Sr. Dede Byrne: Fr. Pavone’s Laicization Is A ‘Travesty’

Sister Deidre “Dede” Byrne has come to the defense of Father Frank Pavone, calling his laicization a “travesty” and raising concerns about the Vatican’s favorable treatment of heterodox and abusive priests.

“The most vocal pro-life priest has been laicized,” lamented Sister Byrne, a member of the Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts order in Washington, D.C.

“In the wake of this travesty,” she said, “we still have the most pro-death, anti-nuclear family president in our nation’s history who professes to be a Catholic in good standing.” She added that the Vatican and most U.S. bishops have provided “no real guidance” regarding Joe Biden’s scandalous behavior.

Sister Byrne, who rose to national prominence for her fiery speech at the 2020 Republican National Convention, also contrasted Pavone’s laicization with the Vatican’s leniency toward serial abuser Father Marko Rupnik and other problematic clerics.

“Fr. Marko Rupnik is excommunicated in 2019 for sexually abusing religious sisters and then absolved them in Confession. However, this same priest was permitted by the Holy See to create the logo for the 2022 World Meeting of Families,” she noted.

“What appears to many of us Catholics who love our Church is selective ‘mercy’ from the Pope of Mercy.”

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