Refuses to engage with the laity. Hired Democrat climate activists as lobbyists for IN bishops. Recently cancelled promotion of a Jesse Romero program. Defunded him!
  • Doesn’t speak up for the unborn and keeps speakers out that do!!!
  • During COVID online masses not very sacred. No programs promoted to inspire the flock
  • He forced our seminarians to take the vaccine and released the seminarians who would not “obey” him.
  • He forced priest and seminars to get the Covid vaccine. When I was at mass he and another priest were given communion he stood in front of the kneeler. Shutting or churches for Covid was wrong.
  • He hasn’t stepped up to call out other bishops and clergy who have gone off the rail. Horrible job during Covid showing he doesn’t really believe in the importance of our faith lives. Goes along with the ridiculous climate change stuff and has been tough on orthodox seminarians.
  • He’s very good on traditional marriage and abortion, but more liberal on immigration and environmental issues. He is leans less traditional on liturgy but is supportive to the traditional community.
  • I can only judge our bishop by his actions and his treatment that I’ve been able to see of our priests, and our treatment, especially during the pandemic, and since then I’ve been good. I pray for him every day.
  • I commend H.E. Archbishop Charles Thompson for his actions to ensure that employees of our institutions are living public lives in accordance with the Faith. It can’t be easy to take on the Jesuits at Brebeuf, but His Excellency gave more than enough time to right their ship.  God Bless Archbishop!
  • Since this morning when I heard that his office was preventing our local CUP group (an orthodox traditional Catholic group) from distributing literature about an upcoming event on spiritual warfare I have lost trust in him. I thought he was better than that.
  • Very cautious of Bishop because he was elevated during the reign of Francis. He appears to be decent and protective of his flock and certainly superior to his predecessor who is favored but totally unworthy Cardinal due to sinful practices and ignoring Will of Our Blessed Savior Blessed Trinity!
  • Very quiet. Shut down our churches at Easter. No true shepherding coming to us. Sermons in churches mainly generic. No guidance coming on what’s happening in our society and church. Nothing. I seek out teachings from Archbishop Vigano, Bishop Strickland. Our bishops are so silent.
  • We are lucky to have him. He is quiet but sure.
  • We need the bishop to insist our parish priest are talking about abortion to speak on the Eucharist and should be able to take it. Talk about confession.  All this at the altar    To many of our priest are weak about these important issues
  • Weak & easily controlled by his peers, especially in regards to not only how parishioner dollars are obtained, but how they are spent. His unethical mandate of the jabs was beyond despicable! Derived from a line of aborted fetal cells, not to mention their devastating & DEADLY effects! Check VAERS!!
  • When Jesuit Preparatory high school refused to fire same sex married staff, Archbishop removed the Catholic name from the school.
  • When Pope Francis and his lackeys, the hierarchy of the Church, shut down all of the sacraments, even the last rights, to the entire laity they completely lost my respect and support. I deem most, if not all of them, wolves not shepherds, and I will not support them in any way until they repent.


Jackson – Bishop Joseph Kopacz

  • He came from PA to MS. Continues to allow our parish priest to deny communion on the tongue (hold over from the scamdemic).
  • He sidelines faithful priests and does nothing to limit active homosexual priests. He covered up for an active homosexual priest (acquired AIDS after ordination) who was stealing from his parish and swindled parishioners, and who is still being paid while a fugitive from justice.  Lenin Vargas.
  • He was listed in the Pennsylvania Attorney General 2018 report as being the Bishop’s Vicar General who was responsible for moving priests around when they were caught molesting youth. He’s a true modernist and an environment-loving Democrat to the core.
  • How can he shepherd the faithful, when he himself is so lost? He remains silent on evil issues that Catholics and Christians in general are facing now. He closed the diocesan churches during Covid and withheld the Eucharist from the faithful, just to name a couple of a long list. We have no shepherd
  • Humble and respectful of us
  • I feel he is slow to react on crucial parish matters. He is a pleasant man and listens to us, but he has no regard for parishioners requests for change on a local parish level. He allows priests who he KNOWS are living an unholy life to remain the head of their parish!
  • Milquetoast member of the Church Bureaucratic.
  • My bishop never comes to Desoto County Mississippi. I have lived her for 13 years very active in the Church never met him. I remember growing up in Louisiana and the bishop would visit my Parrish at least 3 times a year..  Just saying..
  • Seem to focus on fundraising. Nothing bold. Never any prolife messaging. Never messages upholding core teachings of the church or guidance on sex, LGBT, divorce etc. Luke warm. Catholic schools don’t teach moral stuff. Students leave church when graduate because they are not taught love for Christ.
  • There are no TLMs regularly celebrated. He’s obsessed with the demonic synodal way which traditional and conservative Catholics (read: authentic Catholics) were excluded from by the methods they used to collect their data set.
  • We are such a small parish we get what we can …Priests€¦Mass€¦I have seen him once at a funeral and I’ve never spoke to him or felt that I could speak to him€¦I’m just a parishioner trying to be a good Catholic with what we have€¦I wish I had a kneeler€¦Everyone receives in the hand€¦I on the tongue


Jefferson City – Bishop W. McKnight

  • A Bergoglio boy. =Communist
  • Bishop McKnight closed our churches with no sickness. .  He requires parishes to send 10% of all donations sent to the diocese. This is a tax. Bishop McKnight moves our priests every 2-3 years.
  • Bishop McKnight’s support/mandate of evil vaccines and his withholding support for denouncing the transgender cancer that is destroying our society have been strikes against him. I guess we’ll see what colors he wears when the visit to Bishop Strickland results become public.
  • Bishops will have to stand before God like all of us will have to do. We pray daily for our bishop.  We have been confused by some of his actions. But God is his judge.
  • Closing our churches during Covid and as recent as 2 months ago still pushing the shot when it has been proven thousands have died or left in handicapped condition because of it. Last week he joined McElroy, Cupich & Tobin RE: their stance on abortion & transgenderism. Now Catholic hospitals are
  • Dry as a bag of old bones. Purely an administrator. A Francis appointee
  • Gave questionable message on bishop’s statement on sex change procedures.
  • He is a big bureaucrat. He shows evidence of being a climber. He is working to centralize everything in the chancery and has greatly expanded it with offices and employees. He is basically a manager and not a pastor. It seems that the diocese does not exist to serve the parishes. Needs to go.
  • He is a ladder climber with no regard for his priests or his flock.
  • He is a modernist and a ladder climber. I pray for him daily.
  • He is in in for himself. Seems to care more about his reputation than his flock.
  • He thinks he is part of the elite – above the little people
  • He was a strong advocate of the Covid shot and quite insistent that people take it. He gives the impression of being more of a “business man and politician” than a spiritual leader.  He has reprimanded several good orthodox priests.
  • His stance on Covid, mandating the shot & continuing to do so. Recently, he agreed with McElroy, Tobin & Cupich RE: Catholic hospitals doing transgender surgeries.  The largest Catholic hospital in US is now doing them while those 4 dialogue, what a disgrace, while all those lives are ruined.
  • I get the impression that Bishop McKnight is a reflection of his earthly superiors. He detects the positions he needs to take to maintain status/grow in status based on the opinions of those he reports to. If he realizes that Tradition is inevitable, he’ll switch sides.
  • I was extremely disappointed when I heard that he wanted more dialogue before he would stop transgender surgeries, puberty blockers for youth, abortions, birth control, etc. at a Catholic hospital!! Why would you need any dialogue at all on something that is completely against Catholic teaching?
  • Mandating shots for Catholic school children but not protestant students seems to defeat the purpose, noting it is a sign that he realizes the shots don’t work in the first place. Why would he prohibit the faithful from going to see Sr. Wilhemenia’s incorrupt body, when he has no jurisdiction?
  • McKnight is a little, little, little man who governs our diocese as a tyrant and as if it were a corporation. He is clearly more interested in being promoted than in the salvation of the souls of his flock. He governs by fear, being abusive to his orthodox priests. We are sheep without a shepherd.
  • Most people I talk to have a negative attitude towards our bishop. I disagree with his handling of the COVID response. There were at least three ‘shot’ clinics in the diocese, and one was at a Catholic high school. I attended a Confirmation liturgy with no Mass. I would think there would be Mass
  • My Bishop seems to be a MONEY hungry hog! Destroyed our Cathedral in Jefferson City (because he had a donor that gave 25 MILLION) which may be needed updating, but not gutted.  It looks like a Greek Palace now.  Total WASTE of money but has hands out every week for more!  True Glutton!  Disgusting!
  • Supportive of Traditional Catholics.
  • We pray you will change your mind and put an end to transgender surgeries, drugs and abortions and birth control etc.


Joliet – Bishop Ronald Hicks

  • Bishop Hicks appears to be orthodox and allows the TLM communities to operate without interference. He seems level headed and encourages holy priests and parishes to be holy.
  • Chosen and placed in Joliet by Cardinal Cupich!!
  • He has been supportive of the traditional mass and is a man of deep prayer. I cannot explain it, but all personal encounters have shown he is a man who desires to serve Goa with his whole being
  • He has not responded to my two attempts to communicate with him and because he was under Cardinal Cupich, I tend to think he’s unorthodox, but have nothing concrete to base it on. I wish our bishops would be courageous and let their flock know where they stand on the important issues of our day.
  • He is quiet silent don’t really know him
  • He sends out a message occasionally , makes a taped call for the holiday…wants to close our churches He’s a new bishop and I know nothing about him as Joliet Bishops have never been around my income levels they ran with the money people.
  • Hicks was put in place by Cupich so no trust is given. Honestly, I don’t if he’s orthodox or not, he’s just another Bishop the faithful know little to nothing about because they don’t care to be visible to the flock
  • I don’t know him well, as he is new. But he seems to not take a firm stand for orthodoxy or unorthodoxy.  He seems to walk a middle line.  I would not say he is unorthodox, but I would also not say he is orthodox.  He required a Covid Vaccine shot of teachers and staff.  This was a poor decision.
  • I don’t know much about our bishop€¦he’s relatively new. Bishop Hicks is his name. I distrust most personnel from our diocese of Joliet. Bishop Hicks came to us from the Chicago diocese under Cupich so I feel like he may be more like him than he’s letting on for now.
  • I honestly don’t know much about Bishop Hicks as he is fairly new and doesn’t put out too much information that I know of but he is very much pro-diocesan and world funding outreach campaigns which I VERY MUCH mistrust.. so it puts us in “a pickle” as we look “uncharitable” if we don’t give and yet
  • I knew he’s a busy guy but one or two public appearances a year where we can just come and chat with him, perhaps in a Q&A format would help bridge the gap between the people and their bishop, other than that, nothing but good things to say, God bless!
  • I trust B. Hicks but not C. Cupich
  • I’m aware that he is close to Cardinal Cupich of the Archdiocese of Chicago. I COMPLETELY MISTRUST the Cardinal, so that causes me to be wary of Bishop Hicks. In the short time he has led our diocese, he hasn’t spoken out at all about all the problems.
  • It’s the year of the Eucharist and little has been done to teach about it. Priests are teachers of the flock and are rarely/never teaching outside the homily. The priest should be required to spend at least 30 min./mo. in each grade K-8, 30-60 min./mo. teaching teachers and annual parish seminars.
  • Please keep the true teachings of our Lord, don’t stay away from the truth of the Catholic Church teachings with the new stuff coming out of Rome. Stand up to only the true teachings of Our Lord which is in the Bible. Stand strong to these heretics who want to change the church teachings
  • Protégé© of Blase Cupich.
  • Rarely hear from our Bishop unless it’s a request for donations. I would like him to visit our parish (St Bernard’s, Homer Glen) and attend a gathering of parishioners so we can hear his position on current topics facing our Church and faith.
  • While I like his energy level I not easy that he is energetic and seems to support prolife and the communion as well. Not sure if how he stands on other catholic beliefs. he is in very good standing with Cardinal Cupich which I feel does not follow  church teaching


Kalamazoo – Bishop Edward Lohse

  • Bishop Lohse has been installed yet. His predecessor, Bishop Bradley, did not fight to keep churches open during Covid.  Yet he did approve the daily Latin Mass at least one parish.  He appeared at a prolife rally last summer that opposed a state amendment. Yet was too quiet on many issues.
  • The previous bishops’, Bishop Paul Bradley definitely was a pedophile protector and a boy groomer promoter. He used a psychological warfare, such as gaslighting against his own Priest. His sidekick in all these crimes was the vicar general Msgr. Mike Osborne, the new Vice rector Mount St. Mary’s.


Kansas City – Archbishop Joseph Naumann

  • Archbishop Naumann is pretty low-key but has begun to speak out on issues such as abortion and withholding Holy Communion from public figures such as Nancy Pelosi and President Biden. I know he refused the Holy Eucharist to Kathleen Sebelius when she as governor of Kansas.
  • Archbishop Naumann’s silence on the homosexual subject is sporadic, but recently he did instruct his priests to speak against the perpetual sisters of indulgence from the pulpit. He will not say anything negative about Fr. James Martin. Nothing from the pulpit on the evil of transgender ideology.
  • As I see him: He is one that wants to get along. Not ruffle feathers with what garbage that is coming out of Rome and even the world most of the time. Says little controversial and just wants to be a nice bishop. And he is a nice guy. Straddle the fence and keep your head down kind of bishop. Pray!
  • As one who aligns with the SSPX, it is comforting to know that Bishop Naumann is amiable to the Society, especially in what he has recently mentioned regarding it. Along with Bishop Fellay, I believe that Bishop Naumann is one of the better Shepherds of the universal Church.
  • By far the most reverent and holy yet most in touch and approachable bishop of the eight I have known in my 76 years, having been actively involved in Serra, MI, KofC and several discernments and many retreats™. Courageous and humble to a fault
  • He is head of the prolife movement and I appreciate that. There are several TLM churches in our diocese, but I don’t know his thoughts on Bergoglio.
  • He is near retirement.
  • He is one of the better bishops who truly cares about his flock. The point I question him on is his support for the CCHD.  I have written him numerous times asking to change his support of this but he has not done so.  That says that political give and take of the USCCB is too strong to ignore.
  • He is very vocal on prolife issues, has said very little on the LGBT+ issues that are plaguing the church.
  • He needs to protect children in Catholic schools from sexual predators better. Ann’s parish and school lack strong leadership.
  • I like Archbishop Naumann and generally trust him to be faithful and knowledgeable. He is very pro-life and that is important to me.
  • I live right on the edge between the Kansas City Archdiocese and the Salina diocese. Technically, I live in the Salina diocese.  I have much less trust for Bishop Vincke of the Salina diocese.  Allowing McCarrick to go to Victoria, KS to hide out is one reason.  He’s also vague and mediocre.
  • I sent a heartfelt letter to my Archbishop about my conflict and concerns stemming from my home parish and never received a response. At a minimum I would expect acknowledgment that the letter was received and read, and I was also open to correction if my thoughts were in error. No. Trust.
  • I think he is pretty good but he caved to the state with lockdowns and he encouraged parishioners to get the jab. I wrote to him about medical reasons not to get it and my husband wrote about moral reasons to not get it but he didn’t change his position. I think he is supportive of illegal immigrant
  • In the current collection of leadership of the Church, AB Naumann stands out as both courageous in speaking out on vital matters while maintaining his commitment to remaining pastoral. Very worried that our Archdiocese will not be blessed by a strong orthodox leader when he retires.
  • Needs to speak out more in support of Latin Mass. Condemn James Martin, human trafficking, the pope’s undermining of all that the past 2 popes have done.
  • Supportive of the TLM
  • The only reason I didn’t mark “Completely Trust” is that he seems to defer too much to the entrenched paradigm of the post Vatican II institutional church including some staff in his own archdiocese.
  • Will not speak on very important issues like euthanasia. Says he is prolife but it is great to call in hospice and let them kill your parents, anyone old, or handicapped.  Taking away the rights of all of these to say prayers like the rosary and divine mercy at the end of their life while awake.


Kansas City-St. Joseph – Bishop James Johnston

  • Although he does not say the Latin Mass, he lets the priests in the diocese who know the Latin Mass offer it. We have a relative small diocese and we have 20 men studying for the priesthood.  We had the “miracle” at Gower, MO in his diocese and we made a visit and gave a statement.
  • Bishop Johnston is protecting his TLM parishes of which I belong to one. I think there’s a certain beauty in staying under the radar. He’s able to stay in place in order to be our shield. I’m very grateful to him and for him.
  • He is doing the job he has to do for the overall good of his flock. Just like in the military, the officers have to stand for the whole not the few While they instill good order and discipline
  • I am very pleased with our bishop. I hope the Vatican leaves our bishops alone.
  • I cannot say positively whether Bishop Johnston has spoken out against the evils that the world and the Church is facing today, only that I haven’t heard of any such talk from him. However there is just something about him that causes me to not trust him completely.
  • It’s hard to tell (or maybe very revealing) how orthodox he is because he has not spoken out on major issues – Abortion, trafficking, Holy Eucharist, etc.
  • Not sure where he stands as little is communicated to the people. I attend an orthodox parish 6 days a wk and a very liberal parish 1x per week.  I don’t hear or see Bishop Johnston taking a stand/voicing Catholic teachings on anything. We have newly ordained that a appear to have orthodox teaching
  • So far I have to say that at least our Bishop has NOT removed any TLM from our Diocese. I do not think he will unless threatened. The true test will be to see how he reacts if told he needs to reduce our TLM.
  • Unfortunately, he is enforcing the Modo Proprio and not allowing Latin Mass to be celebrated in parishes that want it. Also, the Synod document produced in this diocese was abhorrent.


Knoxville – Archbishop Shelton Fabre

  • Abp Fabre, made it very clear his position is Temporary. Reviewing his past and current assignments I feel he is a “Francis” man through and through. I am fasting and praying for the man selected to lead this very troubled diocese.
  • Archbishop Fabre has only been appointed for the past 2 weeks but I don’t have much faith in him either because MOST of THEM are weak. Bishop Sticka was a crook and a creep. Bishop Dolan (we moved out of New Yuck in 2020) is also a crook and creep. Nothing new here … another day, another Judas.
  • Bishop Sticka got fired/resigned for Bad Behavior a week ago, Thank GOD He is gone, and we have a new Archbishop Shelton Fabre (Apostolic Administrator). I really don’t know Him, new Archbishop, I am rating the Old Bishop Sticka!!! GOD BLESS YOU!
  • He did nothing to remedy the tyranny of bishop Stika as addressed by many laity and priests within the diocese.
  • He has obviously been given this responsibility because the Lavender Mafia trust him. Hence, I do not trust him.
  • I don’t know him well. He has recently replaced Bishop Stitka until a permanent Bishop replaces him. However, I read his first homely and I was sadly disappointed. He sounded very much like Bergoglio’s word salad. I pass on judging this Bishop d/t his recent appointment. God bless him!
  • It was Sitka, he was a liar and ruined our parish Olph of LaFollette. 5 years later we are finally coming back.  He also covered up sexual misconduct of seminarians.  He had to be the worse!!!
  • Our Bishop recently resigned.


La Crosse – Bishop William Callahan

  • “80% of Catholics don’t know their faith because we bishops, for the last 50 years, have not been teaching the faith. Bishop Callahan per Fr. James Altman interview Bishop Callahan has asked parishes to take up the CCHD collection.
  • A bishop who hides in his fenced and gated house is no bishop at all. He is never with the people except for when he HAS to. He does not stand up to defend the Church and goes with the flow of the “good old boys”! Just like having no bishop at all.
  • As a lifelong Catholic, I would like to see and hear from our Bishops words on what is right and what is wrong within our Church and in our culture. In addition, more needs to be done to support the people and truly teach and encourage them in fully living the Catholic faith at all ages.
  • Benched fr Altman. Doesn’t want priest to speak hard truths about culture and the need for traditional mass. Or the catechism of the youth. His monthly new letter is good otherwise. They want a revival of communion but don’t want it to be on the tongue and kneeling.
  • Bishop Callahan has been a huge disappointment to many faithful Catholics in our diocese. I personally know many people who have cut off all tithings that go through the diocese. Leave the good priests alone and correct the ones that are destroying our churches.
  • Bishop Callahan has neglected to teach the One True Faith as it has been passed down for generations as given by Our Lord. We are floundering out here in a sea of wickedness in an ocean full of salty water that we cannot drink and we are thirsty. Bishop Callahan, we are thirsty, thirsty, thirsty!
  • Bishop Callahan is fluff and warm fuzzy feelings and he seems to me to be the center of his role as Shepherd. His Sermons are lame and meant to not offend or cause dissension and he does NOT lead. He is very near retirement and should step aside and a strong Bishop must lead this Holy Diocese.
  • Bishop Callahan is in poor health. I believe Fr. Schaller and others are controlling what comes out of his office. The diocese of LaX engaged in a 70 year cover-up of it’s sex abuse cases. ’69My family was destroyed when a priest abused my 11 year old brother. Msgr. Jeffrey Burrill should not Pastor
  • Bishop Callahan is not following Jesus Christ and Catholic Biblical, Canonical, and Magisterial teachings. “You will know them by their fruits” Because of Bishop Callahan’s scandalous fruits (his woke, politically & pro-gay motivated behavior) I now suspect that he may be an active homosexual.
  • Bishop Callahan not only canceled our Masses during Covid, when our pastor tried to provide the sacraments in creative ways, he was told to stop. He does not allow Fr Altman to serve as a Pastor in the Diocese but has Monsignor Burrill in active ministry at a Parish! It is makes me sick.
  • Bishop Callahan should not have removed Father Altman. Father Altman is a true speaker of the faith! And Bishop Callahan did the Catholic Church an incredible disservice when we silenced father Altman. We need strong Shepard’s like him in this evil world.
  • Bishop Callahan, your letter to us re Roe v Wade was excellent! However, your silence on other issues…Gender transformation, gay marriage, illegal immigration.etc is very disappointing.  In this troubled time, we need desperately to hear you guide and support all of us. You are in my prayers dai
  • Bishops and priests are afraid to offend their flock. Too political. When priests do speak the truth, they are cancelled. Does not support the Latin mass. During recent fundraiser, even if the individual parishes did not raise their allotted goal, the funds were taken from the parish.
  • Callahan seems more a bureaucrat than shepherd. He doesn’t answer calls, letters or e-mails. He cancelled Fr. James Altman. He gave Msgr. Jeffrey Burrell (“Grindr” scandal) a pastorate w/o warning. He usually delegates Confirmations to parish priests. Weak. Untrustworthy. Not present.
  • Callahan is a Democratic Party representative masquerading as a bishop.
  • Canceled Father Altman while reassigning Fr. the Grindr Burille.
  • Can’t trust the guy.
  • Completely silent except when he canceled Fr. Altman and gave the grinder priest a parish… and didn’t speak up to keep our Latin Mass Not a shepherd
  • Propagator of the Vatican II regime. Lack of supernatural spirit Destroyer of Tradition
  • Does not care about people ending up in hell!
  • Has been Canceling (Persecuting priests) almost every year he has been in La Crosse. He puts them on leave…never to be seen in a church again.
  • He allowed suggestions in his synodal document which are against the Catholic Faith. He placed a Priest who is reported to have been on grindr for a three year period into a parish. He allowed Cardinal Hollerich to offer Mass in his Diocese. He sidelined Father Altman.
  • He allows those priest that do the devils deed’s to remain. And cancel’s priest who do GOD’s work. We must have a church that identifies the truth.
  • He canceled my favorite priest. Now I’m moving!
  • He cancelled Fr. James Altman but reinstalled Msgr. Jeffrey Burrill. During the CCP virus “fear-demic,” our priest was holding Mass in the church parking lot. He in a specially built trailer, the faithful IN their cars listening to the Mass on the car’s radio. The bishop cancelled all public masses!
  • He does not lead his people faithfully.
  • He does not pray with us outside Planned Parenthood, despite being invited to, and he canceled Fr Altman for speaking TRUTH. Also I believe priests in the diocese are afraid to speak TRUTH after Fr Altman situation. They don’t even address abortion during sermons.
  • He doesn’t defend Church Doctrine & doesn’t backup the Priest who do
  • He follows Pope Francis’s actions. We feel he is not protecting our church as he should. Pope Benedict was much holier and reverent to our faith.
  • He gives me the impression that he doesn’t want to make waves either way. During the lockdowns he followed the lead of Chicago vs what is best for our rural diocese. However, he has allowed the Institute of Christ the King to remain.
  • He has cancelled many priests who have preached the truth. We need good, holy bishops as well as good and holy priests. We are losing them.
  • He has no pastoral care for his flock that attends the Traditional Latin Mass.
  • He has sidelined truthful tell it like is priests while keeping gay priests active. Not my bishop anymore!
  • He hides in his rectory and does nothing because of fear. He does not support his priests and he worries more about finances than doctrine. I believe he is faithful but was formed by the post Vatican modern Catholic Church.
  • He is a good man of God but doesn’t give his flock advice on dealing with the evil being taught and condoned in our country today. He is old and unable to argue the changes in society and the church. He should have supported Fr. Altman for the most part.
  • He is a nice guy. He is weak, and would never stand against the USCCB in anyway. He will just keep his head down.
  • He needs to bring back the traditional Latin Mass.
  • He needs to reinstate Latin Mass! And return Fr. Altman to his former duties.
  • He needs to speak out more on the evils happening in our world today such as child sex trafficking, the evil talk and actions of the “woke” movement, and how our society is accepting all kinds of evil actions against God’s laws and the truth that hell exists to those who reject God.
  • He never speaks up to accept or condone other bishops reply’s when it comes to the woke issues. I know his health has not been good but I would appreciate a statement on how he stands with Pope Francis, the synod, other conservative bishops etc.
  • He picks and chooses the priests ~ who gets to stay, who doesn’t ~ takes the truly holy priests and punishes them for being, well, truly holy.
  • He removed a traditional priest with a successful parish because an accurate political statement, covered for a homosexually promiscuous priest, assigning him to a rural parish. Traditional Catholics & orthodox priests fear he doesn’t believe in Catholic doctrine or tradition.
  • He removed the beloved truth-telling pastor Fr. Altman for his “tone and manner.” But promiscuous homo. Msgr. Grindr (Burrill) assigned as pastor after a short vacation. No more TLM masses in diocese parish churches. We have been kicked out for being too faithful and devout. On and on…
  • He seems to want the right things. Was not quick to pull the Latin Mass, but then on bad advice has limited it within the Diocese. Similar to other bad apples/actors, I think he does not have the best people around him. He is tough on Altman and yet compassionate to Burrill
  • He walks with Christ. God’s plan is perfect. We all know God, Holy Spirit chooses persons for the perfect plan from Father. If we don’t trust Bishop Callahan then we don’t trust God… B.C is the seed dropped on fertile soil. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Yours In Christ, Peter M
  • Hides Fr. Altman but gives a sex offending Msgr. a parish in West Salem, WI. He is old and ill but no excuse for this.
  • His cancelling of Fr. Altman while confirming Monsignor Burrill is distressing to me because my son is a La Crosse seminarian. What guarantee is there of a truly orthodox and traditional formation of him? I pray for him every day and offer up sacrifices for him. My worries continue for him.
  • His removing Father Altman FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH should result in bishop Callahan being removed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • His silence speaks volumes.
  • I am a parishioner in the Diocese of LaCrosse, WI. I hear nothing from our bishop except for the letter he writes in the Catholic Life magazine.  I want to know about the current teachings in the Catholic Church–the content of our faith and the New Evangelization that I’m hearing from other dioc.
  • I am distressed that Bishop Callahan has not spoken up about same sex unions and the evils of sodomy, critical race theory that may be influencing our children, calling out those politicians who claim to be Catholic but refuse to follow the teachings of the church regarding abortion.
  • I am saddened by his lack of speaking out to clarify church positions in a world that is constantly tearing down faith and morals. His cancellation of Fr. Altman was shocking in light of another priest who was given a parish despite very concerning life choices.
  • I believe he means well for his flock, but he is too caught up in the ecclesial politics. He is too willing to offer the proverbial “pinch of incense” to appease Rome.
  • I do not trust anything in the Catholic community anymore. Especially the Pope.
  • I feel that Bishop Callahan is a coward. He hides in his fancy house behind a fancy fence and doesn’t show his face. He won’t speak with his flock. He is a drain on the faithful Catholics in the greater La Crosse area.
  • I have heard nothing about what’s happening to Fr. Altman. None of us are perfect but he was one of our priests.
  • I have little faith in my Bishop’s ability to make critical decisions that coincide with the Catholic faith. Removing Fr. Altman from his Diocese was such a crushing blow to Catholics everywhere. I pray that Bishop Callahan re-evaluates his stance on the cancelled Priests of his Diocese.
  • I recent that he had our Catholic Churches closed during the pandemic!!Our Mass is totally essential; more so than Walmart, Target ….I also recent that he takes away the parish of Father Altman; just because he told us: if you are Catholic; you cannot be Democrat!!And he didn’t like you having
  • I think Bishop Callahan has been bullied/ frightened by some powerful Cardinals, making a big mistake canceling Father Altman while returning Msgr. Burrell to a parish community in 6 months time. I do pray for my Bishop daily as I know he has a difficult job.
  • It us all about money. Bishop Callahan cancelled our church and wants more money.  You closed the church do curb your spending.  Your new spiritual collection and bishop appeal is a joke. You are just greedy. Will not give to either one
  • Mostly Unorthodox due to cancelling of the Latin Mass. Very disappointed with his lack of support for good priests who spoke the gospel truth.  The releasing Fr. Altman was handled in the poorest way possible.  It should have been addressed to the congregation instead of hiding behind a fence.
  • My bishop has fallen to the evil that is present in society. He likes to force priests to resign because they tell the truth. He recently installed a known pervert in a nearby parish.
  • My family and myself find Bishop Callahan to be completely untrustworthy. When the sacraments were denied with COVID, the Bishop aligned himself, and was given permission to quote heretic Cardinal Cupich.  This is absolutely incredible to deny the laity Holy Church’s graces through the sacraments.
  • Not a defender of the TLM. Allows SA-ing priests to continue offending. Awful.
  • Our Bishop is Daniel Meihm from Peterborough Diocese in Ontario Canada. We wanted to vote as he locked us down during Covid and would not stand up for our right to receive the sacraments no matter how we tried to accommodate the rules. He acted cowardly at a time when we needed him the most.
  • Really disappointed in how the Bishop handled the Father Altman situation, caving into leftist outrage (some not even Catholic)! We are talking about the murder of innocent preborn children!  Of course, you cannot vote for such a heinous atrocity. Shame on you, Bishop!  Get some holy Courage!
  • Removed a moral priest, installed a priest caught in immoral situation and did not explain to parish. Done under the radar of parishioners.
  • Removes the faculties of Fr Altman and gives “Msgr Grinder” a parish assignment. A shameful move on both ends
  • Removing a beloved priest (Father Altman) from his parish who was only speaking the truth and providing spiritual health to the parishioners was a poor decision the next bad move made was moving and not punishing a priest using the grinder app. Last, his silence during the drag show at the LA Dodgers
  • Seems to be influenced or pressured by liberal “colleagues” and factions and is silent on matters of grave immorality: like abortion and homosexuality, especially of clergy and silences dissenting voices speaking out and defending Truth and the Magisterium of the Church and doctrine.
  • Soul in danger.
  • The lack of trust stems from reasons including his sidelining Fr. Altman, removing the TLM from our Parishes, his refusal to meet with, respond to & acknowledge our communication we have sent regarding these grievances, & his lack of public outrage at the heresies occurring by the Church hierarchy!
  • Treatment of Father James Altman was revealing. Negligent in his duty to stand up against the evil happening in Christ’s church.  Our bishop should stand out, as bishop Strickland has done. How priests are are not at all!!!  Being trained properly. And what about Monsignor Burrill???????
  • Unceremoniously kicked out our beloved pastor Fr. Altman for preaching the truth in a manner he did not like, but we did like. Rid our parish, and ALL parishes in the diocese of La Crosse, of the traditional Latin Mass and destroyed our close-knit apostolate.  Too much more to list here.
  • Watching actions and things he says too, are anti-what our God, Jesus, Trinity established. Favoritism, chastising good, humble priest, and didn’t handle the clergy scandal to help priests plus hurt regular Catholics and people’s integrity, with the inaction and seemingly trying to hide info. More
  • We need to encourage more reverence at mass. We need to bring back rails, encourage veiling, and confirm younger. Encourage Latin during mass.
  • While there isn’t much on the surface that would concern most, read the headlines: Removing Fr James Altman for speaking the truth, notifying him by Fedex Next Day; Giving a parish to a sex shopping Monsignor (he didn’t break any laws!?!)Doesn’t make a move unless Cupich says okay. Lacks a spine.
  • Would like to see practical programs developed to help parish members feel prepared to evangelize, such as setting up small teams of two or three to go out to the community and discuss our belief in the true presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.


