Archbishop Naumann Rebukes Cardinal McElroy: ‘A Most Serious and Dangerous Error’

Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City (KS) has joined Archbishop Samuel Aquila of Denver in critiquing Cardinal Robert McElroy’s recent call for “radical inclusion”—a call that includes a change in the Church’s teaching, rooted in the New Testament, on non-reception of Holy Communion for those who have not repented of mortal sins against the Sixth Commandment.

“The effect of the tradition that all sexual acts outside of marriage constitute objectively grave sin has been to focus the Christian moral life disproportionately upon sexual activity,” the San Diego cardinal wrote. “Sexual activity, while profound, does not lie at the heart of this hierarchy [of truths]. Yet in pastoral practice we have placed it at the very center of our structures of exclusion from the Eucharist. This should change.”

“I have been saddened that in the preparation for the Synod on Synodality, there has been a renewed effort by some in Church leadership to resuscitate moral confusion on human sexuality,” Archbishop Naumann wrote in an archdiocesan newspaper column. “The German Synodal Way is a striking example. The leadership of the German bishops’ conference has rejected correction from Pope Francis.”

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