Vatican Podcast Featuring Pope Francis Claims Young People are Characterized by ‘Sexual Fluidity’

In what appears to be a granting of legitimacy to “transgender ideology,” Pope Francis featured in a Vatican podcast which claimed that young people today are “characterized by technological advance, psychological disorders, sexual fluidity, and criminality.” 

Introducing the podcast in the context of the upcoming World Youth Day in Lisbon, Portugal, the Vatican narrator Salvatore Cernuzio asked, “Who are the young people of the Pope? Who in general are the young of today? In that microcosm of World Youth Day, this August in Lisbon, it is difficult perhaps to uncover a story. It is difficult to enter into the nuances of a generation characterized by technological advance, psychological disorders, sexual fluidity, and criminality but also the desire to do, discover, to reinvent themselves.” 

During the podcast, Francis told a 22-year-old gender-confused Italian woman who calls herself “Giona” a baptized Catholic in her 20’s who said she was “torn by the dichotomy between faith and transgender identity” that “God loves us as we are.” The Pope’s words which were released by Vatican News on Tuesday, July 25 have been taken by the wider press as yet another gesture of acceptance toward LGBT advocates and rainbow ideology. 

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