Lafayette IN – Bishop Timothy Doherty

  • All Novus ordo “bishops” and “priests” are protestant
  • Bishop Doherty appears to be a weak & meek leader and does not know how to build a fire in our youth – as well as older folks like me. He needs to speak out & speak up about our Catholic beliefs around abortion, homosexuality and other social issues that are watering down our Catholic faith.
  • Bishop Doherty cancels anyone who opposes his positions. It is difficult to be a Roman Catholic in the Lafayette diocese when your bishop is a strong supporter of Black Lives Matter and all that they stand for.
  • Bishop Doherty has not spoken up concerning the issues that affect the man and the woman in the pew God have mercy
  • Bishop Doherty has shown he is a two faced politician. He might speak prolife but then morally relativizes it by asking his sheep to read Bishop McElroy’s article that equates immigration with abortion during election time.  He has promoted Fr. James Martin’s book about building bridges as well.
  • Bishop Doherty seems to me to be an administrator. He threw one of our priests under the bus during the BLM riots and I think his United in Heart campaign is one of those useless programs whose purpose is to make it look like something of substance is happening because of it.
  • Corresponded with him on many occasions. Mostly received no answer. When I did get an answer it was condescending. It seems he considers his flock too stupid to understand the finer points of the Faith. Already has his mind made up. Does not listen to us lowly ones with sincere concerns.
  • Decisions do not benefit the priests or faithful Catholics in his diocese. I haven’t contributed to any to any Lafayette Diocese fund raisers since the closing of churches during Covid and the removal of Father Rothrock as pastor of our parish.
  • Destroying the diocese. Doesn’t listen to his people or priests.
  • does not support orthodox priests, parishioners or Catholic teaching or conservative American values
  • Doesn’t follow God’s commandments!!!
  • Doesn’t promote church teachings, doesn’t support his priests, stated during Mass that he supported BLM and cancelled a priest who tried to warn his parishioners, won’t allow kneelers to receive the Eucharist.
  • For Bishop Doherty to be a voice for the Church on Jesus’s teachings. To stand up for what is morally right and good in society.
  • Granted I have never had the occasion to meet with his Excellency, he has declined to respond to (perhaps even read) two of my letters. From his writings in the local catholic newspaper it is painfully evident this man believes little of the faith.
  • Has cancelled faithful priests. Refusal to allow Latin Mass. Has told priests they can’t say homosexuality from ambo.  Won’t distribute communion on the tongue.  Sending diocese candidates to horrible seminary in Minneapolis.
  • Has put in place a terrible program called Uniting in Heart that is very Protestant, very bureaucratic, very lay people oriented and very minimizing of priests. It has been very unfruitful. In the 10 years since he has been bishop, vocations have plummeted. He won’t allow the Latin Mass.
  • He allegedly favors gay civil unions and that he has stated that a total abortion ban is “impractical.” His knee jerk reaction and failure to back up a priest critical of Black Lives Matters was deeply unjust. Same for Father DeOreo. His “Uniting in Hearts” program is unwieldy and incomprehensible.
  • He appears to completely lack supernatural faith. Several years ago he told those being confirmed not to expect anything at all. His celebration of long-lasting marriages was horrific; we never went back. I feel sorry for him. He appears to seek secular solutions, to lack courage to uphold Faith.
  • He believes in gay marriage and exceptions for abortion
  • He does not know his flock. He only sees Latinos    The rest of us are expected to embrace the finance burden
  • He does not speak out about the evils plaguing our faith; homosexuality, abortion, etc. He does not support the faithful challenging his opinions. He has forbidden the Latin rite in our local parishes
  • He does not support the Traditional Latin Mass. That says it all.
  • He had our churches locked during the wu-flu shut-down. In a recent visit to our rural parish, he insisted that parishioners not receive Holy Communion at the Communion rail, which many normally do.
  • He has quashed the traditional mass movement in his diocese and refuses to listen to priests who advocate for the faithful attached to that liturgy
  • He is a political liberal and seems unaware of the dangers of the Left. Whether writing on spiritual or cultural subjects, his newsletter messages are always vague. He is more of an administrator than a shepherd. And there is a sense that he intimidates our priests rather than supporting them.
  • He is pompous, a weak leader, and doesn’t have the ability to engage our youth. We need a humble leader who isn’t afraid to defend and openly speak about our beliefs regarding abortion, homosexuality, and all the other social issues being crammed down our throats!
  • He is the epitome of “soft” – in every way – lacks anything masculine. He is an elitist – he speaks condescendingly. He simply refuses to speak out on abortion, homosexuality and threatens priests who will. He shut our churches down during Covid. I won’t trust him with a penny. Lots more to say.
  • He is woke and says little to nothing about the problems of our times such as abortion, transgenderism, critical race theory, the buying and selling of aborted baby body parts. He has even defended Black Lives Matter by cancelling a priest of the diocese for criticizing the organization.
  • He wouldn’t allow traditional Latin Mass, moved the priests away who would offer it, but accepts money from wealthy politicians & business owners who support abortion & LGBT movements at his cathedral. More & more of us in our 20s & 30s see what he’s doing, even some older folks.
  • I am gravely disappointed in the Diocese of Lafayette, Indiana. Our schools are primarily alternative schools without discipline with the quality of catechism and education poor. We have active parishioners who are Masons. The priest is perfectly fine. I pray for my priests daily. God be with us.
  • I distrust my bishop because of his censorship and cancellation of faithful priest Fr. Ted Rothrock due to Fr. Rothrock’s speaking out against the pro-abortion and communist Black Lives Matter organization.
  • I do not trust him at all. He has persecuted faithful priests, has banned the TLM, has listed “off topics” for homilies, has rammed a disastrous reorganization down the throats of the diocese and has personally wrecked our parish due to his vindictive actions. I pray for his soul.
  • I want an apology for his actions during the political plandemic where he ordered his clergy give up their vows and not do their religious duties of last rites, confession, saving souls etc. Of all people I would have thought I would hear once, “trust in God”, “natural immunity “.
  • Imagine my surprise to find my bishop to be the exclusive story regarding his suspension of. Fr Rothrock, and his claim to support BLM on Church Militant in the summer 2021.
  • In my humble opinion, listening to him speak and reading his writings, Bishop- Doherty seems very progressive and liberal. He leans more towards social justice pressures than the teachings of the Bible. He is definitely not a shepherd in this role.
  • It is time to be bold and teach the sinfulness of Abortion, CRT, Homosexuality, the lies of the left, open borders with sex trades, drugs, diseases, etc., sex changes for children and teachers and others helping them to keep this from their parents, pornography, devil worship and sooo much more!
  • Not a strong Catholic nor a good leader. Especially for our youth. Does not stick up for what is right not defend the core beliefs of our Catholic faith
  • Our diocese is in total chaos and ruin right now under Bishop Doherty’s leadership and also his implementation of Uniting in Heart. We have lost several truly faithful Priests because of his policies and changes.
  • Seems more concerned with financial liability than the souls of the flock
  • Seen too many of his decisions to be politically motivated and not necessarily in the best interest for the church and the people. Don’t believe that he listens to the people.
  • Shut down churches during Covid, pretty much forced all Priests get the jab, ignores what is going on with Priests that should be sanctioned, and takes out Priests who are falsely accused.
  • This bishop persecutes good priests and covers up nefarious activities. He is mismanaging the diocese and overseeing its decline. He is a kindred spirit of the likes of Cupich. He does not want to hold politicians accountable and inspires no one to live the faith. He acts like a dictator.
  • Viper
  • We need a leader who isn’t afraid to defend and openly speak about our Catholic beliefs on abortion, homosexuality, and other issues.
  • We need a strong leader who isn’t afraid to speak up about our beliefs regarding abortion, homosexuality, and all the other social issues that have become prevalent in our society. We need someone who can reach our youth too!  It’s time to make a change for the betterment of our diocese!
  • Won’t allow Ad Orientum or the TLM. The living conditions of the rectories are horrible. Has implemented ‘Uniting in Heart’.  It has made the Church a horribly run corporation and the priests overworked.  Not holy or orthodox.


Lafayette LA – Bishop J. Deshotel

  • Bishop Deshotel is a good manager but is not willing to speak out against the wide open heresy and godlessness of our society. He is a nice guy but not very pastoral.  Many souls are being deceived by his failure to speak up loudly from the rooftop.  I pray for him and all our priests!
  • Bishop Deshotel remains quiet on so many things that are happening. Have never heard him address homosexuality, drag queens in California, new abortion pill, and other controversial issues.
  • Does little to remind the faithful specially in the month of June to reject the modernist ideology regarding the sixth and ninth commandments
  • He has continued to allow the TLM and appears to be doing all he can to allow it to remain and survive even if Rome tries to get him to stop it at our 2 diocesan churches.
  • He is a very good bishop.
  • I think Bishop Deshotel has been good overall. He has done some good work in the diocese, restructured the chancery.  At the same time I don’t expect him to rock the boat much either.
  • I trust my bishop but I believe he is naive in trusting those in power in chancery.
  • Our bishop, I believe, is basically a good person, but weak, definitely not in the clique of the powerful ones who are pulling the strings.
  • The church is going woke, counter to the culture and doctrine I was raised in and supported by my parents and grandparents!
  • Though a court ruling required him to release the list of pedophile priests in our diocese, he stalled. And stalled again. It took many calls to force his hand. He was not happy which told us all we needed to know.
  • When Fr Mike Guidry was convicted of abuse the father (who is a Deacon) of the boy was erased from the diocese website. Had no support from the diocese.


Lake Charles – Bishop Glen Provost

  • Bishop Provost brought ICTK to Diocese of LC. He allows one parish Church to advertise its TLM. This was being done pre TC. And he allows for TLM to be prayed daily and on Sundays at IC Cathedral but it cannot be advertised. This was allowed post TC. He retires summer 2024.
  • Bishop Provost was the first Bishop who could have exposed James Martin SJ, after Martin gave a talk about certain topics to 7th graders of a Catholic school here in Lake Charles. But he was afraid to speak out against him since he went to seminary with Cupich
  • Bringing the oratory here & allowing the Latin mass to continue has been a huge blessing to our entire diocese. My only hope, is that if he were challenged publicly, that he would stand for what is right, boldly and proudly. It would be nice if he would boldly encourage the traditional rite to all.
  • He has promoted and participates in the TLM. Leads our schools in teaching the true faith and has gave us strength during our two Hurricanes that have destroyed church buildings and schools.
  • He is a very friendly, approachable person. He filled in at our parish, when we were temporarily without a second priest.  He visits the children in our Catholic school.  God bless him!
  • He’s a great Bishop we live him ❤️
  • I am very thankful for Bishop Provost for allowing the Latin Mass to be offered in our Diocese. The Latin Mass brought me back to the Church.
  • We moved from the Beaumont, Texas diocese over to Lake Charles, LA diocese during COVID. We live 25 minutes from the border. We had been in the Beaumont diocese for 50 years. Moving was the best decision we ever made. Our eyes were opened to the liberalism in Beaumont. Thankful & Blessed more now!


Lansing – Bishop Earl Boyea

  • A real bum, locked in the John Dearden mode of liberal “homocrap,” as Boyea comes from Detroit. I am Jay McNally and have written quite a bit about Boyea.
  • Bishop Boyea has been growing in his courage to do the right thing, whereas before it seemed he just kept his head down. I wish he were stronger and more courageous but he seems to have our back while he flies under the radar of Francis.
  • Bishop Boyea has been working diligently with the parishes and pastors to revitalize the faith community and make intentional disciples of the laity. I was recently relocated to this diocese from the Archdiocese of Detroit. I cannot say the same of Archbishop Vigneron. I’m so glad we moved here.
  • Bishop Boyea isn’t perfect but I think he’s done a fine job. I’ve never heard him say anything unorthodox, we have a solid crop of seminarians, he’s active, and he’s said the TLM so I’m happy.
  • Does not stand strongly on the tenets of our faith that are crumbling in our society. Have seen missed opportunities in this Diocese and would like a strong Bishop that takes a vocal, public stance and does not live in fear or cower to the people in power.  In MI so it’s pretty dismal here now.
  • During his time as Bishop there has been many sexual misconduct cases. He handled many of them poorly, swept everything under the rug and continues to move on as though nothing has happened. He is hurting his flock.  Additionally, he employs a superintendent that verbally harasses those under him.
  • Good Shepherd who loves his flock and his the priests who serve under him. Leading the way for evangelization. So glad he is our Bishop. We are blessed to have him.
  • From what I have seen of my bishop, I believe he values patience and prudence. However, it sometimes comes across as timidity.  I would have much preferred bold leadership over the course of these past 3-4 years especially.
  • Great Shepherd, leading and teaching his flock on social media, innovative regarding helping his priests and leading them in holiness. Practical Eucharistic and Marion
  • Hard to know. When things ramp up where we will know who stands where will be telling.  Not sure if on the fence; or has something held over him, or what.  Just praying.  He had allowed Latin Masses and even asked a hermit to learn Latin and run a Latin parish a few yrs. ago b4 Covid in Lansing.
  • He is involved, allowing TLM and Charismatic. He teaches well, but like my parish priest, unreachable.
  • He seems to be surrounded by good people who do good stuff He has been weak dealing with sex abuse accusations
  • He shut down our parishes during Covid and didn’t speak up about the abortion tainted vaccines. Making our priests mask during communion made me question his faith in the Eucharist. He has my priest, Fr. Krupp, too busy with administration and he has less time for sacraments.
  • He wants his flock to be more holy.
  • He’s a careerist and frequent liar.
  • He’s an evil, petty man. Obsessed with attacking priests he didn’t ordain. Has surrounded himself with “yes men” and now is on a power trip to leave a legacy.
  • I am grateful for the ways I have seen our Bishop respond to the needs of his flock and the crises facing our culture and our Church. I would, though, like to see more of him when he visits a Parish. Our children (of all ages) should have the chance to know and feel seen by their spiritual father.
  • I appreciate his weekly endorsements to read scripture, pray, and other suggestions he makes to encourage daily, weekly acts toward holiness.
  • I don’t totally trust that my bishop won’t cave under political pressures; haven’t heard much on issues involving religious liberties now that they are so endangered esp in schools and hospitals. However, he encourages a variety of life activities and takes the time to walk with his flock.
  • I know from someone involved that a gay priest in the diocese was sexually harassing another priest. Bishop Boyea did nothing until a group of other priests (friends of the harassed priest) threatened the leave unless he disciplined the priest who was harassing and rectified the situation.
  • I know he protects homosexual priests and as all Bishops locked us down during the fake pandemic. Enforced mask wearing. He never apologized for all of it
  • I love his weekly emails and teachings. I do however feel he could speak up against blatant errors going on the church right now.
  • I made a Vos Estis complaint against Bishop Earl Boyea for failing to take report of an allegations of a violation of the sixth commandment in the confessional towards me by Fr. Jim Rolph last June. I have heard nothing besides confirmation that Vigneron received it.
  • I think he is a very good and orthodox bishop, but I don’t agree with his priorities for the diocese. I don’t think he keeps close enough tabs on his priests or supports them enough.  We are about to start a campaign for Catholic schools that I do not support at all; do more to support families!
  • I wish he would be more vocal to protect bishops and priests who stand for the deposit of faith. The Catholic Church is the true church of JESUS, the synod is wrong in many ways.
  • Like most, he just has no real commitment to turning things around. Mostly goes along to get along. His chancery staff is improving, though I don’t know how intentional that is or if it came from him.
  • No leader of the Church is perfect. Not even Peter. Given that, I have loved being in B. Boyea’s diocese. Under him we have worked hard to transform parishes to be missionary. He’s dealt with the miscreants, & has a solid team of lay and priests who are working for the health of priests and lay people
  • Not a champion of tradition, but has surrounded himself with people in his chancery who are orthodox and faithful; the trend in the diocese in terms of ordinations is definitively traditional. He has removed credibly accused priests, though not always with full transparency to the public.
  • Our bishop tends to be quiet on the pressing issues that pertain to our country, church, and culture! Would like him to be more outspoken!
  • Our churches were closed during Covid. Our priests were unavailable. All of this at a time when I knew that this was wrong, when I knew that Covid was a lie. I know the pope is complicit. If you hope to retain the people you still have, the church MUST speak out against the evil trying to demoralize
  • Seems better than most.
  • The fact that a few years ago when there was a big state wide Catholic gathering on a Saturday in September at the Breslin Center in Lansing and he did not allow Church Militant to attend because they were not positive enough was a red flag for me.
  • Very political as all ‘prices’ of the Church are, care about the renewal of the laity.
  • We have a wonderful bishop in the Diocese if Lansing MI. Bishop Boyea does a wonderful job of evangelization.   I wish he had been more vocal during the pandemic, but that’s my only complaint. He was too compliant. Otherwise, I love having him as bishop.
  • We have solid seminarians and good priests being ordained. The bishop’s staff seems to be pretty solid. I definitely have concerns about his replacement in a few years.
  • We were disappointed that our church held a vaccine clinic with all the controversy regarding it, and questioned them receiving money for holding one at the time. Was money put before the good of the community? It’s a 3 year Euch. Revival, what is being done to nourish this? I’ve not seen much!?!
  • Wish I knew more about my bishop. I’m a practicing Catholic but all I hear seems to be Vatican 2 and pro Francis. I’m 70 and remember Vatican 1. Raised in traditional Catholicism until the turn to Vatican 2. Thank you, Fr Altman for reminding me of my roots and Baltimore catechism.
  • Would follow him anywhere!!!!


Laredo – Bishop James Tamayo

  • Liturgically, we are a mess. Liturgical abuse runs rampant. He allows groups like the NeoCatechumenal Way to have abusive liturgies and stopped the EF (before TC took effect) to be celebrated.


Las Cruces – Bishop Peter Baldacchino

  • Baldacchino promotes and organizes pro-life events in his diocese. Also instructs his priests to refuse Communion to pro-abortion politicians. However, not so active about promoting faith education and catechesis. Overall, I give him a B-.
  • Bishop Baldacchino has spoken in public against abortion, and he made sure the people received the Sacraments during the Covid lockdowns. But, he is not encouraging our parish priests to speak out against abortion and other evils. We also do not agree with his acceptance of the synod.
  • His agenda is not for the laity.
  • I have both written to the bishop asking for the Latin Mass to be offered in the diocese and I’m not even given a response. The only place where the Latin Mass is said in the diocese is at the Benedictine Monastery outside of Silver City, which is 150 miles away.  Sadly, and unfortunately, I no longer…
  • Only important issue that is openly supported is prolife. Will not go against Democrats that run this town. Avoids issues like the illegals that proliferate this section of the country. Not a peep about Bishop Strickland. Not a peep about recommending The Sound of Freedom that came to town and its s


Las Vegas – Bishop George Thomas

  • He protected the Latin Mass moving to a non-diocese Catholic Church. He also allowed Fr Stu to be a priest. He spoke up in regards of Catholic politicians not in compliance in Catholic faith when they support abortion. This is good but I would like to see him speak up more like Bishop Strickland.
  • I appreciate Archbishop Thomas and I believe he is following the Catholic faith. I would like more convenient confession times, especially in the evenings in our diocese. I love the Latin Mass and the beautiful Shrine where we are so very grateful to continue to have this rite.  Daily Latin Mass too
  • I believe my bishop (Archbishop) is smart, compassionate, and well versed in the faith. I don’t know if he has the courage of his convictions. Today more than any time in my lifetime (69 years) we need courageous leaders.
  • I would like all of our bishops to speak strongly and often about the evils attacking the Catholic Church and all people. These evils include abortion, human trafficking, child abductions, pedophilia, government censorship, transgender ideologies, drag queens desecrating our faith, and much more.
  • Our churches were shut down & had no recourse for those close to dying, those needing extreme unction, etc. It felt as though we had no one to turn to. He has always ruled with an iron fist, choosing to believe non parishioners & trouble makers than true parishioners & silent re trans ideology
  • The bishop does not really say much. I cannot honestly tell you where he stands.  He did show up when the idiots in Carson City and the progressives tried to push active euthanasia.  He has not been seen on the other fronts, leadership is needed.  THE district here is about to push an equity social


Lexington – Bishop John Stowe

  • Any Church leader who creates confusion in unorthodox.
  • Bishop John Stowe should not be Bishop! He is just preaching LGBT narrative and he looks more like a tyrant. He is just evil! That should tell you everything! We need a new Bishop, a Traditional one!
  • Bishop Stowe has repeatedly failed this diocese. From publicly condemning the young man in the Covington diocese to his recent hiring of the gay and married Director of Office of Worship, he has continually let down his flock.  I don’t know how he is considered to be Catholic, let alone our bishop.
  • Bishop Stowe is only concerned with two issues: Unfettered Immigration into the United States and the LGBTQIA+ agenda.
  • Bishop Stowe was the presiding Bishop as I entered the Catholic Church in 2016. Satan has tried to shatter my confidence in Catholicism. Bishop Stowe has been a major stumbling block. I will not renounce my Faith in God and His Holy Church no matter the pains that must be endured. God will save His C
  • Cómo católico una vergüenza para nuestra iglesia
  • Cares more about the LGBTQ inclusion/transgender agendas then the teachings of the Catholic Church, has no problem with same sex marriage but does not condone the right to bear arms, and has no problem with people illegally entering this country but is for abortion.
  • Cheerleader for the Gay Community! His actions do not support gay and lesbian church doctrine.
  • Feel he doesn’t understand his role. He’s more worried about being politically correct than being correct with God
  • He allows scandal.
  • He believes in very liberal ideas including employing man living the gay lifestyle, “married”, in a high position.
  • He chose to be a speaker for a gay and lesbian gathering at the university of Notre dame instead of speaking at Lexington Catholic high school at my daughter’s graduation ceremony a few years ago.
  • He does have a strong pro-life stance, but there are many things he has said and done that because the distrust I feel.
  • He does not shepherd the traditional Catholics in the diocese. He has special groups of people that he ministers to like immigrants groups and homosexuals. He ignores the growth and prosperity of the one Catholic High School. He teaching about homosexuality is against orthodoxy.
  • He has a very “woke” agenda. I define woke as liberal agenda gone too far. I am a traditional Catholic and he is not a bishop I can get comfortable with.
  • He is not following the teachings of the Catholic Church. He intentionally hired an Outspoken Gay man married to a gay man, who proclaims that no one is going to stop him from receiving communion. He is Director of Liturgy. This is not of the church. He should not be put in this position
  • He is not pro-life He has hired a gay “married” man for a position that will be interacting with parishioners daily. He is way too liberal for this area of the country. He is running people off with his stupid attitude and beliefs. Many many faithful have quit Sunday mass. SO SO SAD!!
  • He’s a perv!
  • I am saddened by his apparent heterodoxical borderline heretical views. He is politically oriented, he thinks moral doctrine can be changed, and he says he doesn’t affirm the LBGTQ community, but his actions paint a different picture.
  • I appreciate the Bishop’s acceptance and understanding of ALL.
  • I can’t even put into words my thoughts, for the nonsense going on in our diocese.
  • I have not had personal contact with Bishop Stowe, only observation of his interaction with parishioners where he was extremely rude to them. My main issues are with his actions showing politics and beliefs, which appear to be completely contrary to the Catholic Church and teaching in the Bible.
  • I pray for John Stowe. This keeps my heart in a good place.  I have communicated my questions with John Stowe and he has chosen not to respond.
  • I would not trust this bishop’s teachings on faith and morals. I would not trust him to direct my spiritual life. It is best to avoid him on all matters dealing with the true Catholic Church. I pray for his conversion.
  • Insists upon liturgical orthodoxy. Is a good homilist. Is harsh/uncharitable w/people who oppose his positions that defy the Magisterium. I have seen him punish 5 priests & 4 deacon who opposed him. He is a public and vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ issues, in defiance of Church teaching. No confidence.
  • John has enabled CTK to where only the most stubborn people like me refuse to leave. Long time members are not in the pews, they are at the Newman Center. We need new priests. Fr. Al is the only priest I will go mass for. John acts like a Baptist preacher and David is even longer and lost.
  • John Stowe of Lexington is Heterodox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Most LGBT friendly bishop…wants to change Catholic teaching on marriage. If you try to speak to him in love about issues of importance, he dismisses you.
  • Muy inclinado alo que la misma iglesia prohíbe.
  • No person has done more to demolish the Church in this area than has Bishop Stowe. It would be impossible to be more destructive than he has been. Satan must be proud.
  • Our Bishop does what he wants to do disregarding concerns that his flock has. I do not like his style and his exclusion of those who are not marginalized.  Everyone I talk to feels the same way.  I have never felt this way about any bishop before and do not think he is good for unity of our diocese
  • Our bishop is not a good communicator. He reaches out to the LGBTQ community and doesn’t explain that He is not condoning their sin. He recently hired an openly homosexual man Aaron Bianco that is currently married to another man. He is leading the diocese’s office of worship.
  • Please refer to Historic St Peter Catholic Church bulletin for the month of June. Where is Jesus?  We have so many beautiful saints that should be on the cover of our bulletin.  Our bulletin should only be a mouth piece for God not any individual group, club, organization, guilt, political group. I
  • Praying for him to be faithful to biblical teachings and our Catholic faith
  • Pushing LBGT agenda, limiting Latin Mass, closing churches during Covid. Disallowed choir due to unvaccinated. These are just a few.
  • Stowe reportedly told a group of deacons that receiving communion kneeling and on the tongue is diabolical and TLM is going to be stopped. He is heretical and needs to resign.
  • This says it all!
  • To woke!! All his energy is around the LGBTQ+ agenda and NOTHING around the sanctity of life.  Will not support our Right to Life organization at all. Cares more about the transgender issues and basically anything LGBTQ+.  He’s a spawn of Satan!
  • Too liberal
  • Very disappointing
  • We are literally moving our family of 6 from Lexington to Cincinnati because we are so saddened by the Lexington diocese. From the LGBT campaigns to the lack of leadership at the only Catholic high school. The diocese doesn’t pray for an end to abortion or dignity of human life- Very sad
  • When I learned John Stowe became a Bishop, I left the Church. He’s arrogant beyond measure, and has completely lead me away from God! The way in which he ruined the lives of the two young people from Covington who attended the March for Life was DESPICABLE! He needs to be OUT!


Lincoln – Bishop James Conley

  • He is overall a good bishop and remains faithful to Catholic teaching. He was not transparent a few years ago on an issue concerning one of his priests. It has made our conservative diocese more vigilant. We are blessed with priestly vocations and good Catholic schools. The Bishop did apologize
  • He’s a wonderful man!
  • I completely trusted his predecessor Bishop Bruskewitz.
  • I just moved to the Lincoln Diocese two years ago. I knew of Bishop Conley by reputation–and he was known as one of the few orthodox, faithful bishops in the United States. I only stated that I mostly trust Bishop Conley because the only person I completely trust is Jesus Christ.
  • I love our Bishop. He has been a voice of reason, faith, and charity in these tumultuous times in our larger Church. He has a heart for service and manages our diocese based on the truths of our faith.
  • I need to read more of his writings and pay more attention to what he is putting out because of what I am hearing about Pope Francis.
  • I needed his help with my marriage but I got a letter giving both my wife and I permission to divorce. Bishop Strickland engaged me via email when Conley would not.
  • I think he is orthodox. And generally a good bishop. He does speak out on issues and is not afraid to speak out on some issues, but not all issues. He has had some health issues and I think he is being handled by some priests which has caused some internal problems. Some inadvisable appointments.
  • I’m guessing as he is flying under the radar. Churches closed during Covid. Sacraments unavailable. Appointed a priest returning from Rome to “promised” position of Cathedral rector. The most pressing task for the first week he was here was to end the Mass in Latin. My $s to Coalition for C.Ps.
  • I’m uncertain that the widespread granting of annulments will factor in with the respondents of this survey. However, every US diocese requires a no-fault divorce before examining the union for validity then rubberstamping a declaration of nullity.  With a 99% granting of annulments proves every
  • This bishop removed a good and loving priest from our diocese. Silent instead of calling out what is evil happening in the church. Praying for him every day.
  • We are blessed with one of the best bishops in the world. So, while so many of them are not good, he is excellent. Please pray for Bishop Conley!
  • We have a great bishop. I’m sure he suffers terribly for his loyalty to the one church much like his predecessor.
  • We’ve got a great bishop, but Francis will replace him with a Modernist as soon as he turns 75


Little Rock – Bishop Anthony Taylor

  • 1st to close the Churches during Covid!
  • Basically I think he is a coward who will simply go along to get along. Very weak shepherd.
  • Bishop Taylor appears to be quite liberal and quite weak.
  • Communist party infiltrator.. He attends communist party USA-Missouri and is on their communist JwJ inter-faith committee. Promotes the invasion at the southern border. Taylor is one of the worst of the worst. Very evil. Knows what he’s doing and hides in the gray areas like a snake..
  • He is against the TLM and ad Orientum
  • His only concern seems to be the necessity of illegal immigration and, as a side issue, capital punishment. He cancelled the three diocesan Latin masses on the very day that Traditionis Custodes was issued.
  • I am unhappy with his personal response to the collection of BS acquired during the synodal process. I am also unhappy with his silence about current issues plus the lock down during Covid was uncalled for.
  • JUST ANOTHER DEMONIC STOOGE for Jorge Judas Caligula, the devils pope. This pos bishop has no problem defiling Traditional Catholics at the behest of devils pope.
  • Our bishop was one of the first to suppress the TLM denying the celebration of it the day after the document. He is one of the few who signed the document several years back supporting LQBTQ. He is definitely in line with Pope Francis’ way of doing things.
  • Prolife is not a priority. Death penalty has same importance. Tends to be politically correct.
  • Puppet of (anti?)-Pope. Destroyed TLM priest and parish after he *rightly* slapped bratty teen for interrupting her mother. *Publicly* insulted a small, orthodox Catholic school, teaching traditional subjects and piety. Pushed evil ‘Covid’ vaccines. Closed churches & **withheld sacraments!!!**
  • Rating is based on not hearing him defending the FAITH, not speaking out against the terrible evils in our culture, & if bishops & laity don’t speak up, shortly to our CHURCH!
  • Tends to care more for the Hispanic community than the rest of the faithful. Should care for needs of all equally
  • Very liberal.
  • We are Latin mass Catholics. I don’t think our Bishop especially loves the Latin mass. But, he has supported our FSSP community anyway, and I appreciate him for that. We don’t agree on everything, but he has a genuine love for his priests and his people and is a faithful Bishop.
  • We only have one Latin Mass in the whole state, thanks to this bishop. And then there was the closing of all churches during the plandemic.


