Progressive Ideology Has Replaced Christianity In Many Of Our Catholic Schools

Whilst completing an ESTA form for my upcoming trip to the United States I was asked whether I plan to commit any acts of genocide or terrorism while there: yes or no? It’s good to know some things are still binary. I ticked “no”. Homeland security can breathe a collective sigh of relief and go back to celebrating whichever identity group tops the charts this month.

It’s not a great way to screen out potential threats but it is, at least, a way of being seen to be doing something.

In the same way potential teachers in a Catholic school are asked at interview: “do you agree to uphold the Catholic ethos of the school?”, to which they reply “yes”.

Handshakes happen, biscuits are eaten and everyone is jolly relieved that they managed to recruit at all.

The news last week that some schools are allowing kids to be recognised as the gender that they choose, whilst keeping it quiet from the parents, didn’t surprise me at all. What does surprise me, though, is how little parents seem to know about what goes on in their children’s schools.

While not all teachers will see young people as tools to further their own political agenda, the problem exists and is deep-rooted, and it is exacerbated in Catholic schools by a failure to form those who are meant to be forming our children.

In 2022 Nadhim Zahawi issued rules on how to approach the teaching of sensitive issues, saying that the guidance would help to avoid “promoting contested theories as fact”.

For Catholic schools there is a greater danger than even this, which is that often such political theories are promoted as a means to salvation.

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