Bishop Olson Now Under Criminal Investigation

A criminal investigation has been launched into the actions taken by Bishop Michael Olson against two nuns in Fort Worth in April.

According to a release, the investigation is looking into the actions taken by Olson and those in the Fort Worth diocese under his control relating to the Discalced Carmelite Mother Superior and Nuns at the Monastery of the Most Holy Trinity in Arlington.

The Mother Superior and a sister from Carmelite nuns claim Olson abused his power and inflicted moral violence and psychological distress on the Mother Superior and the rest of the nuns in multiple visits to their monastery in late April in violation of both civil and Catholic canon law.

According to the release, Bishop Olson, together with Rev. Msgr. E. James Hart and the diocesan Chancellor Sandra Schrader-Farry, with a mere 30 minutes notice, informed the sisters that they were coming to visit the monastery on April 24. They showed up also with another unnamed forensic expert and demanded entrance into the monastery, over which the Bishop has no civil or canonical authority.

Shortly after entering, Bishop Olson immediately demanded that Mother Superior Teresa Agnes Gerlach turn over her computer, iPad, and cellular phone to him without explanation.

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