Los Angeles – Archbishop Jose Gomez

  • 1) Good president of USCCB 2) should be made a Cardinal way before other US bishops 3) gave far too much to COVID. No sacraments should have been shut down. All churches should have remained open. This is why he is not completely Orthodox. We need strong, manly bishops to stand up for the faith
  • A tree is known by its fruits.
  • Archbishop Jose Gomez appears very weak. He does not speak out against our current culture of sin, i.e., homosexual unions, attacks against clergy and religious, attacks against those who pray at abortion mills, against heretical bishops, & a pope who attacks the traditions of the Catholic Church.
  • Archbishop Jose Gomez, I had such high hopes when he first started. We families really need guidance as do our children. Please implement more truly Orthodox teaching in our churches and schools. No more misguided teachers and priests, please.
  • Bishop sold out the faithful during Covid shutting down schools and parishes to pander to the hysteria.
  • Church and State are separate when the pandemic hit Jose Gomez closed all churches in the Los Angeles Archdiocese when even Protestant churches did not close and Wal-Mart, including many bars was open and most recently the LA Dodgers hosting a blasphemous group Bishop Strickland came and supported LA
  • Conservative NO that keeps his head down since being passed over for Cardinal.
  • Disappointed that he did not attend the Prayer Rally at Dodger Stadium against the Drag Queen Pride Night and dissuaded our clergy from getting involved.
  • Frankly, I don’t know much about Bishop Gomez. I’ve been attending the TLM since age 18.  I am now 57 years old. I currently attend the SSPX in Arcadia, CA.  Recently, I was stunned when Archbishop Gomez did not support the peaceful prayer rally held in Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium.
  • Gomez the, go along, get along, the lukewarm, will be vomited out of the mouth of Our Lord
  • Has not gotten rid of the annual Eucharist Conference.
  • He appears to be a Border Bishop. His biggest concern is Illegal Immigration, and Climate Change.
  • He does not stand up for the Faith. 5,000 people had a prayer rally at Dodger Stadium and he did not attend. He is no leader of the Catholic Faith.
  • He doesn’t lead our archdiocese. He writes an article in the archdiocese magazine every 2 wks. & says the same thing. He doesn’t attend important events. He seems tired and worn out. He should retire, withdraw from the public eye & live his life in prayer, which is what he does now. God help him.
  • He has difficult duties, and a good heart. Please help join me in continuing to pray for him, all our clergy, and our Church. God Bless
  • He is a Mexican from Monterrey Mx and an accountant while a numerary (Opus Judei) prior to ordination. Went to him for C many times in early 90’s prior to his appointment as auxiliary to Denver.  He hates us, The True Church, since he hates Church Tradition b4 1960’s as do OJ priests
  • He is doing nothing about correcting the rape of the priests against children and other priests, except collect money from the congregation to pay for their legal costs. One suggestion is to send these priests out to WORK and pay their own legal fees. And mostly get them OUT OF THE CHURCH.
  • He spends a lot of time writing letters rather speaking directly to people at the ambo.
  • He wouldn’t allow younger children to be confirmed even though they passed the test. He doesn’t like TLM yet allows the freak show masses.
  • He’s been silent about the issues surrounding us today which makes me question where he stands. I know where Bishop Strickland stands, where Bishop Schneider stands, where Archbishop Viganò stands, where Father Altman stands etc. I’m not sure where Gomez stands.
  • He’s out of touch with his priests, focuses mostly on Hispanic interests in the Archdiocese, and occasionally has fits of terrible rage.
  • Heterodox/heretic speakers like Fr. James Martin, Fr. Brian Massingale, and Massimo Faggioli are honored speakers at the LA Religious Education Conference. Our schools are rampant with weak and poor catechesis while supporting LGBTQ and other bad agendas.    Bishops seem cowardly.
  • His posture on our victimization was veiled in having a prayer. If he loved us he would have helped us. If he loved us we would hear sermons against abortion and evil. If he loved us we would know it’s Divine Mercy Sunday. If he loved us he would talk of Mary our Blessed Mother.
  • I am ashamed & horrified he did leave his office to join the protestors at the Dodger’s on June 14, when they gave an award to a group that mocks Sisters and has previously desecrated the HOST!
  • I believe he has good intentions but has still not stomped out the pro LGBT speakers at CA conferences.
  • I believe he is keeping a low profile. We still have the TLM locally, and we have an orthodox pastor.  He wasn’t at the Dodger’s debacle, but it doesn’t appear he attempted to interfere with Bishop Strickland coming to LA.
  • I completely distrust the Catholic leadership, starting with the pope – an altar boy was sexually molested as a young man and NEVER recovered – his mother told him not to tell anyone – I wrote a letter in late 1990s to Pope John Paul about it all – my letter was NEVER answered – Jesus warned against
  • I did not agree with his Covid safety measures – too fearful, too restrictive.
  • I had high hopes when he came to LA, but it has been disappointing (1) He did not respond to my request for Covid vaccination exemption due to moral objections; (2) He did not lead nor appear at the Rosary Rally protesting the LA Dodgers honoring an anti-Catholic hate group June 16. Bad judgements!
  • I have complete trust that Archbishop Gomez is orthodox. Sometimes I wish he would speak up more about sensitive issues, and I think he emphasizes social justice concerns unduly and encourages policies that not all Catholics must support.
  • I have written rational, charitable letters and e-mails to Bishop Gomez and he has not even sent me a reply€¦ even a generic one. That seems so wrong.
  • I once received a magnificent healing by Archbishop Gomez. After the ridiculous Covid restraints (no communion on tongue throughout the archdiocese through today) and the LA Dodgers debacle, I now know he is for everything woke in our Holy Church. We are the largest Archdiocese in California.
  • I pray to God he becomes a real good fearful follower of Jesus Christ
  • I read Archbishop Gomez’ letters in the “Angelus” news magazine often. He is involved with projects for the poor.  He has a heart for the immigrant.  He loves our Lord Jesus and Our Blessed Mother and our Catholic Church.  I have never read anything written by him that I felt was unorthodox.
  • I want to know why Cardinal Mahoney is still able to celebrate Mass – particularly, why is he still conferring the Sacrament of Confirmation?
  • I wrote to the diocese concerning the LBGQ masses that were taking place at churches around the diocese and received zero response. Also Go did not show up to dodger Stadium as so many of us did in peaceful prayerful protest. Also the USCCB is a corrupt organization profiting from our open border
  • Is too focused on social justice issues like immigration and such. Not so vocal about the LGBTQ / gender confusion attacking our families and society… Don’t hear much about things like preventing divorce/keep marriages together.  Somewhat orthodox- or just isn’t as bad  as  Bsp in San Diego
  • Many evil things are happening in our country and our bishops avoid or remain silent about certain topics that require a strong response from the Church. Tend to your flocks, defend us from the wolves.
  • My bishop, Jose Gomez has been totally silence, instead of acting like our spiritual fathers, it seems to me there are more worried about worldly issues than salvation of souls.
  • Not a leader. Voices a correct stands to issues then wilts like dry plant in the summer sun. Avoids conflict at all costs. Would rather “look” the role than “be” the archbishop. Believes flowery rhetoric solves problems faced by Catholics in the region.
  • Not really sure where our Bishop stands. He seems very silent on many topics. For example, Latin Mass and politicians going against our faith (abortion).
  • One of the few friends of the FSSP in the chancery, which still has many remnants from the Cardinal Mahony regime. Personally orthodox but shies from confrontation. Main point against is his support of the LA Education Conference.
  • Only seems interested in raising money. ($500 million!! I wonder how it will be actually used?
  • Part of plan to destroy the church
  • Sadly, I think he is weak and seems to go along to get along. Praying for him.
  • Save our Church–he is bowing to the upper class and changing rules to accommodate people (gays, trans, homosexuals) to make all feel welcome. Is my first regret.
  • Since he was passed over by Pope Francis for a Red Hat. I have to say he must have some good qualities. Other than that he does little to inspire me or show any great heroism. He allows both traditional priests and modernists to run their parishes as they see fit.
  • Did nothing about Dodgers blasphemy.  Has done nothing about Cardinal Mahony acting in LA archdiocese.  Hasn’t shut down religious Ed Congress in LA.  A pushover on important issues.
  • The Bishop does not take a stand when it comes to the morals that the Catholic Church expounds and I think that’s why the Pope has not elevated to him Cardinal.
  • The bishop’s views are orthodox but he is cowardly in his approach. What good does it do Catholics if their bishop is quiet? Our diocese is filled with perverts in nun attire running the streets, liturgical abuse everywhere, and one our bishops murdered under odd circumstances. JG is a disappointment
  • The mistrust comes from his management of his Chancery and the LA Education conferences. And from his weak response to the Dodgers “pride” snafu.
  • This Bishop is silent on most Church issues and tend to lean liberal in his actions.
  • Totally at odds with his and Catholic Charities Open Border sympathy Disappointed that Abp Gomez was conspicuously complicit in failing to voice his opposition to the LA Dodger/Nun Sacrilege fiasco other than with a homily delivered at a Mass. Failed his Catholic Community with lack of leadership
  • Was disappointed when he didn’t join the great Bishop Strickland lead us at the prayer rally.
  • We had great hope when Gomez was elected in Los Angeles. But then he did nothing to stop the alphabet mass or the REC which was a “WRECK” of the Catholic faith, and latest discouraging people from demonstrating against the mocking of catholic nuns by transvestites at Dodgers game. Shameful!
  • We need holy bishops that defend the doctrine of the church.
  • We never hear from you bishop, please be at the forefront of faith related issues in our community! Things like the issue with the dodgers honoring the perverted sisters of perpetual perversity.  Show your authority and defense of our religion. Thank you and God bless you. Daniel
  • Who is the bishop of Simi Valley, Ca?


Louisville – Archbishop Shelton Fabre

  • Ab Fabre is very new to us (March 2022). He came from a friend’s diocese, who said he was very pious and devout.  However, the Ab put an end to anything Latin when Pope Francis issued TC.  I was excited to have him here, but I’m unsure now. PS. Questions don’t fit a new bishop well.
  • Fully supports the ‘agenda’. Never a word about Rome but plenty about local nothingness in the weekly Church ‘rag’. Not as bad as Stowe but definitely a part of the Francis crowd. Weary of it……
  • He did not clean out the chancery when he arrived. He continues to promote the scandalous Campaign for Human Development.  He allows the Diocesan newspaper to continue to promote unorthodox agendas.  The ONLY positive action:  He created a shrine that allows a SINGLE Latin diocesan mass on Sundays.
  • He has shown himself to be fairly orthodox but with an overemphasis on minorities, and the usual baggage of white guilt. I call all of the white guilt promoters those who purvey blood guilt.
  • I do not trust any bishop appointed by Pope Francis. This fact alone proves his unworthiness.
  • I don’t know very much about him.
  • Our bishop is new within the last year but just more of the same. I haven’t seen him speak out on the evil, protest the evil or anything else. Just quiet on what is happening in the world. I take it he supports open borders, lmnopq agenda because I don’t hear him speaking out against it.
  • Regarding his communications it is evident he is a woke bishop with main emphasis on trans, LGBTetc., minority outreach and little emphasis on Magisterium or saving of souls
  • This Bishop is relatively new to our archdiocese. What little exposure I’ve had to him (a couple Masses, his writings in the diocesan newspaper) have been positive. I hope it continues to be.  We pray for his strong, orthodox leadership, his faithful shepherding of this archdiocese.
  • We have a new bishop, hard to know. Our old bishop was unsupportive when approached about child abuse accusations. But when pressed he did the right thing. The most discouraging part about our diocese is that the person who really runs a lot in the diocese is not strong against abuse at all.


Lubbock – Bishop Robert Coerver

  • Banned communion on the tongue. Shut down sacraments and mass even though Texas allowed it. Didn’t allow Latin mass even before the motu proprio and a large group of laymen went to him to request it. Hater of tradition.
  • His poor choices over everything in the diocese is keeping him away from the people. Bad choices in the diocese. We’re financially poorer, bad liturgy, fewer priests l, and 3 seminarians so far. In social issues, let’s not talk about it. It seems he’s not listening to the Holy Spirit.
  • Only worried about $$$.Lacks traditional fulfillment in his message. Allows evil from the pulpit by other priests.
  • Seems mostly uninvolved and uninterested in any input from parishioners.
  • When Lubbock was poised to become the largest US city to ban abortion within its city limits, the Bishop forbade anything to do with campaigning for the bill to make Lubbock a sanctuary city for the unborn. Other churches all had campaign signs in their yards while the Catholic Churches had none.


Madison – Bishop Donald Hying

  • Bishop Hying has taken a secular corporate approach to redefining and re-distributing all of the parishes in the diocese of Madison diocese. It’s doomed to failure.
  • Bishop Hying seems to be a good man but makes some compromises that I don’t agree with
  • Came to Madison after 60 years of Milwaukee nonsense. Loved Morlino and his conservatism.  Was skeptical of Milwaukee based Hying but he says the right things.  Now suffering through cognitively dissonant reorganization.  Email from him telling me not to listen to right wing disinformation.
  • Completely ruining our diocese. Reprimanding good priests and letting the bad ones preach tolerance of homosexuality and abortion. Moving priests with only 5 years to retirement. Taking away mass times, confession, and TLM. I miss Bishop Morlino, may God his soul rest in peace.
  • Cooperating with the fear mongers, churches locked even during the Easter Season, keeping the faithful away from the sacraments was heartbreaking and disgraceful. Where is the trust in God? His ‘Into the Deep’ initiative appears to be a disaster in the making.  No life jackets have been provided.
  • Dioceses, in my opinion, should not be run like a business corporation. That said, I have not heard Bishop Hying speak out publicly on the current state of affairs affecting Catholics in the Madison diocese.  Example:  Dane County becoming “sanctuary county” for LGBTQ populace.
  • Donald Hying appears to hold the Catholic faith at a time when other bishops do not. He is prudent so as to avoid the ire of progressives and heretics that currently occupy the highest positions in the Church. This can however cross the line so as to appear as fecklessness.
  • Failed to support a priest who gave a homily on why you can’t support a candidate who supports abortion. The priest got rake over the coals and not one word of support from bishop.
  • Gentle and silent on the most egregious policies and attacks by local and state officials on the family and life from conception through childhood.
  • He cares deeply about souls, is a warrior for the unborn and tremendously hard worker. I love our Bishop.
  • His silence on the LGBT issue, women’s priesthood, Papal doctrinal errors, and failure to make awareness of the ever-present child abuse in our society and the world in general e.g. failure to recommend and support the now very revealing movie “Sound of Freedom”. Need strong leadership (absent).
  • I believe Bishop Hying is very dedicated to helping his family trust and know the Lord. Bishop does daily messages on Facebook speaking about the saints and daily Mass readings.
  • I was disappointed in Bishop Hying when he disciplined Father Richard Heilman. Father Heilman is a courageous priest who has been an inspiration to faithful Catholics who led many Rosary processions protesting the lockdowns. I suspect Father Heilman’s recent transfer to Janesville was punitive.
  • I’ve never met Bishop Hying, or ‘seen him live’. So I’m puzzled at how to think of him. Is he calm, principled, measured, when I want him out front leading the charge, strong, bold, courageous? I tend to think he’s in the background, dwadling, dialogging, deciphering, tepid, and ineffective “nice.”
  • Mild-mannered. Orthodox. Approachable. Available. Good-hearted. Kind. Regularly leads local and international pilgrimages. Does not, to my knowledge, say TLM but supportive of it. Younger bishop. Visits every parish in his diocese regularly. Hard-working. Tries to get to know his flock. Good memory.
  • Not sure of where he stands although he let go of Fr. James Altman and I also believe, has restricted Fr. Rick Hielman at the Pulpit…
  • Please speak out against the rampant evils of feminism, homosexualism, and modernism that have plagued our Church and our families. Please speak out against this pope and others in our church who are spreading this evil.
  • So far he seems to be on par in most areas Madison is indeed a hotbed of Liberal Leftists – but I think he is holding his own for the most part
  • Strong on the prolife issue. Appalling on priests that uphold the TLM. See Fr Alex Navarro as an example.
  • The shepherd of Dane County has to be a special person if they want to keep preaching truth. I commend Bishop Hying for not sacrificing the truth to receive approval from the weak minded. The truth hurts a lot of people a lot of the time, but our feelings are not the end goal.
  • We are blessed to have him. Flies under the radar but stands up for the truth. Loving, humble, but not compromising. Taking decisive action on not maintaining the hospice maintenance approach, through the new pastorates. Love him.
  • We hear from him seemingly all the time the admonition to Go Make Disciples, the mission given to the Church by our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • We think he’s a good man, but he’s afraid to take a firm stand to speak out against wrongdoings.
  • What he preaches and how he acts privately doesn’t match up. He puts on a great public show only.


Manchester – Bishop Peter Libasci

  • 2 years ago, huge abuse lawsuit filed against him from state of NY. Also, he enforced mask mandate which I refused to comply with, so I did not attend Mass for 14 months.
  • At Sunday Mass would like hear information from the Bishop concerning why the unchangeable truths, such as, abortion, homosexual marriage, women in the clergy, etc. cannot be changed or modified.
  • Attended BLM rally Promoted BLM in bishop’s column diocesan magazine Never speaks on pro-life or homosexuality Refused Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats in diocese Removed orthodox TLM priest   Under investigation for sexual abuse complaint in NY. Did not resign yet?  Invited FSSP to diocese?!?!
  • Bishop Libasci has never said anything negative about orthodoxy that I can recall. At my church (St. Anne’s in Berlin NH) we take communion at the rail even though it’s a Novus Ordo church. If there was a traditional Latin Mass in my area I would attend but I have no complaints about Fr. Kyle.
  • Bishop Libasci is mostly quiet (invisible) to the Catholic community. My sister often shares what the Denver diocese puts out and it’s terrific. By comparison, it just feels as though we don’t have a leader who leads.
  • Chancery office and education are corrosively progressive and the bishop goes along with the bishops’ conference although our local orthodox priest is supported instead of being canceled.
  • Don’t know status of sex abuse lawsuit filed against him.
  • He has been very supportive of the Traditional Latin Mass, at least in the case of the personal parishes in Nashua (FSSP) and Winchester (Institute of the Good Shepherd). That said, he is far less vocal on the crisis in the Church than other bishops like Bishop Strickland.
  • He has supported the Latin Mass in two towns in his dioceses, for many years and continues to do so.
  • He is a sodomite as was his predecessor, the ninth bishop of NH the late John McCormack, the fixer for Bernard Law.
  • He is conservative and loves traditional mass, he invited the traditional Latin mass into our diocese through sspx. He doesn’t handle every situation ideally, but I do believe he is worthy of our trust to uphold truth of the faith
  • He seems like he loves tradition and the faith but is behaving erratically in rewarding and punishing young, traditional, successful priests. He gives them permissions and then strips them.  He encourages them to use tradition and just this week asked for two wonderful sincere priests to resign.
  • He’s a heretic!
  • His had consistently made poor decisions regarding priests, moving age of Sacraments, never answering sexual abuse allegations, allowing private $$$ to influence Catholic Schools. He is too political and liberal. He has hurt the church in NH. He should resign!!
  • I believe that our Bishop is not one to make waves. He is not one to voice his opinion like a Bishop Strickland.   Some priests don’t seem to follow his directives.
  • I don’t actually “know” him. I’m basing my decision on what I’ve seen him do, but that really amounts to a very low percentage of his activities. I go to Mass at two different parishes in town, each priest varies slightly. My regular parish the priest seems to love personal closeness….
  • I don’t trust any bishop at this point. The multiple cover ups of sex abuse remind me that the road to hell is paved with the skulls of priests and the bishops light the way. For bishop Libashi in particular, I am dismayed that he doesn’t appreciate that there are many legitimate charisms
  • I feel bishop Libasci to be a very good and holy man. My fear is he wants to please all, and is also afraid of Rome. He opened Saint Stanislas to FSSP in Nashua, but trad cust. Ruined any hopes for more parishes…
  • I think Bishop Libasci is one of the kindest, most considerate priests I have met during my lifetime as a Catholic. His first encounter with our parish was soon after he was named bishop. A man committed suicide and the bishop visited us the next day, caring for his flock.
  • One should be weary of priests who cry foul about a bishop who would defend any orthodox priest treated unjustly by the Church. Libasci is an orthodox, faithful priest and bishop who preaches the fullness of Truth with the charitable love of The Heart of Jesus.
  • Originally, I held Bishop Libasci in high regard. When COVID happened, he published a video by which he sought to shame people into wearing masks.  He perpetuated evil as good and as love.  That is when he lost my respect, confidence, and trust in him.
  • Seems to be persecuting and forcing more traditional priests to resign. Has limited access to TLM
  • Until now, I thought the Bishop was pro-tradition and orthodoxy; however; he seems to be folding like a house of cards. I was also against him because he has promoted Sanctuary Cities for illegal immigrants.
  • Until recently I had a better opinion. He has just asked for my pastor, who is traditional in how he says the Mass, to resign as pastor for ridiculous reasons. Another more traditional minded priest has also been dismissed. There are no allegations of abuse for either. We are hurting badly.
  • We are so fortunate to have such a holy and revenant Bishop. He has truly loved us and keeps going through what has to be one of the hardest times to be a Bishop.


Marquette – Bishop John Doerfler

  • 3-4yrs ago he cancelled our parish’s TLM (one our pastor wouldn’t allow to be advertised or promoted for some reason) in a way by assigning our pastor 2 addtl parishes for a total of 5 now. Thus overwhelming him, like he wants the parishes to die out here on the west end of the UP. Feel forgotten.
  • An orthodox, prayerful man. Would throw any of his priests under the bus in a heartbeat. Finances of the diocese are mostly secretive. He, like all of them need our prayers
  • Destroyed church records while a chancellery priest in Green Bay which protected serially sodomizing priests.
  • He’s a go along to get along kind of guy, but can he take a stand if suffering is required? Is he humble? Can he choose poverty or sacrifice? No. He’s a confraternity guy accepting the rot in the USCCB rather than stand with Christ.
  • Hides in a hermitage. Gives no help. We never see him.
  • I don’t hear much from the Bishop office here.
  • Still has not recanted his flawed moral advice regarding the “vaccines”…still has not apologized for shutting down the sacraments…still embraces the narrative of systemic racism…still embraces the notion of a “global environmental crisis”…embraces much of Bergoglio’s nonsense.
  • Thank goodness our Bishop seems to stay somewhere close to Catholic teaching/doctrine/dogma, certainly better than those that want to promote sin. However if they won’t police their own how can we trust them? Also as they sit on the sidelines watching good Bishops be persecuted.
  • We need our bishop to be bolder in taking a stance against the evil in our world and to be less cautious in his decision making.


Memphis – Bishop David Talley

  • He has No Open to parishioners e
  • He’s pushing gun control. I have not heard him speak out on politicians who push abortion, war.
  • I do tend to trust our bishop but as a group, I think the USCCB has sold its soul to the devil of the almighty dollar! As an entity the shepherds are not shepherding their sheep but sitting around the campfire eating bon bons.
  • I have sung lately at 3 Confirmation Masses where there were around 50 high schoolers each time being confirmed. Bishop Talley was very personal with each one and his instructions to those being confirmed also updated their sponsors and all who attended.  He has an outgoing personality.
  • It’s his way or the Highway. Doesn’t value differences of opinion and gets highly on the defensive when you question him.
  • Personable, affable, but clearly no strong willingness to stand for the true Catholic faith. Does not stand up against the errors of fellow bishops and to those who profess to be Catholic, but act in direct opposition to Church teaching. Definitely a “yes man” to the USCCB. A huge disappointment!
  • Seems afraid of his own shadow. He doesn’t take a stand on anything that isn’t popular in the culture or current church politics. His Twitter feed is obnoxious covering every angle to make sure he can’t be pinned down to any position.


Metuchen – Bishop James Checchio

  • Checchio supports LGBT and is a friend of Cdl Tobin of Newark, NJ.
  • He is part of the Lavender Mafia! He has a shady past at the North American College as rector. I do not trust him! The heretic James Martin came to our diocese to promote the LGBTQ agenda and Bishop Checchio entertained him for dinner at his residence. What more do I need to say?
  • He is very Marian which I love. I wish he were more outspoken about “controversial” social issues such as LGBT. Would love more support for TLM.
  • He likes to appear as though he’s orthodox but he also wants to climb the ladder so he plays it cool. He allows an LGBT fanatical group in the diocese at a parish, allows parishes bringing in the dough to do whatever they want even if it’s heretical or offensive to Our Lord.
  • He ordered the ban of TLM masses; he welcomes James Martin.
  • He said Bergoglio didn’t commit any heresy.
  • He seems like a kind man, but not a man who stands up for truth and proclaims all the truths of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • He’s a nice guy, but also we’re the diocese founded by Teddy McCarrick, so he has to work with all the fall-out from that debacle
  • Promotes through silence, gay relationships and does not speak up against all the evils of today. Closed churches during Covid.  Where is the pushback against all the insanity in NJ with governor Murphy?  Where are the Eucharistic processions?  Why stopping the beautiful Latin Mass in churches?
  • Sadly Checchio goes whichever way the wind blows. Says N.O. formally by the book in one parish, but will shake hands down aisle like he’s running for mayor in another. He reduced the weekly Latin Mass back down to one “centrally located” Shrine with no parking, church hall, or school. Could say more


Miami – Archbishop Thomas Wenski

  • A noticeable increase of illegal immigration politics during Mass after July 1st DeSantis law. Although nothing on human trafficking. Miami is a hub for sex exploitation
  • Wenski appears to advocate open borders without regard for destruction to communities it causes.
  • Appears mostly prudent and level-headed. Very active behind the scenes, has done a lot of “house cleaning”.
  • Archdiocese of Miami is a bureaucrat apparatus. They are promoting diversity and all the modern narrative of the left.
  • Bishop seems to burn out his priests without much concern for them or their parishes, and seemed annoyed that people were enraged by the McCarrick scandal. If he is vocal in defense of any orthodoxy, I don’t see it or hear it, but he doesn’t seem to be woke or unorthodox. Feels corporate not holy.
  • Bishop Wenski has been consistent with the Faith to my knowledge. I am thankful to be at St. Malachy-Tamarac (the Pastor is reverent).  There are neighboring parishes that are deviating from the Church (e.g. LBGT blah blah, group confessions, etc.) These are in the same Diocese.
  • He has been accommodating of the Latin Mass community and has celebrated the TLM twice that I am aware of.
  • He has NOT shown to this (cradle catholic) woman a crystal-clear trajectory on where we, the church, are heading. One thing we read in the media and another the official documents out of the curia in Rome. I understand also he has to protect the institutional church more than the people of God!
  • He has spread the word and those pamphlets on why Catholics should take the “vaccine”. Any Catholic who pushes this mRNA filth of an injection made with fetal cells is not catholic at all and he and all others who follow this anti-pope Bergoglio will be going down the wrong path.
  • He tries just seems to follow the crowd. Was 1st to promote the jab and require the priests to get jabbed. Many got sick or worse. He didn’t take responsibility or apologize for shutting down churches… protected by a bunch of middle manager types.
  • He wanted all the priests to get the Covid vaccine even though developed using aborted fetus cell material. And all the priests obeyed without asking where the vaccine came from.
  • His intimidating tactics during the COVID “crisis” opened my eyes to his true agenda.
  • I add a prayer intention to every days rosary and daily mass for his continual conversion ™
  • I don’t know Archbishop Wenski personally. From what I hear or read from him, he is smart, articulate, and orthodox, but avoids all controversy with the advancing progressivist wave.
  • I don’t think he is up to the job. He has made several comments that make me wonder.
  • Like most bishops, he craves affection from an errant Vatican and fears the media and infiltrating Leftists who seek to undermine the sacred teachings of the Church. He surrendered to bogus “science” and faithless hierarchs in Rome during the Coronavirus outbreak and promoted a dangerous vaccine.
  • Never teaches. Is completely silent on heretical challenges to the faith. Favors illegal immigration 100%. Did not publish diocesan Synod on Synodality report. Shows superficial concern for pro-life issues. Has offered no guidance on Eucharistic Revival. Seems uninterested in his calling.
  • Never visits parishes to teach the faith and shepherd. An administrator, not a father. Focused on illegal immigration, and only recently on abortion but not on eradicating abortion but rather on support of mother. Didn’t even publish results of diocesan Synod Synodality… Seamless garment advocate!
  • Supports child trafficking. Suspected money laundered. Indistinguishable from the Democratic Party. Strong armed the faithful to get vexed. Closed all parishes dutmting Covid but used them as vaccinations stations. Hostile to the Latin mass. No church in the Archdiocese devoted to TLM.
  • The only good thing I can mention is that he still allows the diocesan TLM, albeit moved from the local parish in Miami to the chapel of a local all-boys high school, which funnily, has a better aesthetic than the original location. Of course, it’s unadvertised.
  • too much acceptance for assisting illegal immigrants
  • UM Latin Mass every Sunday 1:30PM (always full) was removed
  • Very silent on the social issues the church is currently facing.
  • Was cause of scandal at confirmation. His car was parked right outside front of church when I arrived, but I didn’t know it was his car. Confirmation was to begin at 6 when it was announces bishop was running late, began @ 6:30, when leaving, saw bishop in driver’s seat surrounded by priests all lou
  • Way too invested in getting illegal immigrants into the country, but said not a word about the Obergefell decision before it was handed down, and still hasn’t, eight years later.


Military Services – Archbishop Timothy Broglio

  • Archbishop Broglio was the only Bishop in the US to not issue COVID restrictions and he supported those who object to the COVID “Vaccine.” He freely permits the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass and upon the release of TC readily gave permission to his priests who asked.
  • He seems to be a “go with the flow” prelate–Politician! As Archbishop for Military Services, he says little to nothing about the sinfulness of contraception, abortion/abortion travel and recovery paid leave, COVID-19 vaccines, LGBQTI+ personnel/transgender surgeries and recovery paid leave, etc.
  • Little indication he stands up to Bergoglio.


