‘Dismantle The Systems’: Catholic Nuns Call For ‘Full Inclusion’ Of LGBTQ Community On Transgender ‘Day Of Visibility’

A coalition of Catholic nuns released a statement Friday in support of Transgender Visibility Day in an effort to “celebrate, acknowledge, and uplift” the transgender community, according to the statement.

The Sisters of Saint Joseph U.S. Federation, Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary of-the-Woods and Indiana and Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth JPIC office released the statement on Friday with dozens of other Catholic and religious groups that represented 6,000 “vowed Catholic” partners in 18 states across the country. The statement titled “In Solidarity: Vowed Catholic Religious Honor Trans Day of Visibility” to “celebrate, acknowledge, and uplift” the trans community, while noting that the church’s commitment must go beyond one single day.

“The Gospel call of unifying love compels us to actively interrupt harmful interactions in daily life and dismantle the systems that reinforce this rhetoric and violence in society, particularly for Black, Indigenous, and other folks of color,” the statement read. “We will remain oppressors until we — as vowed Catholic religious — acknowledge the existence of LGBTQ+ people in our own congregations. We seek to cultivate a faith community where all, especially our transgender, nonbinary, and gender-expansive siblings, experience a deep belonging.”

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