Francis Takes Final Shot at African Nations on His Departure: Reiterates Call to End Anti-Sodomy Laws

In a novel in-air press conference with the head of the Church of England and the head of the Church of Scotland, Pope Francis repeated his remarks first made on January 25 about the need for an end to anti-sodomy laws.

Noting that some 50 countries have anti-sodomy laws, Francis said as he was returning from a six-day trip to Africa, “The criminalization of homosexuality is a problem that cannot be ignored.”

While the laws criminalize behaviors and not inclinations, Pope Francis conflated the two concepts in his remarks, saying of the anti-sodomy laws: “Persons with homosexual tendencies are children of God. God loves them. God accompanies them… condemning a person like this is a sin. Criminalizing people with homosexual tendencies is an injustice.”

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