Three Prophets Pass from the Scene: Pope Benedict, Pat Buchanan, and George Neumayr

I’m feeling … lonely. With the deaths of Pope Benedict XVI and courageous Catholic journalist George Neumayr, and the retirement of Patrick J. Buchanan from writing his column, I feel as if the tiny band of brothers I joined long ago just got shattered by a grenade. The number of public Catholics with clear sight, courage, and spiritedness seems to be dwindling rapidly.

I already expressed here my disappointment with the tactic Pope Benedict chose for dealing with Church corruption and mass apostasy — retirement and retreat. I did feel abandoned when he left the papacy, without doing what was within his power (firing bad cardinals, appointing good ones) to make sure that his successor would in fact be a Theist, much less a Christian, much less a Catholic. I needed to vent about that.

Perhaps it was easier than admitting how much I’d missed Benedict since his foolish choice to retire. How wonderful it was, every Wednesday, to read his weekly reflections: always wise, and erudite, and full of the spirit of genuine Christian love for souls.

Now he is dead and buried, and most of his legacy with him. The wholesome movements he encouraged within the Church, for more reverent worship and solemn contemplation, get choked off one by one by the sneering globalist ideologue who now squats on the papal throne.

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