Milwaukee – Archbishop Jerome Listecki

  • ‘+Listecki has been extremely good to the TLM communities in his diocese. Further, he’s a man of devotion that works behind the scenes to accomplish goals that orthodox Catholics appreciate. He’s merely flying under the radar and setting the foundation for the long game. I’m a converted skeptic.
  • A lukewarm Shepherd when it comes to addressing the pain and suffering of the displaced faithful Catholics whose beloved parishes have closed or in the process of closing. He is weak in offering sympathy and guidance. He is however, strong and eloquent when asking for donations for other things.
  • A politician and businessman, not a shepherd.
  • Archbishop Listecki tends to side with the priests that “report” to him. The Milwaukee Archdiocese has been plagued with dysfunction for many years long before he came to Milwaukee. Instead of cleaning up the mess he is part of the old boys club. Not a John the Baptist more like a cricket.
  • Archbishop Listecki doesn’t speak up much, but he does seem orthodox when he does. We have pretty many vocations in our diocese, so that to me seems like a good sign. I would like him to be more vocal.
  • Archbishop Listecki is a Novus Ordo Bishop for sure, but has gone out of his way to support the TLM in Milwaukee. 5 Parishes still have the TLM. I don’t agree with everything he has done, but overall I think he is more Orthodox than people realize.
  • Archbishop Listecki is a wonderful shepherd!
  • Archbishop Listecki is WOKE although he tries to cover it up but he does not have any appreciation for the laity and little of any love for the priests in this diocese. He does along with Bishop Skelba keeps the good priests from doing their job by forbidding the priests to address the evils of sin
  • Does not defend us or the faith. Sits on the fence. Appears to be government controlled
  • He did stop a priest, who spoke of breaking the seal of confession, from hearing confessions. He did speak in a sermon I heard once during an election year that if you are Catholic then you need to vote Catholic.  But he spoke of his support of a gay priest who “came out” during his Sunday homily.
  • He has a heart for Christ but not always the voice. He allows the TLM and likes it but doesn’t promote traditional views. Administratively he is alright but doesn’t challenge his employees (I work for the Archdiocese) to confirm their lives to God and work hard for souls.
  • He is a company man that does and says what those around him tell him to do.
  • He is a cover up artist.
  • He is at retirement age. We have a seminary bursting at the seams with traditional, young seminarians becoming traditional priests. I feel confident that Archbishop Listecki will not do anything to prevent that.  In addition, he is allowing TLM, at least to a point.  I appreciate those things.
  • He is good friends with Archbishop Timothy Dolan whom I do not trust. This is a questionable alliance that I believe pressures him into silence about the James Martin sin.
  • He is pious & orthodox (his political issue guidance in 2020 was exceptional) and loves his TLM priests and laity. The only reason I didn’t say “completely trust” is because there are some practical matters on which I would look for a stronger & faster ruling: e.g. lifting lockdowns or ignoring T.C.
  • He is very weak when it comes to what people want
  • He seems to support what he should be (TLM, pro-life, pro-marriage) but he doesn’t speak up when he needs to and there are things he hasn’t taken care of (priests who are preaching heresy, especially when it comes to the Holy Eucharist, he should have removed or done something to correct this.
  • Hoping that Bishop Listecki is orthodox, as he has not come down hard on those of us who are faithful to and avoid any but the traditional Latin Mass here in Milwaukee. However, he does seem also to be “on the fence” re: anything that comes from the Vatican.
  • I am quite happy with Archbishop Listecki, but was very disappointed when the churches were closed down during COVID. Isn’t God bigger than the pandemic? This was a time we needed the Eucharist there most.
  • I believe Archbishop Jerome Listecki has a sincere heart to fulfill his vocation leading as many souls as possible to God. Because he is imperfectly human, there are some circumstances where he lacks courage to act against certain situations of concern, so I pray daily for God to guide & fortify him
  • I have not heard him stand up for people such as Bishop Strickland. I have not heard him question Pope Francis’s radical ideas. I do see good Bishop’s, Priests and Nuns being silenced by the Pope.
  • I praise Bishop Listecki for allowing the Latin Rite in a Milwaukee Parish. St. Stanislaus has been a gift to us. Thank you, Mrs. Rose Zaffiro
  • I wasn’t happy with the Covid policies and not allowing communion on the tough. I believe he tries as he’s put out documents regarding transgender issues but wish he’d be stronger about abortion during elections. He’s in a tough spot as I’m sure the diocese is filled with followers of RW.
  • It would be a great service to all if he would speak out on the great evils that are prevailing in this world. Silence is complicity.
  • My bishop goes with the flow. We need powerful religious leaders who defend the faith not social justice!
  • No direct contact with Parishioners except at collection time of Funding $$$campaigns with slides during Homily time during Mass No visit to parish to meet parishioners or give a homily€¦. Truly a stranger Unaware if any Spiritual Events in Archdiocese€¦
  • Not bad but not strong. :/
  • Not sure as we hear very little from him, except when money is needed. He did close all the churches during COVID.  The Latin Mass is being allowed in the diocese, so that makes him somewhat Orthodox.  Has come out against abortion, but not against homosexual unions or divorced and remarried
  • Our Archbishop allows the TLM in our diocese, but doesn’t speak out on important issues and problems when they happen.
  • Our Bishop makes regular appearances at our parish for functions. He has answered me if I had a question.  He confirms our children and is transparent in church policies. He understands the needs of his whole flock, whether they speak the same language or have the same traditions. He loves us.
  • Outstanding Archbishop who has transformed the Archdiocese along with the previous efforts of Cardinal Dolan from the disastrous years of the previous Archbishop. Unfortunately he will be retiring next March.
  • Phenomenal job on improving the seminary and quality of new seminarians and priests. The schools however, seem no better than they were 20 years ago. We’ve lost yet another generation to watered-down mushy Catholicism.
  • Poor shepherd for Jesus Christ flock
  • Post Covid good: Votive mass at the overturning of Roe v Wade Can still go to TLM Priestly ordinations are high Public statement against gender theory standing up for church teaching Post Covid bad: No public apology for suspending masses and restricting the sacraments
  • Quietly supports some traditional doctrine which is great but allowed a gay religious conference and does not instruct his priests or people about basic evils of homosexual acts etc.
  • Silence about what Bergoglio is doing to the Church is complicity – no courage – cowardly “lion” is being generous.
  • There was no need for Archbishop Listecki to close the churches, limiting the Sacraments to the People of God. A dispensation from attending Mass was not necessary. He fell for and bought into all the lies. When people needed comfort and the Church, it was in hiding!
  • Too silent on so many important issues. Our country is going in the wrong direction and most bishops are silent. I find guidance from pastors of many non-denominational churches on today’s problems. WHERE are OUR bishop and our priest speaking out on so many horrible things happening to CHILDREN?
  • We are fortunate to have him. I pray for him regularly.
  • Your Excellence, Thank you for your edifying disciplinary action of the priest that was attacking the Seal of Confession. Thank you for your encouragement of the Latin Mass apostolates in your diocese. May Jesus Christ our King give you courage to proclaim the Faith always and Mary keep you!


Mobile – Archbishop Thomas Rodi

  • Don’t trust him one bit, too modern
  • Grading some issues: B- on Tradition (We are better off than places like Chicago.)A on clerical abuse matters, but C- on sexually active Priests D- on Covid B+/A- on overall financial stewardship of the Archdiocese BUT C- on a few recent high profile, real estate transactions.
  • He continues to prove he is against Tradition. He never orders, just “strongly suggests”, which most priests treat as orders. He tried to NOT allowing kneeling while receiving the Holy Eucharist. He has severely limited TLM. He encourages the desecration of the Eucharist by unconsecrated hands.
  • He does not care for his “flock”. We are a burden and bother to him. He shut down the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in 2020 thus denying the Laity access to the Sacraments. That should tell you all you need to know!!!!
  • He has allowed the Latin Mass twice a month to continue but mostly for the financial aspect and not because he appreciates it. He is a modernist. He punishes any priest who is to traditional and uncontrollable.
  • I didn’t give this much thought until we were encouraged not to attend mass during Covid. Then I started paying close attention to other matters in our diocese. 🙁
  • My church is 3 hrs away from the archdiocese. I rarely see him but from what I read about him in our “Catholic Week” he seems to put on a good face for whatever occasion.  Several years ago we had a problem w/our newly appointed priest and he refused to investigate our claim.  I tend not to trust.
  • Needs to retire!
  • Our Archbishop has caused “a vote of no confidence” in his ability to handle those men who have to answer to him aka (Deacons, Seminarians and priests). Plus his inability to make things “not about him.” You know exactly who he likes (what he get from them) and why (money).
  • Our Bishop hates Latin. He will not tolerate use of Latin if he will be offering or attending Mass. Latin is a Sacred Language set apart to preserve the deposit of Faith. It cannot be altered, just as the faith cannot change. St. Alphonsus taught that hatred of the sacred is a sign of damnation.
  • This survey is good timing. I’ve suspected Archbishop Rodi for years, but this year he removed all doubt, first with an appalling Chrism Mass homily and then by removing seminarian for kneeling to receive communion and Fr. Crow, who may have been the one good priest here. I’d go on but out of space
  • too many scandals to count – he recently kicked a seminarian out for kneeling to receive our Lord in the Eucharist
  • Totally modernist. Does not care for his flock. Vindictive. Mean spirited. Has an agenda in conflict with Holy Mother Church’s mission which is the salvation of souls. Shut down the Mass during COVID.


Monterey – Bishop Daniel Garcia

  • Cares only for immigrants and non-Americans. Has forgotten about white Senior citizens. Needs to have more American priests.
  • He allows us to have the Traditional Latin Mass.
  • He has refused to suppress the TLM.
  • He locked us out of our churches, denying the flock the sacraments. He was not the spiritual father we needed during the plandemic.
  • He never seems to be around much. I moved from Santa Barbara where Bishop Barron was my bishop and of course I really liked him a lot more than most. My Bishop now I only know I was so upset with him during COVID and all the bad policies made so we could not go to church. The stupid masks etc.
  • He used Covid as an excuse to take away our TLM for good. I now live 2.5 hours from the nearest TLM.  The Monterey Diocese has a long history of “clown Mass” behavior in its parishes.
  • He’s a good bishop. I would like to see him be more active to support prolife causes, and to allow the extraordinary form of the Mass.


Nashville – Bishop J. Spalding

  • A lot of money wasted trying to raise money. Twenty five cents back for every dollar sent in and only returned for approved projects. Silent except when money is wanted. Terrible conformation at the diocesan center; very impersonal. They’re herding cattle and any priest will do.
  • Although he has been here for a while and is busy I don’t know him.
  • Any Bishop who shuttered the Church and denied the sacraments to the faithful failed in his duties. While Spalding I feel has the best interest of the faithful his decision to do this makes me believe he put political opinions over the responsibility of the clergy to the faithful.
  • Because he has not spoken out regarding LGBTQ, abortion and more, he seems to be either more concerned with ruffling feathers in the church than for saving souls. Everything seems to be a photo op.
  • Bishop Spaulding is someone who keeps  a low profile for some reason I rarely even think of him bc he’s so out of sight.
  • Have met him several times and believe him to be a good and holy prelate. He allows the TLM to continue at 2 parishes in our Diocese.
  • He doesn’t like talking with the laity when they request a meeting. He seems scared to stand up against the gay agenda, he does let the Latin mass continue. He sends others to do his bidding ( the Nashville mob) three priests who say they ate the Bishops voice
  • He has allowed TLM to continue (it is the wealthiest parish in the Diocese though) but he banned Priests from attending a function where Fr Altman was speaking and there is evidence of tolerance.
  • He is very aloof and arrogant I feel. Can’t ever talk to him directly. Have to go through his assistants like a peasant. Caters to his wealthy parishioners and I feel is influenced by their agendas. Always begging for money€¦why, for diocese, to the pope in Rome or being used to pay sex hush money??
  • He keeps his distance from all his “flock”. At Confirmations, he leaves immediately.  It is near impossible to get to him for a meeting, no matter the reason.
  • He never talks about anything that is controversial. I have NO IDEA what he thinks about LGBTQ, TRANS, and the Things causing division in our church. I know I have a cursillo friend trying to straighten out a marital problem for OVER 3 YEARS in this diocese, and they are getting NO HELP from the diocese
  • He will not stop priests who are promoting homosexuality
  • His actions and inaction indicate that he either does not know what is going on in his diocese or doesn’t care.
  • I believe our bishop has lost the faith. It broke my heart to read letters he’s written about gathering around the “table” rather than the sacrifice of the spotless victim that is the Mass; even more so when he removed the only priest willing to offer the TLM. Now we have nothing.
  • I like Bishop Spalding, but I cannot trust him. Never has he backed Bishop Strickland, nor Archbishop Cordileone, nor Bishop Tobin formerly of Providence, nor the Isaiah of our time Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano. Why?  It is like the Apostles and Pharisees.  John the Baptist called this.
  • I was so disappointed when he (MARK not J) closed our parishes during the so-called pandemic. NOTHING should come b4 our worship of God and the graces we so NEED from the Mass and sacraments!! We should be willing to shed our blood as martyrs b4 we EVER give in to their whims and downright atheism!
  • I would prefer he be more forceful and engaging in battling the heterodoxies of our time, especially those coming from WITHIN the Church herself, sadly. The scourges of homosexuality and transgenderism must be addressed openly, as the sheep are being inundated but our shepherds are silent.
  • It seems that he does not like confrontation and allowing major liberalism of ideas to emerge. This was particularly seen during Covid and currently he is allowing a leniency towards the new woke ideology especially at King of Kings.
  • Kind and personable in public. Seems to be a good administrator, but appears “to go along to get along.” Very much pray that he can be blessed with the fortitude to speak out publically about the chaos and apparent heresy coming out of the Vatican. His flock is scattered and leaving the Church.
  • Our Bishop during Covid did not support our request for granting religious exemptions. He strongly supported the Covid vaccine which contains poisons and aborted fetal cells.    Also our diocese has been heavily involved in gun control issues but almost always silent on abortion.    How ironic.
  • So incredibly disappointed about the Diocese response during Covid and my personal request and denial for a Catholic exemption letter. Cowardly to say the least.
  • The Church he built in the Pascal Center is an auditorium. He does not like Latin Masses.
  • There is a group supportive of LGBTQ persons meeting on church property in Nashville. Originally this group was meeting because of the synod, but that input is over.  I don’t believe church teaching is discussed at the meetings, so the bishop should intervene to ensure proper catechesis.
  • This failure of a bishop (like almost all bishops and cardinals) is a complicit coward who sabotaged me and other faithful Catholics fighting the jab mandate from the apostate in DC. These clerics are not Christ’s chosen shepherds; they are serpents and sodomites seeking to destroy His Church.
  • We are spoon fed news about Rome. Our Catholic Register is lacking in information as compared to other dioceses.


New Orleans – Archbishop Gregory Aymond

  • Archbishop Aymond has been very supportive of our seven Latin Mass Societies. He has been to our masses a few times a year and has given us a very good priest who teaches the True Catholic Faith. I am grateful for that. Given what most Catholics in America have to deal with, I think we are lucky.
  • Archbishop Aymond tends to be soft on the politicians and wealthy. His pro-life stance is moderate, but does not call out Catholic politicians who are pro-abortion.  He does not speak out about the “Catholic” politicians who push agendas not in keeping with Catholic teaching, like many priests.
  • Archdiocese filed bankruptcy proving inability to manage finances, costing millions in legal fees to avoid compensating victims of priests’ abuse. Also, archdiocese has not helped victims to get mental health counseling. The archdiocese broke the law by filing fraudulent claim after Hurricane Ida.
  • Could do more to enrich the liturgy.
  • Does not go out of his way to be prolife. Refused to discontinue the Box Tops for Schools program promoted by General Mills, which gives millions to promote abortion, through their donations to Susan G Komen, which passes it’s received donations on to Planned Parenthood, claiming advice from an eth
  • He can never agree he can sin. Very arrogant!
  • He had to be BEGGED (three letters) to inform women in the archdiocese through letter to each pastor, that they were not to participate in Susan G Komen events, because of that organization’s blatant support of and donations to PLANNED PARENTHOOD. Complicit w/ Catholic Charities, Gen. Mills
  • He has allowed the TLM to grow and thrive. He has dealt with abuse in a timely fashion.
  • He is a wonderful Bishop, a native of La., He is under extreme stress with the finances due to the law suites sexual abuse.
  • He is near retirement age and not very vocal about the current situation in Rome.
  • He never, that I know about, defends the deposit of faith against the Homo heresy.
  • Holy and faithful but I feel he could be more vocal.
  • I am thankful he has continued to allow the Latin mass in our archdiocese. He has had to deal with a bankruptcy from pedophilia cases and he is run down.
  • I like Bishop Aymond. I just wish he would be more vocal about the evils of our culture. I would like to see traditional Catholic books used in our Catholic schools. I would like to see more parishes offering the Traditional Holy Messi thank Bishop Aymond for pastoring us and his service.
  • I met with him face-to-face after McCarrick and asked him why he allowed the homo Heretic James Martin to speak at Loyola University he explained there was nothing he could do but ask them not to do it. Now I know he could strip Loyola from using the word Catholic. He did not.
  • I really do not My Bishop’s Orthodoxy.
  • I stopped contributing to regular church collections bc I don’t want to aid in pay offs to sexual abuse claims. I feel the arch bishop should step down and resign.
  • I suspect that our Archbishop is complicit in the illegal movement into the U.S. of illegal immigrants as well as their housing, and hiding of not only children in the sex trade but also of harboring violent criminals. Gregory Aymond knew of sexual abuse scandals in the 70’s and did nothing!
  • I think it’s very political and had a homosexual background. Trying to make things right, but there are too many questions.
  • In God we trust.
  • Knows how to play the game, if you get my drift. Never speaks out about abuses here. Never condemns the decadence festival here. He does allow the America Needs Fatima group and a few TLMs to exist to be fair. He was rector at Notre Dame Seminary but did nothing to clean up its heterodoxy.
  • Maybe I am wrong about my bishop. I’ve written one or two letters and his responses did not adequately resolve my concerns.  He even called me which I did appreciate.  It was nice talking to him but when I got off the phone, I felt his response was not accurate.  I could be wrong though.
  • Not fully forthcoming with regards to finances or personnel issues separate from the priest scandals. Too much of an old boys network for assignments.
  • Our Bishop has done some great things in allowing the Traditional Rites to be practiced in and around the once great Catholic city of New Orleans. But by and large he is cut from the Novus Ordo mediocre stock. I don’t believe he is evil, but he is allowing this city to decay into a living hell.
  • Our bishop seems to follow church teaching and love Christ, but he did quickly and willingly shut down our churches in the COVID nonsense- not following Christ’s teaching not to fear what harms the body but what harms the soul
  • Our church was severely damaged during hurricane Ida. That was two years ago. He has not visited our church or personally addressed our parish. I feel that we’ve been done a great disservice by not having some personal time with him as we are a flock without a church now.
  • Re: Archbishop Gregory Aymond & Bishop Michael Duca (Baton Rouge) – Quite as a church mouse on any of the serious issues facing the church. Their silence speaks volumes.
  • The Archbishop seems to be meek to the point of being weak and not a shepherd. He is often unwilling to be explicit in expressing any significant support for Catholic orthodox doctrine/dogma especially if it would contradict popular and progressive ideas and or movements.
  • While the Latin Mass continues as before without hindrance, there is no supervision of priests who allow dancing on Hispanic feast days. He allows homosexuals to enter seminary.


New York – Cardinal Timothy Dolan

  • A coward, liar & deceiver to his flock 1 of the weakest Cardinals ever seen as a practicing Catholic the last 3 decades in the NYC area
  • Am unsure where to draw precise lines re his personal orthodoxy, but in action he firmly protects the gay mob who dominate in numbers, cohesion, & organization. In prioritizing defense of the physical Church on Earth he imperils the essence of Christianity + many immortal souls. •’§â€¢ politician •
  • Cardinal Dolan declared that priests may not validate requests a religious exemption for the jab causing my daughter in law to lose her job throwing her family in financial chaos. He also lets Fr. James Martin preach his heresy in Church venues.
  • Cardinal Dolan did not take the TLM away from us like others but he is pro or neutral about homosexuality.
  • Cardinal Dolan is more interested in pandering to politicians than he is in upholding the true faith.
  • Cardinal Dolan is permissive of the TLM at Holy Innocents parish and that is much appreciated.
  • Cardinal Dolan should drop the social message and talk and teach about sin and the deposit of faith. Dolan is a fraud and a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
  • Do you believe in Christ anymore? If so, Kindly return as the Shepard of His Church, real Catholicism, they your once were. BE BOLD!!
  • Doesn’t exhibit courage. No truthful often. Looks like he’s ready to leave/retire.
  • Dolan is a politician wearing a collar
  • Dolan is beholden to the Democrats, stating that he has never preached about abortion. He is allowing the Latin Mass still, in our community, so I am grateful for that. May it continue forever.
  • Don’t know too much about his decisions, I’m in Westchester County
  • He fails to speak out in defense of the truth regarding Church teaching. He fails to talk action regarding Catholic politicians that support abortion and other issues that run contrary to Church teaching.
  • He has been a disappointment in remaining silent re certain public events in which he should have spoken out (e.g. St Patrick Day parades vs gay participation, support of Vatican display at Met Opera). Too much of a showman as opposed to being representative of the Catholic Church.
  • He is a big bag of wind.
  • He is a Heretics who follows the father of lies.
  • He is merciless when it comes to raking in funds and picking the pockets of the faithful. God forbid if any parish doesn’t make it’s imposed upon yearly bishop’s tax disguised as an appeal. Dolan will take the $ out of the parish’s operating budget. He never uses $ to support pro-life. He is gross.
  • He seems like a politician. And maybe that is my problem that he likes to hang out with the politicians. When he comes to our parish, it is like he is a rockstar and obviously enjoys the attention.
  • I believe Cardinal Dolan is generally faithful to Church teaching and the deposit of faith. He doesn’t speak up strongly or often enough on controversial issues.  He seems to play things safe.  We need our shepherds to lead us by speaking up strongly, clearly, and courageously.
  • I fear for his eternal soul. You’re either with Christ or you’re against him.  God have mercy on their souls!
  • I feel he wants so much to get along with everyone and be liked, that he doesn’t have the backbone to correct those in error or chastise errant priests, such as the homosexual/LGBT+ clerics at St Pauls Church–it’s an abomination! I also read he praised Fr James Martin’s outreach!  Wrong!
  • I hear nothing about upholding of Catholic Doctrine, values such as sanctity of life, truths, morals re sexuality, the protection of children. No protection of Latin Mass and Rites in the Church.   I see profiting from the selling of people into the US, human trafficking and slavery and drugs.
  • I rated based on authentic Catholic podcasts & news channels. The sanctifying function Christ performs in the Sacraments keeps me from ticking the extreme negative responses.+ St Joseph, Protector of the universal church come to our aid in this grave battle against the forces of darkness +
  • I refuse to support the Cardinals Appeal. I don’t believe that bishops should live in luxury. Our Lord didn’t.
  • I’m just not sure. I hear of many abandoning the teachings of the church. Time will tell. I guess I’m neutral for now. God help us all.
  • Impression is he is pressured to please the elite to maintain funding. NYC is the site of so much evil. Fear is also evident in his behavior. Who will vandalize the Churches if he should excommunicate James Martin? Evil is everywhere. Too much temptation and he has fallen prey
  • Lingering questions if he covered up sexual abuse priests in his diocese. VERY disappointed that as maybe the best known Cardinal in the US he said nothing, or if he did it was muted, about the blasphemous “Sisters of the Indulgence” at Dodgers Stadium. He should have flown there to protest.
  • Lip service to Church Doctrine. Always a day late and a dollar short for any authentic pronouncements, guidance or rebuke for public officials (especially in the area of abortion). He personally allows active homosexual clergy to act in pastoral roles and allows rampant theft from the parishes.
  • More a politician. Should be denying Holy Communion to the NY Governor and others when they are at St. Patrick’s. Does NOT make education (schools and CCD) a top priority. Should be speaking out – against – more about LGBTQ issues.
  • more an administrator listening to lawyers and accountants then guiding his flock towards salvation and the true eternal life
  • Need I say more?
  • No always telling the truth. Afraid of the lawyers.
  • Our bishop is mostly silent!
  • Proven himself corrupt many times.
  • Seems to follow along with all directives from the Vatican without question. Very concerning.
  • The Bishop needs to ensure that every Diocese implements the celebration of the Extraordinary Rite. Remove all modern hymns. Most of the main parishes should include at least an hour long Sunday school sessions for both adults or family, & young children. Include Catechism, reflection, prayer, music
  • Works as hard as he can. He also listens.


Newark – Cardinal Joseph Tobin

  • Allows Masses for Homosexuals and very involved in liberal social justice bologna, to put it mildly.
  • Cardinal Tobin has allowed Pride Masses for the past six years in a parish in Hoboken, NJ, Our Lady of Grace, plus we have heard of his indiscretions, having an Italian male model living with him, and closing our churches during the pandemic when we needed Jesus the most!
  • Cardinal Tobin tows the line. He allows for Latin Mass to continue but also turns a blind eye to the abusive gay Masses and does not encourage our LGBTQ brothers and sisters to a life of chastity and away from sinful behaviors.   He has allowed the LGBQT movement to creep into our Catholic schools.
  • He does not uphold the teachings of the church on homosexuality.
  • He gets a tiny bit of a pass for not obstructing any TLMs in our diocese. He seems to leave the orthodox alone. Maybe because there aren’t enough of us to worry about.
  • He is not doing God’s work.
  • I am concerned regarding his seeming support of homosexual relationships. Obviously, everyone is loved by God but I don’t think Cardinal Tobin encourages people to turn away from that lifestyle. His support for President Biden was also disturbing.
  • I can only go by my own church which has a reverent NO. My pastor is working very hard to grow our Parish.  I have been to the Cathedral for mass but prefer my own Church’s Mass.  I can see a difference between the two.  My Church is less modern then the Cathedral. .
  • Look at news articles for Bishop Tobin. On one hand you find Thomas Tobin of Providence who is a man of God. On the other hand you find Joseph Tobin who is … he doesn’t look like a man of God. We need a reformer to clean up generations of filth particularly after McCarrick. It didn’t happen.
  • My main concern is his promotion of homosexuality without repentance! He celebrates a Mass for those practicing this sin yearly!
  • My sentiments regarding Cardinal Tobin are from firsthand experience. Being a trustee of my parish, I have had dealings with the Cardinal directly and indirectly.  He has exhibited a lack of respect to the laity especially volunteers and lack of support for his priests. He is not a good leader.
  • Nighty night baby Need I say more
  • Our archbishop is rarely present. I would like the archbishop to speak out clearly about abortion and receiving the sacrament if you are participating in abortion on any way. He should also make clear the churches position regarding sex change especially for innocent children.
  • Our difficulty is with his approval of the gender ideology.
  • Prior to the 2020 presidential election, Cardinal Tobin stated in a video, that Catholics could in good conscience, vote for Joe Biden, despite his pro-abortion stand. The Cardinal has held gay masses at the cathedral in Newark and he allows other priests in the diocese to celebrate gay masses.
  • This sodomophile, lgbt-sanctioning, most recent gun-grabbing, DNA gene therapy promoter and Covid miser, clerical nightmare is ally to the Marxist cult destroying every institution and peoples of the world on behalf of Lucifer. Nighty night sweetheart tweet from the airport was not to his sister.
  • Tobin lost my respect ever since his “mighty night, baby” comment. Then he invited a young Italian guy to live in his rectory.   He is a member of the “lavender” group of highly placed cardinals and bishops and friends with others who are outspoken against our Catholic faith. Disgraceful.
  • While his public comments and persona have been problematic from a traditionalists standpoint, his actions within his diocese regarding the Latin Mass have been mostly Laissez-faire and traditional Catholics have thankfully been able to go about business as usual even after Traditiones Custodes.


Norwich – Bishop Michael Cote

  • Cote has no interest in being a Bishop. Covid was probably the best thing to ever happen to him because he has done nothing in 4 years.
  • He is not a Bishop who leads among his sheep. He allows way too many things to happen that lead to this distrust across the board. The diocese is bankrupt, along with certain priests who are not faithfully grounded in Catholicism.
  • I never see my bishop so as a shepherd of his people, there is more to do. No strong protests against the sin in the country with regards to abortion and homosexual practices.
  • I think Bishop Cote is overall a good shepherd and a believing, God-fearing man.
  • My bishop is going to be 75 next year. 2010 closed the school. Soup kitchen temporarily moved in. It’s going on 7 years or so! Cannot make apt with bishop- had a priest assigned who didn’t have admin skills and ran church downhill. Bishop not present-visible. It could be worse. I pray for him.
  • This bishop is following the political trends (starting with the Covid area shutting down our churches and forcing people to comply with the masks and no holy water and communion by standing on one’s hand€” completely NOT orthodox!
  • We only hear things from him regarding campaigns or the positive things he wants to promote, and those are all good things. But he is very quiet on the issues of the day. I’ve been told by other laity that he won’t let his priests speak out boldly and their homilies have to be “nicey nice.”


Oakland – Bishop Michael Barber

  • He removed “I dread the pains of hell.” from the acts of contrition. Why? He wants to play nice, maybe. Our diocese filed for bankruptcy. I hear more from Archbishop Cordileone in San Francisco than I do from my own bishop. Bland, lacks the fire of truth like Bishop Strickland of Tyler, Texas has.
  • He shares so little about his religious opinions in his infrequent letters, which are usually about fundraising, that it is nearly impossible to know his orthodoxy.
  • His stand in Abortion. I hope he gets more vocal.
  • I believe he is one of the “good” Jesuits! Seems to be a well-respected leader among the clergy. Most definitely a great leader for the Diocese of Oakland through his Mission Alignment Process regarding underfunded parishes and bankruptcy procedure due to sex abuse settlement cases.
  • Our Bishop Barber is faithful, but he needs to take a stronger stand and speak out against the onslaught of hatred and lies against our Faith. Mostly he is silent, as are most of the bishops. We are lost sheep without a strong shepherd. No wonder our church pews are empty for Masses.
  • The Bishop just filed bankruptcy for the Diocese of Oakland because of the sexual assault lawsuits filed against it. The excuse he gave was not justifiable given the gravity of the lawsuits, the amount of money each victim will get will be less, we will never know the truth & it’s the same old thing
  • Very strong on pro-life issues. Great with people. Respected by priests and the laity.


Ogdensburg – Bishop Terry LaValley

  • As Fr. Altman says: “you can’t be Catholic and be a Democrat.”  LaValley is a Democrat.  His policy during Covid was “no mask, no Mass.”  He tried to deny us Communion on the tongue but we stood there until he did, then he stopped to wash his hands. He publicly endorsed the jab on TV in a PSA
  • I tend to distrust most if not all Bishops for the mere fact that they were all complicit in shutting down the churches when we needed them the most. As Father Altman always says “we were not fed” we needed the sacraments and they were completely unavailable to us.
  • Opinion here is relevant more to his responses to problems in the diocese. He seems to be faithful in his opinions about things but highly reluctant to actually exercise his authority to correct them.


