The Vindication of Cardinal Zen

BEFORE THE INK was dry on the CCP/Bergoglio secret pact, tragedy unfolded. It was inevitable and totally predictable.  The power hungry Bergoglio desperately wanted a deal with the global powerhouse CCP.  Disaster ensued. Bergoglio’s recklessness united the world in condemnation of his covert and nefarious pact with the devil. See here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Bergoglio was repeatedly warned by Hong Kong Cardinal Zen that the CCP could not be trusted to uphold their end of the secret pact. Zen begged the Vatican not to enter into an agreement with the Chinese Communists. Zen predicted, “it would be a suicide pact.” Indeed, it is.

Instead of listening to Cardinal Zen, the brave, honest and beloved Chinese prelate, Bergoglio chose to listen to a serial sexual predator, Cardinal Ted McCarrick.  This is a familiar pattern and troubling idiosyncrasy of Bergoglio; he defers to and protects sexual predators. Accordingly, Bergoglio dispatched Ted McCarrick to China in June of 2013  to restart the negotiations. Predictably, wherever Ted McCarrick goes, tragedy follows.

Bergoglio and his Vatican negotiators masterfully silenced opposition to the deal by invoking Pope Benedict as the author of the deal, who had allegedly given his imprimatur to the 2018 Bergoglio version.  However, Cardinal Zen vociferously repudiated this notion as untrue. Zen disavowed the deal and denied that it was some ‘hermeneutic of continuity’ of Benedict’s negotiations with the CCP, as Bergoglio intimated.

The Bergoglio Vatican cabal piled on Zen, isolating him and ignoring his pleas.

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