LAUGHABLE: Catholic Immigrant Advocates Deny Claims of Facilitating Illegal Crossings

Immigrant advocacy organizations in Texas say they have not yet been contacted by state Attorney General Ken Paxton after he pledged to launch an investigation this week, at the request of the governor, into the alleged role of non-governmental organizations in illegal border crossings.

Gov. Gregg Abbott called for the investigation on Dec. 14, citing the more than 2,500 migrants who illegally crossed the U.S.-Mexico border into El Paso on Dec. 11, and the overall recent migrant surge at the Texas-Mexico border with Title 42 set to end next week.

El Paso faith-based immigration organizations were quick to rebuke the claims, and the investigation.

Dylan Corbett, executive director of the HOPE Border Institute, said in a statement that Abbott’s call for an investigation “is a vile threat to all of us on the border working to pick up the pieces of a broken immigration system, to create legal pathways for vulnerable migrants and to offer a dignified welcome.”

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