Oklahoma City – Archbishop Paul Coakley

  • We must pray for our Bishops. May God bless them 2. Response to COVID 19 was devastating 3. Encouraging/ supporting illegal immigration 4. Funds to assist fees for annulments in past5. No Altar Rails in Bl Rother main church. 6. No Communion Rail in NO churches 7. All good otherwise
  • Coakley is great. But I distrust those other bishops who fail to make public statements about politicians who claim to be Catholic but support abortion trans mainstreaming and other scandalous positions contrary to Church teaching.  For example, Biden and Pelosi and others should be excommunicated
  • Going in the right direction on a lot of things (education, reverent liturgies, priest’s files, new good priests) and trying to take the faithful with him. Would love to see no meat Fridays, epiphany on Jan 6 (very Hispanic-friendly!), and ascension on the right days, as well as many more procession
  • He tweeted against the Covington boys, condemning their actions before having the facts all in. He is against communion rails too. As to why, I don’t know, but priests who know him told us so. He has done some good, but he sounds like a social justice warrior instead of a shepherd most days.
  • He’s like a ghost€¦ zero contact.
  • His refusal to look at evidence regarding immoral activities of NGOs in Africa is particularly disturbing.
  • I believe Archbishop is Orthodox in his beliefs and has good intentions, but I fear he is a weak man and does not speak out to support the few bishops who are holding the line. He may be afraid of being cancelled and deems it more prudent to remain under the radar.
  • I do not believe Bishop Coakley has given us reason to distrust him. However, I don’t know whether we have any incidents of priestly misbehavior.
  • I personally feel very blessed and fortunate to be in this diocese under Archbishop Coakley.
  • I wish that he would be more vocal about all the things going on in America like abortion, communion for politicians who support abortion, anti-Catholic movement, canceling holy priests and clarifying all the controversial orders from Pope Francis…
  • If I were to have a comment about Bishop Coakley, is that I wish him to be more clear and direct. He released a letter speaking about transgenderism and while charitable, I believe he used a lot of words to soften, what some would perceive as a sting.. I am glad he released it, but be more direct
  • My gut says this bishop’s orthodoxy is held back by his desire to be elevated or promoted. He wants to be thought of as Orthodox, but is unwilling to give up acceptance and admiration by the hierarchy. Avoids taking a difficult stand on big issues. Afraid to be direct and clear in communication
  • Wish, pray for him to be more courageous and less fearful about what others might say. Follow Christ and His teachings, maybe join with Bishop Strickland in his fearless pursuit to speak the truth.


Omaha – Archbishop George Lucas

  • Archbishop George Lucas I pray for every day.
  • Archbishop Lucas is a classic Midwestern guy. He is a visionary leader who has actually put plans into place to make parishes more missional. He can be heavy handed when he needs to be but generally isn’t going to ruffle feathers unnecessarily. Some wish he was more vocal against Creighton.
  • Archbishop Lucas is not vocal at all or at least hardly vocal against the evils that are happening in our world. He doesn’t seem to show any true courage to stand up for the teachings of Jesus Christ and Catholics.  He has also seemed to deal with some priests in unnecessarily heavy-handed ways.
  • Archbishop Lucas tends to start making moves to protect his flock but often stops the process after he starts. It would seem he is easily scared by the fear of financial loss. The “catholic” schools run this diocese, and they seem to be set on our faith being inconsequential.
  • Bishop Lucas, of Omaha, has not promoted heresy, to my knowledge. However, he has not instructed his priests to teach The Faith, in Sunday sermons.  Only FSSP priests give homilies that are Catholic Adult Catechetical Education.  That should be done in every parish & every diocese.
  • Has no problem asking for money for this project or that one even though during COVID he received millions of dollars. Has lots of problems complying with any additional “work”.
  • He has a past before he became our bishop.
  • He is silent on everything.. He does not stand up for traditional Catholic values.
  • He punishes orthodoxy. He elevates liberal priests. When people report liturgical abuse, he sided with the priest.  He’s allowing Jumbotron style screens in parishes.  Attendance is way down and so he is closing parishes.  He’s awful and doesn’t see the elephant in the room.
  • He seems to be fearful of his own shadow.
  • Homosexual, company man, treats the position and “elevated status” as an easy ride and ego booster.
  • I believe it is the role of Bishop is to lead the flocks of his to believe as we should according to the scriptures, as descendants the apostles. During elections, I believe good, loyal priests should be given the guidance to tell us to vote for the candidate who is pro-life, etc.
  • I feel our archdiocese under our Archbishop is deteriorating. He has no concern for the people in the outlying areas other than for our funds. He has possibly been involved in a very corrupt past but it has never been addressed -leaving me to assume he is guilty.
  • I have been bothered by his participation in events honoring Martin Luther, and his sending priests to largely non practicing parishes, meaning  the lay members don’t attend Mass, while busy and growing orthodox parishes struggle with one priest.
  • I pray for him and all the bishops .I wish him well but he should resign and devote the remainder of his life to prayer and penance.
  • I wish that he and his priests would be more real in their sermons. They only have the time of the sermon to help us to become more Christ like and to get ready for heaven.  In my parish the sermon lasts only 15-20 minutes (sometimes less).  Our priest never speaks about how we need to get ready.
  • No complaints
  • Not a strong leader, but a nice, get a long guy. Took a stance against gender neutral bathrooms and locker rooms in schools
  • On Church Militant they did an article on homosexual bishops and he was one of the ones listed.
  • Shut the churches during Covid. Recommended the shot ˜¡
  • They Chancery Office is the Bishop’s voice while he offers no words directly himself. The Chancery Office has so many protocols that seem only as a buffer to critical issues. There is a cone of silence that I find deafening.
  • Too much secrecy in the church, lack of transparency. He promotes to the Hispanic population and expects people in the suburbs to pay for their education, promotes Spanish Masses when we don’t even have enough priests to do English Mass now they have to learn. Combined families of churches.
  • Too many stories and personal witness of his pro homosexual tendency to discount them all. And say too much of silence   what does he really think of TLM, of the synod, of the attack on Bishop Strickland.  He is a go along to get along bishop.  We need better men
  • Unfortunately, I do not feel that our Archdiocese is being led well. It seems as though there have been many missed opportunities to support our priests and seminarians. Also questioning whether our Archbishop is truly working for the good of the church€¦ some very bad claims have been made about him
  • When opportunities arise for him to speak out and defend orthodoxy all we hear is silence. When Fr James Martin goes on about homosexuality, we hear nothing. We hear nothing about the transsexual grooming that threatens our children.
  • Will not stand up for Catholic teachings in public. Will attend a public rosary but when it might cause discomfort in the general Catholic population.  I believe he is more concerned with Human respect (the wealthy, fellow bishops and the hierarchy) than aligning with traditional Catholic teaching


Orange – Bishop Kevin Vann

  • Old line orthodox thinking…but way too timid, especially for these times. Local lay groups stepped up to man the prayer groups outside both Dodger Stadium and at Thee Angels game as well.  Thank God for those men from KofC and Catholic Men’s Fellowship for providing over 3,500 individuals!
  • Approve of most of ac y ions in Orange County. I am concerned because he recently stated in the diocesan paper where he said be was a great airer of McElroy & he is his mentor & friend!
  • As time has pass I feel my bishop is not there for his flock, as an old school parishes I always remember Jesus asking PETER do you LOVE ME feed my SHEEP. I feel lost and confuse. Where are you? Did you forget us don’t we mean anything to you. Please don’t reject Jesus you should love him more.
  • B Vann is not standing up against the gay agenda. No protest against the Dodgers blasphemous group. Clergy abuse response pathetic. Please stand up for the Catholic faith. Lead on abortion. Catholic politicians promoting abortion should not be receiving communion. Speak against Francis’ confusion
  • Bishop Vann does direct his flock on being faithful to the teachings of the church. His example to life is excellent.
  • Bishop Vann has been very good about allowing the TLM, but I don’t fully trust him. Strickland, Paprocki, and Cordileone are men who can be trusted.  I usually know where they stand.
  • Bishops have two major responsibilities. 1. Theological 2. That I would call civil i.e. day to day non-religious activities. My Bishop dose a good job at #1 but could give more credence to the feedback of the laity and other advisors in carrying out #2.
  • Bless Bishop Vann. He has not done anything that I know of yet to end TLM in his Diocese. He still allows the Norbertine priests run a parish and a school and provides Traditional Latin Mass at that parish and another parish in his diocese. May God bless him abundantly.
  • 1374 A person who joins an association which plots against the Church is to be punished with a just penalty; however, a person who promotes or directs an association of this kind is to be punished with an interdict.
  • Canon 1373. A person who publicly incites hatred or animosity against the Apostolic See or the Ordinary because of some act of ecclesiastical office or duty, or who provokes disobedience against them, is to be punished by interdict or other just penalties.
  • Did not mention the Dodger’s situation to his flock€¦.we are very close to LA and many parishioners are avid Dodgers fan€¦.nothing mentioned in the pews€¦â€¦this is unacceptable! Also, this diocese allows all the stupid little hand gestures during Mass-  holding hands, arms reach out during The Our
  • Does not respond to question about some of the diocese programs such as Alpha and Matthew Kelly book promotion.
  • During Covid he took over a fund that had $40,000,000 dollars in it which was given by people who had died and wanted to contribute to the church in specific ways. There was a board and the Bishop was on it, however, he took it over and wanted the money to go where he deemed fit.
  • Failure to promote the truth.
  • He allows the traditional Latin mass. That is a big plus with me.
  • He has been complicit in his silence! Statements made where no one reads them is cowardly. He has not outwardly displayed any bravery to stand up against the woke progressives amongst his fellow bishops who are bent on fundamentally transforming and distorting True Catholic teachings.
  • he has supported too many democrat party members and themes
  • He hides in his crystal cathedral – no press releases, no public comments supporting the faith. Just “community” events – each for their own community.  Vietnamese community, Hispanic community, – separating each culture from the others.  No opposition against the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
  • I cannot tell about Bishop Vann as his closest advisors are a gay clique that certainly do not hold and teach what the Catholic Church teaches. This group has targeted priests and Bishop has even excommunicated one.  There is a two-tier system: his favorites and everyone else.
  • I truly believe that California’s liberal mentality has gotten to Bishop Kevin Vann. He doesn’t speak out and or guide his flock towards the path of being unapologetically Catholic. I hear more from Auxiliary Bishop Timothy or Auxiliary Bishop Timothy more vocally than Bishop Kevin.
  • I was extremely disappointed in how Bishop Vann handled the Covid issues? Locking down the churches, confessions outside drive thru Communion. It was something that took me a long time to forgive & I still will not support PSA which gives money to the Diocese. I also think Catholic Charities is bad.
  • Lacks a spine. Kowtows to the left and Pope Francis ideology and COVID narrative
  • My brother in law was part of a security group for Van. With the fake demic, Vann demanded that this group (along with others in the diocese) get vaxed. My brother in law refused. The Bishop was livid. And I heard about Vann’s homosexual behavior at the CM Boot Camp in 9/21 here in Irvine, CA.
  • Our bishop allows the traditional Latin mass, but does not necessarily encourage it. I have not heard him speak against abortion in years. Our diocesan churches were closed during Covid.
  • Retire Francis! Get him the hell out now!
  • Several parishes have removed the Tabernacles & put Christ in a room aside & out of view. He demanded millions from the charitable org for Covid relief. The board consulted their attorneys who said no, it was improper use of the fund. With that refusal, Bishop Vann fired the entire board.
  • Silent on Dodger’s honoring blasphemous queers Silent on Synod’s stance on blessing homo relationship, women ordination, married priests€¦Silent on treatment to Bishop Strickland Silent on recent AUSCP gathering in San Diego
  • The bad: his Mass’ are borderline irreverent, his preaching is terrible. The good: he grants the Norbertines much leeway. They offer at least three Traditional Masses on Sunday, they are reverent, they are excellent confessors, their preaching is reliable (ALL other religion is Devil worship.)


Orlando – Bishop John Noonan

  • *Our churches should NEVER have closed during Covid. You are to bring souls to God. Heal their souls, not their health. THAT was the time the faithful needed a true Shepard. You failed everyone and God*Promote “Sound of Freedom” protect all children! It’s your duty*Catholics aren’t democrats
  • A man of the people. Meek and humble of heart.
  • Actually I have no idea how orthodox Bishop Noonan is. He seems like a nice man but for a Bishop he’s too quiet. Things in this diocese are very liberal. Lots of emphasis on raising money; not so much on fighting the cultural rot and proclaiming the Gospel.
  • Although Gov DeSantis did NOT close churches in FL during “COVID” lockdowns, Bishop Noonan lied & closed all churches when people needed God. Many left the Catholic church because he created fear which is from the devil instead of sharing faith, love, & hope in our Lord Jesus in Mass. Replace Noonan
  • Bishop Noonan “flies” in under the radar. Does not “rock” the boat.  Appears to be more interested in funding diocese programs than shepherding the flock.  His leadership in should inspire and encourage parish priests to a stand against evil in the world.
  • Bishop Noonan appears to be trust worthy, but I question his lack of support for Fr. Frank Pavone. His Priests for Life organization has done so much for saving unborn babies.
  • Bishop Noonan he is covering up misconduct and pretends to investigate using strong arm tactics. Speak up he will fire you, if you are a parishioner he will tell you to leave .so much more I could say. Please pray for him, it’s difficult at times but we must Our Lord wants him to be saved also
  • Bishop Noonan is a modernist and welcomes pride ‘diversity’ in his parishes. Our Lady of Lourdes in Daytona, case in point.
  • Bishop Noonan is completely silent when it comes to speaking out about abortion the lgbtq movement.. He shut down all the churches in Orlando .. It is a disgrace that our bishops are stepping up against the evil forces that are with us!
  • Bishop Noonan is fair play but sometime it intrigues me why does he not oppose what is happening today. I may not be the right person for this survey but these are my two cents.
  • Bishop Noonan: not unorthodox, just MUTE on the woke agenda, the many genders, Voting for prochoice candidates. Apparently silencing his priests on these issues because we don’t hear these issues from the pulpit. For example, have heard nothing about encouraging his people to see Sound of Freedom.
  • Diocese is run more like a business with lawyers and operational people making policies and decisions.
  • During the COVID meltdown Bishop Noonan prevented any of his priests from writing letters exemption. As a result I almost lost my job.
  • For the 2+ years that I have resided in the Orlando Diocese, I am not aware of any controversial positions that Bishop Noonan has presented to his flock. That said, His Eminence appears to stay in the background, not publicizing his positions on issues overall. Silence? Complicity? I am not sure.
  • Has been against the TLM for as long as I recall. Certainly as far back as Pope John Paul II.
  • He closed all of our Catholic Churches during the Pandemic. Made me like an outcast with no Shepherd. He is still okay with Eucharist in the hand and female altar servers. Not too happy with his stance of sitting back and not Catechizing like I believe he should. Thank you Fr Altman.
  • He hasn’t shown me that will stand up to communist political inclinations. He needs to speak up for the unborn and don’t silent our religion freedoms.
  • He is a cowardly member of the Deep Church
  • He is a member of the Democrat Party (they promote abortion….. which makes me wonder what he really believes. Never stands up against the wrong doing that is coming from most of the Bishops in the USA when they promote LGBTQ, etc…….
  • He is selling off the property that previous GOOD Bishops have allocated for schools, Church and uses for the People of GOD.. No one knows where the money is going … I send my tithes elsewhere..
  • Holy Family Church was shut down for months during the C-19 scandal. Though Holy Family is the largest among his diocese, we had televised masses and no confessions. Our newest pastor Fr. Martin Nguyen is an excellent young priest who I feel is being restricted from applying more traditional themes.
  • I find that our bishop runs his diocese like a business, not making waves, seemingly just doing the bare minimum
  • I hear too much about the environment. Not enough of the evil ..Abortion, euthanasia, suicide, and the very concerning, human trafficking. I am very concerned about human and drug trafficking, especially through our south border. Bishops are NOT in charge of my medical decisions!
  • I really have no idea if he is orthodox or not. I met him twice. Once when he was a new bishop and I saw him when he blessed a new alter in my Church would like to know more about him but for my day to day life I do not see his influence He did shut down the Churches during COVID Data would help
  • I think Bishop Noonan is trying to keep his head down and avoid being cancelled. He doesn’t preach the hard stuff to the youth at Confirmation about witnessing to the truth about marriage and homosexuality. I’m glad that he has not cancelled the Latin Mass.
  • I wasn’t fond of seeing over a dozen priests & deacons con-celebrating on the Orlando Basilica Shrine altar for an indoor procession “Eucharistic Pilgrimage” around the inside of the church. I’ve not been there, but, from the YouTube stream of this event, the altar is vast & very ugly! 🙁
  • I would have checked tend to distrust because of the lockdown of the churches during Covid. However, he has also let the Latin Mass go on in St Joseph’s of Palm Bay and also All Souls  in Sanford. That is why I checked tended to trust. He has not been so completely left-leaning as some bishops.
  • I would like our Bishop to be outspoken regarding abortion and the rights of the unborn, and he should take an active role and be more visible with legislation when the opportunities arise.
  • In my opinion, The Diocese of Orlando is the worst Diocese in Florida. The amount of heresy that I have heard from the pulpits in the Diocese of Orlando is truly sinful.  The Diocese of Orlando deserves the worst score possible on the Orthodoxy scale.
  • Knows of homosexual priest in diocese.
  • More fearful than unorthodox. Has strong heterodox staff members.
  • Noonan does not like the Traditional Latin Mass, so he cannot be trusted.
  • Our Bishop and our priests are not addressing, Abortion, Public leaders who outright agree with pro- choice. Homosexual Marriage, school sex shows Pride – one of the seven Deadly sins the needs of the poor and hungry. Either by their own bad choices or illness or lack of ability to get a job
  • Our Bishop is too liberal And it saddens me greatly that Catholic Charities is working with the government in connection to the Human trafficking Our Bishops should not be financially influenced by our government
  • Solicitamos una excepción religiosa para mi empleador por medio de la parroquia Católica Santa Catalina de Siena de Kissimmee Florida donde hemos servido y colaborado activamente para rehacer el lujoso templo actual y nos lo negaron. Desde hace 3 años ya viajamos una hora a la Incarnation Catholic C
  • Stopped contributing to his annual appeal I don’t trust where the money goes. He also never speaks out on major social issues. I think he is ‘nice’ but afraid to make waves. Not a word to clarify any of Pope Francis’ crazy statements. We are sheep without a shepherd
  • The bishop of this diocese does not promote the traditional Latin mass
  • The diocese is full of parishes that believe that hootenay, pop-music and rock & roll Masses are just fine. And never is heard a discouraging word about sin, the state of the church and the world in a homily. There are also many gay friendly parishes encouraged by the bishop.  Few Latin Masses, too
  • isprotesentblessedTrinitychurchocalaflorida
  • This Bishop supported removing Father Frank Pavone, of Priests For Life, from the Priesthood. I complained to the Bishop, and my Facebook page of the Bishop was blocked.
  • Very kind and spiritual man.
  • Was in favor of lockdowns, pushed the Covid vax, has many gay Priests in his Diocese. Does nothing about this. The Priest that married us was arrested in a gay bathhouse. The Priest he lived with still running a Catholic school?
  • We have transsexuals in out parish. There are flamboyantly gay priests in our diocese.  He forbade any church from having Fr. Frank Pavone speak at any parish, well before Fr. Pavone’s problems with the Vatican.
  • Wish the Bishops would speak out against the bad Cardinals, bishops and the very liberal Pope.


Owensboro – Bishop William Medley

  • Bishop Medley is listed to be a registered Democrat and to have supported the VAX and the shutdown of the Mass….I pray for him AND the pope and all of our true HOLY priests, BUT trust few men in this world and pray to the HOLY SPIRIT for understanding and guidance through our Blessed Mother Mary.
  • Capitulated and calibrated with the powers that should not be by closing churches. Embraced tradionus custodus.
  • He calls trads hate groups and he moved around priests who were accused of sexually abusing minors before the truths were revealed. He invited James Martin and Bro Daniel to the diocese to speak to our priests- not the priests who were considered orthodox.
  • He has declined requests for a Latin Mass, disciplined priests and even threatened them if they speak against LGBTQ anything. He has brought in heretical “priests” to speak to our priests and when we signed a petition to keep the heretic from coming he was hateful in his reply. Etc…
  • He is absolutely leading us into hell
  • He told my Priest in an Email that the SSPX are schismatic, the priest asked for me.
  • He will not allow the priest to let the parishioners kneel for communion. I have been told it was not allowed
  • Here’s an example of our Bishop. Recently we had a drag queen dress up as Our Lady all the while singing an evil song here at the River Park Center. It was an abomination! All he did was call and “dialogue” with the person in charge of the place. No public condemnation and no offering of reparation.
  • I pray that he loves Jesus more every day and that we his children will see that love for Jesus in his voice for the defense of our Sacraments and traditions, the unborn and marriage between a man and a woman. That he will stand with Christ and lead us on the narrow road Home.
  • I want to begin by saying I am thankful for the men who have answered God’s call to serve His people. Our churches went on COVID lockdown. The priest were mandated to get the vaccine. A faithful priest was called on the carpet, he did not deny communion on the tongue to parishioners.
  • I wish, I hope, and I pray he wakes up and supports Bishop Strickland and all canceled Priests and religious.
  • Lots of Catholics reach out to him on issues that harm the church and he looks the other way or shrugs his shoulders. The drag show that occurred in our town involving the mockery of the Blessed Virgin, he merely called saying it was offensive, but excused it in the next sentence. Not TLM friendly!
  • My Bishop, William Medley is a registered Democrat!
  • Our Bishop as the shepherd of the flock here in the Owensboro Kentucky, does not stand up for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Several of us complained when Fr. Daniel Horan was invited to come speak to our priests. The Bishop called us all sinful gossips.  I wrote the Bishop suggesting the prayer to St. Michael be said after Masses in the diocese as it is done in my home church.  He said this would take away from the Mass
  • Totally disappointed at his willingness to shut our churches down and hide out during Covid. He failed to speak out against the LA Dodgers blasphemous “honor” or a local drag show sacrilege to our Blessed Mother. He is a weak “company man! “In addition he forbids kneeling before receiving the Host
  • We need our Bishops to serve Christ and not the government, to lead us in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we are perishing!


Palm Beach – Bishop Gerald Barbarito

  • Bishop Barbarito is largely a solid bishop in public. He is not a cultural warrior. His preaching is on the bland side w/ an occasional touching of issues such as abortion, transgenderism. The avoidance of conflict is clear but he holds a more reverent, pious approach to the liturgy. He allows TLM.
  • Bishop Barbarito is truly the right shepherd for this diocese. He has a heart for the poor and the Church’s social teachings and is a defender of life.
  • Following Tradition Custodes like a lamb. Assigns the best priests to Siberia and bases high profile pastoral positions based on ethnicity. The most meagerly qualified are pushed along quickly.
  • He continues to support the CCHD and CRS collections throughout the diocese. That’s not being Catholic.
  • He discourages kneeling to receive Holy Communion on the tongue, closed churches for Mass, Adoration, sacraments, and private prayer. I offered to totally pay for and provide a kneeler for our parish and he did not permit it. He forced our priests to get vaccinated.
  • He has allowed Catholic Charities to run extremely leftward
  • He is a gentle sincere man. Love his homilies. He will be retiring either 2024 or 2025.
  • He is a wonderful Bishop!
  • He is silent on all the craziness going on in the church. Is not defending the faith. So sad what’s going on. We have a good orthodox pastor that I thank God for every day. These men should be ashamed of themselves for leading so many should to their demise.
  • Highly spiritual man of God. Kind and loving.
  • His weekly editorials are timely and reveal his ability to relate faith and doctrine to real life of his diocesan parishioners. He is a marvelous communicator.  Our Bishop is very active in all Diocesan Ministries and is a supportive leader throughout the liturgical year.
  • I really don’t know much about him. He seems to avoid any contact with us. His episcopal secretary seems to put a wall around him. His letters to us are requesting money. I’m not aware that he ever visits parishes. I have no idea where he stands on anything.
  • Lockdown and mandate coward
  • My bishop is, as far as I can tell, an orthodox bishop. He needs to routinely address his sheep on the churches teaching on matters that are affecting society. He can address them by use of video on Sundays at each mass.
  • Of the few masses offered by my bishop that I have attended, I find his homilies to be benign. Neither boldly proclaiming the true Catholic faith nor openly heretical.  He has been openly supportive of the pro-life ministry and has even prayed at the abortion center.  He continue to permit the TLM.
  • Several priests in this diocese boldly call out sin & error seeping into the church. Bp. Barbarito gave permission for Latin Mass. He’s supportive of our Catholic homeschool group. Nothing unorthodox is visible to this parishioner. I have no real info about their money handling; seems appropriate.
  • So hard to say anything about a bishop who will not speak out on his true beliefs. We don’t know where he stands or if he’s really Jesus’ true disciple.
  • Thankful to God he allows the Latin Mass in our Diocese. If only he would see JMB for who he really is and not rave so much about how good he thinks JMB’s heretical encyclicals are, that’d be almost a miracle. But hey, we are not perfect. I get that. God bless you all
  • The Bishops of this country ABSOLUTELY NEED to have a deep evaluation of themselves and stand up against what is happening all throughout the leadership of the Catholic Church and especially in Rome!!!!!
  • The reason I somewhat mistrust him is because he was pro jab.
  • There is an incredible need for our bishops to proclaim the teachings of Christ without concern of repercussions! So many Catholics are NOT being told about the evil that has been introduced in the church & the havoc it’s caused. We need the hierarchy to be brave & boldly defend God’s commands!
  • To my knowledge, our Bishop has not addressed the issue of allowing pro-abortion politicians to received Holy Communion or the evils of homosexuality and transgenderism. He, however, has strongly and consistently taken a stand against the evils of abortion, for which we are grateful.
  • We need to engage the culture outside of the church building Priests need to be encouraged to speak the truth about right and wrong in the culture today Abortion is bad — we cannot support politicians who are in favor of abortion
  • We’ve had 2 wonderful priests who’ve been moved- they called the evil out & parishioners didn’t like what they said about abortion, homosexuality & corruption. Very disturbing
  • When he allows an 86 yr old Demented Pastor over 2 Parishes and tell people “LIFE DOES NOT BEGIN AT CONCEPTION” as he has researched. Then has cocktail parties at the Parish expense. Also, How did Fr Murphy embezzle 1.5 million in 5 yrs with his bookkeeper in Orchid Island, no one knew. So much more


Paterson – Bishop Kevin Sweeney

  • Bishop Sweeney has not voiced his opinion on controversial issues within the Church. He did require the Paterson Diocese to have Covid vaccinations. He has made no statement about the validity of Latin Mass. I have not found any of his writings to support or encourage Orthodoxy among the faithful.
  • Have only been to 1 or2 masses with Bishop Sweeney. Haven’t read much if any of his pastoral teaching compared to our previous Bishop Seratelli.
  • He is a new bishop, he was a priest in NY. I presume that being new he has to follow bad Tobin’s lead. He started good promoting a Rosary rally, but once the injection mandate came from Rome he posted a message on YouTube ordering all the priests to get it or get removed from ministry.
  • I don’t know him very well but tried to answer as best I can.
  • I have not heard him contradict the faith, I have not heard him vigorously defend obvious attacks on the faith or provide clarity on controversial issues such as transgenderism, the LGBTQ+ push in schools and businesses, attacks on Churches/prolife centers, politicians encroaching on religious free
  • I pray for him daily. I would like him to speak up more on sinful practices involving the Church.
  • My Bishop has been a light in the darkness for me and my family. He is available to us and answers our questions as a father should. He tries to help us in our spiritual life and he helps us meet our physical challenges too. I love how he loves our Lady and gets out in defense of the unborn. Peace
  • Seems to be minimally good. Not excessively bad… John Plick
  • So much teaching and preaching needs to be done in NJ especially to combat our Catholic in name only Governor’s LGBTQ mandatory curriculum that is being implemented in our public schools beginning in kindergarten. We are sheep without a shepherd
  • Would like him, like Bishop Strickland, to be more vocal about the issues of today. Silence is consent with issues like what went on in Dodger Stadium, we need more bishops to be vocalizing the true doctrines of the Church and not just being silent to avoid upsetting others. We need good Shepherds!


Pensacola-Tallahassee – Bishop William Wack

  • Bishop Wack remains very supportive of the Latin Mass, is very approachable and down-to-earth. He’s down-to-earth and a joy to meet with!
  • Does not seem very interested in providing the traditional Latin mass for parishioners in his diocese
  • Don’t rock the boat on social issues. Cricket.
  • He’s basically your typical John Paul II do-nothing bishop who’s completely culturally clueless, utterly unserious about the sacred liturgy, cultural and political engagement, and the ecclesial crisis emanating from Rome.
  • I pray for Bishop Wack. He is a weak bishop who holds as his ‘idols’ both Cupich and Wilton Gregory. This from his own hand as an early tweet as Bishop.
  • Lacks leadership sorely needed in Church today.(Waiting for promotion?)Makes nice videos for annual money appeal. Unknown what is being done to promote vocations and encourage non-practicing Catholics to return to our faith. Diocese is stagnant.
  • No Covid vaccine exemptions provided. He supports and advertises Catholic Charities through the Catholic Sharing Appeal video (sex trafficking organization). I do not hear him speaking against the grievous attacks on our Church (woke, climate, human trafficking, etc). He makes weird comments.
  • Nothing but silence. Just like politicians, it’s all about money and power, with little feel good programs to make people think they are helping. Real problems are not addressed, and he is complicit in leading people to worship secularism. Subservient to government, and good feelings.
  • Since he is relatively new, I believe he has been playing the “please everyone” game. Two parishes have Latin Mass here. He may be waiting is out, I.e., Canon Perez is not young and it is speculated he won’t be replaced with a Trad. On the other hand, we have an SSPX nearby, so …
  • Supportive of pro-life ministries. Good homilist. Articulate, personable, likable. Seems to want to please everyone. Silent on troublesome cultural issues, but more solid than most bishops. I’d rank him in the top third. PS: Any idea what happened to Lifesite’s faithful shepherds website?


