Christopher Ferrara: “Francis Is an Open Enemy of Catholicism”


“Disaster” is the only word for Francis’ pontificate, Christopher Ferrara told at the Roman Forum in Gardone, Italy (video below).

Ferrara is a famous New York lawyer who prevailed in court against Governor Cuomo’s Covid closure of churches and synagogue (2020) and recently defended the pro-life hero, Father Fidelis.

In 2000 years of Church history, we have not seen anything like Francis, Ferrara observed, “It looks like the terminal stage of the post-conciliar crisis”.

He cannot imagine a Pope “more opposed to the fundamentals of our religion” than Francis, whom he calls “an open enemy of Catholicism” because, for example, he denies that the faith is a set of propositions to be believed because they are a prescription for human happiness in this world and the next.

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