Archbishop Chaput: Catholic Church’s Talent Bench ‘Pretty Thin’ After Benedict

The back-to-back deaths of Pope Benedict XVI and Archbishop George Pell constitute a “very heavy loss” for the Catholic Church, Archbishop Charles Chaput said Friday.

While the Church will continue her witness because she depends on no one except Jesus Christ, the former archbishop of Philadelphia told The Pillar, a U.S.-based Catholic news outlet, their absence, nonetheless, is “a very heavy loss because both men embodied articulate, faithful Christian intelligence in a remarkable way.”

Moreover, the archbishop continued, no one “in current Church leadership has the capacity to replace them” because “the talent bench at the moment seems pretty thin.”

In the interview, Chaput also voiced criticism of the current pontiff, saying it is clear that Pope Francis “governs like a Jesuit superior general, top-down with little collaborative input.”

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