Cdl. Müller Says Pope Francis Revoked Penalties on Abusive Priests at the Request of Cardinals

The former head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), Cardinal Gerhard Müller, has highlighted a culture of non-action in the Vatican when it comes to Italian priests condemned by the CDF of sexual crimes.

The cardinal’s comments come as part of his recently released book-length interview with Il Messaggero‘s Vatican correspondent, Franca Giansoldati. Entitled “In Buona fede,” the book covers topic such as Müller’s surprise dismissal from the CDF; the Church and sex abuse; the question of liturgy; Pope Benedict’s resignation; Pope Francis’ Papacy; along with an appraisal of modern philosophies and the Vatican’s secretive deal with China.

While numerous publications are billing the book as an attack by Müller on Francis, the German cardinal does not explicitly condemn the Argentine Pontiff. Instead, he shies away from speaking of a papal “’dictatorship,’ as has been done in some books rather critical of Pope Francis,” but adds that “one cannot be silent about the effects that certain orientations produce.”

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