Bishop John Dolan of Phoenix Claims ‘LGBTQ Catholics’ Have a ‘Sacred Identity’

Bishop John Dolan of the Phoenix diocese in Arizona made this claim in a recent article published by Outreach, a pro-homosexual website that Jesuit sodomy activist Fr. James Martin launched in 2022 through America Media.

“I wanted to unpack the meaning of ‘being Christian,'” Dolan posited. “To Catholics within the LGBTQ community, I wish to reaffirm your sacred identity. You are Christian — not just in name, but in fact.”

Referencing baptism, the prelate continued, “You have been configured to Christ and branded as Christian, even though some would like to re-brand you and consider you as objects to be discarded, rather than as beloved communal members of the Body of Christ.”
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Dolan noted his love for Gabriel Marcel, a 19th-century French philosopher, playwright and music critic. He then used Marcel’s axiom esse est co-esse (“to be is to be with”) as a launching point for redefining sin.

“When people re-brand Catholics in the LGBTQ community as sinners, intrinsically disordered, or as persons inclined to disorder while forgetting that they are Christian, they have not only ruptured the ‘being’ of the other but even their own Christian selves,” Dolan opined.

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