Cupich Still Planning to Sell Historic Church to Promoter of Immoral Events

Ever since their parish was suppressed in 2016, former parishioners and others connected to St. Adalbert Church in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood have tried to keep the church building in the community’s hands. But now, St. Adalbert members are facing the prospect that not only might they lose their bid to reacquire the church and keep it as a place of worship, but that it might be put to use in sacrilegious ways.

A developer who turned a Miami synagogue into an event venue that hosts “same-sex weddings” and was the site of a reported “simulated orgy” is currently the lead candidate to buy the historic Chicago church, which celebrated its last Mass in 2019.

The potential sale has left some Chicago Catholics connected to the former parish, once the pride of the Chicago Polish community and more recently home to a mostly Hispanic congregation, upset that what has taken place in the South Beach venue may soon be happening in the Pilsen neighborhood church where they received the sacraments and worshipped God — making the sale not just a blow to their bid to reopen St. Adalbert, but a possible violation of Church law that governs what is done with unused churches.

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