Peoria – Bishop Louis Tylka

  • Bishop Tilka was installed here in 2020, but is a product of Chicago, under the influence of some of the worst of the worst, and only time and a close watch on his words and deeds will tell the tale.
  • Bishop Tylka is new to the Peoria diocese. We have not had enough time to interpret. If Cardinal Cupich was responsible for his promotion, then I would have serious doubts about him.
  • Don’t know enough about our new bishop to honestly comment, but my inclination towards church leadership in general is negative. Presently Bishop Strickland is the only bishop I trust.
  • From Cupich’s inner circle in Chicago. Instant mistrust because of that. Hope he’s better than whence he came.
  • He is on a warpath to close churches and schools.
  • He is still a young Bishop and he grew up in the Chicago Archdiocese. He prohibited a group of Catholics from praying the rosary inside the Cathedral because the group had affiliations with Fr. Altman and Archbishop Vigano.
  • He refused to allow Father Altman to speak at any of his diocese churches or other property
  • He was trained under Cupich so that does not instill confidence
  • His listening sessions towards the Growing Disciples Program is circumspect in the eyes of many Catholics in the Diocese. I believe this listening to everyone is a sham because the social media platforms of the Diocese have their comments shut off. That speaks volumes.
  • Honestly don’t know that much about our bishop as he is fairly new in our Diocese.
  • I am disappointed that my Bishop denied access to the Cathedral for the National March for Catholics and I fear that he will close many of the churches, merge parishes and transfer many priests. He has hired the company that dioceses in St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Columbus, Ohio had.
  • I don’t hear much from Bishop Tylka, but interviews with him indicate that his views are aligned with the archbishop of Chicago.
  • Neglects certain parts of the diocese. Seems more concerned with the privilege of his office than the spiritual growth of his people.  Money is more important than people, perhaps
  • Of what I’ve experienced in the short time he’s been in office, Bishop Tylka is trustworthy enough and hasn’t changed too many things. However, because he was appointed with the blessing of Archbishop Cupich of Chicago, I’m very concerned about what we’ll see in the future for our diocese.
  • Seems to follow Cardinal Cupich’s lead on positions and votes.
  • We need our clergy to lead. Our bishop needs to lead us to Christ and the church, not push us away
  • Why doesn’t he tell his priest the truth about what is happening in the war against good and evil. He must know what’s going on.
  • Won’t allow a meeting with one of the best priests in our diocese that was railroaded and falsely accused because our previous bishop did not like him. Allows a priest in our diocese to do whatever he wants, hurts people, fires staff unjustly and nothing is done. I want behavior and forgiveness as


Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter – Bishop Steven Lopes

  • “There’s a reason the bishop’s symbol is the crook, and the archbishop’s the double cross.” (Dom Gregory Dix)
  • Although I am 30 years older than he, we get along just fine when we do get together. It doesn’t hurt that we are originally from three counties away in California.  Even though his origins are Catholic and mine were Protestant, I am really closer to his in belief structure.
  • Although I live in Chicago where there is no Ordinariate (yet) I am a member. I have long thought that the two cities most in need were Austin TX and Chicago IL. Austin is to be congratulated; Chicago is in need of prayer and Bishop Lopes. Even Protestants fear the loss of religious liberty.
  • Bishop Lopes grew up in a faithful, pro-life parish in Newark, California, near my home at the time. His mentor from there is the faithful priest, Fr. Jeff Keyes, who helped to convert me from the Salvation Army by his love of the Holy Eucharist and Catholic liturgical and moral traditions.
  • Bishop Lopes has shown to be an exemplary bishop of the Ordinariate, and we trust him and pray that will continue to guide us for many years.
  • Bishop Lopes is a wonderful bishop. He is kind yet stern, and I believe he is a man of very great faith. He is the best bishop I have ever encountered. His homilies are very enlightening and educational. I hope he will always be a part of my faith journey
  • Bishop Lopes is awesome, fits in well with the Ordinariate!
  • Bishop Lopes is the best God Bless him
  • Bishop Lopes is very demanding of his clergy when it comes to orthodoxy and orthopraxy. He mostly maintains a low profile, however, he is not afraid to speak out publicly (in writing) against implementing, in his jurisdiction, papal documents that are problematic. See: A Pledged Troth
  • Bishop Steven J. Lopes, bishop of the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, in Houston, TX. I do not really have complete trust in him.  Where were the bishops to speak out against the gene-therapy vaccines? Why did they not defend life when they had the chance?
  • During Covid he followed the advice of Bishop Michael Olson of Ft Worth who I don’t trust at all. Bishop Lopes seems Orthodox but is silent on the issues facing us today.  No vocal leadership like Bishop Strickland.
  • Excellent pastoral care and solid support for parishes and priests. When our pastor was ill he made sure we were cared for. I can count on that anytime he takes a stand it will be thoroughly orthodox and just.
  • From his issuance of his beautiful encyclical on Marriage, “A Plighted Troth” to his punishing schedule (visiting churches in all corners of the United States and Canada) to the dignity and reverence he shows at Major Liturgies (the Chrism Mass, Ordinations, etc.), Bishop Lopes ranks near the top.
  • Good man doing God’s work in difficult times, a supremely talented and honorable Bishop. These are difficult times and it is easy to fall into despair as the Church is being attacked from inside and out, with all the talent of the best diplomats Bsp. Lopes leads quietly and competently.
  • He is a wonderful teacher and faithful, orthodox leader. I am proud to be under his direction.
  • His Excellency Bishop Lopes has been a true shepherd for the Ordinariate, and has helped reinforce our identity as a bastion of orthodoxy within the Catholic Church.
  • His Excellency has been a blessing to the Ordinariate. His experience and wisdom has been crucial to the early development of this unusual diocesan entity in its early days.
  • His Excellency, my Lord Bishop Lopes has shown himself to be a nurturing and loving bishop. He has shown compassion for his flock at the first sign of need. His liturgy is magnificent and his presence is masculine and holy. I never tire of bragging/praying for my Bishop!
  • I am very fortunate to be in the Ordinariate. Bp Lopes is definitely among the best
  • I have concerns over his preserving Anglican liturgical patrimony, but otherwise he is good
  • I have not ever read nor heard anything that Bishop Lopez has said or done that has caused me to question his orthodoxy. Very thankful that we have been welcomed into an Ordinariate parish.
  • I would’ve said completely trust and completely orthodox were it not for his inexcusable treatment of Fr Treco. That knocked the props out from under what had seemed an otherwise good prelate.
  • It’s been a few years since he published a letter, but all the ones he has are good and orthodox. He has sent my parish excellent clergy in terms of their orthodoxy, orthopraxy, and liturgical quality. They are upstanding men whom I’m honored to have served.
  • My biggest concern with him is his silence in the face of the evil being done in and outside the Church. I applaud that he allowed parish life to get back to normal quickly during Covid and mask mandates weren’t enforced and communion on the tongue by intinction was never stopped.
  • Ok in general, very anti Tradition.
  • Orthodox in theology, pastoral in his care for his flock, and not a social weirdo.
  • Orthodox, pastoral, speaks to reverence in the Liturgy of the Mass.
  • Superb writer, preacher, & liturgist.
  • The Bishop where I live in San Antonio, TX is Bishop Gustavo Siller- I was in NO until I knew better … and found a better option-That is why I joined the Ordinariate – for orthodoxy and a good bishop!
  • The Ordinariate is run very well and maintains a wonderful sense of orthodoxy and tradition.
  • The pastoral visionary leader we need. He deeply cares for his clergy, the laity, and the growth of our communities.
  • Though remaining obedient to the Pope, the Ordiariate’s liturgical freedom which is full of reverence, sacredness, and traditional catholic teaching and culture has been maintained and is drawing more and more lay people and priests.
  • To my knowledge he is the only one who recognized that McCarrick was known as a predator.
  • Under Bishop Lopes’ leadership, the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter can fulfill its mission of promoting beautiful liturgy, orthodox teaching, and evangelization! May God bless His Excellency!
  • Very caring and competent. Always Orthodox and encouraging of reverent Orthodox liturgy and practices
  • We are located in Calgary Alberta Canada, and Bishop Loppes is our Bishop for the Ordinariate. The diocese of Calgary has a different Bishop, we switched to the Ordinariate during summer 2020…as we were not welcome in our previous parish of 11 years(N.O)Bishop Loppes never wavered.™ðŸŒ¹
  • We moved away from trusting the Bishop of San Antonio when he wouldn’t answer our questions concerning a priest who was a bad example, his embracing of pro-choice from the lack of promoting pro-life, taking away Jesus during Holy Week from Adoration when COVID began. We trust the Ordinariate Bishop.
  • Well I have never met our Bishop, I am concerned that the recent request to waylay the retirement of Father Meeks may have been politically motivated as there are priests who are past their retirement age who are continued to remain in their positions. Love Strickland. Our with Lori
  • When it comes to Church issues, he seems fairly solid. His homilies are good. But he is absolutely silent when it comes to anything political. I’ll take him over the likes of Gregory or Cupich ANY day.


Philadelphia – Archbishop Nelson Perez

  • Allowed some strange things to go on. Neucatecumens stole a functioning black catholic church and sold off their holdings. Promised a priest in each high school and just took ours away.  Our students already say they don’t believe in God.
  • Although generally quiet, Archbishop Perez has a reputation for and appears to lean toward a liberal view of Catholic teaching. He also could have done better with both churches and schools during COVID.
  • Archbishop Perez is a hardworking, competent and orthodox Bishop who is there for the people of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. He is pastoral, compassionate and committed to his people.
  • Perez required children wear face masks in school, which were ineffective and physically and psychologically harmful. He requires vaccines for children to attend Catholic schools and will not accept religious exemptions. It breaks my heart that our church would turn my kids away over a shot.
  • Bishop Perez, presently serving in war-torn Philadelphia, is exceptionally quiet. Thus, there are little to no barometers by which to evaluate the degree of his engagement in the Church community nor the urban and suburban communities.   The only time I hear from his office is for donations.
  • Completely deserted the parishioners when we needed our churches to be open & is in lock step with Bergoglio & his mission to destroy the Church.
  • Doesn’t follow through with caring enough about the personal journey and vocation of men in the seminary who really have a call to the priesthood. Lack of action to get to know seminarians personally, be invoked in the dismissal of men in formation and encourage vocations in the archdiocese.
  • Doesn’t seem to be interested in all his flock just the Hispanic. He’s taken over the Catholic Philly & has been drastically changed it. It is not informative or enlightening. He doesn’t seem interested or concerned about the parishes in the suburbs. He seems to follow in the popes footsteps no
  • Grateful for his “permission” for the TLM to continue at St Mary’s, Conshohocken, but sad that it is not allowed to spread and flourish elsewhere. Appalled by his silence re:FBI raid, arrest & trial of Mark Houck, pro-lifer. When I think of him, I do not think “humble servant.”
  • He does NOT defend the faith!!!
  • He doesn’t say or do much. Doesn’t rock the boat.
  • he doesn’t speak out
  • He has an appreciation of the Latin Mass. He was photographed in attendance at a TLM at the Cathedral in 2021. In any event, I have seen no Archdiocesan announcements restricting the TLM, although there are very few places to attend. The fact that he has not been made a Cardinal is to his credit.
  • He has never reprimanded pro-abortion politicians and did not join with Bishop Strickland in opposition to the sisters of perpetual indulgence in LA. I don’t feel that he is a successor of the apostles. They were willing to die for the faith and did. I don’t see my Archbishop doing the same.
  • He needs to speak out more and repeatedly on the evil in the Vatican, the apostasy of Francis, etc., but I think like so many others, he does not want to lose His cushy position.
  • He’s invisible. Silent. Complicit in the destruction of faithful Catholics.
  • Honestly, I’m not sure of his Orthodoxy, but I pray he is mostly or completely orthodox.
  • I am a church organist who attends mass more frequently than most others. I am disappointed to say that I never hear a thing about the current sad state of affairs that is happening in our society. There are many topics that IMO, should be addressed. The priests deliver safe, generic messages.
  • I attend the TLM at St Mary’s Conshohocken- Bishop Perez came to a Mass and stayed to meet Parishioners at an after Mass Picnic. He did not know what to do during the Mass so He sat on the side at the altar and watched our Pastor perform the services- didn’t seem to be a friend of the TLM though.
  • I do not feel my Bishop has done anything but blow with the wind. I am not confident that he will do anything but fall in lock step with the body of the USCCB.I cannot confidently say I’m aware of anything he believes in. Which is sad.
  • I provide a rating but cannot be sure if it is accurate as Archbishop Perez seems to be missing in action. Never hear from or about him.  I guess his idea of imitating the apostles is to hide in the upper room.
  • I, for one, am upset with how Archbishop Perez turned his back on traditional Carmelite nuns and allowed high-ranking members of the St. Charles Borromeo Seminary to tell seminarians that they need to stop wanting to learn the Traditional Latin Mass, because “they won’t learn it here”.
  • I’m so thankful that Our Archbishop Nelson Perez and Bishop Macintire did not require vaccine passports to enter Church and receive sacraments in Church.
  • Just a mouthpiece for liberal socialist pope, who endorsed Biden, ignored pro-life Pres. Trump! Allows Fr. JAMES Martin to preach homo lifestyle without criticism, in pa. Parishes!!! Disgusting. Democratic voter no doubt. Prochoice.
  • Lazy, dumb but nice. Truly chosen because of his identity (Hispanic). He does little, says less so how can anyone have a strong opinion?
  • Leans left. Less conservative.
  • Mark Houck lives in this archdiocese. He needed only one bishop to speak for this sheep.  He remained silent.  He remains silent on any issue that may be controversial, but spoke up for BLM, a Catholic hating group.  On the other hand, he remains silent on traditional Latin Mass, which may be good.
  • May the truth be known in season and out of season! Humane Vitae and Evangelium Vitae has never been adhered too.  Thus we experience the DEATH Culture. I close with the following scripture verses that are pertinent: Psalm 23 The Lord is my Shepherd there is nothing I shall want – John 10:11
  • More Woke and political than a true shepherd. Wish Chaput was Still in Phila
  • None of the Bishops speak out about what is going on in the world in fact they seem to support it all or avoid it.
  • Think Nelson is not a great leader. Priests fear their bishops because of their power when priests retire, their pensions are at risk! Bishops fear the Pope because of his power. They can be sent to no-where’s ville and summarily cancel them. Money is huge problem. They lack courage. I’ve lost r
  • Took too long to relax the Covid restrictions
  • Total crickets on the fall of the United States and the roll that Catholic Charities is playing in it! He and the Pope seem to be leading the Flock right down the path to Communism!  GOD BLESS AMERICA!
  • Tries being too nice to too many people. A little more Bishop Strickland would go a long way.
  • Unfortunately at this time I trust very few of the bishops. I cannot say trust but verify. They must give me a good reason to trust them first.
  • Very disappointed when no mention or protest during time of LA Dodgers and gay men insulting Holy women and the Church. A perfect time would have been when that team was here in Philadelphia.
  • Very disappointing that Archbishop Perez ignored Villanova’s adoption of a gender pronoun policy (and other policies) regarding the transgender trend, without ever acknowledging their error. I emailed (Gomez) about my discontent and his comm person replied with a stock “human dignity” answer!
  • We do not know anything about Archbishop Perez. He seems very pleasant but we do not know if he’s Orthodox or not. We hope he is.
  • We hear nothing from him regarding the breakdown of our faith be it issues of faith, such as female deacons/priests; reception of Eucharist by pro-abortionists If we hear nothing from our bishops on these matters they are assumed to be acceptable by our Faith.  This lack of consistency weakens us
  • We like and admire him very much.


Phoenix – Bishop John Dolan

  • A good man. Does not think he’s inerrant.
  • Accept the papacy of Francis and come back to the Church.
  • After promising not to make any changes for a year Bishop Dolan went throughout the diocese making changes. Small but significant. Including not wanting anyone to kneel in front of him for Holy Communion. Where he couldn’t remove the kneelers he blocked them with his body. No respect, no reverence
  • Bishop Dolan came to the Diocese of Phoenix and obliterated Latin mass. Why is this such a threat?  It is attended by the fastest growing group of young families.  ..very sad!  Further, I have yet to hear him support the PRO LIFE movement. Further, he seems in line with the woke synod.
  • Bishop Dolan has been our bishop for about a year (since Aug 2, 2022). There were some “conservative eyebrows raised” at the time he was named by Pope Francis to be our next bishop (following the mandatory retirement of Bishop Thomas Olmstead). I have not closely followed his teaching.
  • Bishop Dolan hasn’t been our bishop very long, so there is still much to learn about him.
  • Bishop Dolan is new to AZ . I’ve refrained from trying to make an opinion on how I feel about his leadership. He came from a liberal diocese and so far I have only seen liberal leadership. This is of high concern to me.
  • Bishop Dolan is relatively new to our Diocese. He has not made his presence known to too many of us and he has not spoken out about any of the evils neither within nor outside of the Church.  He has, however, spoken about the true meaning of the Holy Eucharist.
  • Bishop Dolan was mentored by Cardinal McElroy from San Diego – both of them are pro LGBT and have offered LGBT Masses. Weeks before his appointment to Bishop, Dolan attended a summit of heterodox group, New Ways Ministry, even after parishioners warned him about the organization’s LGBT agenda.
  • Bishop Dolan was recently moved to our Phoenix diocese a year ago from California. Some of his beliefs are not in line with our Catholic faith and this is very disturbing to a lot of the Faithful.
  • Bishop Dolan, is relatively new to our Diocese. Don’t yet know enough to have an opinion substantiated on his record here. I am deeply concerned, (as a parishioner at a typical Novus Ordo parish, with moves Bishop Dolan has made in reducing availability of the Tridentine Mass. This seems a bad omen.
  • Bishop Dolan’s previous reputation from S. Cal. was concerning as he embraced the LGBTQRSTUP community. If my sources were correct the hand across the aisle entailed a known adult female impersonator being invited to address the assembly dressed in drag. This was a violation the Laity will not
  • Bishop John Dolan of Phoenix appears to be orthodox. He has shown concern for others and is pro-life.
  • Canceling Latin Masses in Diocesan parishes says all you need to know about him. He sent the Latin Mass celebration to be at the Catholic Cemetery. Only Bishops who are bent on trying to change Catholic authentic teaching in many other areas especially sexual morality, punish traditional Catholics
  • Coward
  • Do not want unclear messages. I want us to stand up against abortion, I want us making public demonstrations of our Catholic faith. I also do not want pride celebrations or masses. Sends unclear messages to the faithful. Do not bring California to Arizona.
  • Doesn’t speak out against abortion or same sex marriages.
  • Enough said…A few months in, Dolan hosted a pro-LGBT Mass at St. John the Evangelist to celebrate an errant pro-gay document from the USCCB titled “Always Our Children.”
  • Francis of Rome has an unsavory influence on today’s Catholic community, especially the bishops. His dictates border on heresy and certainly are not rooted in God’s Word, the Bible. I fear that the upcoming Synod will damage the Church until the end of time.
  • Have heard stories from previous diocese unorthodox behavior.
  • He canceled the TLM in Phoenix. Rarely attends functions or events of the diocese. When he does attend, his message is so garbled and unfocused that it not inspirational. Write down your message and read it to the audience then show up unprepared for a spiritual message! I am fearful for priests
  • He coming from working under McElroy, so he can’t be good unless he rejects McElroy’s influence.
  • He has not condemned the action/behavior of the LGBTQ’s grave sin of sodomy. This is serious opposition of Church teaching. Putting those souls in jeopardy. If I can’t trust this Bishop to stand on the basic fundamental teachings of what is sin, and to tell the truth, I can’t trust him on anything.
  • He has restricted the Latin mass in diocesan parishes; effective and holy priests are replaced and sent away; he has started removing communion rails thus disallowing kneeling to receive our Blessed Lord.
  • He has said LGBT masses. ;(
  • He is a _____& I’m SURE he is a _____ himself involved in the Edom Cannaanite satanic cult. They are stealing ALL the money, I’m sure they already own ALL the property when the Edom Rothschild banking took over. The Church has been stolen! The Edomite way of stealing is thru bankruptcy & banking
  • He is a lackey of McElroy of San Diego and so a member of the McCarrick cadre. He canceled all Diocesan TLMs in Phoenix shortly after getting here. He removed the communion rails for the faithful to receive kneeling and on their tongues in our cathedral, Sts Simon and Jude immediately after arriving
  • He is a polar opposite to our beloved Bishop Olmsted! I pray daily for him.
  • He is a protégé is Cardinal McElroy of San Diego, CA. I am a Traditional Catholic & joyfully travel over an hour to attend the closet Traditional Mass. We have asked Bishop Dolan if we could have an FSSP priest come up to a Church venue we have secured on Sundays€¦the answer is no. Trust no!
  • He is new here so I only know a little about him. What I do know is that he seems to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
  • He is new to the diocese and came from California where it was known he allowed gay mass
  • He is not Catholic.
  • He is NOT what I would consider a true Bishop in any way. Let alone the Good Shepherd of our Diocese. It is heartbreaking that He came into our state and has not allowed kneeling to receive. He also closed the Roman Catholic Parishes which is just SO WRONG. I have zero respect for him.
  • He is part of the Lavender mafia, heading the LGBT parish when he was in San Diego. He gutted most of the TLMs in this diocese and has requested the removal of altar rails in the cathedral and another beautiful parish here in the diocese. I hope the Lord takes him from us soon, and replaces him well
  • He is pretty new to his position, he’s tried to stay under the radar on controversial issues. But as a protégé of McElroy€¦ it worries me that he will support similar positions.
  • He is pro-LGBT+ and has never apologized for it. He has been so silent which we know means complicity with all things that require a bishop to respond.  He only has a listening mode ever since he became our bishop. I ignore him and all the bishops except for Bp. Joseph Strickland.
  • He is so new to our diocese, that I have a hard time commenting. He came from San Diego, working in a diocese with a completely untrustworthy bishop, so I suspect he will soon disappoint faithful Catholics.
  • He is still new to our diocese, so I am not sure of all that he does. I do know that he has listened to everything when I have spoken to him personally. His stance on TLM was black and white, according to Pope Francis. I think that could have been handled in a better way.
  • He is still new to the diocese but from what I have seen that he supported in California I am concerned.
  • He is very new so do not know about his orthodoxy
  • He said that he would not make any changes in this diocese when he came on board last fall. He started almost immediately.  The real changes will come in 2024.  We are all waiting for the smoke bomb to explode.
  • He should leave the position of Bishop for private life. Why, because he does not believe in God!
  • He took away our Latin masses and seems to be following the “woke” agenda and this FAKE synod. All I can say is, “Precious blood of Jesus, cover our good and holy priests, particularly protecting our cancelled, courageous ones who are our heroes!
  • He’s hasn’t been in Phoenix is all that long, but I am familiar with some of the leftist things he did while in CA & we are all God’s children. All are welcome in His place. Supporting social justice issues turns our us away from God. Pride, especially the trans movement, is anti-God.
  • He’s making all kinds of efforts to remove the orthodoxy and reverence instilled by Bishop Olmsted and modernized the diocese. Some examples are adding altar girls to the cathedral, removing kneelers and the ability to receive on the tongue for seminarians, his affirmation of the LGBT community…
  • He’s new and only time will tell if he’s truly conservative. I hope and pray he is.
  • He’s new here but seems to be reliably Orthodox and faithful. He does say the right things and is very committed to families and the unborn.
  • His bio on the diocese website is 95% empty. Because of his own family issues (3 or 4 of his siblings have committed suicide – his sister just last year), he writes there are more important issues than abortion – like help with suicide & gay marriage! Keep an eye on him. He is another pawn of Pope F
  • I believe Bishop Dolan is a lavender mafia guy. Since he has been our bishop from Aug. 2022, he has moved to crush the TLM.  He has moved to implement all the heterodoxy that the Bergoglio papacy has promoted.  Since he is a confidant of the new Card. McElroy of San Diego, I am weary of his episcopy
  • I don’t see an awful lot from the new bishop of Phoenix. Bishop Olmsted did not do an awful lot that I could see as a Catholic living in the suburbs. I would just like to see them more active in things, like abortion, right to life, and other challenges
  • I have seen a video, reporting he had a homosexual man working in his Diocese in charge of Family while in San Diego. Bad things happened in San Diego now he is here, appointed by Francis who I do not trust one inch.
  • I haven’t heard or read anything blatantly unorthodox from Bishop Dolan since coming to Phoenix. However, several unorthodox priests and bishops were invited to his ordination mass, and what he said to a San Diego news outlet about his work at a “LGBT parish” was unorthodox.
  • I pray for him daily that he becomes more conservative. His past history is not wanted in our diocese.  We want to kneel for communion and receive Jesus on the tongue.  We welcome the sinner but not the sin.
  • I sent him an email asking where I could find information about our priest Fr. Fred LeClaire of St. Catherine church at Chino Valley Az.86323 and have not heard a word. Fr. Fred is blind was our priest for many years. About a year and a half ago he was canceled.
  • I was disappointed at the irreverence Bishop Dolan gave at mass for my Godson’s First Communion + Confirmation that was celebrated at St.Patrick’s in Scottsdale, AZ. I haven’t heard positive things and many devoted Catholics that I wholeheartedly trust seem to have reasons for their belief.
  • I withheld my judgement until BP. Dolan published a piece in America (Jesuit) magazine declaring somehow homosexuals are “sacred”. Now I know.
  • I’m not sure yet because he wasn’t here long enough but his from San Diego diocese so I have a doubts about him.
  • It is too early in Bishop Dolan’s appointment to the Phoenix Diocese to know him completely. I only know what I have read of his service in San Diego that prompted me to respond to the questions above as I did.  Time will tell as he continues to serve the Phoenix diocese.
  • It’s still early, but based on his history, he has a very long way to go before earning the trust of Catholics who believe in the perennial teachings of the Church.
  • New Bishop in our Diocese, not sure yet. We are concerned as to some of his support to some issues that we think contradict our Faith in the past, or while he was Bishop in San Diego area.
  • Only has been bishop of the Phoenix diocese for a year, but he was auxiliary bishop under San Diego Cardinal McElroy. Do not trust him to be orthodox especially by what I’ve observed so far.
  • Our bishop is too new for me to have an honest opinion of him. We all miss our beloved Bishop Olmsted. So far Bishop Dolan has keep most things status quo. Parish Latin Masses are now only at the Fuss or being held at a local Catholic cemetery. We are allowed to have TLM but has to at an offsite loc
  • Our governor publicly proclaims she is Catholic and representative of the faith while aggressively promoting many issues directly in opposition to the faith. She publicly misrepresents and spreads disinformation about Catholicism and our bishop welcomes her vs correcting her statements and actions
  • Our Phoenix diocese had an amazing bishop for almost 20 years (Olmsted) and have just assumed a new prelate. He is a disciple of Cardinal McElroy. He seems affable and nice but has started making changes liturgically in the diocese that is making many upset.
  • Removed the communion rails at St. Simon and Jude! Reducing access to TLM!
  • Sad day for Phoenix diocese when Bishop Olmsted retired!
  • Sed licet nos aut angelus de cælo evangelizet vobis præterquam quod evangelizavimus vobis, anathema sit. Sicut prædiximus, et nunc iterum dico: si quis vobis evangelizaverit præter id quod accepistis, anathema sit.
  • Takes away kneelers in Cathedral; very dark tenure in San Diego: pro LGTB/ trans/ pushed the vax.
  • Thanks to Catholic Radio & Church Militant and 4 years of videos I began studying. Unfortunately, Friends and Family don’t want to hear. When I heard “Dolan” at first, it took my breath away.  As a Catholic Vet, whether he was from NY or CA, it was devastating and   I knew it.
  • This new bishop shows his true colors by stating he will wait in direction from Bergoglio and the synod to lead him. He is cut from The legacy of McElroy (so?).I need no other info to see the future. We are so missing our true shepherd bishop Olmsted. Thank you lord that he is still with us.
  • Too liberal for my liking
  • Very left-wing. Very supportive of the LGBTQ community. I miss Bishop Olmstead.
  • Was Bishop Olmsted’s decree on Traditionis Custodes ever repealed? I understand that Bishop Dolan could overturn it, but it seems like we’re just ignoring it, making a mockery of law and the rights of clergy and laity.
  • Was once Pastor of a “Homosexual” Church in California, under now “Cardinal” McElroy. Need I say more?
  • We received our present bishop from San Diego under the mentorship of Cdl. Mc Elroy. He supported the LGBT folks with a gay pride mass before coming to Phoenix AZ.  He has never apologized for this.  He has been silent on significant issues.  He follows the USCCB in what he promotes in our diocese.
  • When he removed the kneelers at the Cathedral, my suspicions were confirmed. He was chosen by McElroy so I have ZERO trust in him. I pray daily for his & Bergoglio’s conversion but WOE to them who hurt a little one, the flock. There is no help coming from Rome to raise our children for Christ!
  • When he was visiting St Joan of Arc church. I shook his hand as people lined up to greet him. I asked him: “How does it feel to be made a Bishop by the worst Pope in my lifetime?” “Ah he’s a great guy!” He responded, totally unfazed.” That tells a lot about you. ” I said as I moved on.
  • When we received Bishop Dolan about a year ago, I wanted nothing to do with him, heard about him in CA and my church support is such that NOTHING goes to the diocese. I tuned into the TV Mass and that was enough, watching him walking down the aisle to the alter smiling from side to side at the parishioners.
  • Why Bishop John Dolan has has been silent about the push by Gov. Katy Hobbs, who has not protected children from transgender ideology, including public schools bathroom use by gender identity instead of actual sex of children? She is also very pro-abortion. His silence shows approval of her policies!


