Fernández Removes All Doubt: The Revolution Is Upon Us

In an interview published yesterday by InfoVaticana , the new prefect for the Doctrine of the faith has already clarified many things about his forthcoming work in the Holy Office building: he will carry out the blessing of homosexual couples in church, he hopes that some heresy will come from the German synod from used to progress in the faith, the doctrine is not touched but reinterpreted, the management of the Dicastery will take place “in my way“, that is, in his way.

Again in La Plata (he will greet the diocese in a Eucharistic celebration on August 5) Bishop Victor Fernández already grants his first interview as prefect. The aim is to reassure and tone down the tones, but the effect is exactly the opposite, exacerbate them and remove any reasonable doubt about the revolution that awaits us. Interviewed by the Spanish online newspaper InfoVaticana , Fernández said that his famous booklet on the kiss was nothing more than a pastoral attempt from when he was a young parish priest, that the reference to the immoral methods of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in past times is due to his conviction that evil is evil in any case, that doctrine does not change and that Cardinal Ladaria, whom he now replaces, has led the dicastery well.

He also assured that he was against abortion, recalled that he had dedicated many of his books to talking about God and that he had also written “many prayer booklets, or simple catechisms”. He claimed to have the qualifications to occupy the new post and not to owe his career to the protection of Francesco. Many, far too many, self-defense. However, the goal of healing spirits has not succeeded and the many worlds of the Catholic Church that have even revolted after the news of his appointment can now confirm their apprehensions.

InfoVaticana immediately asks what you think of the blessing of same-sex couples . Fernández replies that these relationships cannot be compared to marriage and therefore actions that, using the same words, express something different should be avoided. And he concludes: «For this reason I think that the utmost care that one should have is to avoid rites or blessings that could fuel this confusion. Now, if a blessing is given in such a way as not to cause that confusion, it will have to be analyzed and confirmed.”

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