Wedding Bells Ring for Former Bishop Howard Hubbard

Bishop Emeritus Howard Hubbard — who continues to defend himself against multiple abuse allegations from his time leading the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany from 1997 through 2014 — says he got married to a woman in July in a civil ceremony and continues to ask the Vatican to release him from the priesthood.

The 84-year-old Hubbard released a public letter Tuesday, reiterating his request to the Vatican to be relieved of clerical obligations, a request that was denied in March. Hubbard says he married a woman “who has helped and cared for me and who believes in me” and wants the marriage to be recognized by the church.

Hubbard says he is now a retired citizen and asks for privacy in his new phase of life, while acknowledging it could be years before the legal matters are concluded.

Hubbard faces lawsuits accusing him of sexual abuse and protecting other priests who were also accused. Hubbard denies claims he sexually abused anyone, but acknowledged covering up child sex claims against other clergy while he was under oath in 2021.

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