Pittsburgh – Bishop David Zubik

  • All too eager to shutter churches, and reluctant to open them back up during Covid.
  • Allowed the destruction of many vibrant Roman Catholic churches and Catholic schools through harsh consolidations and closures. Cradle Catholics scattered to the wind & kids to public schools. Although he did stop pride mass.
  • Zubik is doing nothing to tell Pittsburgh Democrats that they cannot be CATHOLIC and STILL promote abortion, the evil sex fetish of LGBTQ+, the transgender movement, etc. All these things are MORTAL SIN and nothing is being done to save their souls! The party of death must be stopped!
  • Bishop Zubik does not enforce his own guidelines regarding good hygiene at mass. He also does not require uniform procedures from church to church.  For example, he had said all priests must wear a mask when distributing Communion – some did, others did not – even when asked by parishioners to so
  • Bishop Zubik forbid his priest to sign vaccination religious exemptions. Chose a female master of ceremonies to serve at his Mass Participates with ultra-liberal Protestant ministers in blessing the city at Easter time. Restricts priests from returning to traditional practices
  • Bishop Zubik was mentored by Cardinal Wuerl – two peas in a pod. Very much a lackey for Francis. Any time you see some diocese with a problem, you can pretty much find there is a connection to Pittsburgh.  Many bishops had there beginnings in the Pittsburgh diocese.
  • Covered up for Bishop Wuerl! Shut down the Church’s during Covid. Need I say more?
  • Disappointed that he allowed Pride Mass to take place on Feast of Corpus Christi, in a month dedicated to Jesus and His humility. I believe we should be ministering to this group, but disagree with referencing it as “Pride” Mass… It sends a message approving sinful behavior & leads to confusion.
  • Disappointed in how quickly he went along with the lockdowns during Covid 19. People where healed just by touching the hem of Jesus garment. Wouldn’t the Church that has the Healer/Jesus physically present 24/7 have been the safest place for us all?
  • Does not follow the Bible.
  • Does not speak out against gay pride but once, no priests speak out against sex trafficking… one visiting priest stated Sodom and Gomorrah did not deal with homosexual men!!!!!
  • Entirely unimpressive or impactful man, just like pretty much all of them, at best. Is not the type to support his flock or the teachings of the Catholic Faith by speaking out against the evils within the Catholic Church, our country, or the world at large?
  • Has churches host affirming care lgbqt groups in church basements. Catholic foster agency suggests taking kids to pride days, his priest openly talk of desire to marry gays, overturning roe vs wade was booed at catholic function.
  • Has no back bone will not stand up for the truth. And has no problem punishing good priest. Didn’t speak out on city council when it decided to make Pittsburgh the baby murder capital of the state.  He made it harder for people to keep their jobs during the fake Covid pandemic. who refused jab
  • He has not asked his priests to speak on what matters to our eternal soul! Hell, abortion, gay marriage, confession, receiving the Eucharist IN THE HAND˜¢
  • He is trying to do the right things now (was Vicar of Clergy under Donald Wuerl), but he did shut down the churches during C0VID. He has kept our Latin Mass Parish open and operational. He is not well physically, so I’m not sure he’s strong enough. We have 34 Seminarians, who look up him as a father
  • He lacks ability to stand firm in the faith & speak publicly against those who infringe upon it. He has removed holy priests because they have spoken the truth of the gospel and will not be swayed by parishioners with money. He backs & advances priests who have questionable lifestyles. It’s known.
  • He lost my trust during COVID when he kowtowed to the government rather than stand up for God and his flock.
  • His affiliation with Wuerl worries me. After everything I learned in 2018 about Wuerl, and knowing that Bishop Zubik was his Vicar, how can I not have concerns about Bishop Zubik? But I do want to add that he has supported the Latin Mass in Pittsburgh, for which I am extremely grateful!
  • His lack of proactive support of the Latin Mass is troubling. He treats the Roman Rite as something to be dealt with on the periphery. God bless him!
  • Historically liberal, shielding abusive priests and discouraging traditional priests.
  • I am a recent ‘Revert’ in the last 5 years, and came back hard. Very hard€¦.I was very upset that Bishop Zubick closed all of our churches -I still have a hard time wrapping my head around that. As such, I discovered that OHIO Catholic Churches were open and would schlepp there to attend Mass.
  • I am disappointed and saddened that Bishop Zubik, along with his brother bishops, has not spoken out together against the egregious behavior of Joe Biden, and the issues of our time such as “reproductive rights,” abortion on demand, homosexuality, transgenderism, and communism/Marxism, among others.
  • I believe our bishop has a good heart and loves Jesus and our Blessed Mother. I also believe his financial responsibility (liberal donors) overrides his courage to speak boldly about many crucial issues, and that ultimately is a failure to guide souls to the Truth.
  • I give him kudos for having a Latin Mass parish, The Most Precious Blood of Jesus. We have Latin Mass and confession 7 days a week.
  • I have seen my bishop (St Alexis in Wexford PA 15090) celebrate weekday mass occasionally. I really have no interaction with him. I do know he allows Latin Mass at St John and Paul maybe several times a year; that is it and no communication that I can recall in the parish bulletins.
  • I pray for his soul
  • I pray to have a bishop like Bishop Joseph Strickland.
  • It would seem that the clergy sex scandal that involved the Pittsburgh Diocese is still unresolved. I feel that he was complicit in that. We also continue to hear of a priest shortage yet we see cancelled priests throughout the diocese. Parishes and schools are shut down and combined. much confusion
  • Moving good, holy priests too far out parishes is seen as punishment for them for being adherents to our Catholic doctrine. It’s a sad state. The ministry to LBGT by Fr. Burke as he allows them to remain in their sin keeps these confused people captive and puts their eternal souls at stake. Not love.
  • Never takes on hot button issues.
  • Not enough said openly about abortion. Should be a primary issue! Homosexuality rarely addressed. Rarely any help about political leaders with regards to elections. I’m sure all of our priests are instructed to follow suit
  • Our bishop is not following the apostles. He is pushing out conservative, traditional Priests in our diocese. We have watched where money is more important than leading the faithful. He needs to resign now.
  • Out of touch with spirituality! Closed down churches during Covid!  All show and rubbing elbows with elite!  On the coattails of Fr Freedy.  Not impressed!     Not liked!
  • Pray for Bishop Zubik. He has been heavily influenced by Donald Wuerl. Our Lady of LaSalette, pray for us.
  • Pro pope Francis and democrat
  • Supports homosexuality and homosexual priests. Pittsburgh Diocese polluted with gay priests. The few holy straight traditional priests are scrutinized.
  • The bishop was open to a “homosexual” mass, but the group attempted to make it a “pride” mass & that’s where he drew the line. Glad he did. Most subjects he’s neutral on. People need to be told the way it is & not worry about whether they like it or not. It’s God’s law & we must follow it period!
  • The diocese of Pittsburgh could care less about African Americans joining Christs Church. I’ve talked to priests who had no clue that there is a month to honor Black American Catholics. Many clergy are racists.
  • WHERE ARE the bishops of old??? The saintly bishops.
  • While our bishop doesn’t like us for personal reasons, he hasn’t been unpastoral towards us. Some nuns, Srs. of St. Joseph and Srs. of St. Francis detract, gossiping, calumny has come back to us while our child attended Catholic grade school Jr high, high school and college. We love bishop & priests.
  • You align with liberal priests/ do not denounce assoc of Pittsburgh priests a heretical group. Late to cancel Duquesne pride mass then implicate conservative voices against you. Your favoritism to liberal priests is clear yet you banish conservative priests. Time for you to retire


Portland in Maine – Bishop Robert Deeley

  • Although he recently dined a statement in opposition to Gov Mills desire to extend Maine law to allow abortion for the full term of pregnancy, we did not hear that message in many of our parishes. Thousands of Mainers spent many hours at the Maine Capital in opposition to LD 1619.
  • As he has allowed the TLM at this time we are grateful however he doesn’t do anything to promote it and we walk on eggshells. He also isn’t a beacon for prolife considering the recent bill(s) here in Maine. Crickets from the diocese. One priest attended the many rallies at the Capital. Very tragic,
  • Bishop Deeley may be personally more Orthodox than he appears. However, if he is then he is weak and goes along to get alone. He has not said or done anything to lead and guide us on all the serious issues in the Church today. Based on his words and actions, I have no clue where he stands either way
  • Does anyone with a good heart want to be beaten up by the Cupich mob?
  • Good man but needs to retire(pending)
  • Has continued to allow the Latin Mass.
  • Haven’t seen or heard anything from him in relation to politicians who support abortion not being allowed the Eucharist. I know that the Bishops conference this year had a vote on this and only 8 or so voted to deny the Eucharist to these politicians. It’s occurring in Maine. What’s that tell you!
  • He allows the few existing TLMs to remain active. He has spoken against abortion. Simultaneously, he has allowed a “walking with Pride group” ministry to be established. This is a subtle acceptance of the lifestyle I find disagreeable. He has not encouraged receiving the Eucharist on the tongue.
  • He is very quiet on matters of faith as regards other bishops and priests who promote the blessing of same sex unions and for pope allowing laity to attend and vote at the upcoming bishops’ synod on synodality. Maine Gov. Mills did not get enough pushback from our Bishop on passing new abortion bill
  • I am not sure if he is orthodox or not. From correspondence with him on different concerns, I was saddened and concerned about his replies.
  • I believe he is a liberal.
  • No comment except to stand up courageously against the rising tide of evil coming upon Christ’s Church!
  • Not willing to stand up.
  • Very quiet, low key, avoids controversy when able to. Knows the faith but has not made any significant changes so the diocese still languishes.
  • When I was ordered get the jab from my workplace in order to continue working, I sent him a letter/email requesting his assistance in the matter, and he refused in way of not responding, ignoring my request.
  • When important issues come up like Abortion, Homosexuality, Same sex marriage we in Maine hear nothing from Bishop Deeley or our parish priests. They are silent on all these issues yet we are told we must be welcoming to LGBTQ and the like and must make them feel welcome!! ENOUGH Bishop Deeley!!!


Portland in Oregon – Archbishop Alexander Sample

  • AB Sample is completely faithful despite the culture in Portland. I have worked with him on his Archdiocese Pastoral Council and he is personable, approachable, holy, and a true faithful leader. He’s also a wonderful pastor to us and his priests. He’s a terrific homilist as well.
  • Archbishop Sample has defended the faith very well. However, I believe that a profound misjudgment was made in regard to accepting the use of COVID vaccines that directly or indirectly employed aborted fetal cell lines.   Abortion “products” usage must be rejected categorically in all cases.
  • Archbishop Sample is a great Bishop. He has allowed the Traditional Latin Mass to continue in our parishes after Franc’s edict. Sadly, I don’t feel the same of other Bishops. Too Wolves in Sheep Clothing following Francis rather than shepherding and feeding their sheep˜”™
  • Archbishop Sample is a humble, holy, Traditional Bishop. He respects life from conception to natural death.  He is faithful to the Lord, and stands firm in Biblical teachings.  I have great respect for him.  He takes his commitment as Bishop seriously and guides his flock in Truth.
  • Archbishop Sample is a truly genuine, prayerful, courageous leader, teacher, and preacher. He leads by example and loves his flock because he loves God above everything. He is a prudent shepherd who prays and thinks before he acts. But he does act. Purposefully and forcefully when necessary. We ❤️ him!!
  • Archbishop Sample is an actor and a company man. He acts orthodox and pastoral when presenting publicly but makes little effort to directly know, teach, pastor, or lead his priests, seminarians, or lay faithful. This is especially problematic since, as a bishop, he is the one with the power.
  • Bishop Sample continues his full support of The Traditional Liturgy. May God Grant him many more years as Shepherd of Portland.
  • Bishop Sample loves the Divine Liturgy and not only allows the Latin mass but says it himself. He’s being watched very carefully by those who want him to fall in line with the political ideology here in Western Oregon. He’s currently fighting the rainbow Marxist wanting him to use “gender pronouns”
  • During Covid, our bishop issued guidelines to pastors not to allow them to sign religious exemption requests from Catholics refusing the jab as part of latter’s employer mandate. However, he fought the liberal, modernist forces here and allowed the celebration of diocesan Traditional Latin Mass.
  • Excellent leadership on speaks out on questions regarding Synod, pro-life and Catholic schools being orthodox on Church teaching.
  • He never responded to a letter I wrote a yr ago. I asked him to promote the 5 first Sat. devotion, and requested priests offer an extra Sat am Mass one day a mth. He was on the radio a few yrs ago stressing the importance of sacred music.  Meanwhile we have Protestant hymn books in parishes.
  • He recently wrote the 17 page letter about the trans garbage, so that was wonderful. His lack of sorrow for the actions of closing the church during Covid remains to be seen, but if you take money for said closures, repentance.. Well, we can hope.
  • He seems to be upholding the teachings of our faith, but he’s not in the community much. I’d like to see him make more visits. And not just to the rich parishes.
  • He’s a holy faithful bishop, stresses reverent liturgy, tradition, vocations, has addressed controversial topics Weak area: leadership. Too much bureaucracy, flock feels disregarded, which I don’t believe is his intent Praise God for an orthodox bishop, all he needs is better people surrounding him
  • His teaching is orthodox, but he seems a bit timid in speaking out at times. For example: the trans ideology.  His writings to clergy and the faithful are clear, but there are no public stands being made.  Maybe he is wise and politic in this, or maybe he fears backlash?  I really don’t know.
  • His tolerance of the TLM and resistance to modernism is incredibly admirable.
  • I have great respect for this Archbishop. He is a faithful priest who takes his responsibility of being a shepherd of souls very seriously, at whatever cost to himself. He is worthy of trust.
  • I used to trust him, but then found out he ambushes clergy abuse victims with teams of lawyers when they meet with him.
  • Lives in a box regarding liturgy.
  • Most Reverend Archbishop Alexander King Sample is the Archbishop of Portland in Oregon. I thank God for him after many years of scandal and paganism in Oregon.  Archbishop Sample forbid the teaching of gender theory in the Catholic schools.  When defied, he fired his education department.
  • Other than not fighting to keep churches open during Covid shut downs our archbishop has been a blessing in all other areas.
  • Population in Oregon is very secular. Very difficult to reach people.
  • The Church needs more bishops and priests like Archbishop Sample. I think he actually loves Jesus and His Church. He seeks to know and teach the Gospel faithfully. He has a servant’s heart for the faithful and clergy.
  • We are very fortunate to have a good bishop. I just wish he would speak out more in defense of the truth of our Holy Catholic faith.
  • When Covid hit our Bishop literally got on his motorcycle and toured the country. As they locked us out of church!!!!! TOTAL ABOMINATION!!!!! He was “in bed” with our liberal governor and a co-conspirator to persecute the faithful! GOD HAVE MERCY ON HIM! HE’S GOING TO NEED IT!


Providence – Bishop Richard Henning

  • Bishop Henning is new to our diocese however we are in so much trouble because all our clergy, save a small few, have chosen to hide instead of calling out the evil. I have a hard time trusting these days. Hopefully our new bishop proves me wrong.
  • Bishop Henning is so new as our Ordinary that it is difficult to assess in which direction the Diocese of Providence will go. Only time will tell.
  • He is newly appointed. I want to give him a chance – so I am “somewhat” positive – and all he has (visibly) done so far has been positive – so credit is due. However I am suspicious of any and all appointments coming from Rome. I do pray for him. Lord have mercy on us and on Bishop Henning.
  • He is relatively new here in Rhode Island, but so far, there have been no issues and the Latin Mass continues at St. Mary’s on Broadway, praise God!
  • Our bishop was recently assigned. So far, so good. Our FSSP pastor told me that he is friendly to traditional Catholics. He hasn’t banned us from the diocese.
  • warm caring welcoming and his background is a joy to learn as he begins. .
  • We have a new bishop and I’m not sure yet. He is very friendly and is allowing the Latin Mass to stay where it is already taking place. RI is opening a new Chesterton Academy for Catholic High School and Bishop Henning has been supportive. I pray for him.


Pueblo – Bishop Stephen Berg

  • Bishop Berg, unfortunately, did show himself to be cowardly during the Covid debacle and subsequent events. I do believe he wanted to be a holy bishop, but he is weak, unable to stand up to issues that demand him to be the shepherd for his flock. He is vindictive when contradicted.
  • Does not really speak out on the issues facing the church.
  • He supports Catholic Relief Services who are pro abortion and contraception. CRS even hands out contraception in Africa. The Bishop was sent a letter informing him of these facts by my friend Pat asking him to stop collecting monies to send to CRS. She was ignored. No Latin mass in my town.
  • I know he does not agree with many of the major sexual, gender and abuse issues in Colorado but he never mentions what the parishes would like to see done and rarely interviews parish members on these “delicate issues. He presents himself to not be very “approachable “in uncomfortable areas.   Why
  • I really like Bishop Berg and am grateful for his support on our Southwest Catholic Youth Conference. I am a little concerned by how he has been wearing pagan jewelry and catering more to the Indians. We as Catholics are already universal and I don’t think it’s necessary to cater more to one race.
  • Sad that he did not speak out against the disgusting tyranny show at the Calif. Pro ball game.
  • The only time he makes a statement about a current hot topic, is when the other 2 bishops of CO do together.
  • This bishop has done nothing to prepare his flock for the ongoing disruption in the church under this pope. He is either afraid for his job or completely supportive of the heathens conducting the ongoing synod. What a piece of crap!
  • We never hear from him. Never speaks out on the important issues- just silence


Raleigh – Bishop Luis Zarama

  • A Bergoglio clone. Has just destroyed one of the most healthy, integrated parishes in the diocese (offered both NO and TLM (1 of only 2 with Sunday TLM) by canceling both priest, sending them into house arrest with no assignment; installed new pastor who is happyclappy 1970 wreckovated on day 1.
  • A do nothing, say nothing bishop who does not visit his flock
  • Allows heretical things to be said and promoted in diocese at various parishes. And cancels the TLM at the same time. This bishop was previously an auxiliary bishop under Wilton Gregory.
  • Another Leftist whose mission is Social Justice, open borders and catering to Hispanic population surrounded by Leftist clergy in Diocese of Raleigh NC
  • Bishop Zamara is such a humble and charismatic person. He radiates the love of Jesus!
  • Bishop Zarama has a beautiful way with words in homilies, however, his recent actions show that he is pushing back against orthodox priests and the TLM. He will not correct priests who take liberties with the liturgy and who withheld the distribution of Holy Communion on the tongue during Covid
  • Bishop Zarama is very approachable and he listens to the members of the Diocese of Raleigh!
  • Bishop Zarama was ordained by Wilton Gregory, he speaks about love (pretty much every homily or communication) and rarely, if ever, speaks of the need for repentance, just ended most Latin Masses in the diocese (with suspect excuses). Rarely does he emphasize orthodoxy…
  • Blah at best.
  • Bp Zarama just took away the priestly faculties of a saintly priest who was offering our 1ce a month TLM in Wilmington. Meares had already been reduced from a pastor to parochial vicar, and exiled to boonies with a like-minded priest, who has been reduced to 2 Mass/per month.  We need priests!!
  • By completely orthodox, I mean he sticks with what the people want to hear. Never a mention of sin, hell. Avoids all contemporary problems. The pastor of our church though he seems well intentioned, is the same. Always telling us we are good Christians just by showing up for mass.
  • By his own admission, he didn’t want this assignment. His totally lackluster involvement and persona bear this out.
  • Cares not one bit about the spiritual well-being of his flock. He wears a most convincing mask but that’s ALL it is. And if you’re a priest here€¦ and you are perceived as overly concerned about the spiritual life … you’ll be told to lighten up€¦ go have a good meal. He’s going ice cold
  • Clamping down on traditional Catholics. Down to one parish in whole diocese offering TLM every Sunday.
  • Complying with Pope Francis’ shutdown of TLM in our Diocese. We had 2 parishes in our Diocese that had TLM Sunday and some weekdays.  They closed down larger TLM Church, continued TLM in church that seats 200 people.  We have a canceled priest going on 11 yrs started with previous Bishop.
  • Doesn’t seem to stand out and take a stand. Unfortunately he follows Bishop Michael Burbidge who was quite visible.
  • Every sermon is about the importance of community, let’s just be happy!!!
  • Family stopped attending Mass b/c the Clergy in Fayetteville act more like Marxist activists than Catholic Priests.
  • Follows Pope Francis completely al throughout COVID 19 but most especially when it came to TLM and the change in time when our pastor could officiate this beautiful Mass……The Mass could not be allowed before NOON consequently Mass was then scheduled for 1 P.M on Sundays We’re not to oppose him.
  • Friend of Cdn Gregory. Enough said.
  • Got the job because his boss (William Gregory- the crook from the Dallas Conference) got him kicked up the latter. Apple does not fall far from the tree.
  • Grateful for our Bishop, he is very active in the diocese. I would like to see an exorcist in our community OR bishops to take charge and exercise this authority.
  • Hardly, if ever, hear a thing important emanating from “HQ”!
  • He appears to be a modernist. He has given confirmation talks where he says being Catholic is not about your prayer life but is about your works.  He has also eliminated almost all Latin masses in the diocese.  He has pushed out seminarians that are “too traditional” to other dioceses. I can go on!
  • He does not speak clearly and prominently as a leader on fundamental topics like the dignity of human life, marriage, Eucharistic devotion. We have too many cancelled priests, especially considering the priest shortage and dramatic decline in vocations in this diocese since he took over.
  • He is not leading his sheep. He is polite, funny, but he talks only about love. We are in battle against the devil, and he only talks about love. Yes, I love my enemies. However, my enemies need to be instructed that they are doing evil to people especially the unborn. This is what we need to hear.
  • He is strictly limiting the Latin mass in our diocese in spite of the fact that we have priests to do them. He is putting them on leave or assigning them to parishes not allowing them to offer the TLM! It is very hurtful to us and the faithful priests which have done them.
  • He suppressed most of the Latin Masses here, devastating our parish. Our parish was a well-integrated parish with the Novus Ordo, TLM and Hispanic communities flowing from one Holy Mass to another. Our priests are sidelined, replaced by a NO who put the table back, refuses to give Communion kneeling
  • He told our confirmands this year to “make lots of money”, under his watch our Youth Programs have disintegrated (no more Love Your Life Rally), and our Seminarians are dropping out left and right.
  • He took the Covid $, he shut down the churches and followed their rules, he cancelled all of our Latin Masses but 2 in the whole diocese. Seems more geared to the Spanish because he is from Latino descent. He is nice and does good homilies. Church of nice… never speaks out against other bishops.
  • He imposing ridiculous restrictions on the Tridentine mass is unacceptable.
  • I drive 3 hours to be a part of a parish in another state. I have 9 children and this is my only option to save my children’s faith.
  • How would I know? He takes no position on anything. There is no communication with anything relevant.  Our area has two options that’s it.  There are no sermons about marriage, sin, or hell.   We had to embarrass him into mentioning the overturning of ROE.    He closed us out. Never apologized.
  • I am very disappointed in the severe limitations set on offering the Traditional Latin Mass. This is where I find my heavenly home and where even Spanish and English (along with any other languages on earth) can find a common ground to worship together.
  • I can’t really tell, but I do know he canceled the Latin Mass
  • I had asked the good Bishop about the St. Michael prayer not being said after Mass, two years in a row. Was told that he leaves that up to the pastor. When I went straight over to Msgr. Brockman, he laughed while stating, “that went out in the seventies”, while smirking in my face. I pray for them.
  • I have had no personal interaction with the bishop, it is unclear though where he stands on certain hot button issues. He is definitely not favorable to the TLM as the availability of the Latin Mass has been limited recently, vocations to the priesthood are down.
  • I recently devoted an entire article to Bishop Zarama and his turning our diocese into a Habitation for Dragons. See here:
  • I resent this bishop sending all non-English speaking priests to our parish. We’ve lost a myriad of families because we can’t understand what they say. I AM FURIOUS WE HAD FR FITZGERALD ON 7 MO LOAN.  WE LOVED THIS PRIEST & HE LOVED OUR PARISH. THE BISHOP REFUSED TO LET HIM STAY PERMANENTLY.
  • I think he’s kind of wimpy on all the heaven/hell issues
  • I’m upset that he hasn’t spoken out on anything and has not supported the Bishops that (1) have stood up for our Catholic values. WE do NOT have a pro-life fund according to the office where money could be distributed to the pro-life movement. He needs to be our voice against the takeover.
  • Impression: Meh.
  • In my opinion, the Bishop is a weak and cowardly person that has been promoted to the position of leadership he holds. He does not inspire confidence. It is as if he is more of a “politically correct” leader trying to appease the world; one who is willing to “compromise” the faith.
  • It’s hard to know where Bishop Zarama stands; his letters in the monthly diocesan magazine are wordy and bland. He does come out in sympathy toward illegal immigration; otherwise he keeps a low profile and doesn’t rock the boat. On the positive side, he still permits the TLM on a limited basis.
  • Maybe I have missed them but I’ve not heard him speak out against the dangerous directions our country/culture and even Church are taking. No spiritual guidance regarding the evils we are confronted with every day in the media, jobs, schools, etc. No speaking out on gender dysphoria, “Pride Month”.
  • Mostly unknown and unseen. Cancelled Latin masses. Many good traditional priests not currently working.  A meek and weak man unable to defend the Faith as a Bishop should.
  • My bishop has been silent on the issues concerning the great evil trying to take out the catholic church also never defended the unvaccinated
  • Nice smile, but we need more.
  • Our Bishop contradicts the word of God, church doctrine and dogma. He will say whatever it takes to get donations or line his pockets. People drive 4 hours to attend mass services just to be outside this Bishops area. It is a wasteland filled with lies and deceit!
  • Our Bishop has a beautiful, gentle countenance about him…but, I think he is a go along to get along guy.
  • Our bishop has cancelled almost all Latin Masses in our diocese. We in the Latin Mass community have no shepherd who loves us enough to feed our starving souls. Prayers for this conversion.
  • Our Bp Has denied the Sacrament of Confirmation in the OF to the entire diocese and even permission to have the sacrament done at a traditional parish. He doesn’t seem to care for Tradition or Orthodoxy. Appointment of a pastor that can’t speak Spanish in a bilingual church. No homily or confession.
  • Our diocese doesn’t seem to bless Communion by mouth.
  • Since our Dear Bishop Burbidge left Raleigh things have changed in our churches. There is a division.  Priests are being told what they cannot do and removing music and masses said in Latin and now the kneelers and St Michael prayer.  God Help us.
  • There is so much I could say about this man but I don’t know where to start. 300 characters is not enough space. It is truly awful here. We pray for a cleansing of the church. Out with all of the wolves!
  • There is very little communication other than “letters” announced during church services. Communicating is a TWO WAY process! About ALL I get from my Bishop is constant requests for money.  I am elderly, home bound, and NEVER hear from my bishop.  Can’t explain the disappointment in my CHURCH!!!
  • There should never be restrictions on Traditional Latin Mass.
  • This bishop clearly doesn’t care about the souls of his flock. He cancels traditional priests and shuts down traditional Latin Masses. He just destroyed a flourishing traditional parish that was responsible for many vocations for no reason other than Bergoglian “unity”.
  • This Lap dog of Satan is moving full speed ahead with the destruction of the Faith of the Laity in order to remold them for the Ape of the Church. He has ruthlessly canceled Traditional Latin Mass in my area, he has canceled one of my priests, and he is a flat-out coward hiding behind obedience.
  • This man has completely destroyed the Latin Mass. He lied to the faithful about the two most Traditional Catholic Priest. Saying they are on a well-deserved sabbatical. These Priest are on permanent sabbatical. Two Priest who preach the Traditional Catholic faith. I don’t believe anything he say
  • Uncharitable actions toward His flock
  • VERY WEAK. Instead of saying no to TLM he has moved 2 priests out, 1 on unwanted sabbatical and other to parish with TLM. 65yrs of TLM at parish and now it’s a n.o. Have never seen him at any parish functions and only once at mass at cathedral. VERY WEAK BISHOP ZARAMA
  • When it comes to matters of faith he is MIA. Climate change, no issue.   I have been trying to show with documentation the damage to fertility and women (increased stillbirths, miscarriages sterility male and female, disrupted cycles) as a threat to families from the COVID shot(s)
  • Why can’t I hear my shepherd’s voice? He needs to dress like a Bishop instead of a grey sweater at Cardinal Gibbons. He doesn’t follow Vatican 2 GIRM and is complicit with the local politicians. HE IS LOSING VOCATIONS!!!!!!!!
  • Worthless, Useless, Liberal.
  • would appear to be a puppet of the man in Rome
  • Written to him several times. Form letter responses never addressing my letter Bishop goes to South America to find priest candidates rather than foster vocations in our diocese. Has pushed out (fact not innuendo) several TRADITIONAL seminary students. No fostering of Traditional Catholic


Rapid City – Bishop Peter Muhich

  • He seems to support TLM priests
  • I have lived in many states and learned not to go around my bishop because I have a general sense of suspicion due to cover-ups, not standing up for the faith as they should, etc. But he did give us an exemption letter for the jab! I can pay for my mortgage because of him!!!
  • Kind to TLM. Attentive to diocesan schools and supportive of Native Americans.
  • Our Bishop seems favorable to TLM. He did not mandate any jab.
  • Please pray for Bishop Muhich as he has been diagnosed with cancer. I appreciate the efforts the bishop is taking to make our Catholic school more orthodox and furnish a classical education.
  • Wish he would speak out against abortion, the confusion the Pope is creating and all the Synod stuff that is being put out there that is disturbing to orthodox Catholics. God help us please.


Reno – Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg

  • Fairly new to us. Appears to be orthodox.
  • From what I have heard or seen, he’s doing his job!
  • I think he is well-intentioned. But most local clergy oppose anything which tends to be more orthodox.  I believe he is concerned that if he supports tradition, he will be reported to Roche and pulled out within a matter of weeks.
  • In my personal contact with Bishop Muggenborg I have realized the wisdom in him. I brought to him a very difficult situation and he advised a very gentle solution. I have great respect for him. Bishop Muggenborg is a great role model for our diocese. He is a welcome change.
  • My opinion based on just what I know and have observed so far. I am not personally acquainted with the bishop.
  • New bishop assigned here last year. We have only had wimpy ones, so we will see. Seems to be genuine. Just don’t trust any hierarchy and very few priests anymore. When will they apologize for locking us out of Mass and Holy Eucharist???!!!
  • Nobody is representing or talking/speaking in the state of Nevada about issues that concern CC either on TV, news, or any other social media. Everybody is so quiet. Do we have bishops anywhere at all?
  • While the bishop is new to our Diocese, he has made his presence at the traditional Latin mass on two or three occasions, at least, and has been very helpful in maintaining faithfulness and orthodoxy in our diocese. I am very happy that he was chosen to replace Bishop Calvo in 2022.


