WATCH: New Orleans Archdiocese’s Lawyers Make Millions While Hundreds of Sex Abuse Victims Have Received Nothing

As hundreds of sexual abuse survivors keep waiting for years to see any money from a bankrupt New Orleans Archdiocese, new court filings show the church is paying $25 million to lawyers and consultants in federal bankruptcy court.

That includes $13 million and counting to the church’s own bankruptcy lawyers and accountants, who have fought at every turn to justify the church’s need for protection from creditors and to keep details of clergy abuse from being released to the public.

New documents filed in the archdiocese’s federal bankruptcy case show the mounting legal fees in the church’s three-year effort to protect its finances and pay off its debts. Court records show the white-shoe law firm Jones Walker has billed the archdiocese about $11 million so far, while the firm’s reported expenses have totaled just $282,000.

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