Fearful Churches Failing To Teach Americans Moral Character, Says Pastor

A recent poll showing a decline in traditional American values confirms what conservatives have been saying: the character of America is changing.

The percentage of those polled who said patriotism is important dropped from 70 percent 25 years ago, to 38 percent today. While 59 percent said having children was important 25 years ago, now just 30 percent do. And the importance of religion dropped from 62 percent to 39 percent now calling it important.

TheĀ poll, released in March 2023, was conducted by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago and funded by the Wall Street Journal.

Those who are older understand what this country was, and how we are devolving, said Rev. C.L. Bryant, a senior fellow at Freedom Works, a group that advocates for freedom and small government.

Churches are failing this country, Bryant said in a speech this week at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference, an annual gathering of conservatives. He said Americans are slowly being enslaved and he aimed to encourage people to build a fire in their hearts and restore the light of patriotism to the nation.

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