Pro-LGBT Cardinals McElroy and Tobin Trying to Block US Bishops’ Decree Against Transgender Surgeries

Two prominent pro-LGBT American cardinals are attempting to stall a formal revision to the U.S. bishop’s directives to Catholic hospitals and healthcare institutions that would ban “transgender” mutilation of the human body and chemical castration through puberty blockers and hormone infusions. 

During discussions about incorporating an instruction issued in March by the Doctrinal Committee for the Bishops’ Conference – which forbade so-called “gender transition” surgeries and drugs as contrary to the natural order inherent in the human body and intended by God as Creator – Cardinal Robert McElroy of San Diego called for greater so-called pastoral outreach to members of the LGBT community, claiming the instruction did not address “the existential question of those who are suffering from dysphoria.”  

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McElroy joined Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark in calling for consultations with “transgender” persons to be part of the revision process of the directives. Tobin criticized the instruction for its “limited consultation” with transgender-identifying individuals, in a thinly veiled attempt to stall a condemnation of the ideology and practices adopted by such persons. 

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