Fordam University Housing Sex Abusers For Years

Accounts from sex abuse victims reveal Fordham University has been a cushy hideaway for clerical sex abusers for more than half a century.

In 2018, Richard Windmann, Ph.D., learned that his childhood abuser, Rev. Cornelius Carr, S.J., resided at Murray-Weigel Hall, the Jesuit nursing home on Fordham’s Rose Hill campus. Since that news became public, Dr. Windmann, who serves as president of Survivors of Childhood Sex Abuse, says he’s been made aware of many pedophile priests ending up at Fordham University.

“It seems, based on the volume of pedophile priests that were housed there, that it was a dumping ground for priests that they couldn’t stop from molesting children,” Windmann stated.

Windmann admits that he doesn’t have an exact number of pedophile priests who’ve been shuffled to Fordham (one of the oldest Jesuit universities in the United States), but each one represents countless victims.

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