Synod on Synodality’s ‘Big Tent’ Includes Everyone But God

The symbolic image of the synod on synodality, convened in plenary session this October, is a tent that is enlarged. To finally “welcome and accompany” even those who “do not feel accepted in the Church.”

And who are the first on the list of these excluded, in the “ Instrumentum laboris ,” the document that acts as a guide for the synod? “The divorced and remarried, people in polygamous marriages, or LGBTQ+ Catholics.”

For years now in the Church these human typologies have been at the center of discussion. In Germany they have comprised a whole autochthonous “synodal way,” with the stated aim of revolutionizing the Church’s doctrine on sexuality.

But the resistance to this tendency is also strong, in those who see it as a surrender to the spirit of the time, which brings into question the very foundations of the Christian faith.

The contribution that follows is on this critical side. It was offered for publication on Settimo Cielo by the Swiss theologian Martin Grichting, former vicar general of the diocese of Chur.

Who closes his reflection by quoting Blaise Pascal in his polemic with the Jesuits of his time. They are pages, he writes, “that comfort us even in the current situation.”

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