WATCH: Bishop Olson Complains Lawsuit Filed by Arlington Nuns Incited ‘Hate and Animosity’ Against Him


An order of nuns in Arlington received a letter from a Catholic Bishop, blaming a lawsuit they filed for inciting “hatred and animosity” against him, the attention of international media, and hindering his power to investigate the Reverend Mother.

The letter from Michael Olson, the Bishop of Fort Worth, denied a request from the Monastery of the Most Holy Trinity to allow priests to visit and resume daily mass and confession.

The normal daily activities at the monastery have been canceled since last month and they won’t resume, Olson wrote, until the nuns “cease this behavior…and demonstrate love for and obedience to Holy Church and to her holy Pastors…” and until the lawsuit is completed or withdrawn.

The letter cites church rules that Mass only needs to be made available when it can be “conveniently done,” and that grave sins only need to be confessed once per year.

Olson stopped priests from visiting the 10 nuns in late April after he accused the Reverend Mother Teresa Agnes of adultery with a priest. The Diocese copied data from computers and a phone earlier this month, before agreeing to return the devices.

The nuns filed a civil lawsuit after Olson denied their choices for representation within the church’s legal process, instead, appointing someone of his choice. They argue the organization is not subject to the local Bishop, but answers directly to the Vatican.

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TAKE ACTION: Contact Bishop Michael Olson and let him know what you think about his actions.