Only ONE U.S. Bishop Has Had The Courage To Denounce The Unjust Laicization of Fr. Frank Pavone

In the aftermath of Pope Francis’ outrageous decision to laicize, only a single voice in the U.S. hierarchy has had the courage to condemn this unjust action. In a tweet posted shortly after the announcement, Bishop Strickland of Tyler, Texas stated:

“The blasphemy is that this holy priest is canceled while an evil president promotes the denial of truth & the murder of the unborn at every turn, Vatican officials promote immorality & denial of the deposit of faith & priests promote gender confusion devastating lives…evil.”

We must face the fact that the vast majority of U.S. bishops are hirelings who lack the courage to be true shepherds to their flocks. As Archbishop Sheen stated nearly 50 years ago, it will be up to the laity to save the Church.

TAKE ACTION: Contact your bishop to express your disappointment about his failure to defend Fr. Frank Pavone.