Tennessee Bishops Ignore Faith and Morals for Gun Control

The bishops of Tennessee have signed a letter pushing for restrictions on the Second Amendment that is motivated politically rather than spiritually.

Bps. Mark Spalding of Nashville, David Talley of Memphis and Richard Stika of Knoxville signed the letter. However, it was drafted by a nonpartisan statewide coalition, according to reports.

The letter asks the legislators to “protect our kids and our cherished individual rights” by taking these steps:

  • Allow authorities to temporarily remove guns from those who pose a risk to themselves or others by implementing extreme risk laws, allowing family members and law enforcement to petition a civil court for an “extreme risk protection order” to temporarily remove weapons from such individuals
  • Keep guns away from dangerous people by requiring background checks on all purchases and closing the background check loophole
  • Stop firearms from falling into the wrong hands by requiring gun owners to provide safe storage and report lost and stolen guns

Catholic commentators have ripped into the recommendations put forth by the bishops.

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