Richmond – Bishop Barry Knestout

  • Bishop Knesout has been directly involved in several outrages here in Central Virginia. Not only did he cancel Fr. Mark White but he attempted to rent out our cathedral for the “ordination” of a woman as bishop. Most disturbingly, he systematically defrauded Holy Cross Regional School of $200,000.
  • Bishop Knestout is mostly silent about issues affecting our church today. It was uncovered that the Richmond field office of the FBI was looking to infiltrate parishes with TLM and recruit parishioners to turn on each other. Bishop Knestout put out a letter and as far as I know that was all he did.
  • Despite my opinion of our Bishop, I have to give him thanks for not interfering in our FSSP Parish and allowing our Traditional Latin Masses to continue. I have heard of priests in our Diocese who will give the Eucharist only by the hand.  I pray this disobedience will not be tolerated.
  • Don’t trust someone who was secretary to McCarrick and company. He personally invited Fr. James Martin to talk privately to our Diocese. Nope, don’t trust him. He has canned a lot of good seminarians, took out Fr. Mark White and now another. He held a Deacon back one year so he’s not a priest yet, et
  • Former Secretary to Cdl. McCarrick; that alone is reason for skepticism. He removed outspoken Pastor, Rev. Mark White, for publicly criticizing Church handling of abuse. Meanwhile made Fr. Wayne Ball pastor despite Ball’s 2003 guilty plea in a public sex case. More orthodox than former Bsp Sullivan
  • Good, He has kept FSSP parishes. Bad, he has dumped TLM elsewhere. Excuse, inherited once called ‘least Catholic diocese in U. S.’ Bad, few vocations. Retired and deacons outnumber (mostly imported) priests. Bad, cancelled Fr Mark White. Very secretive. Most lay liberal. Most Masses sacrilegious.
  • Hard to read this man, he remains silent on most everything happening in the Church. I feel he is a follower of the pope.
  • Having met him several times, he comes across in person as pleasant, easygoing, and interested. However, decisions he has made and things he chooses to ignore have led me to the conclusion that he is a Bergoglio henchman, only a fairly quiet one. My family mostly attend Mass in the Arlington Diocese.
  • HE ABANDONED US DURING THE LOCKDOWNS!!!!!!!!! Abandonment is what he does best.  Bishop Mansour (Maronite) is always AWOL when needed.  Except for money.  He got his lawyers working on the Covid payroll tax credits from the government.  Yes, scooping in OUR tax money he does very well.
  • He closed my Church during Covid. I was not happy.
  • He has supported or FSSP parish. Grateful. My father would have liked my nearest NO Church€¦. He was Presbyterian.
  • He hasn’t mentioned the child trafficking in VA or Catholic charities involvement. Richmond VA is a hub due to I-95No mention of it.  Illegal immigration in our state has grown as well.  With from what I understand, many have been settled in eastern VA ( Lancaster County I believe, but not sure)
  • He is allowing for our FSSP parish to remain open and have the TLM. But, with him removing Fr. Mark White and allowing for a virtual presentation by Fr. James Martin in our diocese (advertised throughout several parishes), I cannot trust him.
  • He is trying to laicize Fr. White for practicing his freedom of speech. He won’t me allow my Truth Speakers Catholic conference to be advertised anywhere in diocesan papers or church bulletins. He allowed Fr. James Martin to speak in a virtual conference in my diocese. Enough said.
  • He seems much more focused on pleasing than on teaching.
  • He should accept some humility and sit down to speak with Father Mark White & reinstate him in his parishes. We’re asked to pray for vocations & then a priest who is honest about sexual abuse by the clergy is the one punished.  Little respect for the hierarchy.
  • He was the secretary to the most prolific predator for 3 yrs. THAT TELLS ME ALL I NEED TO KNOW!
  • His cowardice to stand up against attacks of the first amendment during the pandemic has disgusted me to the point I will no longer give him my hard-earned dollars.
  • His Excellency is far from extreme leftism and he supports the Pro Life movement. However, He permits liturgical abuse, and even had given permission for an Episcopalian female “ordination” in one of his churches. Plus his connection to McCarrick and his response to Covid are more reasons for concern
  • His treatment of Father Mark White was despicable. He NEVER cooperated with the late George Neumayr’s investigation about him appointing public sex offender Fr. Wayne Ball as Pastor, without informing his parishioners about his guilty plea. Knestout belongs to the Bergoglian cult of accompaniment.
  • I am concerned he might crack down on more traditional parishes.
  • I am new to the dioceses but as a member of an FSSP parish I am pleased that our bishop approves of the Latin mass.
  • I appreciate Bishop Knestout permitting the FSSP parishes to have freedom within the Richmond Diocese, however I feel that allowing the Latin Rite into diocesan churches has been stifled. He was appointed by MAGOG, so maintaining obedience to this deceitful authority is very concerning going forward
  • I don’t really have an opinion on his orthodoxy either way, but I find it very unbelievable that he had no idea that he worked for a pedophile. If it’s actually true that he did not know, that is concerning and discomforting nonetheless.
  • I feel his focus is more on making money and honestly holds appointments and placements over priest heads like a carrot. Then he places them based on where he thinks they will make the most money for the diocese.
  • In July 2021 the bishop had our priest in Staunton change places with a priest in Norfolk. New priest preached lies about Covid and told us to get the harmful Covid shots my mom told me to reject. I was very upset by that. Since I can’t listen to Father Jim Jones, I had to leave the church.
  • Knestout, McCarrick’s roommate/personal secretary, praised Fr. Walter Lewis who’s convicted of DUIs, owns expensive home w/ his gay priest boyfriend; Lewis now accused of ’80s sexual abuse. Knestout’s abuse of Fr. M. White, & tolerance of harassment of church employees @ St Anne’s Bristol.
  • Like Walter Sullivan who once led this “liberal diocese,” Bishop Knestout has displayed Christian kindness even to those who prefer the old Latin Mass, which contrasts with some bishops of the area (even “conservative bishops”) who treat such folks like garbage. He is a good example as a bishop.
  • Only Bishop Strickland of Tyler, TX was present to lead the faithful in battle against unspeakable evil in Los Angeles. This speaks volumes of all other Bishops who weren’t brave enough to do the same.  The lay-folk are required to take action in-lieu of the Church leadership’s inaction.
  • Still learning about him! I ONLY trust God at this point in my life: I am 82 yrs. old! Have a blest day!+++JMP
  • Supported ccp virus sham and lockdowns despite obvious and available data which proved minimal risk. Supporting so called priests like James Martin.
  • The fact this Bishop supported and would have allowed an Ordination of a female, prochoice, pro-gay marriage, Episcopalian “Bishop” to be ordained and utilize on our sacrificial altar leaves much doubt about not only his orthodoxy but his upholding of Catholic Teaching.
  • The treatment of Fr. Mark White by Bp. Knestout was to say the least, reprehensible. To ask for laicization without cause and no explanation to Fr. White or the faithful smacks of tyranny. This is no demonstration of love of God and neighbor. Zero trust in this Bp. His actions speak louder than word
  • Things are too liberal and the church has lost its tradition in VA. Latin mass is almost unheard of and no honor among Catholics. I find it liberal political area and Catholics have no spine because the leader has no spine.
  • Unfortunately I can’t give a completely honest survey because I have not met my Bishop bit that is also problematic. Why did he close the churches during the Plandemic?  Will it happen again because the powers of this world desire it?
  • USCCB Family committee Chair. Supports Fr J Martin’s LBG mission of damning souls. Was personal secretary in DC to Mr. McCarrick.   What’s there to trust???
  • Was right hand of Teddy McCarrick. Knew or should have known about abuse of seminarians!


Rochester – Bishop Salvatore Matano

  • He appears to be a holy person but I don’t know him. I distrust him because of policies during COVID era. I think he may favor tradition, but only allows one dioceses Mass in this whole area despite the fact that there are a handful of priests available who would probably wish to say a Latin Mass.
  • He followed the late Bishop Clark who tore this diocese apart. We had a wonderful Bishop, Bishop Fulton Sheen. I was in my childhood. Did not realize the importance of Bishop Sheen. Many churches have been sold or clustered due to the bankruptcy declared. And Sheen’s canonization was put on hold
  • He has not submitted to Traditionis Custodis. Our diocese still has one Sunday TLM and 3 or 4 TLMs in other parishes during the week. He seems happy with the Sunday TLM which is growing in numbers and doesn’t interfere with the daily Masses. However, he no longer permits TLM Confirmations or newly
  • He is pretty much down the middle. He is not controversial.
  • He’s silent. That’s my sorrow. That in the face of the pope we suffer, my bishop is silent. I think bishops should be warriors. What we have in that useless USCCB complicity or cowardice.
  • His resistance to Bishop Sean’s Sainthood deeply disturbs me.
  • I’m in the Rochester, NY diocese. Our Bishop Matano is retiring but he’s supported us in the Latin Mass and we are so grateful for that. We are holding our breaths, praying for the next chapter.  God bless our good priests and bishops! ™»’•™»
  • My daughter had a q-tip conformation. Locked down the churches for COVID. However he has returned all the tabernacles to the center of our churches.
  • Nice man but cowardly as a bishop. Believe he is orthodox in his beliefs and customs but chooses to not make ways with the heretics in the Vatican and those running the USCCB. No evidence that he is hiding bad priests or punishing good ones. His articles in the diocesan newspaper are blandly safe.
  • Nice man. Cowardly in addressing pro-abort catholic politicians and sodomites.
  • Seems to be a pious man but does not communicate only through the diocesan monthly paper which no one reads anyway. Only time you hear from him is annual CMA, Has assessed parishes for pedophile lawsuits recently & few people know of it nor amt. per parish— pastors have kept their mouths shut als
  • We don’t really know our Bishop. He is not very visible so it is easy to forget he is there.  We have had two priest taken from our parish in the last two years.  Our Pastor was going to retire but was asked not to.  So they ask us every year for 1/4 million dollars and how do we know where it goes


Rockford – Bishop David Malloy

  • A liar. Terrible leader. Cancelled faithful, holy priests. Will never get another dime from us.
  • A very horrible situation about a ? I had & got the run around w & now civilly divorced & annulled when in reality he could have remedied this situation. Over 15 canceled priests, no good catechizes, no answered emails, total silence malformed parishioners include our daughters 1 has left the church.
  • Abortion clinics returned to Rockford and he remains silent. Drag Queen story time at local libraries- silence. Lack of leadership, no voice proclaiming the Truth of the Catholic Church. Living a soft life of comfort.
  • After going to confession in another state priest could not believe the bishop was doing this. The priest was young and full of fire for the love of Christ.  Something needs to be done for cancelled priests.  Malloy is doing nothing.
  • As far as I know Bishop Malloy seems to be doing a good job.
  • Based on his past record our Bishop of Rockford, Malloy, cannot be trusted. He negated Surmoninum Pontificum of Benedict saying all permission for a Latin mass must go thru him.  He has punished good priests like Fr. Lovell in his “Gulags”. But he does allow the ICKSP. Does not add up
  • Bishop Mallory of Rockford mostly stays quiet but I Think he’s liberal in nature. He’s canceled at least one priest I know of.
  • Bishop Malloy cancels beloved, faithful priests
  • Bishop Malloy found it necessary to comment during the BLM riots of 2020 but is silent about the pandering going on during Pride month. He has cancelled holy priests with no explanation. I have stopped supporting the diocese since the closing of churches.
  • Bishop Malloy has done so much damage in the Rockford diocese. I make notes on my checks at my parish to use money for church utilities. I don’t want one cent to support the bishop. He’s tried to take down many holy priests but regardless of his cruelty, these holy priests have many supporters.
  • Bishop Malloy has sidelined serval good priests. He has caused pain and great sadness for the souls he should be caring for. If he spent as much time caring for his flock as he does his ego the world would be a better place.
  • Bishop Malloy has so far supported the LM community. For this we are thankful!
  • Bishop Malloy is a “political puppet” of Cardinal Cupich. Blase© says jump, Dave asks how high.  Malloy cancelled 12+ traditional priests in the Rockford Diocese.  I find him to be arrogant, entitled and a true modernist in the Church hierarchy. He has forgotten the vows made at ordination.
  • Bishop Malloy is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He has a great welcoming personality, but he is very hostile to the TLM.  From my understanding he won’t even permit the Novus Ordo ad Orientum.  At least Cardinal Cupich will give allowance for that!
  • Bishop Malloy must write an apology to his flock for closing down each Parish church of the Rockford Diocese in 2020, send the apology to each Parish, and publish it on the Diocese website. I am not aware that he has ever apologized so I do not believe he has apologized. Not one more penny till then
  • Bishop Malloy of Rockford shut down his churches and refused sacraments to the faithful during COVID. He also pushed masks and encouraged experimental shots€¦.which we all know have caused injury and death to many. He also cancelled good and faithful priests. He is leading his flock astray!
  • Bishop Malloy was one of the first Bishops to put a strict limit on the Latin Mass. I wrote to him regarding the CCHD and how the Bishops give to PP and Democrat candidates, the party of Murder, Death and Destruction.  His response was ho hum and that he hoped I was giving to other charities.
  • Bishop’s attack on FAITHFUL PRIESTS.
  • Bp Malloy contradicted Summorum Pontificum by requiring permission for priests to say the TLM. I question and distrust Malloy’s actions on this matter. In 2021, Malloy cancelled Fr. James Parker, a good and holy priest, by removing him w/no new assignment. No explanation was ever given.
  • Cancels good and faithful priests and outlaws the Traditional Latin Mass
  • Cancels good, faithful priests for their love and honor for church tradition adhering to the teachings of Christ!
  • Closed our churches during the plandemic and did not stand up for his flock that wanted Mass and the Sacraments. Cancelled Father Lovell.  Needs to tell his parish priest’s to work at being better homilist.
  • Come Holy Spirit. He has canceled many priests and some very Holy priests. Immaculate Mary, be with him.
  • Does not support the Traditional Mass or Latin Rite. Doesn’t support his priests. Has removed priests from service with no valid reason.
  • Dreck
  • Hard to know where he stands because he seems to remain hidden. However he has quite a few cancelled priest at least one he canceled himself for being too orthodox (wanting to reinstall communion rails and building a new adoration chapel).
  • Has “silenced” several priests for their commitment to Catholic Orthodoxy. Bishop Malloy is an ineffective, uninspired, mediocre shepherd. I know of no traditional Latin masses being said in his diocese. Shameful. He pretty much goes along with whatever the group-think of the “Bishops Club” is.
  • Has cancelled too many Good priests without explanation. Cares more about LGBTQ than actual faithful members€¦ too much emphasis on fundraising $$ and NOT teaching wrong from right
  • Has let too many traditional priest go and seems to have tied the hands of our faithful traditional priests in speaking the truth about abortion, homosexuality and other cultural evils in our world and church today.
  • He canceled 21 very orthodox priests. He closed are churches during Covid the churches didn’t need to be closed.
  • He canceled several holy priests in the diocese, including our parish pastor. He has no forgiveness or concern for these men leaving them without any shepherd support or their parish ministry. Since this happened my family has left the parish and are members at a parish in another diocese.
  • He cancelled the most holy, faithful, orthodox priest without a place to live, never gave any real explanation to the faithful and what the Bishop did said in a letter was all a lie. He also cancelled up to up to 20 other priests in our diocese. Also forbid ad Orientum worship and parish Latin Mass
  • He has a long history of nixing any elements of liturgical sanity in this diocese. The Latin Mass, ad Orientum, and the use of chant have all been stopped by him personally.  We are also one of the leading dioceses with the number of cancelled priests.  Many priests say morale is low.
  • He has allowed the TLM in a few select Parishes that requires driving long distances for some people. As an elderly cradle Catholic who loves attending the TLM, I wish Bishop Malloy would give permission to one (or ALL) of the Parishes in the St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia area to celebrate the TLM.
  • He has cancelled many priests in our Diocese. Some have been cancelled over 10 years. One would think that they should be actively serving our Church somewhere.
  • He has cancelled several priests over the years, including one from our parish that I really liked. There are no sermons about “Fear of the Lord” as one of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  All sermons are milquetoast, wishy-washy style.
  • He has cancelled some good priests
  • He has sidelined great priests. He won’t let them use communion rails.  He doesn’t speak out against injustices even within the church.  The few times I have heard him speak, he just didn’t seem to have True faith.  It’s heartbreaking to see so many Bishops remain silent and quiet good priests.
  • He has sidelined many holy priests and the flock have been left without good leadership.
  • He is a disgrace, a coward, a phony, and a sellout to the secular. He cancelled one of the holiest priests this area has ever known and should be ashamed. I, and countless others I know won’t donate a cent to the diocese until this bishop is removed.
  • He is beholden to the guy in Chicago. Not sure how much leeway he has.  The possibilities are there as demonstrated by his speeches and homilies.  But the guy in Chicago is suspect as seen in  his influence on the Washington DC bishop
  • He is not a man I want to follow. He unjustly sidelines priests who are righteous.
  • He makes a farce of our faith. He is the exact opposite of a humble shepherd and I definitely have no respect for him. He is a narcissist and a bully, self-aggrandizing and vindictive. He needs to go. God have mercy on his soul.
  • He needs to pay attention to the priest’s that he ousts. They are good priest’s that carried a great church. He needs to pay attention!!!!
  • He quietly removes clergy who appear to be in opposition to his liberal views.
  • He seems to lead his Diocese well from what I read in the Observer. HOWEVER, he make a terrible decision in REMOVING Fr Jim Parker from Priestly Ministry…there was NO COMMUNICATION with Holy Cross Parish and it caused many parishioner to leave the parish, and no longer contribute financially
  • He’s canceled/sidelined/permanently demoted over 20 priests in his 10 year reign of terror here totally dismantling Bishop Doran’s legacy.
  • His cancellation of Fr. James Parker. He tends to want his priests to stay silent on issues like abortion, not to rock the boat.
  • His cooperation with eliminating the option of Latin Mass in parishes, his denial of his priests to baptize in the Latin Rite, and his cowardice during the pandemic are disturbing and deeply disappointing
  • His handling of the pandemic, (according to how our parish priest claimed he was directed to run the parish), was unnecessarily militaristic and controlling. The fact that he was placed in our parish once again after his history with a neighboring parish was a sick oversight on the bishop’s behalf.
  • I am new to the Rockford diocese and therefore not familiar with Bishop Malloy. Formerly we belonged to the Peoria diocese and had a terrible experience with Bishops John J. Meyers and Jenky. They destroyed 4 parishes in our hometown of Streator and are responsible for the lack of faith there.
  • I believe his ego and agenda are detrimental to good holy orthodox priests in our dioceses.
  • I believe Satan has a tremendous grip on him. He cancels good and holy priests for no good reason.  He is only interested in the power of his position.  Appears to dislike orthodoxy. He was quick to punish priests trying to provide Jesus during the pandemic. He is only concerned about money & power
  • I believe the Bishop is to shepherd his Priests to ensure they are outstanding in solid faith, good morals, piety, zeal for souls, and human virtues. So why would our bishop leave holy priest in limbo when he was preaching on the Church’s beliefs as stated in the Catechism?
  • I believe the Bishop will do the right things usually but there is an undercurrent of liberals within the church hierarchy calling the shots and if good clergy suffer it causes distrust. The political struggle for power is hurting the church, and the leadership and has tainted the teaching authority
  • I do not like his treatment of priests, especially Cancelled Priests of which he has many. He is vindictive and arrogant.
  • I do not trust our bishop based on the actions he has taken the last few years.
  • I feel he makes his decisions based on money and not on the true Catholic faith. I continue to pray for his conversion.
  • I wish he did not promote the COVID vaccine with the aborted fetal tissue. We should be in line with the National Catholic Bioethics Center. We should not be canceling priests when there is a shortage of priests. Making one come from the Philippines when his mother has cancer is not the right way.
  • I wish he would stop canceling holy and good priests and allow them to be in a parish again instead of outcasted.
  • It is utterly appalling the number of faithful orthodox priests Bishop Malloy has cancelled in the Rockford Diocese. The way he treats the priests and his flock of the diocese makes no earthly sense. However I know that God will prevail in the end and that gives me hope.
  • Keeps canceling Holy priests, “encourages” others to retire early.
  • Lost my trust for him after Covid and closures especially silencing Fr Parker.
  • Loved Bishop Doran, Malloy came and seems reverent and true to the faith. My three misgivings are the CV19 and making Holy Communion non-essential- that broke my heart. Love Fr. Parker and Federspiel, not clear why they took them from us, which lends to mistrust. Peace to you good and Holy warriors!
  • Many priests in our diocese have been sidelined/cancelled with no efforts apparent to restore these clergy. No efforts made to educate the laity on the sins of the LGBTQ movement.  No known personal appearances to oppose abortion.
  • No regard for students and parents concerns in the school system. Cancels good holy priests so he must be on the wrong side of Truth. Zero trust in him. Is he part of the lavender mafia? Probably.
  • Not happy about the way he is treating Fr. James Parker
  • Not sure I trust him. I need to know more about him.  Have heard bad rumors.
  • Our bishop has sidelined more priests than he has ordained over the last 11 years. Tragic.
  • Our Bishop is a coward and refuses to meet with the people to explain why he removed Fr. Parker from serving at a parish. This bishop removes holy priests from the parishes and next you hear the claim that “the diocese needs vocations.”    I’m done contributing to this diocese until we get answers.
  • Our bishop left a dedicated priest in limbo, without a parish or the ability to serve another parish. I pray for him as I try to find a new parish.
  • Priests who are wonderful priests and have moved me spiritually during Mass have disappeared. One was removed, another left to discern, and he hasn’t been heard from or about since. The bishop presents well, but he quickly removes anything that causes a stir or rocks the boat.
  • Protests abortion frequently through his written and verbal communication. Promotes life from conception to natural death.  Writings in weekly newspaper are strongly in accordance with the Church.   Strong vocation to prison ministry.  Speaks with gentleness. Listens. However, why canceled priests?
  • Seems more concerned with running diocese like a business than the spiritual needs of the people.
  • The times and places he should have been somewhere, he wasn’t.
  • This bishop has cancelled too many holy priests in this diocese and refuses to talk to the congregation of the parishes of the cancelled priests to explain why.
  • This bishop has removed several good and holy and effective priests. He is not open and forthcoming with why he has done this. I believe that he is not a good and faithful shepherd of the people of this diocese nor of our Catholic faith. Vocations in this diocese are severely down. I don’t trust him.
  • Unfortunately, Bp. Malloy has set aside too many good priests in our diocese without reason, honesty, or justice.
  • Very disappointed in our bishop for past several years. We attended his installation & were very supportive of him & diocese but he seemed to change. Doesn’t respect those who want to have a greater reverence for Eucharist. Used the Lord’s name in vain during homily, treats reverent priests poorly.
  • We have 13-14cancelled priests in our Diocese. None have been charged with committing a crime. He refuses to reassign them to a parish, and will not release them from the diocese. Weekend Masses throughout the Diocese are mostly well under an hour. Very liberal and is directed by Cupich.
  • We have asked for a Latin Mass, God forbid a daily TLM. Frankly I was surprised to get feedback from the bishop, but the bishop’s letter didn’t even reference the question. We even had Priests willing to preside, but, to no avail.  Lord have mercy.  +
  • We have several good and holy priests without assignments. Most should be given some kind of assignment and not be doing anything.
  • When he was first appointed, he banned all Latin Masses throughout the diocese unless he gave permission. That ban remains. The Institute of Christ the King has permission to operate out of Rockford. Bishop Malloy has cancelled many conservative priests including Father Lovell.
  • When he was first installed he seemed a genuine holy servant of God. Unfortunately the temptations of power and pride have changed him greatly.  He no longer serves our Heavenly Father, but himself.  Sad what he has done to some of our priests in this diocese.
  • When the bishop’s lips are moving, it causes great concern!
  • While some practices of reverence are encouraged, overall lacking. Most concerned that the Bishop is not demonstrating forgiveness. We live in a cancel culture and he has canceled priests without offering return.


Rockville Centre – Bishop John Barres

  • Bishop Barres is a good Bishop. He is committed to objective truth through participation in the National Catholics Bioethics Center.
  • Bishop Barres remains completely silent on all subjects. There is never any discussion on abortion, or LGBTQ+. Also he promoted a priest to pastor who was the best man at a same sex wedding of 2 men, one of the men being a former seminarian!!
  • Bishop Barres was listening to Cardinal Cuomo during the flu. I no longer donate to the annual Bishop’s appeal or Peter’s Pence. Instead, I send my donations to the Sisters of Life in Suffern, NY. May God have mercy on us. Amen.
  • Despite the difficult history of this diocese, Bishop Barres has held the line on the most controversial questions of the day. He has suffered for the faith.
  • Does not respond to letters or emails. Probably closely aligned with Cdl. Timothy Dolan.
  • Due to the diocesan bankruptcy, he laid off personnel at the Office of Bioethics and Human Life in a very harsh way. Also, I’m not sure if we still have the Latin Mass.
  • He has never done or said anything that could be considered unorthodox. Of course, he is very quiet and not very in your face.  It may be better if he could be a bit more forceful.  Like all Catholic parishes, we don’t have bible study or apologetics or even faith formation past Confirmation.
  • He has restricted the Latin Mass making us travel over an hour to go to mass even though there is a community that wishes to practice this mass of the saints which existed for thousands of years. This is cruel and unjust. It does not help mental health or protect families. We pray for his soul.
  • He is very supportive and his guidance is solid. He supports well and encourages the priests and canons who offer traditional Mass on a regular basis, very popular in Long Island.
  • He seems to be quiet But I do not really know
  • I am not certain of the degree of orthodoxy of the Bishop of Rockville Center but can only judge by the priests in the diocese and my interaction with them… not very extensive since they are not generally easily accessible and when they are, they seem to express unorthodox notions.
  • I appreciate that he has made no effort to restrict the Traditional Latin Masse to do so would be, as I say, “grand theft patrimony.”
  • I do not know him well, he appears to (go with the flow). He has not spoken out re evil all around us in our holy church.
  • I do not know my bishop well enough to make any sort of “call” on him. With a young boy and the type of people in the greater Church on Long Island, I have been EXTREMELY hesitant to involve/expose my family to the diocese more than I have to.
  • I pray the Holy Spirit is poured out upon my Bishop to give him the courage to speak out against the heresy going on in our church. I also pray my Bishop APOLOGIES to his sheep for closing the churches and keeping all of us away from the Holy Sacraments our Sweet Jesus gave us.  May God forgive him
  • I trust my Bishop in the way he runs the diocese. I think he is wary of speaking out, maybe afraid. How safe are Bishops. Are any of them cancelled? Our Bishop did cancel TLMs. Why?
  • Just thankful it’s not Cupich or Night, night baby from Newark, NJ!!
  • Little sense of strength. Invisible, for the most part.
  • Many Catholic schools have closed. As far as I know, he is largely silent on important topics going on in the Church and in the world, and almost all of the priests in the diocese are silent as well.  No opportunity to go to a Latin Mass every Sunday. Collects envelope for CRS & CCHD.
  • No instruction in our faith comes down to the faithful. Silent on all the important issues.
  • Please uphold true Catholic teaching! The Church teaches objective Truth, as you know. We must not continue to water down the Faith, or worse!! We must be the Light of Christ in this darkness!!!Cure of ars Parish
  • Sheepish not shepherd
  • So far I haven’t seen any evidence that he isn’t in line with Church teaching
  • So sorry I was always told never never never argue with a Priest I hold fast to that and I aint letting go however at the same time here are the facts I repeat facts not my opinion when the plandemic bs rolled around fact is The Sweet Holy Priests of my Parish put the signs on the Church doors however
  • The pope and the bishop leave much to be desired. All we can do is pray and love God.
  • Unfortunately, I have little faith in most of the Bishops as they seem more like politicians especially Cardinal Dolan. It is quite easy to keep asking for money and telling the people who still attend services to donate and follow their lead; yet they have no ‘skin in the game’ so to speak.


Sacramento – Bishop Jaime Soto

  • Absolutely NO way to dialogue with him. He is constantly in hiding unless it is a group he considers friendly. Occasionally we will see offer mass at our parishes but, he NEVER remains after mass to speak with the faithful. He will NOT return a phone call, an email. Only recourse is to pray for him
  • After being physically locked out of OUR church, being denied communion on “order of the Bishop”, and being denied letters of exemption from Covid injections for our employment …. I would not give 2 cents for Bishop Soto. We are stronger and wiser for it now, but consider ourselves Shepard less.
  • As long as any Bishop advocates or mandates the EUA vaccines, we will totally distrust them. If bishops cancel priests whose only fault is to speak the truth, they too will not be trusted. As long as the Bishops do not require those who can to kneel and receive Communion on the tongue, no trust.
  • Bishop Soto has been a good shepherd to us at the FSSP parish. He is not afraid to speak the truths of the Faith.
  • Bishop Soto is a solidly orthodox Bishop. His management skills? Not so much.
  • Bishop Soto seems like a faithful person but he did close all of the churches during Covid-19 Pandemic and mandated vaccines for the Priests in order for them to remain in ministry. He seems to be going along with the Synodal process which I view as a heretical questioning of Catholic Dogma.
  • Bishop Soto signed a letter demanding people take the vaccine… no religious exemptions.
  • Bishop Soto, formerly of Orange County California diocese was extensively involved in the cover up of priests committing child sexual abuse. He is not to be trusted.  While he has made statements calling acts of homosexuality sinful, which is orthodox, his actions are reprehensible.
  • Covered pedophiles and homosexual clergy. Business man who is not a valid shepherd.
  • I’d like for Bishop Soto to be more involved in the formation of his parishes. Holy Trinity Parish in El Dorado Hills is a prime example. It caters to lukewarm Catholics and some of the leadership there are making it difficult to fulfill the mission of the Eucharistic Revival, especially Jim Hopp.
  • I’m not too familiar with Bishop Soto as we are new to the Diocese.
  • I’m thankful that our Bishop has so far allowed the Latin Mass to continue. I think he genuinely has good intentions, but he seems to lack conviction and courage to speak out. I was so disappointed when he chose not to say the Rosary at the state Capitol in fear of offending Protestants on June 5th.
  • Locked us out of our churches, one of the first six dioceses in the nation to say that no religious exemptions would be allowed for the “vaccine. “We cannot have a communion rail in church nor kneelers to be able to kneel for Holy Communion. He does not speak out about the godless govt. of CA.
  • Never speaks up against supposed catholic lawmakers who support laws for LGBT. Nor does he speak against child grooming curriculum.
  • New to area. It is difficult when moving to be w/ family. Only know what I have read and have suspicions. Happy we have FSSP in downtown Sacramento. But this is in a place that is difficult to get too especially for sir’s. Would like more options for TLM, too afraid to ask. NO Priests s/b shown TLM
  • Seems content to being a non-descriptive back bencher. Definitely a do not Rock-the-Boat bishop.
  • Very wishy washy. Very very poor liturgically, and all and all not a very admirable man.
  • When COVID he refused to allow religious exemptions and I feel he completely threw us under the bus. That’s not pastoral care
  • When he shut down our parishes, masked little children in Catholic schools I realized he cared more about obeying unjust politicians than obeying Christ and caring for his flock.


Saginaw – Bishop Robert Gruss

  • Disappointed that Bishop Gruss closed Saginaw Diocese churches during the Covid time. Also, him telling Diocese to get vaccinated.
  • He is an absentee leader. More interested in his social life and his career than in being a shepherd. Recycles homilies from his time as a seminary rector. Can’t look you in the eyes. Flirts with young men.
  • I wish he were more like Strickland or Vigano.
  • One of the many blessings he has given our Diocese is, the Latin Mass, first time in 50 yrs. Although he has now told us we can only have 1 Mass and it has to be Sunday (3pm). no holy days . He will allow funeral and marriages, Baptism by asking permission.
  • Our bishop preaches a good talk but often fails the walk. He is unwilling to respond to any questions via mail. I feel like he does enough good to keep you questioning yourself and in my case results in me feeling guilty about what I am thinking or commenting about him with other faithful Catholics
  • Our diocese has mostly Masses that are irreverent and feel more Protestant than a reverent and Holy Catholic Mass that glorifies the Holy Sacrifice. Hard to have a reverent Mass when priests are allowed to throw mentos or allowed to sing their homilies. Please restore reverence Bishop Gruss!!!
  • Saginaw is still struggling from Bishop Untener; we have priests who still quote him; progress has been slow. Bishop Gruss has gradually made inroads and seems very eager to lead us in the way Jesus intended Bishops to act. He pulls a lot of dead weight. He allows the Latin Mass and has mo. healing
  • The fact that Bishop Gruss sanctions the Latin Mass and frequently schedules meetings with his “flock” and treasures the traditions of the Catholic church and his homilies are definitely in sync with the inspirations of the Holy Spirit inspires me to continue my journey to eternity with peace & joy


Salina – Bishop Gerald Vincke

  • Bishop Vincke is loving and does not do things that are scandalous, like support gay marriage, etc. THANK GOD My only criticism is that he missed the mark on the Covid vaccines and should have made more public statements of support for those who refused them for moral reasons/ personal convictions.
  • Does not allow any Latin Rite Masses or sacraments performed.
  • Doesn’t listen to priests and laity, isn’t much of a spiritual father (leader) for the priests under his authority.
  • Gets rid of traditional Catholic priest from our churches. He closed churches during pandemic not trusting God. Not good leadership for our Traditional Catholic church teachings. Promoted the vaccine when it wasn’t tested and proof was given aborted fetuses were in this vaccine. No research to lead
  • I like Bishop Vincke and his priests speak very highly of him when they don’t need to so I think they are speaking truthfully.
  • I say Mostly because I cannot read one’s mind completely and see all behavior since I have only been in diocese for a couple years. But it is a strong Mostly.
  • My bishop is orthodox but not particularly brave
  • Unfortunately he is more interested in “pastor”-ing the laity than he is investing in his priests so that THEY can grow in holiness and lead their sheep. Ask