Atlanta Priest Celebrates Same-Sex Marriage Act That Will Ultimately Persecute Faithful Christians

On November 29, 2022, Fr. Bruce Wilkinson tweeted out a message celebrating the U.S. Senate passage of a bill misleadingly entitled the “Respect for Marriage Act” which enshrines protections for homosexual marriage” into federal law.

Wilkinson’s position not only contradicts Catholic teaching but also theUSCCB’s official position on this deceptive bill. Many bishops have expressed concern the bill has nothing to do with same-sex “marriage” since the Supreme Court legalized this abomination in 2015.. Instead, the bill seeks to thwart religious liberty. Wilkinson has created great scandal by publicly expressing a personal opinion contradictory to his Church.

TAKE ACTION: Contact Archbishop Gregory Hartmayer of Atlanta and ask him to take corrective action regarding Fr. Bruce Wilkinson.