Chicago Cathedral Employee Assaults Peaceful Rosary Rally Participant

Since February 2022, Cardinal Blase Cupich’s restrictions on the Latin Mass have severely harmed the liturgical life of Catholics in the archdiocese of Chicago, and even led to the complete cancellation of Masses and Confessions at the Shrine of Christ the King. In response, Catholics from around Chicagoland have been coming together once a month for a “Rosary Rally for the Latin Mass” outside of Holy Name Cathedral in downtown Chicago. The number of faithful attending the rallies has fluctuated from 25 to over 250 attendees.

This past Saturday, November 5, a group of about 25 gathered once again outside the cathedral at 11AM. As always, we had two banners, many signs, and our rosaries. The weather was very windy and a little rainy, which precluded us from displaying a statue of Our Lady of Fatima as we normally would.

After singing two verses of “Immaculate Mary” and announcing the intention of the Rosary Rally, we started the Joyful mysteries. This was our 10th monthly Rosary Rally since February, and we expected it to be uneventful.

Suddenly, after a few decades, a professional-looking man (in a suit and tie) walked out of the Cathedral towards us. Followed by Cathedral security, the man came up to me and loudly demanded that we stop the Rosary, since “there is a Mass going on inside the Cathedral.”

Before I could respond, he violently tried to grab the megaphone I was using, shoving the microphone into my face as he did so. I was shocked – this was the first and only time anyone had physically assaulted any of us since we started doing these rallies.

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