YouTube Removes Multiple Complicit Clergy Videos In Single Day

YouTube removed multiple videos from Complicit Clergy’s channel on May 16, 2023. Topics spanned a variety of topics, including COVID-19, illegal immigration, Thomas Becket, Catholic bishops, prayer and fasting. Some of the videos were originally posted on YouTube over a year ago. A list of the removed videos is provided below – we also provide links to the videos on alternative platformed where possible.

Title/DescriptionPublication DateOriginal URLAlternative URL
Pray and Fast for America
Drew Mason explains the necessity of prayer and FASTING in order to overcome the evil that is overtaking America. Find Drew's recommendations on fasting at
Fr. Heilman: Rebellion Against Tyrants is Obedience to God
On December 29, 2020, Fr. Richard Heilman delivered a powerful homily citing President Trump's declaration regarding St. Thomas Becket.
Fr. Altier: Coronavirus - The Truth Revealed
Fr. Robert Altier exposes the lies behind the Coronavirus pandemic. Please support Fr. Altier's parish by donating at
Fr. Altman Condemns Godless, Dehumanizing Mandates
Father Altman delivered this address in Richland, Washington in October 2021. Thanks to Tri-Cities Conservative Catholics for recording his remarks!
Allen West Promises to Revoke the License of Catholic Charities
Texas gubernatorial candidate Allen West will revoke the license of Catholic Charities for their role in the illegal alien invasion of our nation. Take action at
Where Were The Catholic Bishops?
Matt Schlapp discusses his new book, The Desecrators: Defeating the Cancel Culture Mob and Reclaiming One Nation Under God
Catholic Bishops Complicit In The Chaos At The Southern Border
Appearing on The War Room on June 6, 2022, Steve Cortes, former advisor to President Trump, called-out US Catholic Bishops for their complicity in helping to create the mass illegal immigration crisis on the US southern border.
Liz Yore Calls Upon U.S. Bishops To Get Out Of The Business Of Trafficking Illegal Aliens
Liz Yore appears on War Room on 12/09/2022 to discuss how Catholic organizations are using our hard-earned federal tax dollars to trafficking illegal aliens at the behest of the Biden administration.
Bishop Athanasius Schneider Discusses The Marxist Infiltration of Our Culture and the Church
Bishop Athanasius Schneider is interviewed by Steve Bannon on May 4, 2023. Bishop Schneider discusses his personal experience of growing-up under a Marxist regime of "human friendly Communism" and the similarities he now sees in our current culture and the Church.