Jab Religious Exemption Only Available for Non-Catholic Kids in Diocese of Jefferson City

The Catholic Diocese of Jefferson City is refusing to grant religious exemptions from vaccination to Catholics, citing a “moral responsibility” to receive vaccines even when they are produced using fetal cell lines derived from aborted babies.

Catholic father Logan Peters told LifeSiteNews that he is being forced to consider alternative educational options for his children, and that he knows “several families” in similar situations, as well as those “who are worried” they won’t be able to send their unvaccinated children to Catholic schools in the future.

Peters added that he knows a former Catholic family who had to pull their kids from Catholic school due to the diocese’s refusal to grant a vaccine religious exemption. The family now sends its children to a school of a different Christian denomination and attends its sister church.

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TAKE ACTION: Contact Bishop McKnight and let him know what you think about this policy.