Why Is Pope Francis Dealing With the CCP?

Our current pope turns a blind eye to the sins of the CCP.

A few years ago, I taught a course focusing on Chinese transnational crime and money laundering. During class discussion, I was asked by one of the students: “If you could wave a magic wand that would transform the People’s Republic of China and correct its criminal trajectory, what would you do?” My short, and probably surprising, answer: “The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is in desperate need of morality.”

I am not referring to the CCP’s current sense of morality. Rather, I am referring to a higher, one true God-given standard of morals and ethics. These are universally recognized values of good that most of us of whatever age and culture know innately. In the case of the CCP, most of these precepts have been rejected or twisted into unrecognizable form. Communist morality is whatever is best for the party.

My examination of China’s involvement in the top twelve categories of transnational crime shows it is the largest actor involved in international lawbreaking. Measuring its involvement in “specified unlawful activities” or predicate offenses to charge money laundering, the PRC is responsible for approximately $2 trillion of illicit proceeds—or roughly one-half of the roughly $4 trillion laundered globally every year.

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