Pope Francis’s Tacit Support For Homosexual Marriage Subverts Scripture To Please The World

When Belgium’s Catholic bishops meet him for their required visit on Nov. 21-26, Pope Francis will have the chance to either reaffirm or negate Catholic doctrine concerning one of civilization’s most contentious issues: same-sex marriage.

Flemish bishops in September published a proposed liturgy for same-sex couples. Belgium’s French-speaking bishops said afterward they would consider something similar.

But such liturgies could lead to sacramental recognition of same-sex marriage. That would mark a pivotal, perhaps irrevocable, theological and moral shift, especially when secular authorities increasingly support exposing children to LGBT sexuality.

For centuries, the Catholic Church taught that same-sex marriage was sacramentally invalid. The catechism defines homosexual sex as “acts of grave depravity” and “intrinsically disordered” and urges homosexuals to practice chastity.

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