WATCH: Bishop Strickland Tells Catholics to ‘Speak for What You Believe’ in Powerful Speech at Dodgers Protest

Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, called on Catholics to “speak to the world the message of Jesus Christ” and be “ready to die” for Him in a powerful speech at Friday’s protest against the L.A. Dodgers’ blasphemous “Pride Night.”

“Brothers and sisters, we can’t be shy about our faith,” he said to cheers, urging Catholics to “be strong enough to speak for what you believe.”

The east Texas bishop invoked the early Christian martyrs, like St. Ignatius of Antioch, who “was ready to be martyred for Jesus Christ, like most of the apostles.”

“I often say, we need to be first century Christians in the twenty-first century,” he told the crowd.

“Probably most of us will not be called on to shed our blood, but if we are, we need to be ready, like the martyrs,” he added. “But more importantly, we need to live our martyrdom.”

“We need to live as those ready to die and ready to live for the blood that was shed for us all.”

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