Archbishop John Wester Calls Catholic LGBTQ Voices ‘Prophetic’

Archbishop John C. Wester of the Sante Fe diocese called the voices of LGBTQ Catholics “prophetic” at Outreach 2023, an LGBTQ Catholic ministry conference hosted by America Magazine.

The conference “gathers LGBTQ lay people, clergy, scholars, artists, educators, students, and family members to build community, share best practices and worship together,” according to Outreach’s website. The conference topics ranged from “The Catholic Lesbian Experience” to “LGBTQ Clergy and Religious.” (READ MORE: My Religion is Not Your Costume)

America Magazine, a Jesuit publication, has often flirted with heretical positions, though it has shied away from outright contradicting Church teaching. However, at this conference, its staff did not mince words.

While introducing one of the keynote speakers at the event, editor-at-large and Jesuit priest James Martin spoke of Outreach’s role in collaborating with other LGBTQ organizations, such as Dignity USA and New Ways Ministries.

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