Francis Claims Priests Must Play Soccer, Not Preach Dogma

Pope Francis has attacked the “corruption” of restorationist movements within the Church and said the Second Vatican Council has not yet been fully implemented.

In his latest surprise media interview, with a Spanish language outlet that appeared at the same time he’s in Lisbon celebrating World Youth Day, the Argentine Pontiff hit out at the “prophets of confusion” undermining the mission of the Church.

He said people with “right-wing” ideologies were the most dangerous faction in the Church and he called for a generation of priests who played soccer instead of going into communities to preach .

“We need normal seminarians, with their problems, who play soccer, and who don’t go to the neighbourhoods to dogmatise,” Pope Francis said.

Describing himself as “a stone in the shoe” for people who are opposed to his ecclesiastical and political vision, the Pope told Vida Nueva that he did not feel the time is ripe for a Third Vatican Council, in part because “Vatican II still has not been implemented”.

The Holy Father also condemned ideological movements in the Church which, he said, “dress up in a restorationist air, with a lot of apparent mystique, but also a lot of corruption”.

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