Changing of the Guard at Leftist, ‘Earth-Bound’ Catholic NGO Fueling the Illegal Alien Invasion

A radical nun connected to the progressive ruling establishment via Georgetown University is departing her post as head of Catholic Charities USA, perhaps the number one NGO facilitator of the illegal alien invasion besieging this nation today.

She is being replaced by a Georgetown and Yale Divinity School grad equally cozy with progressive ruling elites and “Cosmic Christ” nuns who has called for women to have an equal percentage of authority roles as men in the Catholic Church.

Even if you are not Catholic, it is important to understand that social radicals tied to the ruling establishment who are fired by worldly religious belief are helping to spearhead the destruction of a once-proud sovereign nation.

“Kerry Alys Robinson, a renowned expert in Catholic leadership and philanthropy, will serve as the next president and CEO of Catholic Charities USA,” the organization announced July 25.

“When Robinson begins her tenure at CCUSA on August 23, she will become only the second layperson and second woman to guide the domestic humanitarian work of the Catholic Church in the United States. Robinson will succeed Sister Donna Markham OP, Ph.D., who is retiring this summer after nine years of transformational leadership.”

Catholic Charities has been so overtly aggressive in its efforts to funnel illegal aliens into America that it is poised to become the subject of an investigation by the Republican-led House.

Four GOP representatives wrote to CCUSA on Dec. 14 warning it of just such an action:

We write to express our deep concerns with the growing role non-governmental organizations (NGOs) play in fueling the drastic increase in illegal aliens crossing the southern border. While Americans suffer the consequences of the unprecedented chaos at the border, NGOs continue to profit off of exploiting our immigration laws….

Next Congress, we will continue to investigate your organization’s role in facilitating the border crisis, your potential violations of federal law, and your misuse of taxpayer funds. We are notifying you that Catholic Charities is required to preserve all information related to any expenditures submitted for reimbursement from the federal government related to migrants encountered at the southern border.

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